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Chapter 728 (Extra 15) : Feigning Injury to Gain Results

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Sir, we are a private club, I’m sorry but we can’t let you in.” The server stopped them and said politely. It wasn’t that he looked down upon then, it’s just that the Sky Sea Garden had a rule that only those in suits were allowed, and only those with a diamond membership card were exceptions. Those were usually familiar faces from top of the Jindu social hierarchy.

The two didn’t have a diamond membership, thus they needed suits to enter, otherwise, even if they got in, they would’ve been chased out as unauthorized personnel.

You XiaoMo didn’t know the rules, thus he was really confused as to why they weren’t allowed in, especially since Ling Xiao clearly had the aura of authority. How blind would they have to be to ignore him.

“What would we have to do to get in then?” You XiaoMo asked patiently.

The server replied with a smile, “You simply need to be wearing a suit.”

(T/N: the server didn’t let them in and used a word (闲杂人) which means loitering or miscellaneous or people that shouldn’t be there, thus You XiaoMo’s question of how Ling Xiao didn’t fit in when he clearly looked like a royalty even if he himself didn’t.)

You XiaoMo didn’t bother him further and he didn’t tell You Bo he arrived either.

The two exited the building. Speaking of suits, You XiaoMo realized that ever since they entered this plane, not only him, Ling Xiao hadn’t wore a suit either. Thinking it this far, he couldn’t help but be curious as to how Ling Xiao would look with a proper suit on.

Two minutes later.

“How does that person look? He’s pretty handsome, clearly someone with taste.” You XiaoMo stood on the sidewalk and looked at a suit-wearing-man in a Porsche critically.

Ling Xiao looked at him puzzled, “Handsome equals good taste?”

You XiaoMo explained, “Of course not, but those with money and looks are usually better at dressing themselves.”

Ling Xiao mocking laughed, “Let’s say he has taste, but what about height? Where do you think he looks similar to me? Just the height alone was impossible.” From their angle, the pretentious man leaning against his Porsche was no taller than one seventy five without his shoes, but Ling Xiao was one eighty eight.

You XiaoMo had a guilty face on, he was only looking at their taste in clothing, since Ling Xiao was very picky. Also, not all suits suited Ling Xiao, and he liked white so they were only looking at those in white suits.

“Then you choose, which one are we going for, we don’t have much time left.” You XiaoMo took a look at the time and they only had five more minutes till the meeting time, so he threw the responsibility back to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao didn’t reply as his gaze was fixed on the eye-catching BMW. Two people were inside and the one driving coincidently had a white suit on.

When they got out of the car, they could tell that his height and build was almost identical to Ling Xiao. His expression gave off a easily-angered attitude. Even You XiaoMo, who had no taste, could tell that the suit was wasted on him. This man really didn’t suit white, black would have been much better.

As for his partner, his build was also similar to You XiaoMo although he had a bitchy expression. Also the sashay he did as he walked made You XiaoMo want to throw up.

The two looked at each other and grinned at the same time.

Three minutes later, the two arrived at the Sky Ocean Garden once again. This time, the server looked as if his eyes was going to pop out of their sockets. It was just five minutes but they had already switched to formal and very fitting suits. Even the details looked delicate, but usually these kinds of suits took a long time to make, so how did they get their hands on one so fast?

You XiaoMo, with a suit, made him look more delicate and Ling Xiao in a white suit, made him look like an elegant prince. It wasn’t just him but also everyone else, no one could keep their eyes off of him.

The two walked straight passed the server, before he had a time to react. It wasn’t until two topless people came rushing over with pure anger did he regain his senses.

Seeing that they weren’t properly dressed, the server instantly stopped them, “Sir, you can’t enter.”

The two were already burnt senseless by anger that hearing his words, they could no longer hold it back and the one who had a similar build as Ling Xiao yelled, “Fuck you, what do you mean I can’t go in?! The suit I waited three months for and only wore for just an hour got striped away in your parking lot! It’s your territory! You fix this!”

