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Chapter 22: Idiot, let me mend your knife

Tanamo was even more startled.

Carl stabbed the knife in further, “That’s what you said about the Zirconium Purification in your veins, which is only known by the Lota beta 11 aliens. You can’t tell us, even if you say it, we can’t understand it?”

The insect Tanamo was still in a state of oblivion, and said, “It’s not scientific. It’s not scientific.”

“What other kind of science are you talking about?” Carl was silent. The technology of Lota Beta 11 was the worst aboriginal layer throughout the interstellar space, and the dregs were not enough to see.

Hai’an was also shocked by himself. He was sure that his green and tender vine had absolutely no strength. Auguste could break it with little strength. Besides, even if he broke the shell of zirconium and gold, what about the original solution?

It seems that he had accidentally absorbed it. But he didn’t have any special feelings.

Auguste reached out and pinched the empty zirconium shell. He looked closely at it. A small hole had been punctured by Hai’an’s vines. The zirconium solution inside was no longer available. The element shell was very hard. He tried to break the shell when he had it before, but the original solution inside would also be wasted. Although Auguste was curious to know how Hai’an got rid of this element shell, it required Hai’an’s vine and he was reluctant to hurt his JianJian.

Hai’an had taken his vine back, pretending that he couldn’t move.

“Look,” Auguste said to Tanamo, holding Hai’an in his arms. “My plant is poisoned. You are responsible for my JianJian.”

Tanamo was mad. His planet’s unique shell-breaking technology was useless in front of Auguste’s plant. Now he wanted him to treat his plant like a person. Tanamo wanted to bury himself in the sand.

During the argument between Auguste and Tanamo, Hai’an saw Carl, who was floating at the end of the crowd, pull out a bag and quickly retrieve a handful of zirconium and gold, then quickly stuff it back. This angle could only be seen by himself and Auguste. But Auguste didn’t stop Carl and he didn’t have a mouth.

Tanamo was taken advantage of.

Auguste really didn’t want compensation. Tanamo was still wondering why Auguste was so kind this time. But before Auguste left, he had left him a tin of interstellar top grade black tea and a large anti-gravity device. He was so happy that he didn’t think much about it.

Auguste told Tanamo that the large anti-gravity device was reserved for Lota beta-11 against the Empire and the Freedom Alliance. Although Lota beta-11 was not afraid of foreign enemies, it was better not to expose the planet’s biggest card until a last resort. Lota Beta 11 was a planet that did not engage in politics, science and technology, or diplomacy, but they engaged in biological research.

All the inhabitants of this planet had participated in biological transformation. Once war broke out, the inhabitants of the whole planet would merge into a giant worm, traveling in the desert and attacking the enemy unexpectedly.

Only Auguste and Carl knew that secret. Because this was also in their blood, even if it was said aloud, no one could understand.

Auguste left the core of the large anti-gravity device empty, so long as enough zirconium and gold was put into it, it could start a gravity shield that could cover the whole planet. Because of the super gravity, any spacecraft close to Lota beta 11’s gravitational pull would crash into the desert. Everyone on Lota beta 11 had evolved through zirconium and gold so the anti-gravity devices were useless against them.

Like this, no one would be able to come to Lota Beta 11. Whether it was the Empire or the Freedom Alliance who wanted the zirconium gold, they had to go to Star Flower Street to find Tanamo or go to the farther star Luo Ze-9 to dig. But Luo Ze-9 was surrounded by meteorites, which was one of the ten most dangerous commercial routes recognized by interstellar businessmen.

The Lota beta 11 aliens were so satisfied with Auguste’s gift that they kept it closed. It was up to Tanamo, the wonder of Lota beta 11, to go out.

Inside Tanamo’s Wormhole…

Tanamo lay comfortably on the cotton mattress and looked at it with two insect feet holding the black tea pot.

“Bena, come and make me a cup of tea.” Tanamo was about to start enjoying the tea. He had seen it in the Youden Garden on Flower Street. It cost hundreds of thousands per gram, and it was full of at least millions of cans.

Auguste was a giant money trench.

“Boss, but we don’t have water here.” Bena had to break Tanamo’s illusion.

Tanamo: Right.

Think about it. Tanamo clapped his arms and shouted, “I can try it dry!”

After that, he opened the lid of the black tea pot, grabbed a handful of tea and stuffed it into his mouth.

Before Bena could stop him, Tanamo wiped and chewed a mouthful of tea.

“Very fragrant, just bitter.”

Bena: “…”

Back on the ship, Carle was happy to eat the lunch made by Lydney. “This is what I should eat. I knew that he would have eaten it, I should have asked him to eat frozen gel.”

Jamie was also on the side of the cavity, “Yes, unfortunately, next time I will remember to pack him a whole box of frozen gel.”

Hai’an was carefully watered by Auguste and dripped a few drops of nutrient solution. Auguste also put the YangYang flowers on his head to bask Hai’an and put them on the table to watch him eat.

Hai’an: Be still my heart.

Auguste was watching [How to Take Care of Your Plants When You Travel] on the Science Channel every day. Now Hai’an was not constantly covered by a protective shield, he was so bold that he reached out a vine and touched Auguste’s remote control on the table.

Last time Auguste taught him how to change the channel, Hai’an found the button, clicked on it and the holographic projection changed channels.

The channel of Hai’an’s choice was [Take You Near the Foreign Beasts] which was airing the second episode. It introduced the large-scale interstellar herd of the foreign beasts called the Ray Wolf, and Hai’an satisfactorily put down the remote control.

After all, in the Elune Forest, the Elf Queen always protected the minor elves. He had not seen such a large animal yet.

“How smart! JianJian is perfect!” Carl was shocked. This potted plant was just too amazing.

Auguste also felt that this was a little strange. The last time it was the chicken leg, this time it was a strange animal, but Hai’an was a potted plant, did he want to eat meat?

If I changed back to my original body, would my JianJian like me more?

Auguste pondered this question seriously.

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