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Chapter 23: Red, Red, Red, let me have a bite

In fact, Hai’an just wanted to eat, not meat because the white elves did not like meat.

Vagrant had left Lota Beta 11 and readjusted its course to advance in the universe. Outside the spaceship was still a vast starry sea, a few colorful nebulae completing the landscape.

Lydney saw that the route was not to return to Freeport,since they certainly couldn’t go back. As Lydney did not know where they were going, he sat beside Carl with his bowl and said, “Where are we going now?”

“Black market.” Carl raised his face from the steak and said to Lydney.

Lydney straightened up, his face shocked and his voice raised a little. “Black market? Where shall we go and what shall we do?”

After all, Lydney had been a good citizen for so many years that he could not imagine a place like the black market.

“For Carl’s birthday, buy him an adult gift!” Jamie, sitting on the other side of Carl, was happy to stab him when he heard Lydney’s words.

Hai’an heard it too. He started listening with interest and his whole plant body straightened up in an instant.

Carl was not yet an adult? Was he younger than him? Hai’an thought that his adult ceremony had failed, and since there were no elders and queens here, no one could preside over the next ceremony for him. Was he an adult or a minor?

“Cough!” Carl choked when he heard Jamie’s words. “Shut up!”

Lydney saw clearly that Carl’s face was flushing rapidly, and he laughed and said, “You’re not yet an adult!”

“I’m grown up!” Carl lowered his head in anger and shouted.

Auguste slowly inserted a mango into his mouth and said to Carl, “He’s as old as I am, but he’s a little late in IQ development.”

Oh, oh, Hai’an heard that Carl and Auguste were over one hundred, but how old were they exactly? He was fifty years old.

I am not yet an adult (: 3)_

“I’m over five hundred years old. Carl is only ten years younger than me.” Auguste went on to finish what he had just said.

Lydney silently shut up. He had just graduated from Carland College in Freeport. He was only twenty two years old and was a weak chicken being pure human.

There were few pure humans left in the interstellar space nowadays. Basically, they had evolved through generations of humans, or directly from anthropomorphic races of alien species such as Lota beta 11. After evolution, human beings had a strong physique due to the blood of foreign animals, but only a few of them had such blood. The condition of having the blood of foreign animals is extreme and the cost was not affordable for ordinary people. Most of the human beings with the blood of foreign animals had been recruited by the army.

Pure human beings were even rarer. Only two pure humans can give birth to pure humans, but their short life span and limited physical ability made them gradually disappear in interstellar space. Once pure human beings are born, their parents usually choose to abandon them, because when their own survival is still a problem, how can they afford to raise a pure human?

But pure human beings were not useless. Because of the fragility of the body and the short life span, they learned things faster and thought more carefully and clearly, which had always been incomparable to evolutionary human beings. Even though pure human beings did grow quickly,they often did not live to adulthood.

The only human in the interstellar world who had been in the army for two hundred years was Dean, and he was vulnerable to radiation damage. And now he looks just a little weaker than ordinary people, but his physical strength is still far more than a pure human.

But no one knows how he did it.

Now the ship has a second pure human, Lydney, who was as vulnerable as Hai’an in some ways.

“By the way, here’s something for you.” Carl said, pulling out a brooch from his pocket, with a mini red dragon on it.

Lydney grabbed the brooch. “Is this a bomb?”

Having learned from the previous translator, he had to ask what it was.

“This is a protective shield,” Carl turned his head, his voice was a little light. “I asked Alia to make it for you. You’re pure human. The black market may be dangerous.”

“Thank you!” Lydney laughed and said to Carl.

Jamie looked at the two of them and smiled, but said nothing.

At this time, Alia came out of the main control room and made a solemn military salute, reporting the flight of the ship to Auguste, “Report! In thirty-two interstellar times, we are expected to enter the mineral belt.”

Auguste nodded and picked up Hai’an. “You can go rest first. It’s still a long time before we get to the black market.”

As soon as he finished, Carl pulled up Lydney and ran away, saying that he was going to visit Lydney’s bedroom and see how his tree was growing.

Jamie smiled at Auguste and turned back a few steps to get back to his room.

As a result, Auguste suddenly stopped him and said, “Jamie, Cessie said he had found the seed.”

Who was Cessie? Hai’an heard Auguste mention this man for the first time. But Hai’an saw that Jamie stopped immediately after hearing Auguste’s words. His whole body was stiff. His hands were hanging to his sides, clenched tightly into fists and his knuckles were white. After a while, he relaxed, exhaled, turned to Auguste with a calm smile, put his hand in front of his eyebrows, and made an improper salute, “Thank you!”

Had Hai’an not just seen something wrong with Jamie, he would not have felt anything was wrong with the smile, but at the moment it seemed that Jamie’s smile was somewhat distorted.

Auguste did not speak. He watched Jamie disappear around the corner before leaving with Hai’an in his arms. After turning around and leaving, Jamie kept the same smile on his face, but his eyes turned red quickly.

After returning to the room, Hai’an enjoyed the warm YangYang flowers while looking at how much he had grown recently. He now had a small leaf on the tip of his pole like branch, but because it was too tender, it looked a little yellow. Since he grew one more leaf on Lota Beta 11 and leaped up another section, he has been dawdling like a hormonal teenager. And Hai’an also found it easy to mobilize his vines, completely without the heavy feeling of the past.

Auguste was addicted to Hai’an, and was now madly interacting with him. These days, he had even invented a new watering method.

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July 6, 2019 3:15 pm

New watering…method? Hmmm….

Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

July 6, 2019 10:18 pm

Auguste is over five hundred years old, and Hai’an is only fifty years old. It’s one tenth or even less. Carl is only ten years younger than Auguste and Lydney is fresh out of college twenty two years old pure human. It looks like both Hai’an and Lydney are both rarities that have to be protected. Fortunately they have good partners. 🙂 😀

July 26, 2019 6:11 pm

What’s this seed they were talking about? A mistery to be resolver.

Thanks for the chapter!

Fresh Peach Bunn
Fresh Peach Bunn
August 4, 2019 6:26 pm

Lol. Brings a whole new meaning to old cow eatting tender grass😏😏😏

October 17, 2019 3:38 am

I don’t want Lydney to die early… coz he is pure human…

September 21, 2021 7:33 am

It’s sad Lydney is a pure human, meaning his life span is so short in comparison to the others.
This story must be a nightmare for all those negatively hung up on age gaps 😉😏
There seems to be some kind of problem or unrest with Jamie.
Obsession can be a problem if it gets out of hand. Careful, Auguste.
Thanks for translating.

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