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Chapter 36: Black Market War

Carl was already bloodstained. The enemy’s gun did not make a mark on him, but he had a huge wound from where he had just dug out his ribs on his chest. He seemed to feel no pain, took the gun downstairs and fired at the guards who were pouring in.

Jamie and Cessie were already fighting. Bobby’s vines went to tie up Colin and Corson, who were running around, and helped Cessie deal with Jamie. But Auguste broke Bobby’s vines one by one with his bare hands.

Even iron can be torn by his hands, what use could a vine do?

Lydney watched the chaotic scene, stiff, and knelt behind the collection cabinet.

Hai’an was also shocked as he had never been so close to such a scene. In his past fifty years of life, he had been exposed to a peaceful and nurturing environment. He had seen the war history of the Nore mainland described in the Elf History Books, but no matter how many historical books he had read and how many explanations he had heard about history, he could only grasp it through his own experience. This was the cruelty of war.

Now the scene was just their conflict in the black market, not a real war.

At that moment, the glass on the roof of the castle burst open suddenly, a machine armor fell down from above, and, with a “beep”, it fell on the round table, shaking up dust as it shattered the glass. It did not give anyone a chance to respond. Suddenly, two missiles were erected on its shoulders, one was fired at Auguste.

The other was quick to zero in on Lydney and Hai’an. Before he could run, Lydney took Hai’an in his arms and rolled away from the center of the missile’s explosion, but was shocked by the blast wave and knocked down a collector shelf.

After the smoke cleared, Hai’an was all right. Lydney had a protective shield and was not injured. He slowed down, knelt and climbed up.

But Hai’an rolled out of Lydney’s arms, rolled several times, felt dizzy, and then slowly floated up. Hai’an felt like he was going to vomit. The leaves on his body were shaken so painfully that the little nest was swaying.

“My collection!” Cessie saw that his collection shelf had fallen and his eyes were shaking. Because of a moment of distraction, he was hit in the face by a blow from Jamie, but the protective shield popped out in time, creating a circle of electronic ripples.

That shield was going to crack.

Jaime’s eyes grew redder and redder, dark and emotionless. His expression was fierce as he punched Cessie with one punch after another.

After the missile was launched, the machine armor jumped off the table and ran directly to Auguste. Auguste was slammed into the wall. The whole wall formed a net-like collapse centered on Auguste. Then the machine armor raised its right hand, which was rapidly tempered to form an iron fist. It hit Auguste fast and heavily.

Auguste was punched back  several times, then put his palm forward and caught the armor’s iron fist. He twisted his right hand and kicked the left leg. Then he tore the chest of the armor with one hand and crushed the core power source inside.

The sky was still pouring down mechanical armors, one after another, each flew down and attacked everyone indifferently. Some of the aircraft armors that flew down from the sky had begun shooting at Lydney and Hai’an, while others had run to attack Colin and Corson, leaving them no time to look for tungsten, but most of them were attacking Auguste.

“Where is the main mech? Where did these fighters come from?” Colin kicked open a machine armor that was holding his arm and shouted.

Corson was too busy to think of himself. “Not ours!”

Colin: “…”

Lydney saw the light of the machine-armored fighters firing, staggered to his feet, hugged the still-fluttering JianJian and ran. The house was filled with bullets. He had his back to the armor, Hai’an in his arms, and bullets were hitting him. The protective shield formed a transparent protective layer around Lydney and sent out a burst of electronic light.

Bobby’s vines were many, and now there were hundreds of them. Auguste had just been trapped by Bobby ut just after the machine armor burst, more than a dozen vines holding him broke. Purple plant juice splashed all over the floor. When Cessie looked at them, he saw his loved collection and his favorite pet being slowly crushed.

But Jamie’s offensive came too fiercely. If he hadn’t had a protective shield, he would not have been able to resist Jamie’s attack for so long. The physical strength and fighting skills of a black-market businessman and a regular soldier could not be comparable.

