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Chapter 717 (Extra 4) : Younger Brother and Older Brother (弟弟与哥哥 Didi and Gege)

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The main reason that You XiaoMo intentionally went from a Higher Level Realm to a Lower Level Realm was to resolve the suspicion in his heart. Of course, after many years of not seeing the family that he had grown up with, he also missed them quite a bit, but…

You XiaoMo hadn’t expected to see them so quickly. If he wanted to see them, he would’ve done so the moment he and Ling Xiao arrived. He wouldn’t have waited until now. The point was to give himself a bit of buffer time, and moreover, for some reason it seemed like You Bo and the rest had moved.

You XiaoMo couldn’t deny that he felt a little disappointed. He had asked around that high-end villa district, and he found out that ever since he accidentally died, the entire You family moved to Kyoto. Perhaps it was so they wouldn’t continuously be reminded of You XiaoMo, even though You XiaoMo didn’t feel like this excuse was very convincing.

After he came back with empty hands that day, You XiaoMo suppressed the urge to find them. He could just make a decision after he re adapted to living in the 21st century and things stabilized. However, all of those plans were destroyed.

You XiaoMo stared at the man sitting on the sofa in the principal’s office. After almost ten years of not seeing him, You Bo was no longer that seventeen-year-old boy who was always pestering him and using that nasty tone of voice to show concern for others. He had already turned into a man full of charisma with matured features and an outstanding temperament. You XiaoMo had known from long before that You Bo’s appearance was very striking, and he had also imagined what You Bo would be like as a true adult, but he was still extremely shocked when he saw You Bo with his own eyes. For a while, he was stunned.

“Wife, if you keep staring, your husband will feel jealous.” Ling Xiao’s low voice suddenly spoke next to his ear, giving him a fright. Finally, he refocused his thoughts. At first, he was a little guilty, but when he remembered that You Bo was his little brother, he calmed down again.

However, You XiaoMo didn’t want Ling Xiao to misunderstand. He transmitted a message to him. “Didn’t I tell you before that I had two brothers in this world? He’s You Bo, my younger brother.”

Ling Xiao lifted an eyebrow, astonished, as his gaze moved to You Bo. Two seconds later, he looked back at his wife, and he said suspiciously, “Wife, you weren’t picked up from somewhere, were you?”

(t/n: implying he was adopted LOL)

You XiaoMo grew furious at once. “You’re the one who was picked up. Your entire family was picked up.” You XiaoMo was a genuine member of the You family. He had grown up ever since he was young in the You family.

Ling Xiao glanced at him meaningfully.

You XiaoMo just knew that Ling Xiao didn’t believe him. He was about to say something when You Bo suddenly stood up from the couch and walked over to him in a couple of large strides. You XiaoMo jumped immediately and unconsciously wanted to retreat, but Ling Xiao, who was behind him, propped a hand against his back, not allowing him to retreat. You XiaoMo’s expression instantly tightened.

You Bo, who had already walked over to him, suddenly scooted closer. His handsome face drew nearer and nearer, and You XiaoMo felt like he was about to feel You Bo’s scorching breath.

At that moment, Ling Xiao abruptly pulled him backwards, putting some distance between him and You Bo. He became the one facing You Bo, and You XiaoMo had just steadied himself when he heard Ling Xiao speak, “If you wish to give thanks, there’s no need to get so close.”

You Bo narrowed his eyes as his scrutinizing gaze moved to Ling Xiao. His eyes were extremely piercing, and the average person would probably feel quite pressured. Unfortunately, the person before him right now was Ling Xiao. “You two were the ones who caught the criminals.” His voice was a calm declaration.

“If there were no accidents, then yes, it was indeed us.” Ling Xiao stayed in front of You XiaoMo as he spoke.

You Bo’s expression immediately grew solemn, and his voice carried a hint of a business-like tone. “Many thanks for catching the criminals. I thank you on behalf of the You family.”

Ling Xiao said indifferently, “This was our task. No need to be so formal.”

You XiaoMo finally reacted and stared at You Bo immediately with wide eyes. He remembered that Johnson said that there were two children from a clan who were among the students killed by He Ping and the rest. The vice-president just then had said as well that a family member of the deceased wanted to personally thank them. But why would You Bo appear here? Why did he want to thank them?

You XiaoMo felt like his brain wasn’t working anymore. A hundred thousand ‘whys’ flew by, screaming, in his mind. He thought of a possibility that he simply just didn’t want to think about.

If the person that the vice-president was talking about was You Bo, then one of the two people who died definitely had to be from the You family. But he knew how many people were in the You family. Besides him, there was only You Bo and You Lu from the younger generation. It couldn’t be that the You family member who was killed was You Lu?

You XiaoMo instantly felt as if the whole world was tilting around him.

