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Chapter 716 (Extra 3) : Arrival and Thanks  

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Why are you working so hard for them when they shunned you like that?” Just then, He Ping, who was being carried by the young man suddenly spoke out. His voice felt dreary, as if what he said was accidental, but oddly enough, there seemed to be a hint of ‘bewitchment’ involved.

The two looked at each other.

The young man tilted his head and asked in confusion, “Do we look like we are trying very hard?”

He Ping, “……”

Does it not?

The old members of White Shark all escaped from the water, afraid that they would be at a disadvantage. Only they had come chasing as if their lives didn’t matter. Most importantly, the focus wasn’t on that part, he wanted them to sympathize with the latter part of the sentence.

“I think it’s fine, it’s pretty easy.” The young man didn’t understand his aim and said nonchalantly. Well I mean, do you really expect an expert to be afraid of a measly water beast?”

Of course not, if the word got back to the TongTian Continent, they would be laughing their asses off.

“Aren’t you guys angry?” He Ping asked again dryly.

Confused, the young man raised his brows, “Angry about what?”

He Ping was speechless once again. Was he truly stupid of just pretending? But, because of his sincere expression, he couldn’t tell.

“Enough playing around, there are ‘serious’ matters to attend to.” Finally, the tall man spoke with a hint of pampering and laughter.

The young man instantly pouted, “Who’s playing around? I really don’t understand, okay…”

On the other side, the the sea creature roared in anger as if felt looked down upon. The sea water quickly started spinning creating, once again, a massive whirlpool. Before the young man could finish, it charged over with it’s meters long body. It was very fast but in their eyes, it was surprisingly slow.

He Ping watched as the young man passed him onto the other man and then took a few steps forward. With his skinny looking back in front of him, at that moment, the young man gave off a feeling of being the king of the world. This feeling was absurd but what happened next made him completely dumbfounded.  

The White Shark members who were still in the sea saw the massive whirlpool. The water beast hadn’t left yet, and they began showing signs of panic. Clearly they hadn’t won, otherwise the water beast would have escaped already.

“We should hurry down to help, we can’t let He Ping escape!”  As he finished, the four instantly flew towards the whirlpool. They didn’t want to admit it but, the fact that He Ping didn’t get saved was probably because of the two newcomers. Now, they just have to make up for it, however, just as they moved, a rumbling sound came from beneath the ocean floor. The water level started to rise and at a very fast pace as well, if they got any closer, they may be washed away.

“Get away!” The four sensed the danger and quickly backed off. Just as his voice landed, a massive water beast emerged from the waters, as if been kicked up by someone. Along with the splash of water scattered in the air, the beast made a terrific scream and landed back into the sea.

The scene was so shocking that they became utterly speechless. The water beast didn’t sink into the ocean floor, rather, it turned into a human and was carried up by another man. That man was Ling Xiao, the one they ‘bullied’ and as for the criminal He Ping, he was in the hands of You XiaoMo.

Seeing this, everyone was left speechless. If they still didn’t get it now, they would be idiots. With only the two of them, they managed to capture He Ping and the water beast, clearly they were much stronger. To think they said things like, ‘don’t hold us back’, the reality was like a slap in the face for them.

A few hundred meters away, another water beast was slayed by Liu Ying and the others. However, two were injured, although luckily not by much. When they arrived, Liu Ying’s gaze landed on He Ping and his comrades being carried by the two newcomers. Something flashed across his eyes and the atmosphere became eerily silent.

“About that…Captain, the ship’s gone.” A man in military uniform broke the silence but clearly it was gibberish, anyone with eyes could see the ship was gone.

Liu Ying nodded and said towards You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, “Good work.”

Since they couldn’t send more people to grab boats, Liu Ying decided to leave this sea. They just needed to be careful to not be discovered and thus they headed out.

During the trip, none of the old members of White Shark opened their mouth, all of them were silent like mutes. Especially the two who said to You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao to not hold them back, Zhang Long and the other basically wished to disappear. Instead, the one who kept talking became You XiaoMo.