Cessie ran back quickly, and Jamie wanted to catch up, but was stopped by Bobby. Cessie took the opportunity to press the emergency protection button on the wall. The walls of the castle were very thick, but when Cessie pressed the button, the whole castle trembled, and the thick walls began to crack, falling into pieces of rubble as several iron fists pierced the walls, and then a whole body crashed out through the walls.

That was the original mechanical warrior that was Cessie’s main protector.

“At last, Oliver’s original mechanical warrior appeared. I couldn’t find it for a long time. You hid him here.” Dean’s voice appeared on top of the castle, and then a purely black armor, larger than the other armor fighters, jumped down, crushing the table. It knelt on one knee, took the soft basket and crystal box in his right hand, held a pulse gun in his left hand, and hit a primitive mechanical fighter.

The primitive mechanical soldier jumped over with an electric current, took a step and knelt on the ground. Other primitive mechanical fighters ran to Cessie and surrounded him.

The black armor slowly stood up and moved his right hand in front of him. The soft basket and crystal box looked particularly weak in the huge palms of the armor.

“Ayulon eggs?” Dean’s voice was hoarse through the amplification of the armor, with an electronic texture, just as Hai’an heard that day under the white fog of Freeport.

Crazy, depressed, uncomfortable.

“It’s not good to be polluted by dirty blood after hatching.”

After saying that, the black armor closed its hands and crushed the Ayulon egg and crystal box directly. The yellowish egg mixed with the flesh and blood of the little Ayulon with broken eggshells slowly slipped from the cracks of the black armor.

Hai’an took a breath of cool air. He could even hear the slight cracking of the eggshell when it was crushed.

Then Dean stretched out his hand and shook it. The body of the Ayulon fell down. Most of it had been squashed and turned into meat paste, leaving only a head and half-fragmented wings that could still be seen through the rudiment.

Cessie’s Collection House had a moment of silence.

Hai’an did not dare to look at Auguste. Even Cessie was stunned. Dean used to be on Vagrant after all, but no one expected that he really didn’t miss the past, so crazy.

Dean, the mad dog. He was the most powerful pure human ever, and he was the object of all pure human worship more than a hundred years ago. Unlike the power of ordinary pure human beings, his handsome face and his particularly gentle voice even made some girls of evolutionary human beings ignore his short life and want to marry him, and everyone thought that he might be able to lead pure human beings to another good life.

To change the unequal treatment of pure human beings in the interstellar space, he set an example for all pure human beings.

Evolutionary human beings can do it, so can I.

Until the pirate robbery that shocked the whole interstellar world happened.

Dean was badly injured. He did not die from the powerful radiation, but became very weak. He was even weaker than the average pure human woman. From then on, his aura disappeared, and no one remembered his contribution to the pure human race. Evolutionary people still looked down upon the pure human race and laughed at Dean who fell from the top.

Then Dean retired from the Sixth Legion and disappeared for a long time. Almost everyone thought he was dead. Now he was back.

“The eggs of the first alien star beast are hard to find.” The black armor turned to Cessie, “But you have primitive mechanical fighters. There may be nothing you can’t find in the stars.” Dean’s voice, though hoarse, did not fluctuate or have any emotions, this made Cessie afraid. He was not afraid of Auguste, because Auguste was not invincible. He cared about something.

But Dean was a madman. He doesn’t care about anything. Nobody dares to provoke a madman.

“Dean, I have something to say,” Cessie laughed two times. “I shouldn’t have offended you.”

Instead of answering Cessie’s words, Dean steered the black armor towards Cessie, raised his left hand, sucked the original mechanical soldier who had fallen from the pulse gun into his hand, and then tore the original mechanical soldier’s breastplate open.

Hai’an saw an antigravity device on the black armor’s hand. Auguste knew the purification method only after reading the ancient books, but Dean did not read the ancient books, which means Dean knew the method of purifying from experimenting on his own zirconium and gold deposits.

