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Chapter 10: Walk around. Go around.

It was already night. When Hai’an looked up for the first time, he was shocked by the starry sky and thought of the decaying steel frames under the white fog. It was hard to imagine that these two extremes existed in the same place.

Along the way, Auguste was silent and the seriousness of the atmosphere made Hai’an serious too. He dared not tremble, but the grass body was disobedient and sometimes trembled when he did not want to tremble.

Auguste saw that Hai’an was shaking and did not respond.

Hai’an: It wasn’t him! There must be something big going on!

Sure enough, the first thing Auguste did when he brought Hai’an back to his room was to fill Hai’an with a glass of water.

Hai’an:… He felt so loved…

Hai’an felt tired. He should have been an excellent adult elf in Elune Forest and should have gone out to see the outside world. But, when he closed his eyes at the ceremony and opened his eyes again, he had become a trembling grass unable to even give a little chirp, and now he had a master who wanted to drown him every day.

While Auguste was bathing in the bathroom, Hai’an seized the time to mobilize the water elements, otherwise he would drown. According to this way of raising plants, Hai’an suspected that his fellow trembling grass before him might have drowned.

So after Auguste had taken a bath, he found that the water cup, which was supposed to be empty beside the potted plant, was full of water.

Hai’an who had lost his strength: …

Auguste wasn’t dull enough to not find something wrong. He went over, squatted down and stared at Hai’an quietly. Hai’an was a little funny to him.

Auguste watched Hai’an pretend to be dead and poked at him. Hai’an remained motionless. Auguste looked at the inexplicably filled cup next to the flowerpot, picked it up and moved it to Hai’an’s head, ready to pour water over him.

He’d never let it happen! Hai’an began to shake desperately, and the two leaves shook.

If the cup of water is really poured down, then he would really drown. Shaking grass seemed to be really resistant and if soaked in this way for a few days, his roots may really rot.

The seedling in the brown soil was shaking constantly, completely unlike the way it had been after poking it and slightly shaking a few times before. It seemed that JianJian did not want water.

JianJian really understood what he said, and Auguste was very satisfied with it, being able to communicate would make it easier to keep the seedling alive.

Although the manual was unreliable, JianJian was really easy to feed.

Auguste put the cup back and the seedling took a breath and did not shake.

“JianJian,” Hai’an heard Auguste call him, “Would you like to bask in the sun? Now the sun is good outside, shake it if you want.”

Hai’an was immovable. Thanks to Auguste, he had baked outside the window for a while in the morning. Now the light outside was very hot. It would be instant death if he went out in the sun during the afternoon.

Before Auguste could continue talking, his door was kicked open and Carl rushed in. “Hahaha, Auguste, I told you, I found a cook!” Carl looked flushed and excited.

Carl was thirsty after running so he picked up the glass of water Auguste had just put back on the round table and drank it.

Hai’an: It’s like drinking your own foot bath…

Auguste watched Carl drink the glass of water without stopping him.

“Oh, then we can go tomorrow.” He returned calmly to Carl, who did not pay attention to what Auguste had said, but continued to be very excited enough to want Auguste to go with him to the hall.

“Come and I’ll show you our new cook!” When Carl finished, he ran out again, and Auguste picked up Hai’an before following him out.

“I will accompany you more in the future.” Auguste still said this in a flat tone.

Were you talking to yourself?

“You’ll grow up soon.” Auguste suddenly lifted Hai’an up and put the flowerpot near his face and said to him.

Hai’an shivered a little uncontrollably. Auguste’s style changed abruptly and he could not adapt to it.

Well, Auguste looked at the potted plant with satisfaction as if he was very happy. Chapter two of the Plant Manual said that plants were the of best friends. They always listened to your words and belonged solely to you.

When Auguste arrived in the hall with Hai’an in his arms, he saw Carl very excitedly introducing the new cook he had found. But Hai’an thought the cook was a little familiar.

Wasn’t this the auctioneer in charge of the botanical area from the exhibition?

Lydney himself felt a bit pathetic recently. He was an orphan, but the welfare policy of Freeport was better than his original home. He got a job unexpectedly after moving to introduce plants to guests at private auction.

He had been chosen. What kind of luck was it that out of the millions of people in Freeport, they had chosen him?

Every auctioneer selected for the free auction would make a fortune overnight because of the wonderful system. But he met Carl. Lydney made little profit from the pot of flowers he sold to the boy, and Carl’s bids were not even enough to cover the cost of his trip back to his rental house.

And then Carl gave him the teardrop tree.

That’s it. I’m going to die of poverty.

Lydney stayed overnight at a hotel near the Central Plaza and decided to go to the auction house the next day to see if he could sell back the tree because he couldn’t afford the potted plant.

It was not that there were no plants in the galaxy, but almost all plants had undergone some sort of mutation and became aggressive. Most plants were even more aggressive than foreign animals. So there were no plants in places where there were human beings. Apart from some very rare and non-aggressive ornamental plants, even a pot of ordinary ornamental plants was too costly for a non-trader in Freeport. He could barely buy a house in this district let alone keep a precious plant sold at the exhibition.

Raising a potted plant was very expensive. Even the easiest plants needed nutrient solution and good soil. Freeport had no land. These expenses were enough to drag him down. Lydney wandered around distractedly. He planned to go to Central Plaza to relax.

Walking along, he came to the fountain in the central square. There was a group of people in front of it, and two people passed by, saying that there was a cook job there.

Lydney was missing a job and he needed a fixed income even if he sold the teardrop tree. Lydney had been living on his own since childhood, and his cooking skills were not too bad, so he wanted to try. As a result, when he looked at the line, it turned out to be Carl, the egg-buying monster from yesterday!

How to find a chef who is not easily beaten in the shortest time? Carl decided to go straight to central square and come back. Anyway, there were lots of people, so long as the person could cook, he should be able to make onion eggs. As long as he didn’t let him eat any frozen gel, he would recognize them. He was so tired from eating frozen gel in the past few months, even the last several years of interstellar voyage were nothing but gel. As a result, he wanted to find a chef in Freeport and eat a normal meal.

Their chef had been taken to the hospital. Alas, he was not tough enough.

He was so happy to think that he gave Auguste a present without eating it. All it needed was just a little water and sunshine. Carl sighed deeply and suddenly thought that plants could not eat onion eggs. After comparing, he thought it was better for him.

But plants don’t need frozen gel either. Carl was sad.

These candidates were either too fat, too ugly or too old to eat! All of them had problematic eyes, always staring at him. If you have any problems, you should voice them! Stop treating me like a disease and walk around!

Carl pushed out at least two other candidates who were so fat when he saw that the next one in line was a little familiar, as if he had seen the person somewhere.

Lydney was a little nervous. He had a long line of candidates in front of him, but none of them had been selected by Carl. Carl’s application requirements were very simple. You just had to be able to cook and be edible yourself.

He could understand the meaning of the former one, but he couldn’t understand the latter one.

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