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Chapter 729 (Extra 16) : Leaving the Country to Relax

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

That night, You XiaoMo didn’t directly answer Mama You. After he ate a silent dinner with the You family, he left.

Mama You’s miserable act couldn’t be considered a success, but it did have some effect. At the very least, it gave You XiaoMo a great shock. He already believed that his mother had really repented but he felt like he couldn’t immediately forgive her.

The taste of being ignored by his mother for eighteen years couldn’t be pushed aside instantly. Even if he had an optimistic personality, it would be the same thing. Who decreed that if your personality was optimistic, then you definitely had to be very generous? His mind was very narrow.

After that day, Mama You agreed to give him time to think it over. She didn’t appear again after that; instead, You Bo became the one wandering around all day in front of him, as if he wanted to make up for those ten years. Even the busy bee You Lu would occasionally run over to share a meal with them or watch TV and play games together. Every time You XiaoMo saw You Lu sitting earnestly in front of the screen playing games in a suit, he found it extremely comical.

As for his two brothers, You XiaoMo didn’t actually blame them a lot. The only thing that You Bo and You Lu did wrong was hiding that matter and not telling him about it. But the two of them had really been very good to him.

When he was young, they had probably detected the reason why their mother treated You XiaoMo so coldly, so they would always use their own ways of making it up to him and caring for him. At that time, You XiaoMo had always thought that it was because they had malicious natures, so they would make fun of him from time to time. Now, he finally knew the reason why, and the only thing left was regret. No wonder You Bo liked to scold him and call him an idiot.

You Bo, who came to find him every single day, ended up just staying in the hotel as well. His room was right next to theirs.

Originally, he wasn’t willing, but after being incessantly pressured, You XiaoMo told You Bo that if he had a way to get the owner of the room next door to sincerely yield his suite, he would agree. It was also a presidential suite next door that someone had long since booked in advance. Rumor had it that it was a notable person, and You XiaoMo saw that every time the person entered, there was always a huge crowd of bodyguards.

All the way up until the day You Bo moved into the hotel. He saw that notable person bowing and fawning over You Bo, looking as if he was about to lie down on the floor and lick You Bo’s toes. You XiaoMo’s jaw nearly dropped.

He was wrong. With the You family’s current standing, there were more people who wanted to curry favor with them.

After Ling Xiao learned of this, there was a period of time when he would always look at You XiaoMo with worry in his eyes.

You XiaoMo called him a bastard once, and after that he was dragged onto the large mattress on the bed and was made love to for quite a few hours. At that time, it was still broad daylight, and when You Bo knocked on their room door, it scared You XiaoMo to the point that his chrysanthemum tightened and nearly made a certain someone come from being squeezed. From that point on, he didn’t dare to casually mention the word ‘bastard’ again, because the results made his balls ache very much.

Several days later, Mama You came to see him. She brought a pile of consolation gifts, all snacks that he liked to eat. His father told him his mother personally made all of these snacks for him without the help of anybody else.

You XiaoMo knew just how much Mama You disliked cooking. She extremely detested the smell of oil and smoke, and she usually wouldn’t go within two meters of the kitchen. Once, the family’s chef had to temporarily take a leave of absence for five days because of urgent business, and Papa You just happened to leave on a business trip and wouldn’t be back for three days. As a result, the only ones left in the house were the three brothers and Mama You.

At that time, all three brothers were very young.

The youngest was You Bo, only three. You XiaoMo was four, and You Lu was five.

In the end, the three brothers ate instant noodles for three days with their mother. You XiaoMo was the one who went to the kitchen to get the instant noodles, and You Lu was the one who boiled the water. Only when Papa You came back did they finally finish their instant noodle-eating days.

You XiaoMo had already begun to remember things at that point, so this was carved very deeply into his memory. They could’ve clearly gotten takeout, but Mama You forgot, and back then she had even used especially genuine eyes to look at the three brothers and say, ‘Darling, is it okay if we eat instant noodles?’ This was also the first time he could ever remember the feeling of being cared for by Mama You.

You XiaoMo discovered that recently, he would always recall some things from when he was young.

Disputes between close relatives would always be settled fairly quickly, so he was worried that his heart would soften very fast. Sentimental attacks or whatever were truly extremely annoying. Even though she obviously knew that he was soft hearted, she continued to target this weak point of his. This was definitely You Lu’s idea.

After Ling Xiao learned of this worry, he suggested leaving the country to relax a little.

This suggestion earned You XiaoMo’s approval. They should indeed go and relax a bit. If he continued to be attacked one after another like this, he would submit sooner or later. Ever since he learned of the truth, he had already resolved to not forgive them so easily. At least he had to let them to get a taste of what he had felt that year.

That night, they packed and avoided You Bo before leaving Country Z.

You XiaoMo only went back online after they landed in a different country. You Bo’s messages were like a bomb. In a few short hours, he received a hundred or so calls and two hundred plus messages. He was very suspicious about how You Bo managed to do that.

You XiaoMo sent a ‘safe and sound’ message before turning off his phone again. Didn’t You Bo say that no matter where he was, he would always have a way of finding him? Right now was the perfect chance, if he had the guts, give it a try!

Manhattan, New York, one of the most flourishing districts in the world.

There were numerous tall buildings. Once they got off the plane, they experienced the noisy atmosphere of Manhattan. There were humans from different countries all around, fair-haired and blue-eyed. There were only a few Asians.

When they checked into the hotel, the concierge said something in English that Ling Xiao couldn’t understand. Because of that, You XiaoMo was smug for quite a while, but when it was night, Ling Xiao used extremely fluent English to ask the concierge to deliver room service.

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded when he heard that. “How do you know how to speak English now? Did you kill someone and absorb their memories?”

Ling Xiao looked at him calmly. “Who am I?”

The moment You XiaoMo heard that, he knew that Ling Xiao was boasting. He viciously looked down on him for a moment, but he had indeed forgotten that Ling Xiao was currently the master of all the worlds. Learning a foreign language was no more work than the blink of an eye; it simply wasn’t difficult at all.

After they ate lunch, the two of them left the hotel to go outside and play.

Ling Xiao’s appearance was very eye-catching. As they walked on the streets, about 99% of people would whip their heads back around. The remaining 1% was You XiaoMo. Back in Country Z, people were fairly conservative, so most of them would only peek secretly; but foreign women were quite courageous. They would openly talk about them, and some brave foreign women would even come up and hit on them, surrounding Ling Xiao and wanting to take advantage of him. After they were chased off by You XiaoMo, Ling Xiao laughed very evilly.

“Why are you laughing? Do you want to have a ‘one night stand’ with them?” You XiaoMo stared at him ferociously.

(t/n: one night stand was in english lol)

Ling Xiao laughed loudly. “Wife, your husband would rather have a one night stand with you.”

You XiaoMo’s face went red, and he spat, “Who wants to have a one night stand with you!” before he ran off.

Ling Xiao chased after him.

When those passionate foreign women saw their flirtatious bantering, they all revealed ambiguous smiles. Foreigners were much more open about this, and after they found out that the two of them had that kind of relationship, they didn’t continue to bother them.

As the two of them bantered flirtatiously, the scene of them talking and laughing with each other blinded quite a few people. However, when they were passing by a basketball court, a seemingly uncautious basketball suddenly passed through the wire fencing and flew towards them…

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