He was a genius.

After the original mechanical soldier’s chest armor was torn open, the huge empty slot in the chest was exposed.

“Ha-ha-ha! That’s ridiculous.” Looking at the empty slot, Dean burst into laughter. “Oliver’s indestructible warriors are now collectibles, without the mechanical warriors at the core of Nadine, they are nothing!”

With a loud laugh, the black armor pulled the original mechanic fighter and tore it in half. It hit the ground hard. Dean stepped on the black armor and it made a nasty sound of crushed metal. He stepped on the broken machine armor and went to Cessie. He raised his pulse gun and looked at Cessie.

Cessie’s eyes widened. The original mechanic soldier had only one weakness: a pulse gun. Unless the machine armor had a Nadine core, he could resist it all, but he would fall with the powerful pulse wave and a mechanic soldier.

If he was hit, his shield would be shattered by the shock waves and he would die of massive haemorrhaging. The shield was useless towards the pulse gun.

“You’re disgusting. Soldiers should die on the battlefield, but you made them your collectibles, your garbage to protect you.” Dean hated Cessie.

The pulse gun was accumulating energy when Carl suddenly flew backwards from the second floor door and hit the right arm of the black armor with the pulse gun.

“Bah!” Suddenly, the right arm of the black armor was broken, and the hand with the pulse gun dropped instantly.

A white machine armor appeared at the entrance of the stairs. On its breastplate there was a black raven logo. It kicked Carl with one foot.

“Black Raven.” A low voice came from the black armor wrapped around Dean, and Hai’an found that Dean’s armor was able to speak on its own.

The pupils of Cessie grew enlarged after hearing the sound of black armor. The armor that came in was called the Black Raven, the exclusive armor of Grand Admiral Ivan Randall. The first primitive mechanical fighter with Nadine’s core.

And Dean’s machine armor had a Nadine core as well, it was called “Nightmare”. It was also one of Oliver’s original mechanical warriors. Primitive mechanical warriors with Nadine cores were self-conscious. They could even be called another species. Oliver made twelve primitive mechanical warriors. Cessie had nine, but none of them had Nadine cores. After Oliver invented the original mechanical warrior, it caused a sensation in the interstellar space.

Mechanical fighters could completely replace the ordinary machine armor which needed humans to control it to fight. Human beings could choose to sit in the machine armor and drive the machine fighter to fight. They can also choose to connect with the machine fighter and command the machine fighter from a safe place. But the original mechanical fighters were different from ordinary mechanical fighters. Their core energy is called Nadine’s Core, which required an extremely precious energy stone from the interstellar space to operate.

Primitive mechanical fighters had their own way of thinking. Nadine’s core was like their food, which was the intermediary to maintain their operation. The energy stones were too precious to support a primitive mechanical fighter.

Cessie was the son of Master Oliver of Starcraft Armor. He liked to collect things. In order to satisfy his collecting desire, he betrayed his father by cutting off the connection to the energy stones and when the original, mechanical fighters were being repaired, he dug up their energy stones and sold them.

The original mechanical fighter without the Nadine’s core was waste, Cessie of course knew, but he only cared about his collection, not war. The useless original mechanical fighter was what he needed.

Oliver’s apprentice discovered Cessie’s conspiracy and only had time to release three primitive mechanical fighters. After a heavy blow, Oliver recorded a video of apology to his apprentice and told him to take the three primitive mechanical fighters who still possessed a core before committing suicide. His son liked to do business to support his hobby, and he always gave him support, but he didn’t expect Cessie to be so indifferent to everything but himself.

For Oliver, Cessie did not protect the nine armors, but turned them into nine useless soldiers. Cessie failed to recognize Nightmare because it was Dean who changed his color and shape.

Now, Nightmare wanted revenge for his dead compatriots.

