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Chapter 30: Take me to that stall

Auguste took Hai’an to the bottom of the Dreamladder, Carl and Colin following them.

Although Perry belonged to Cessie, wherever it was, every planet advocated free trade. Even if Cessie had the highest control over the planet, he did not know what was sold in every store, and some stores could only discover their commodities by themselves before selling them.

Auguste found a way to purify zirconium and gold deposits here, so he knew how to turn them into liquid. It was here that Auguste found the book that held the records of moonlight.

The book said that moonlight bloomed around a tree that grew within a lake on a certain planet in the galaxy, but there were hundreds of millions of planets in the galaxy. Not everyone could travel all over the planet. Some planets had very dangerous routes and those pioneering spaceships were never heard from again.

Even regular routes were dangerous, not to mention unidentified alien animals and plants on dangerous planets. There were many planets in interstellar space that were undeveloped.

The cart flew to the square under the Dreamladder and stopped. Auguste got out and soon someone took it away. If one needed to use the cart again, they needed to go to the guard room to take a taxi. The guard room had a taxi on every floor, so they didn’t need to worry about not finding one. However, only the cart they first used on the landing platform was free. Once they get off, if they wanted to take the cart again, they had to pay for it using their interstellar card before they could use it.

Auguste thought that they came at a good time.

With the growing popularity of Flower Street among the star system, planets began to imitate Flower Street’s activities, such as the one-month “Box Buying Festival” which was currently being held in the black market.

This month, the whole black market was giving a discount of eight percent to all goods, including the collections within Cessie’s Collection House. However, even if Cessie’s Collection was discounted eight percent, the average person could not afford it.

All of the store owners had taken out their most precious commodity and ninety nine of their cheapest ones, then packed them into one hundred separate boxes. The price was whatever the store owner decided to set, but it couldn’t exceed the price of the most precious item.

As long as the customer spent any money in the store, he could choose whether to buy a box or not. If he got a box containing that precious commodity, the shop would sell it to the customer at a fifty percent discount. If he couldn’t get it, he could only buy the very cheap commodity at the price marked by the shop.

People in the black market liked this kind of game with only one percent probability of winning big. What if they were the lucky person? In addition, it was their free choice to purchase any of the discounted goods. This month’s black market was the most lively it had been in years due to the eight percent off.

More than a hundred years ago, Auguste bought the most precious box during this festival, which contained the book about the moonlight flowers.

Hai’an himself floated out of the cart and was held by Auguste. However, Hai’an did not struggle this time. There were so many people at the bottom of the Dreamladder, and it was all a very confusing mess. What if he was carelessly lost or captured by others?

Shaking the bottle, Hai’an continued to take a sip of his milk. Another vine reached into the storage basket behind him and opened it. He found the YangYang flower and wanted to put it on his head. But Hai’an thought that the YangYang flower would shine too bright within the crowd and put it back.

Carl was also watching the crowd, and at the same time, carefully guarding Lydney. Hai’an looked at them both. It felt strange. If Lydney was a girl, the picture would be like the illustration of the princess who had escaped with her knight from the dragon that he had seen in a book on Nore.

Hai’an was still staring at Lydney. Lydney seemed to feel something, looked at Hai’an and smiled at him. Hai’an also put out a vine to swing in response to Lydney’s smile.

Lydney felt a little foolish seeing Hai’an greet him. He didn’t think that little JianJian was so smart. Could zirconium really make species evolve so thoroughly?

Instead of looking at Lydney, Hai’an shifted his focus to the front.

So many small stalls!

The commodities at the bottom of the Dreamladder were all chaotically placed. Hai’an even saw a stall selling toys for children. He didn’t understand why Auguste came here. Wouldn’t it be better to fly directly to it?

Auguste also saw the toy stand, walked over with Hai’an in his arms, bought Hai’an a little golden bell, and then opened the ship and put it into Hai’an’s storage basket. Hai’an picked up the bell and jinggled it. The bell made a loud noise as Auguste’s walking pace made Hai’an sway, causing his few leaves to shake.

They walked further inside and finally stopped at a stand next to the stairs leading to a higher level. The owner of this stall was actually Bena.

“Bena, why are you here? What about Tanamo?” Carl rushed to Bena and said, “We saw you here while we were still flying in.”

Bena had somewhere found a pink princess dress and was wearing it. In front of her were several black stones, original zirconium-gold stones.

Bena sighed, “The boss went to Flower Street. He asked me to set up a black market stall and then let out news to attract the Empire and the Freedom Alliance, so that he could go to Flower Street quietly and not be found.”

Isn’t that good? Tanamo’s IQ had gone up after a long time. Carl listened and sighed.

Wasn’t it really good to sell zirconium and gold ore that everyone wants? Hai’an was confused. But why did it look like nobody bought any?

Bena was even more depressed. “This was a really good plan, but in fact it can’t be sold at all.” She went on to say, “Zirconium gold mines have always been purchased by royal merchants, and many merchants want to have a supply in private. As a result, I went to the black market to find that there are really zirconium gold mines sold here, and I don’t know where they came from.”

“Even if someone has already sold it, it should not affect you selling it.” Colin thought this whole situation was strange.

“The shops within Dreamladder have been rented out for a long time, so I can only go and put up a stall here, but they think I’m selling fake goods because nobody believes that zirconium and gold mines are really owned by me.” Bena was also helpless in this matter.

Colin: “…”

“Pack these minerals up, Carl,” Auguste said calmly, “Colin and Corson will be going shopping, and the others are going to come with me to Cessie’s.”

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