The server, “……”

Everyone else, “……”

The situation didn’t just end there because the man and his companion wouldn’t stop till they got an answer. They made such a commotion by the front door that a crowd gathered and almost blocked out other guests. Finally, the manager was informed and came out. Hearing that it happened in their parking lot and to placate them, he brought them over to the waiting room and had those in charge of security bring the parking lot footage.

In the end, the footage was not of the robbery they spoke of, but instead, it showed them stripping themselves in a frenzy. There wasn’t even a glimpse of the ‘thief’ they spoke of. Seeing this, the two looked as if they saw a ghost and was politely escorted out by the manager.

The two were chased out but You XiaoMo felt as if he was meeting the final boss.

His family was very smart and knew his personality very well. They knew he yielded to a ‘soft’ approach but not a forceful one. Thus they wanted to use love to persuade him and sent his mother, MingJing. Right now, this graceful noblewomen looked at him with soft eyes, as if water was going to come out at any moment.

You XiaoMo felt as if he was sitting on spikes. If Ling Xiao was here, he could at least distract him, but currently it was just him and his mother. Everyone else was outside.

Shit! (Fuck!)

Clearly it was planned, otherwise why would a private room contain an inside and an outside!

However, what he didn’t know was that Mother You was even more nervous. She hadn’t seen him for ten years and had always neglected him in the path, so she didn’t know how to face this son of hers. She was filled with guilt.

“Xiao Mo, mommy…” Mother You’s face was a bit stiff and was filled with uneasiness.

You XiaoMo shifted his gaze with guilt. He wasn’t bad with his words but once he was faced with familial love, he didn’t know what to say. Thus, he didn’t follow up on her words and instead looked at the floor as if there was a hundred bucks laying around.

Seeing his distant expression, Mother You felt her heart ache. She suddenly walked over and grabbed his hand. They were both cold, no one could warm the other.

You XiaoMo was surprised by that and became even stiffer. In his memories, his mother rarely held his hand. This soft feeling was only something he felt in his childhood and even then, it was very rare. He had already forgotten the warmth of her hug.

Mother You looked at him ladened with grief, and said chokingly, “Xiao Mo, mommy knows that those years were very painful for you. Mommy knows she’s wrong. Ever since mommy heard of your death, mommy hasn’t had a day of sleep. Every time mommy woke up from her dreams, it was you. Mommy really, really regretted it. You’re innocent, but I gave my uneasiness to you, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. Can you forgive mommy? Xiao Mo…”

Towards the end, Mother You’s tears fell and her makeup was completely ruined. The hand holding his started to tremble and held his with great force, as if stopping him from disappearing, but You XiaoMo didn’t feel an ounce of pain.

Mother You thought he still wouldn’t forgive her and remembered what her older son said. Biting her teeth, she kneeled down when You XiaoMo was still panicking and started balling while hugging his waist.

“MoMo, can you forgive mommy? Mommy will never do it again.”

You XiaoMo was completely dumbfounded.

Who taught her this?

The graceful and handsome father, the passionate You Bo or the fox like You Lu?

So sly!

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March 25, 2019 12:19 am

Thanks for the chapter!

March 25, 2019 1:33 am

I want to see boss in a suit. Wanna know how he did his hair

March 25, 2019 11:27 am

Thank you for the chapter! ❤ Using such sly methods. xD I want to see them in suits, especially LX. Wonder how tho two half naked people are doing. 😂

April 26, 2019 8:51 pm

Aaww… Momo don’t fall for it. I know this extra have some comedic feel to it, but I can’t get past the anger I feel on behalf of Momo. After being treated coldly and being bullied he suddenly has to bend his neck because his simple-minded and soft? Yeah…. no. 😠😡🤬

September 18, 2021 3:12 am

So LX is 5’10” tall (180cm)? I always imagined him being at least 6’5″ (195/196).
Oh no, MingJing, that’s really a step too far; very uncomfortable and massively awkward. Whose ever idea that was needs shooting.
Thanks for translating.

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