Only the original mechanical fighter with a Nadine core could use a pulse gun. The original mechanical fighter without a Nadine core was a pile of scrap iron, which was no different from the ordinary armor.

So Nightmare felt happy, it was only a pile of scrap iron, not his compatriots.

“Nightmare, long time no see, you also have a master ah.” Black Raven greeted the other with intimacy, his voice was clear, not as deep as Nightmare.

Nightmare did not respond to him, but grasped his broken right hand, twisted it a few times, and became mobile again.

Carl got up from the ground. “Dean!” He shouted Dean’s name fiercely, his dark red eyes were burning. Carl had just seen Nightmare crushing the Ayulon egg. He didn’t want to recall that moment.

Hai’an was only worried about Auguste. Auguste had been silent for a long time.

“Ah, this was an Ayulon,” said Black Raven, who saw the fragments of the Ayulon egg and the mutilated corpse of the little Ayulon on the ground. “It was still a child.”

Raven crouched half down and bent down to pick up the body of the Ayulon.

“Don’t touch him!” Suddenly Auguste raised his head and shouted to Raven. Hai’an realized that Auguste’s white eyes had turned black and his pupils had become the peculiar vertical pupils of animals.

When Raven heard Auguste’s words, he raised his hands very humanely, then stood up and stepped back few steps.

But Dean looked at Auguste’s pupils, and let Nightmare act. “Nightmare, destroy him.”

Nightmare received Dean’s order and stretched forward to step on the remains of the Ayulon.

When Hai’an saw the action, he stretched out the direction pole under the vine before he could think about it. He broke free from Lydney’s embrace and pressed randomly on the keyboard in front of him. He rushed towards Nightmare.

“JianJian!” Lydney wanted to catch Hai’an, but the little ship was too fast to catch at all.

A high-frequency piercing bullet hit Nightmare. Then Hai’an pressed the button of the missile. Two missiles blew into the right shoulder and left knee of Nightmare, pushing him back several steps.

Hai’an zoomed past, opened the window of the little nest (Hai’an could open the small window from inside) and put the half-amputated body of the little Ayulon on his soil, then turned around and flew to Auguste.

Auguste hugged the little plant, his eyes red. He opened his mouth and made a loud, hoarse sound of a dragon, which penetrated the entire planet, as if it echoed through the entire Pyrida 932 mineral belt.

Alia, who was sitting cross-legged on the bottom floor with her eyes closed, suddenly opened her eyes. She quickly stood up and ran to a warehouse at the bottom edge of the ship. She unlocked the warehouse and opened the heavy deck door.

Inside stood rows of mechanical fighters, with black dragon-print badges on their chests. In the middle was a huge red armor, with a knife in it’s right hand and a huge shield in the left. It also had two high-mobility wings behind it, which could be used for accelerating flight and firing shells.

The Vagrant was a warship. Although it looked very large, it had only a little more room to move in than Cessie’s Collection House. There were few living people on the Vagrant, Auguste’s remaining legion. Its combat effectiveness was not weak, because his army was all mechanical fighters.

Quietly guarding them in the middle of the Vagrant was the red machine.

At this moment, the mechanical fighters seemed to have awoken. The electronic light in the eyes of the armors flashed. Alia reached out and touched the leg of the middle red armor. The metal bracelet on her hand imprinted a string of characters into the shell of the armor. The red armor sounded out with a huge roar. The electronic eyes light up. It kneeled and put the shield from its left hand on the ground. Then it reached in front of Alia.

Alia climbed up into its hand. The red armor opened its chest and put Alia in. Next to her, a huge blue stone swirled around the electronic data, which was the Nadine Awakening Stone.

This armor was the only female among the twelve primitive mechanical fighters, Red Shield.

“Welcome back, Alia.” Red Shield’s voice was a sophisticated contralto, which was lower than Alia’s. “Please give me instructions.”

