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So this is a work in progress. It’s S3ri’s proper nouns list with some new additions and slightly more, slightly different info (beware of possible spoilers!) that the translators and editors will be using, so we might as well share with you. We will try to update this as much as possible, but please don’t throw rocks at us if something’s missing.


Chen GaoYang 陈高阳 display high sun
Ding Shi 丁石 fourth stone
Dong Jiu 东九 east nine
Du YunCai 杜云才 stop cloud talent
Fang ChenYue = Fang ChenLe (s3ri) 方宸乐 honest imperial happy : 1st bro from Tian Xin
Fu ZiLin 伏子林 lean over child forest : 2nd bro from Tian Xin
Gao Jun 高俊 tall handsome
Huang Jie 黄杰 yellow hero
Jiang Liu 江流 river flow
Kong Wen 孔文 great refined : bad Earth Peak master (Tian Xin)
Kuang TianLing 况天翎 Kuang heaven plume
Lei Ju 雷巨 thunder gigantic
Li Jun 李俊 plum handsome
Lin Xiao 林肖 forest like : the body Ling Xiao is walking around in
Ling Xiao 凌霄 reach up to heaven
Liu LiQing 刘丽晴 kill beautiful clear
Luo ChengYuan 洛城元 Luo city first
Luo Shan 洛山 Luo mountain
Luo ShuHe 洛书河 Luo book river
Luo Xia 罗夏 gather summer
Mao Can 毛参 hair participate
Mo Gu 莫谷 nothing valley : Elder from TianXin Sect
Mu Yao 木遥 tree distant
Mu YunTian 慕云天 long for skies
NanGong Ying 南宫盈 south palace overflowing
Pu Chan 蒲禅 reed meditation
Qin ShiYu 秦仕宇 Qin official house
Qiu Ran 丘冉 hill tender
Tang Hun 唐珲 boastful glorious
Tang Fan 汤帆 boiling sail : Tian Xin leader
Tang YunQi 汤云琪 boiling water cloud river : Tian Xin’s bitchy girl
Tantai MiaoYin 澹台妙吟 Tantai excellent song
Teng ZiXin
Tong YueXu
Wu Yan 伍砚 five inkstone
Xiao Piqiu 小皮球 little rubber ball : beast
Xiao Shan 萧山 desolate mountain
Ye Han 叶寒 leaf cold : Magic herb cultivator in Tian Xin, high level mage
You XiaoMo 游小默 travel little silent : The maon character
Zhao DaZhou 赵达舟 surpass attain boat : 5th bro from Tian Xin
Zhao Zhen 赵真 surpass genuine: 5th bro’s dad
Zhou Peng 周鹏 all over roc : Lin Xiao’s trusted junior in Tian Xin, later becomes grandmaster
Zhou Yu 周雨 all over rain


Boundless Sea 无尽之海
ChongShan 崇山 lofty mountain
Dao Xin Academy
He Ping 和平 peaceful
HunJi 珲极 glorious furthest
Ji Le 极乐 extreme happiness
Lei Tian Tai district
Life and Death Street : lawless street in Yan City
Long Xiang Continent = Long Xiang Dalu = Long Xiao Dalu (s3ri) 龙翔大陆 dragon soar continent
Qing Chen 青城 green city
SiFang Town
Skill Training Pavilion
Soul Training Pavilion
Ten Thousand Python Demon Plain
Tian Xin 天心 heaven heart/will of God : sect

TianXin Sect 天心派
Tong Tian Continent
WuFeng 无风 no wind
WuShuang 无双 unrivaled
Xian Ji Lou: place to get information in Yan City
Xiao Yao 逍遥 free and unfettered : sect
Xing Luo 星罗 star constellation : sect
Xue Sha 血煞 blood demon
Yan City 炎城 : where Dao Xin Academy’s enrollment took place
Yun Shui 云水 cloud water


Creatures/Demon Beast

Black Leopard 黑豹
Blue-Blooded Wolf
Blue-Eyed Black Leopard
Dead Soul Beast
Evil Heavenly Python
Gigantic Firebird 大焰鸟
Golden Black Leopard 金刚黑极豹
Hidden Dipper Stink Bug = Seven star hidden fragrance insect (s3ri)
Nine Winged Unity Serpent = Nine Winged Magic Horn Serpent (s3ri)
Seven-Tailed Demon Fox
Six-Winged Divine Tiger 六翼神虎
Stone Flame Black Leopard
Thousand Spirit Earth Sheep = Miraculous Sheep (s3ri)
Thundercloud Leopard 雷云豹
Netherworld Siren 幽冥海妖
Qilin 麒麟
Bird of Pride 傲慢鸟
Seven Sins Beast 七罪兽
cute little tiger 小萌虎 (little tiger)
Ocean Rocs 海鹏鸟
Azure Sea Dragon 琉璃水蛟
Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider 千面炼狱蛛
Metal Swallowing Beast 吞金兽
Golden Winged Insects 金翅虫
Ligre Beast 狮虎兽
Heart Linking Gu 连心蛊
– mother Gu 母蛊,child Gu 子蛊, Gu King 蛊王

Momo’s beasts’ nicknames

CatQiu 猫球
MaoQiu 毛球
SheQiu 蛇球
PiQiu 皮球
LanQiu 篮球

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September 15, 2017 7:46 pm

Thank you. It great help

Levi Ackerman
October 15, 2017 4:48 am

I think there’s misplaced description : – Zhao DaZhou is 5th bro from Tian Xin sect instead of his dad – Zhao Zhen : 5th bro’s dad. Nice guy – Zhou Peng : Lin Xiao’s trusted junior brother in Tian Xin and current grandmaster instead of 5th bro from sect. I know it’s not character profile but it will be nice if you (or we?) can write little description like maybe Ye Han : magic herb cultivator & high level mage (?) So it can become little guide book because we forgot who is who ==” I m sorry. I… Read more »

May 2, 2018 10:43 am

There’s a Little Typo in YXM description, maon character, made me think of moan character 😅😉😂😂😂
Thank you for this guidebook😊

July 30, 2019 7:59 am

Everything’s gone over my head. I don’t have any idea what is what. I hope after reading 20 to 25 chapters I can get it gradually. But I am so excited to read it. Thank you so much for translating for us international fans and sharing with the world. Because of your hardwork we can afford to read it.Appreciate a lot lot..

September 15, 2020 4:43 pm

You are so accommodating to your readers. Thank you for your hard work.

August 24, 2021 10:40 am

Thsnks, so useful.
However, this makes me realise how bad my memory is… I forget exactly which characters some of these names actually belong to! 🤦‍♀️👵😁

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