The crime that He Ping and his accomplices committed wasn’t the most recent. That case was actually almost a decade old, and at that time, after He Ping killed those students, he disappeared without a trace. Their ability to keep themselves hidden was very impressive. Even though the country issued an arrest warrant and searched openly and secretly for ten years, it had been to no avail. He Ping was only caught two months ago.

If this matter really occurred ten years prior, the situation simply didn’t make sense. He clearly remembered that before he died, You Bo and You Lu were studying in a different exclusive school. That school wasn’t in the deep mountains, so it definitely couldn’t have been Thunderclap Academy. But both Johnson and the vice-principal said that the one killed was a student from Thunderclap Academy.

He was confused. Perhaps the one who died wasn’t really You Lu, but someone from the branch family?

You XiaoMo was pretty much deluding himself. Even though he was still certain that the You family didn’t have any branch families, this was the only possibility he could think of. Even though You Lu and You Bo both bullied him before, You XiaoMo definitely didn’t want anything to happen to him. He really had no way of imagining that You Lu also passed away after You XiaoMo accidentally died, that powerful older brother of his.

“This is a tiny gift of thanks from the You family. I hope that you will accept it.”

You XiaoMo’s soul, which was about to fly away into the sky, was tugged back by You Bo’s calm words. He saw You Bo hand a jade bottle over to them, with two plump black magic pills inside.

While he was in doubt, he saw the vice-president stare at the bottle enviously and say, “The two of you are really incredibly fortunate to be able to receive the magic pills that the You family personally refined.”

“In that case, goodbye!” Ling Xiao accepted the bottle without hesitation and threw down that sentence bluntly before he dragged You XiaoMo out of the president’s office, so fast that You XiaoMo didn’t even have a chance to say anything before the office’s door slammed shut with a bang in front of him. He nearly ate a mouth full of dust.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” You XiaoMo finally asked, puzzled, after they went down the stairs. He felt like Ling Xiao’s attitude just then was very strange. Before, there was clearly no issues, but then he suddenly changed, as if he urgently needed to use the restroom.

Ling Xiao released him and shot him a look. He said calmly, “If you want him to recognize you, then you can go back and continue to stare at him in the face. Within half an hour, I can guarantee you that he’ll know you’re his older brother.”

“What, how can he recognize me?” You XiaoMo jumped.

Ling Xiao snorted. “How could he not? I’m also very curious. You and him clearly share the same parents, so how come your brain structures are so different.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes immediately turned resentful. This was definitely a personal attack. How was he supposed to know why their looks were so extreme? He also wanted to know. He had already thought about that problem for twenty or so years, but he had never found the answer.

“Never mind this. Why did you think he was about to recognize me?” You XiaoMo asked anxiously. If just one face-to-face meeting could allow You Bo to recognize him, then should he still go search for his family?

Ling Xiao explained, very mercifully, “No matter how much a person’s appearance changes, their temperament won’t. Your younger brother interacted with you for so many years, so he’ll feel like you’re still the same as ever.”

When You XiaoMo heard him say that, he instantly felt guilty. He thought a bit and decided that it was still best if he didn’t tell Ling Xiao the truth. He felt like the only reason that You Bo would be so sensitive towards him was very likely because he was stuck to him like glue for seventeen years. Their understanding of each other was extremely deep.

“Are you hiding something from me?” Ling Xiao suddenly said.

“Of course not!” You XiaoMo gave a start and hastily denied it. He had already been scared three times today. A few more times and his heart wouldn’t be able to take it anymore.

“Really?” Ling Xiao lifted an eyebrow and looked at him with obvious disbelief.

You XiaoMo shifted his eyes and suddenly lowered his head. “I’m only worried, that’s all.”

Ling Xiao immediately knew what he was worried about. If You Bo appeared in the president’s office, that meant that someone from the You family died. You Lu wasn’t there, so he was likely the one who encountered misfortune. Ling Xiao said comfortingly, “If you want to know, when we go back you can ask Johnson for the name of the person who was murdered. When you look, you’ll know.”

When he said that, You XiaoMo remembered that there was still that alternative. If he went back to the office now and asked, it would easily raise suspicion against him. Furthermore, he didn’t know if You Bo was gone or not, so it was the best if he went to find Johnson.

Afterwards, the two of them left the building together.

You XiaoMo didn’t notice, but You Bo was currently standing next to the window of the president’s office, staring expressionlessly at You XiaoMo’s back as they left. His forehead was wrinkled tightly, his expression full of perplexity. Why would he see You XiaoMo’s shadow on this young man’s body? Ten years later, he discovered that, sure enough, he still couldn’t forget that older brother of his who had passed away before his time.

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March 13, 2019 7:20 pm

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Big changes and mixed fortunes.
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