“Take us over to Auguste.” Alia’s blank face changed, frowning and depressing.

As if with a sigh, Red Shield murmured, “Yes.”

The ship’s cabin opened the seven hydraulic doors. Hundreds of thousands of mechanical fighters flew out of the cabin, led by Red Shield, all the way to the planet.

At the same time, Cessie, who heard Auguste’s voice, was stunned, even Dean froze. He had thought that Auguste was an evolutionary human with blood awakening, so he made a mockery of Auguste, Carl and Jamie as a group of “monsters”. Evolutionary humans with blood-line awakening did have some blood-line characteristics, such as Jamie’s eyes as he was a snow wolf, but he couldn’t roar.

Auguste’s dragon roar was not something that evolutionary humans could do with blood awakening. With the news that Auguste had been searching for Ayulon eggs for centuries, Dean soon realized that he had misunderstood Auguste.

He was not a human at all, but a real adult Ayulon.

“Well, I’d better leave.” At first glance, Raven could not control the situation and was wondering whether to leave. Ivan Randall asked him to fetch the tungsten liquid. But now he obviously could not get the tungsten liquid, and Raven was a little distressed. He just wanted to kick Carl.

Shall we go on fighting?

Auguste suddenly threw Hai’an up. Before Hai’an could respond, Jamie suddenly rushed to him and grabbed him. He dashed forward, smashed the glass and jumped down from the second floor of the castle. He heard only a few “clattering” sounds. Carl held Lydney, Colin and Corson jumped out of the other side of the window. They jumped down and ran on without stopping.

What was wrong with this situation? Auguste was still in the castle.

But Hai’an’s question was quickly answered. Cessie’s Castle burst open, and the whole building collapsed in an instant. A louder roar than before hit them, accompanied by air currents, and they rushed forward for a long distance.

Huge black scaly wings blossomed in the air, triggering a hurricane, casting a shadow over their heads. Hai’an looked in the direction of Auguste. A huge, pure black adult Ayulon knocked Nightmare and Raven out of the rubble heap, roared and emitted fierce flames. Huge dragon claws attacked them. Black Raven and Nightmare dashed in two opposite directions of Auguste. Stern claws cut across the hard stone floor, leaving three deep ravines.

Nightmare raised its wings and fled up to the top of the planet. Auguste swung his tail hardened with a steel blade, brought torrential winds, and smashed Nightmare down. He then bit his right shoulder, ripped open his whole right arm, breaking the wires which sparked in the air. Auguste crushed Nightmare’s head with one claw and grabbed his chest armor with the other claw. Pressure alone almost pierced the whole body of Nightmare.

Black Raven had thrown out its wings and was ready to run. As a result, Auguste suddenly gave up his attack on Nightmare and flew over to tear at Black Raven’s wings. He turned and rushed towards Black Raven. At this moment, his dragon wings, nearly 20 meters wide, flapped. Auguste uttered another sharp roar, and rose up with the force of his wings. He bit the wings of Black Raven from above and crunched down hard, stepping on Black Ravens back until they plummeted to the rocks below. On the ground, they scattered the dust that covered the earth and it covered Hai’an’s face.

When everything calmed down, Hai’an found that he could not see anything clearly. The glass cover of the small ship was covered with a thick layer of yellow-green grey powder.

What about Auguste?

Hai’an stretched out the vines to wipe the protective shield, but all the dust was outside. At that time, Hai’an felt a pair of hands take him out of Jamie’s arms. After being embraced by the man, Hai’an heard the familiar heartbeat again.

Auguste gently wiped the dirt on the small nest with his hand. When the dirt was wiped off, Auguste’s familiar face appeared again in front of Hai’an. But when he saw Auguste again, Hai’an suddenly felt unspeakable sadness.

He looked down at Hai’an quietly. Others couldn’t see him clearly, but his eyes were hanging slightly in front of Hai’an, who could see the slight water in Auguste’s eyes and the pain in his pupils.

