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Chapter 21: Psychological reactions of liquid

Carl pulled Lydney’s sleeve up and saw a circle of purple bruises. “Sorry,” Carl apologized to Lydney.

“That’s all right,” Lydney pulled down his sleeve. “You didn’t mean it either.”

When Tanamo looked at Carl’s strength, he was amused. “Ah, why didn’t I find your potential as a miner before? You were only this high a hundred years ago.” As Tanamo spoke, he used a third pair of insect feet to compare the heights, probably just over a meter. “You were a little long, curly haired child and I thought you were a little girl.” There was a rise in movement from Tanamo’s hands and feet.

Carl became angry. “Shut up!”

Ouch, such a little one. Hai’an could not help imagining the red curly haired Carl, who was only over one meter tall. Then he looked at Auguste, who was holding him in his arms, and fantasized about Auguste’s appearance at one meter. He should have had black hair, standing straight and still, with a stoic face that did not laugh.

It was such a cute image!!

With his excitement, Hai’an wanted to tremble again, and the result was that he started trembling. Suddenly, Hai’an found that his sight had risen.

Ah, I seem to be getting longer.

“Ah! Auguste, your plant has mutated!” Tanamo shouted in surprise, pointing to Hai’an in Auguste’s arms.

Auguste had long since been following Hai’an’s every move. Now Hai’an had a small branch. Although it was still a tender green, there was a green leaf on the branch. It looked crystal clear and delicious.

Yes, Auguste’s assessment of what Hai’an was like was delicious. He couldn’t help but open the protective shield and poke at Hai’an with his finger.

Hai’an trembled after being poked by him, but Auguste continued to poke, and Hai’an felt itchy, so he made a small vine to encircle Auguste’s finger, to try to push Auguste’s finger out.

“It’s not a variation, it’s growing up.” Auguste followed Hai’an’s wishes and retracted his finger, explaining to Tanamo, “We should go now. How can we get up now?”

Including this time, Auguste only came to Lota Beta 11 twice. Last time, he stopped at Oasis Harbor and lived on the Vagrant. He took the solid zirconium and went away. This time he took the liquid zirconium and gold.

“Is there any difference between liquid and solid?” Auguste asked Tanamo.

“There’s a big difference. You’ll know when you use it. Aren’t you going to stay for a meal?

Without waiting for Auguste to speak, Carl immediately refused, “No food, no food, we have Lydney.” Lydney, standing next to Carl, was a little embarrassed to hear that and laughed at Tanamo.

Tanamo was so happy that he immediately said, “You don’t eat our food. Let’s try the food you cook!”

Carl: “…”

“Come on, I’m teasing you.” Looking at Carl’s disgusted face, Tanamo poked the antennae on his head with an insect foot and then poked Bena next to him. “Open the pit and send them out.”

“OK, boss.” Bena placed her insect feet in front of her abdomen and bowed. It was clear that Bena had seriously learned the universal etiquette of the Star. “Follow me, please.” She pointed one finger ahead and signaled Auguste that they were going there.

Tanamo took the first step. After he stepped on a staircase, the smooth road ahead suddenly rose to form a circular platform. After everyone stood on it, the circle platform suddenly disappeared and the sand at their feet quickly went down, forming a deep pit of black holes.

Everyone fell.

Hai’an: I definitely won’t die since I have my owner to protect me.

Auguste: JianJian cannot die.

Carl: I have to protect Lydney!

Lydney: What happened?

Tanamo: This group of aliens must be crying. Haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

As they fell, the buried River in the air poured down with them faster and surrounded them in the blink of an eye.

At the other end of Lota beta 11, a whirlpool suddenly appeared in the desert, ejecting numerous zirconium and gold elements, scattering in the air. As zirconium and gold were ejected, Auguste and his party were supported by zirconium and gold elements, floating in mid-air, slowly drifting towards the oasis port.

“You’re not surprised at all,” Tanamo sighed. “You already know. If you knew, what’s the use of asking me.”

“I can only purify the state of zirconium and gold, but not the original solution.” Auguste reached out and grabbed a zirconium-gold element, which was a small bead with a faint glow on the outer shell. The water inside was shining. When the outer shell was broken, the zirconium-gold liquid would come out, but the zirconium-gold would lose its ability to float in the air.

Highly pure zirconium and gold could change gravity. The antigravity sphere thrown by Auguste on the spacecraft was made from zirconium and gold elements purified from zirconium and gold ore.

Tanamo also reached out and grabbed a zirconium element. “The purification of zirconium is only known by Lota beta 11, and I can’t tell you since it’s something engraved in our veins, even if you say it, you can’t understand it.”

“Raw liquid is too precious, I can only give you so much.” He went on to add that the connotation was to save some to use, and this father would not give any more.

Auguste turned to Tanamo and thanked him earnestly, “Thank you.”

“Well,” Tanamo waved, “if you meet Dean before me, help me persuade him. Real freedom is in your heart. The freedom he believed in was never freedom.”

Auguste did not immediately promise Tanamo, “I will not beat him.”


Hai’an saw that both Auguste and Tanamo had seized the element of zirconium and that Lydney and Carl were playing with it, so he wanted to reach out his vine and touch the element but was locked in a protective shield and the vine would not move when it touched the glass. Hai’an patted the protective shield with his vine, trying to attract Auguste’s attention to let him out.

As soon as Auguste saw Hai’an, he picked up the hood, knowing that he wanted to play. Following Hai’an’s wishes, he opened a small opening for him.

Hai’an looked at the cover, and as soon as Auguste opened it, he stretched out a vine and caught a zirconium and gold element to bring it closer to his eyes. He wanted to see the bright spot floating around for a long time.

It was like a stone, but how could it fly? There seemed to be water in it.

Hai’an poked the zirconium and gold to see what the water was inside. As a result, the casing was poked several times and punctured by his vine. In a blink of an eye, the original liquid was absorbed by the vine, leaving a small, empty transparent shell hanging on the tip of the vine.

The crowd was stunned for a moment.

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July 5, 2019 9:15 pm

One curious plant you are JianJian.
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