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Chapter 29: Please let me cry

Hai’an just wanted to fly for fun, just around, and did not plan to fly far, but Auguste hugged him tightly. Hai’an tried to speed up the movement of the ship, and found that he could not break free of the shackles called Auguste. However, when Hai’an thought of how Auguste was able to tear iron apart bare-handed in Freeport, he felt safe.

This skill is too great! It would make the too troublesome to peel fruit an easy task. If he could grow his mouth back in this life, he must ask Auguste to tear the peels off!

Auguste lowered the ship with Hai’an in his arms and went to the edge of the landing platform.

Perry and Lota beta 11 were totally different. Lota beta 11 had an oasis port that showed off future science and technology. Hotels and buildings beneath the sand were still in the high-tech category, although somewhat backward. There were small flying carts everywhere on this planet, giving off the feeling that they had just stepped into the Middle Ages thousands of years ago.

Hai’an felt that this planet was really like a huge mine, full of warm yellow lights and rusty steel buildings, and the people here seemed to be wearing the same clothes as the residents of Nore, without any sense of technology, giving Hai’an a great sense of familiarity. But the flying bicycles around him clearly told him that this was not the Nore continent.

Carl followed Auguste out of his spaceship and came over to see that Hai’an was drinking milk again with a bottle.

“Ha-ha-ha! Are you raising plants? Raise your son!” Carl laughed wildly. After laughing, he leaned over and approached Hai’an and said to him, “JianJian, is Auguste’s milk good to drink? Give me a sip? Haha!!”

The Colin brothers were silent off to the side: Brother, you’re killing me.

Auguste wanted to tear Carl’s mouth off.

After hearing Carl’s words, Hai’an quickly hid the bottle behind him and put it in the basket.

Lydney couldn’t look any longer. He pulled Carl’s sleeve and said to him, “Why are you bullying JianJian?”

“I didn’t bully him. I didn’t steal his bottle.” Carl retorted. “We’re sharing good food, but I’m not being mean.”

Lydney: There’s nothing to say to that.

Colin went to the edge of the landing platform, stood next to Auguste and looked around , sighing, “I haven’t been here for more than ten years. It’s getting worse and worse.”

“You’re talking unpleasantly again!” Colin’s twin brother, Corson, gave him a soft pat on his shoulder.

Colin whispered, “I’m telling the truth.”

Hai’an also thought that Colin was telling the truth. Although he had only been there a short time and did not visit many places, he felt that this place was really dilapidated after seeing the prosperity of Freeport. Although Lota Beta 11 was not developed, it was simple. The residents there were insects and if you had them live in human houses, they would not be accustomed to it.

Auguste got off the ship after awhile and the controller brought over six cart like bicycles.

By the way, they also took their weapons.

Although public order here was poor and looked worn out, the service was still very human. After all, Cessie always boasted that he was like an aristocrat of the Empire and has a very gentlemanly demeanor, which he tried to show on all of his planets.

The carts were so small that in each one there could only sit just one person and they couldn’t even put anything else in it. Others sat right down on them, but on Auguste’s side, he didn’t want to try to cram Hai’an in. Auguste scrunched his body up, dropped his head so low that he was able to get Hai’an’s little ship over his head.

Colin looked at Auguste’s distorted posture with none of his previous demeanor from the past visible, only his concern for Hai’an apparent. Colin couldn’t help but elbow Corson standing next to him, “Brother, would you say that Auguste has a fetish?”

“…” Corson said he didn’t know.

Looking at this small cart, Jamie was speechless. “Cessie is getting more and more suspicious.” After he had said that, he entered the cart.

Lydney didn’t understand why Jamie said that, so he asked Carl.

Carl snorted disdainfully, “The black market is here, Cessie’s collection house is here too. He’s afraid that someone will steal his treasures, so he won’t let people here use advanced technology. Weapons, spaceships and other things will be taken into custody by the inspection team. This tactic can only deal with ordinary people, it is no use against us.”

“But aren’t you going to rob him of something?” Lydney whispered, somewhat worried. “What will you do without weapons?”

Carl approached Lydney and showed him his uniform, which had a lot of metal ornaments on it. “Actually, the weapons we had were just to throw them off. Our real weapon is our uniforms.”

Lydney didn’t have a uniform like Carl and the rest. He had only the protective shield Carl gave him last time.

“You can’t wear this uniform. It’s too heavy for you.” Carl patted Lydney on the back. “Get in the next cart. I’ll protect you. Don’t be afraid.”

“But-” Lydney wanted to say something but was stuffed into a cart by Carl and the cover dropped down, blocking Lydney’s words.

Hai’an was riding on Auguste’s head and felt that the scenery was unique. He could look down at the stars. Unlike the last time he traveled in Auguste’s car when he couldn’t see anything since he was so short. He had been changed into a different pot just so that he could see the scenery, but then he was thrown against the window seven or eight times.

However, Hai’an felt that Auguste was not happy and uncomfortable this time, presumably hiding it to take care of his feelings.

Behind the shell of the planet was the black market, which was built on a giant revolving building called the Dreamladder. The chassis of the Dreamladder was very large, spanning almost half of the planet, and as the spiral layer went up, small paths branched off leading to different buildings. Those buildings were stores, displaying all kinds of medicines, materials, foreign animals and even high-risk mutant plants that were strictly prohibited from being sold in the interstellar space.

At the bottom of the spiral floor of the Dreamladder, there were no shops. It was filled to the brim with people manning little stalls. These stalls were for those who could not afford to rent out the shops on the higher floors and most of them sold strange things.

The lower the spiral layer, the more stalls there were and the cheaper the goods. With the spiral layer going up, the stores gradually decreased and the value and price of the goods went higher and higher.

There are no shops on the two topmost spiral layers of the Dreamladder. The second layer was surrounded by a tight encirclement of Cessie’s guards. The first spiral floor of the Dreamladder, the highest one, only had one super luxurious room, Cessie’s Collection House. This was the largest private collection in interstellar space that could only compare in size to the collection in the Dituxing Museum.

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