Just like a careless and naive young man, as if he had never seen Earth’s scenery before, he kept talking, while his companion smiled in response..  

In fact, no one knew that their situation should’ve been switched.

You XiaoMo, being the actual Earthling, should be less curious than Ling Xiao, but he’s been away for so long, that a lot of things felt faraway. Not only that, the moment they arrived, they were faced with something like this, he felt as if his previous life had been for naught and a new world had opened up!

Although all their ships were destroyed by the two water beasts, they also gained a lot.  Other than He Ping, they also captured his comrades. Once they brought them back to the Thunderclap Academy, the head were clearly pleased, supposedly the reward would be doubled.

Hearing that, Zhang Long and the others looked at You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao complicatedly.

“Wait up, Captain Ling.” Thunderclap Academy’s vice principal came out from the school and called them out in a hurry.

Liu Ying stopped and turned around in confusion, “Vice principal, is there anything else you need?”

A big honest smile appeared on the vice principal’s face but his gaze swept across the members in the back, then explained, “The thing is, amongst the criminals you arrested, one of the family members of the victim is here in the academy. They learned that they were captured by you guys, so they wanted to thank you in person.”

“That…” Liu Ying hesitated before continuing, “Vice principal, we were simply in charge of escorting them, there was someone else who capture them.”

The vice principal continued smiling, “But the other criminal was caught by you guys, right?”

Liu Ying instantly understood the reason and said, “Vice principal, the one who caught the criminal was actually two new members of White Shark. If the family members want to thank somebody, it should be them.”

“Oh? Who were they?” The vice principal raised an eyebrow, surprised. Following Liu Ying’s gaze, he saw the two in the back, one tall person and a harmless looking young man.  

Liu Ying didn’t tell him the details, but he would find out sooner or later. Since the family wanted to thank them in person, he decided to take You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao along. The two were pretty surprised but they didn’t say anything. After greeting Liu Ying, they followed the vice principal into the Thunderclap Academy. You XiaoMo was pretty curious the whole way through. It was the first time he knew that Earth had someplace like this. The basics were similar to the Dao Xin Academy, a place to study but the essence was different. Also, it was all modern architecture, making him feel very at home.  

“If your family is really of the You Family then with your status, you should come to here for school.” Ling Xiao voice sounded by his ear, it had a smiling feeling to it.

You XiaoMo pouted in reply, “But the facts are, even if my family was of the You Family, my status wasn’t enough for somewhere like this.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t have attended a normal  school. He didn’t die when he was three, he clearly remembered going through, primary, middle and high school. Everything he learned was normal everyday stuff.

Ling Xiao could hear the complaint in his voice and chuckled, “Dear wife, if you were at a place like this, you wouldn’t have met me.”

“See how good I am to you, to met you, I even got myself killed. You better pay me back cause I sacrificed my precious life for you.”

“Don’t worry, your husband will definitely repay you!” Ling Xiao said with a smile.

You XiaoMo suddenly felt a chill and he rubbed the goosebumps that formed on his arm. Even if he used his butthole he could figure out what he was saying, so he quickly added, “I want something material.”

Ling Xiao nodded, “Yep, definitely material.”

Hearing his straightforward response, You XiaoMo was even more confused, he didn’t say anything wrong did he? But seeing Ling Xiao’s attitude, he feel as if something had gone wrong, but even he chewed his lips, he couldn’t figure out what!

Before he could figure it out, they had arrived.  

The vice principal brought them to the principal’s office. Just as he knocked, a calm and experienced voice appeared, probably that of the principal.  

They walked in.

You XiaoMo took a look inside and only one thought appeared.

He wasn’t prepared yet!

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Finally they are here !! Really miss the couples LOL

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Thank you for the chapter! I’m laughing at Momo, still getting cheated by LX. I wonder how did they end up in that group.

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Momo neva ask ua hubby to repay u unless u r ready for a long night n day 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤❤❤

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Oh Momo, the destiny of your character 😉
Thank you for translating.

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