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Chapter 9:  You can’t eat this chicken leg

Auguste parked next to the fast food car and ordered a chicken leg. The cook packed the chicken leg and handed it to Auguste.

“JianJian,” said Auguste, pulling out a chicken leg and approaching Hai’an, shaking it in front of him. “Do you want to eat this?”

Hai’an: That’s right! (Shakes three times)

“You have no mouth.” Auguste looked at Hai’an seriously. “Just look at it.”

Hai’an looked at Auguste’s sharp and handsome face in front of him and suddenly realized that not only did he not have a mouth, but also didn’t have private parts. Did plants have a set gender?

Hai’an: There is no love in life.

Hai’an was saddened and tried to take his eyes off the chicken leg, so he looked elsewhere. He needed a beautiful view to comfort his broken heart.

At first glance, he saw that behind Auguste there was a very fast suspension car coming in their direction. Several flying cars had been bumped into successively and the flying cars had hit other flying suspension cars. The surrounding scene became chaotic.

Auguste was teasing Hai’an with chicken leg. After a few words, he found that Hai’an had become melancholy. The two leaves had fallen down, making him look unspiritedly. He dropped his hand with the chicken leg in it to coax Hai’an, but then Auguste saw what was happening behind him reflected in the glass. The car came at them very fast and almost hit them. Now it was too late to take Hai’an down.

Auguste said to Hai’an, “Hold on.”

Immediately, the suspension car started to rise sharply and made a sharp turn to avoid one of the cars that had been hit and was flying over. The suspension car they avoided exploded after it hit a nearby building. Hai’an could even hear the huge roar accompanied by people’s screams.

“Damn it!” Within the car, Hai’an was jumbled by Auguste’s sudden flying maneuver and slammed against the window. The two leaves shook uncontrollably as they were beaten into a dizzy frenzy.

What was going on?!

Before Hai’an recovered, Auguste sped up, because the speed was too fast, the whole pot was swaying harshly.

The suspension car that caused the accident turned in one direction and immediately followed Auguste’s car. Wherever Auguste flew, it followed. It was no accident, Hai’an could confirm that the car was flying in their direction. The car was obviously aimed at Auguste.

The car was followed by a lot of identical white cars, with red and blue lights on its roof. Then, under the chassis of those cars, there were several dark orifices. Like human muzzles.

“Stop the car! You’ve been locked onto.” The people in the car that followed warned Hai’an’s car with a loudspeaker, but Auguste had no intention of stopping and the car behind them continued to follow.

The car behind them saw that they had not slowed down and the muzzle at the bottom of the car quickly fired several balls that exploded like fireworks.

Hai’an didn’t know what they were, but he knew that being hit by it might be as bad as being hit by a magic fireball, or even worse!

Obviously, they were mistaken for the party that had caused the accidents.

Auguste remained expressionless, as if he had expected all of this. After a sharp turn around a tall building, he quickly turned in one direction and rushed down into the white fog below Freeport. The car immediately changed its direction and rushed down with Auguste.

Hai’an had seen most of the scenery above Freeport, but he had no idea what lies beneath the white fog, nor has anyone mentioned it. It was as if the port had been split in half; above the white fog and under the white fog. The white fog was the dividing line between two worlds.

Auguste had rushed into the white fog and was surrounded by clouds. He couldn’t see anything clearly. The sudden appearance of a building startled Hai’an. Auguste turned and several cars behind him collided, because of the great inertia, Hai’an bumped into the glass and swung violently.

Hai’an: Fortunately, the flower pot wasn’t broken.

But they didn’t get rid of the car. The people who drove it were very skilled and kept the same speed as Auguste. Auguste’s car came to a sudden stop and Hai’an saw that they had passed through the white fog.

Below the layer of white fog was an abandoned building. Some of the steel columns had been broken and there were reddish-brown spots on the rusty metal frame. The whole sky was also filled with unknown debris and some places were lit by fire. But far away, Hai’an couldn’t see anything. The fires tore apart the iron frames and the whole layer of white fog was like a burning purgatory.

These frameworks… it seemed the buildings above the white fog were built on them. The whole flourishing Freeport was built on the top of ruins.

Hai’an did not have a chance to see more as the car still followed Auguste. The police car behind them did not lose them so Auguste accelerated causing Hai’an to be thrown forward.

In front of them was an abandoned building and Auguste was ready to fly into it.


Inside, there were densely packed steel frames, which could be hit accidentally.

Auguste planned to throw off the police car behind him inside the building. The steel could not be compared with the meteorites that he encountered during his space voyage, but it was enough for the ordinary patrolmen of Freeport.

Hai’an watched Auguste rush into the building without hesitation. He was very adept at maneuvering through the chaotic steel frames, his speed never slowed. Some places that could not be dodged were hit by him directly. Fortunately, Auguste’s car was strong enough that it did not fall apart.

But the police cars behind them were not so lucky. They could not move directly through the steel frames. Some of them hit the obstacles directly and dive bombing destroyed most of the car. None of the firebombs fired hit Auguste and the car. Instead, they broke several pillars. The roof of the upper floor without the pillars fell down directly and the police cars behind could not dodge. They had been suppressed.

Hai’an could no longer keep from swaying violently. He had been shaking madly the entire time. But the frequency of shaking grass itself is not enough to stabilize himself.

Hai’an: So dizzy, feel like vomiting.

But he had no mouth.

They had flown to the end of the building and by the time Auguste rushed out, the police cars behind them had all been thrown off. But the car that followed was still there and it was flying almost parallel to Auguste.

Auguste reached out and pushed several buttons on the car. Then he opened the door and jumped straight at the car. Auguste punched the car and broke the glass. Then he picked it up with the other hand and began to tear the cover.

Hai’an: Look at this power. It’s a miracle that I was poked by my master so many times and am still alive.

The car was out of control, spinning down in the air and finally hitting an abandoned platform.

Auguste’s high-quality black car slowed down as Auguste rushed out. Fortunately, there were expensive and high-quality hanging baskets outside his flower pot. Otherwise, maybe the inferior flowerpot would be broken before it could be replaced.

The black car came back steadily with the seedling and stopped next to Auguste.

Auguste was fine. He had pulled the man out and punched him in the face.

Hissing, Hai’an could not help shaking his leaves, it looked as if it was very painful.

“Auguste, where did you learn to be such a son of a bitch?” The man was knocked down by Auguste, spitting up bloody spittle on the side, then he stood and pushed up his glasses on the bridge of his nose. His glasses were broken, and he covered his chest as he breathed heavily.

But Auguste did not pay attention to him, and instead went straight to Hai’an’s side.

“You voted for the Union!” The man suddenly raised his voice and shouted angrily at Auguste. “Why would you rather disband the Legion than help the alliance?”

Auguste did not stop and his tone was extremely disdainful, “Are there any differences between alliances and empires? They are all the same as the lower levels of Freeport. It’s rotten waste.”


Hai’an watched the man dying of anger. Auguste was no better at listening than Carl.

Auguste, irregardless of the man, got in his car and flew out of the white fog with Hai’an back to the top of Freeport.


Fan art by Rara. Auguste holding little Hai’an.


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June 28, 2019 12:55 pm

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