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Chapter 715 (Extra 2) : Surprise Attack

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The island was surrounded by water. To those cultivators who could fly, it didn’t mean anything. They could return to the continent whenever they wanted, provided they could escape the heavily guarded prison. Having gotten wind of their arrival, the warden of the prison immediately had the prisoner escorted out.

Unexpectedly, the prisoner didn’t look like a brute, like most people had expected, but was instead a thin, pale, frail-looking man who looked to be around thirty or so. His hands were locked in a pair of handcuffs. Though they couldn’t tell what material the handcuffs were made of, they knew that it was definite very strong if it could hold a cultivator.

Johnson took care of the transfer procedures with the prison and it didn’t take long before they were boarding the ship to leave the island. Though they were all cultivators and could thus fly, they had to be careful even in areas with very few people like this, otherwise, being seen would cause a huge commotion.

“Captain, what sort of identity does this prisoner have that requires ten of us to escort him?” Zhang Long asked, confused, as he came out of the cabin.

Hearing his words, everyone turned to Johnson, standing on the deck. They wanted to know as well. Right now, they only knew that the criminal was called He Pin. He was once a mentor of the Thunderclap Academy and had killed students there. They didn’t know how serious his crime was, but if Thunderclap Academy asked for him like this, then there must be some special circumstances.

There were a total of twenty-five members in White Shark. This number had never changed. If people transferred in, then there would be people transferred out. Those who were transferred out were either being promoted, or had done something wrong and were being demoted. Ten people for this mission wasn’t a small number, because usually S rank missions would be assigned eight people max, which was why they thought it strange.

Johnson had expected this. “It says very clearly on the files I gave you that he wasn’t the only perpetrator. He has several accomplices, and they’re certain to come to try and save him. They’re all very powerful. Our superiors don’t want us to return in failure.”

“Captain, who is the student they killed?” Zhang Long immediately cut to the chase.

Johnson said, “They didn’t only kill one student. From what I know, there are more than ten victims, two of which are clan disciples of the capital.”

“No wonder.”

Everyone made faces of understanding. Clan disciples were different from normal people. Each and every new talent was important, because in this world that lacked spiritual energy, cultivation was incredibly hard, and there were less and less of those with the potential for it. Especially for the large clans in the capital, every disciple with the potential for cultivation was important.

More importantly, they were students of Thunderclap Academy. All the students killed were quite talented, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to get in. It would be stranger if they weren’t enraged after losing two at once!

“Alright, cut the chatter. Keep an eye out on your surroundings, his accomplices could come at any time.” After satisfying their curiosity, Johnson directly stopped their chatter.

However, Zhang Long didn’t seem to get the message. “Captain, don’t worry too much, even if they really do come to save their accomplice, we have ten people here. There’s no need to fear them. But I just hope that some people don’t think they can help and end up getting in the way.”

It was all too clear who he was talking about. The others might not have said anything, but their expressions clearly meant that they agreed, glancing towards the two at the stern.

Johnson frowned and gave a sigh.

At the stern of the boat, the two there didn’t need to keep their ears perked to hear what the others were saying. The tall man patted the younger man’s hair absentmindedly, his mouth curled into a mysterious smile, seemingly completely uncaring of the conversation occurring at the bow. They had experienced this sort of ostracization daily since they joined White Shark.

“Look look, I think there’s a small fish down there.” The younger man tugged on the other’s clothes, black eyes shining as he gazed at the ocean. The ocean hid away everything inside under a deep blue, yet he seemed able to see everything that was happening below.

The man rubbed his chin. “Not just one.”

The younger man immediately looked around and finally found the second fish at the bow of the boat, calling out in surprise, “What a big fish!”

He didn’t have any time to continue before the ferry suddenly began rocking violently.

Everyone paled.

“They’re coming, be on level one alert!” Johnson immediately bellowed. One of the team members had already stationed himself at the entrance of the cabin before the other even finished speaking. Another went into the cabin. Below, there were two others watching over the prison, though their plan was to have four people, in order to make sure no accidents occured.

