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Chapter 86: Close to the organization

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Wenjin had a good meal and went upstairs to wait for Dewitt to change his clothes, the whole fox was still confused.

“That’s it?” Standing back in the room, Wen Jin looked at Dewitt in a daze.

Dewitt unbuttoned his jacket and looked back at him. “You’re not full?’

“What?” Wen Jin paused, then two eyebrows quickly wrinkled together. He stretched out his foot and kicked Dewitt, “I’m full! I don’t mean that I mean your mother.”

He had seen Mrs. Margaret before, and the latter said that he had small eyes and looked mean and uncomfortable. So Dewitt said that when his mother was here and wanted them to meet, Wen Jin withdrew subconsciously. He subconsciously felt that his mother-in-law might be a little difficult to please. He had prepared eighteen different ways; the best was preferably him sitting on a sedan chair. But before he could tell her about him and Dewitt….

The meal went unexpectedly smoothly. Mrs. Margaret’s face was cold and not enthusiastic, but she did not embarrass him.

Dewitt’s jacket had been taken off by this time. Various traces of Wen Jin on his body were visible. The man frowned at his words and said, “You don’t like her?”

“How is that possible?” Wen Jin retorted without thinking about it. He thought that filial piety was the leader of the people. Although he didn’t care much about it, he couldn’t hate it. “It just felt different from what I imagined.”

He also remembered that Dewitt and Mrs. Margaret had a tense relationship and that when Wen Jin had met her for the first time, she had cursed her son to death in person.

Dewitt saw Wen Jin’s expression, twisted his lips, pulled out clothes from the wardrobe, and put them on. “I’m not good at getting along with her, but as long as I’m not on the battlefield, she won’t be so sharp, let alone…”


“I care about you,” Dewitt touched Wen Jin’s head, “so the desire to survive will be stronger than ever.”

Dewitt thought: I’m afraid it won’t be as decisive and hesitant as it was before to force suicide attacks to interrupt the war with the Zerg.

Wen Jin nodded, thinking that it was true that his little tail was with him and that he could not let him fail in any case.

“But I didn’t give her a present…” After Wen Jin finished thinking about it, he lowered his head again. He still cared about it, and there were many magic weapons in his space. But, with the difference between Assyria and Honghuang, anything in his space would be considered a rare treasure even if he took it out at random. Those things were nothing to Wen Jin, so Wen Jin thought it was too superficial to send them.

He thought it was vital for him to give something that Mrs. Margaret liked so much that he could express his importance to Dewitt’s mother.

“She didn’t give anything to you either. You’re even.” Dewitt put on his clothes and saw that Wen Jin was still wrinkling his brows. He went up and helped him tighten his scarf then lowered his head and kissed the fox who had twisted his eyebrows. “Next time, blame me for not giving you time to prepare.”

Pulling the scarf around the neck,  he thought it was not very comfortable to wear the scarf during this season. It felt a little stuffy, and…he was not as afraid of the cold as he used to be, so the scarf felt hot to him. But Wen Jin liked the feeling, mainly because Dewitt brought it. So instead of pulling the scarf away, he wrinkled his nose and snorted at Dewitt, “Mmn, I blame you.”

Dewitt pulled the man into his arms and laughed.

Looking at Dewitt, Wen Jin looked around and asked, curiously, “Do you seldom go home?”

Although it’s style was similar to that of his single apartment, even though there were fewer furnishings.

“It’s usually because of work.” Usually, Mrs. Margaret complained about Dewitt’s work, as she was disgusted with it. Although they would not quarrel, when it came to his work, the atmosphere at home would be taut. Dewitt would never go home as long as there was work.

Wen Jin looked at Dewitt in surprise. In terms of this man’s working mode, which was continuous from day to night, does ‘work at home’ basically mean ‘long-term workaholic’?

“You can’t do that.” Wen Jin poked at Dewitt and said, “Come back often.”

If his small tail stayed with him, and was destined to live several times or even tens of times longer than human beings, and, with such a life, the memory of the deceased would only double.

Wen Jin grew up in harmony with his parents, but after their deaths, he occasionally felt uncomfortable, and it was a knot in his heart. He always felt that he was too playful when he was a child. If he had found out his special abilities sooner and began to practice earlier, maybe he could have let his parents, brothers, and sisters live longer. He also would not have gone to his relatives so early.

Wen Jin did not want Dewitt to regret it.

Dewitt, holding Wen Jin tightly, answered, “Okay.”


Before Wen Jin finally left, gave Mrs. Margaret some seeds that had detailed instructions on how to grow them from his space.

Dewitt couldn’t understand the language Honghuang, so Wen Jin copied the instructions, adding some notes along the way.

Wen Jin himself did not know much about this, but his Master’s love for flowers and plants was immense. Although Wen Jin was always disgusted with his lack of conscientious cultivation and was a half-suspended fox, he insisted on leaving all his things to Wen Jin before becoming an immortal. From ransom items in the world to rare treasures to broken copper and iron, everything was piled up in Wen Jin’s space, including that small plant record.

In this respect, Wen Jin was not interested in it and did not see much at ordinary times, but he was always around and had spent hundreds of years looking at them. Wen Jin vaguely remembered that his Master had planted a kind of flower, which was very beautiful,  dark red, cold and beautiful. When it blossomed, Wen Jin couldn’t help stopping. And according to his Master, that kind of flower had the effect of prolonging longevity, and if carefully raised, it was easy to cultivate so that it recognized it’s Master.

After the big ceremony, he should be able to make up for it, but this was a battle that needed to be won first. When Mrs. Margaret accepted it, Wen Jin finally felt comfortable with the gift and followed Dewitt out.

Just before Wen Jin and Dewitt left, someone came to visit his mother. She was a very young girl, and when she saw Dewitt, her eyes could not move for an instant.

Dewitt did not notice the little girl at first. After finding that the atmosphere around his fox was getting worse and worse, he responded to what had happened. He quickly approached his fox, took Wen Jin’s hand, and kissed his face.

“I’m tired to death.” Wen Jin glared at him, thinking that one day he would find a way to cover Dewitt’s face with a fox stamp.

The old housekeeper saw them off at the gate, and his face was full of reluctance. Dewitt had always only come home for a short time. Now he had someone he wanted to guard, and he would marry in the future. The housekeeper feared that the chances of him returning would become less and less.

The old housekeeper sighed silently as he watched the mech rise into the air. Turning around and walking back to the mansion, he saw Mrs. Margaret sitting at the table, while Miss Star, who had just arrived, was sitting beside her, smiling with one hand and hiding her face. She seemed to be saying something.

As the old housekeeper approached, he heard Mrs. Margaret looking coldly at the black seeds warmly given on the table. “What’s this?”

The old housekeeper was stunned and hurried up. “Young Master Wen said that the flowers would be stunning when they came out, that is, the method of planting is a little complicated…”

“Do I have to plant it myself?” Mrs. Margaret stared at the paper, the last of the twisted words Wen Jin had written himself, and her face was incredible. “What a joke!”

“Madam, this is also a present. That boy, I just checked his history and did not see very much. The young Master said that his hometown is unique. Why don’t you try it?”

As soon as the old housekeeper’s voice fell, Star gave a gentle laugh and, with a soft voice, injected, “Mr. housekeeper, you can’t say that. If you don’t have any pictures of this flower, you can’t plant it at will. You don’t know about it since one should be the most cautious around people you don’t know.”

The old housekeeper looked up at the girl with a good-tempered smile.

“Madam, you have to be careful,” Star said, leaning back on Mrs. Margaret. “My cousin was almost deceived some time ago. He looks good, but his family is in a mess. He brought out a lot of things and was almost demoted.”

As she spoke, she glanced at the note in Mrs. Margaret’s hand, and there was a slight sneer in her large, seemingly innocent eyes. She did not want Mrs. Margaret to feel that she was satirizing Brother Dewitt’s aesthetics. Otherwise, she would have to say something about the handwriting. It could be seen that the man was by no means an aristocrat equal to the Bertram family.

Look at how gorgeous Dewitt looked; one couldn’t tell what he was doing before. Star’s brother had little experience, but their mother was different.

Star’s eyes flashed and soon stopped, laughing at Mrs. Margaret.

However, the latter did not seem to appreciate her smile, so she took the note out of the girl’s hand and gave her a sidelong look. Her voice was icy. “Please leave.”

Star was in a daze, trying to accompany Mrs. Margaret in; the latter had already got up and left, giving the girl no time to speak.

When the old housekeeper saw the situation, he carefully packed the seeds in the small box under Star’s unhappy expression. After that, he smiled apologetically at the girl, asked the maid to serve him, and followed Mrs. Margaret out.

“Who does she think she it?” Mrs. Margaret was not very happy, and when the old housekeeper followed her, she said with unbearable resignation, “Can Dewitt be the same as her idle cousin?”

“No.” The old housekeeper answered with a smile, “His mother has educated the young Master, and he will surely have no problem staying close to home.”

Mrs. Margaret snorted, took two steps forward, and looked back at the golden box in the housekeeper’s hand.

The old housekeeper immediately realized, “I’ll help you find better soil?”

Mrs. Margaret frowned. “Bubbles.”

“Ah?” The old housekeeper was stunned.

“It says on the paper that bubbles are needed at first. And there are the water temperature requirements until the seeds slightly crack before they can be placed into the soil. The requirements of this soil are also many: how many times a day, how to turn, all of it is written in detail.”

“What kind of water?” The old housekeeper glanced at the paper, but it was too far away to see clearly.

Mrs. Margaret then looked at the note roughly again, feeling that the conditions were complicated and troublesome. When she thought that such an annoying thing was a gift, she felt very angry and waved to the old housekeeper, “Don’t worry about it.”

The old housekeeper nodded with a smile on his face.

Within two days, Mrs. Margaret had several more pitchers and pots in her bedroom and a beautiful box with ugly seeds.

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Star 0 Mrs. Margaret 1. I love how the girl was put in her place. I hope the flower will be so beautiful to reward Mrs. Margaret’s hard work.

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