A massive pillar of water shot up from the bottom of the ocean, glancing off the side of the boat. The entire boat pitched to the right, yet a hundred meters away to the right, a massive whirlpool had appeared, unnoticed. The whirlpool sucked in water relentlessly, slowly pulling the ferry inside. If it wasn’t stopped, the ferry would be pulled into the ocean.

Two members flew down to steady the ferry. Just as they managed to steady it, a massive fish tail surged out of the sea, creating a huge splash and slamming towards them.

The two didn’t expect it, and it was too late to block it. They hurriedly dodged it, but when the tail slammed into the ship, it practically flattened the sturdy steel ferry, creating a huge dent in one side. The others came quickly to help, but the fishtail escaped back into the ocean.
Johnson’s face was pale. He had the others stay and guard the ferry, taking three members down to pursue. If they didn’t defeat their enemies, he was certain their enemies wouldn’t let them leave here alive. One thing that surprised him was that He Ping’s accomplices included experts from the Ocean Clan. That was something that the information they had on him hadn’t talked about, otherwise, they wouldn’t have chosen to take a ferry, knowing the possibility of an ambush like this.

The four landed in the ocean with a splash.

Apart from He Ping and the two others that were watching from inside the cabin, there were only three people on the deck. One was the one guarding the entrance to the cabin, and the other two were naturally the tall man and younger man who were being ostracized.

“You two had better be careful. This mission isn’t a joke.” The remaining green army-uniformed member, seeing that only them three remained, didn’t have much hope in the other two helping. He just hoped that they wouldn’t get in the way.

The younger man ignored him, gazing at the bottom of the ocean as he leaned on the railings. A massive fishtail flashed in and out of view, sending waves of water up on occasion. However, not long after Johnson and the other four dived in, the surface of the water calmed and the whirlpool disappeared.

After a while, a huge rumbling erupted in the direction of the stern.

The three looked over simultaneously. The battlefield had shifted from under the boat to the sea, in an area about three to four hundred meters away. It was an intense battle, if the huge splashes and occasional pillar of water was any indication.

The uniformed members let out a slight breath of relief. It seemed like He Ping didn’t have that many accomplices.

Just as this thought passed through their heads, the ferry rocked violently, with a boom, it was like the ground beneath their feet had suddenly disappeared, and then their views opened ip, a massive pillar of water spending the ferry into the sky from below.

There was a flash and the ferry was cut in half, falling into the water in pieces, water rushing in. Everyone was shocked by the sudden turn of events. Of the three guarding He Ping, only one had time to grab him, but they both still ended up in the water.

Only two people acted as if nothing had happened. In order to not stand out, they also fell into the water. Underneath them, a massive sea monster had its jaws open, waiting for them.

The seas were home turf of sea monsters. This wasn’t the first time White Shark fought in the water, but it wasn’t something they were used to, and it made movement far more inconvenient. They could only all fly out of the water. One of them was even injured before the battle even started.

However, when they saw that the injured person was the one who had grabbed He Ping, their faces grew dark. “What happened? Where did he go?”

“The two two newbies are gone, too!” Another suddenly exclaimed in shock.

They all looked around, and didn’t find hide nor hair of the two. The sea slowly calmed. It didn’t seem like there was anyone fighting down there. They couldn’t help but wonder, had they been eaten by the beast?

Currently, the two they were wondering about were still in the ocean, facing that beast.

The sea monster’s green eyes glared maliciously at the two, glancing at He Ping every now and then, who was in the young man’s hands, its eyes shockingly human.

“Wow! This is the first time I’ve seen such a small sea monster!” The younger man cried out in shock. Previously, he had travelled around quite a lot, and the sea monsters he had seen had been far larger than this one, so he was rather excited to see such a small one. It was like a mini sea monster.

The sea monster’s face darkened.

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