Auguste was crying, though he did not shed a tear.

Nightmare and Raven laid quietly on the ground. Dean was protected in Nightmare’s Nadine Core Seat, even if the Nadine Core was destroyed, it could guarantee Dean’s safety. But Auguste’s rage just made him very uncomfortable. Dean’s body was too fragile. He fell and swayed in the armor, and his ribs were broken. This impact would not cause any serious damage to evolutionary humans at all.

But he is pure human. Dean made a difficult move and suddenly uttered an inexplicable apology, “Auguste, I’m sorry.”

A long time later, Auguste closed his eyes and his voice was tired. “Dean, you are not pursuing freedom at all, but an empty fantasy.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Cough.” Dean sat in the armor laughing loudly, holding his ribs, coughing out a few mouthfuls of blood. “The order of the world is wrong. The new order needs blood to pave the way. No matter you or I, as long as you are alive, you can’t escape.”

“Dean, you’re a madman.” Jamie wiped the dust off his face. “Let’s go. There’s no need to stay here anymore.”

Auguste did not continue to speak, but he moved, lifted his feet and held Hai’an to the edge of the ladder. Carl had just guarded Lydney, but now his red hair was dusty, and he was slow to move. The others followed Auguste to the edge of the ladder.

As they reached the edge, the mechanical soldiers that Dean had brought to the ground suddenly jumped up and fired self-detonating bombs at Auguste. The bomb was the last weapon of every mechanical warrior. It could trigger a wide range of explosions. Carl and Auguste could block it, but no one else could.

Just as the bombs were about to hit them, Alia drove the Red Shield down from the air and blocked them in front of Auguste. She smashed her shield on the ground and withstood the bomb’s explosion. However, the bombs fired by dozens of aircraft armors at the same time could not be underestimated. The pillars on the half of the Dreamladder on Auguste’s side were suddenly broken and collapsed downwards.

Red Shield stood up immediately after blocking the explosion, the right hand flashed a laser, turned back to the shield and waved. A falcate sword appeared in it’s hand and black Raven rushed over, spattered with dust as it waved two swords. Black Raven refused to give Red Shield a chance to respond. He repeatedly swung his swords at Red Shield and hacked down. Red Shield was struck with one sword. Then she immediately raised her shield and blocked  front of her face. At last, Black Raven jumped up and swung a sword from the air, pushed Red Shield down the Dreamladder and smashed her into the building.

Raven also jumped down, the huge sword plunged vertically into the ground, Red Shield turned over to avoid the blade, and then raised the laser sword against Raven, but was forced to retreat.

Unlike Auguste’s shiny scales, Carl only had scales like Auguste’s along his head, and the rest were metal scales and mechanical parts, as if he were a machine-made Ayulon.

Carl flew them to the big gap in the stars of Perry. 

“Get down and grab Carl’s scales!” Suddenly Corson shouted at Lydney loudly. The strong wind broke his voice. Then he pulled out a long bar of steel from his waist pocket. The upper half was filled with dark blue liquid. Corson inserted the steel into Carl’s back. Once the steel bars touched the hard scales, they were broken. The dark blue liquid overflowed and spread over Carl. It formed a blue transparent shield around Carl’s whole body.

All of them were able to fit under the protective layer of the aperture just because they were lying on their stomachs.

Carl slided downward under the falling gravity, then glided flat on the ground for a long distance, sped up, glided smoothly and spun through the gap of the planet, flying into space. His steel-tungsten metallic gray Dragon Wings suddenly spread out, reflecting the outer ring of the light layer, shining sharply on the smooth scales, sliding like waves from the wing bones to the tip of the wings. His black vertical pupils, which opened instantly, were printed  with thousands of stars and rivers of the universe.

The shrill roar hit everyone’s eardrums. Lydney crawled on Carl’s body and his heart beat very fast. He could not tell why, or perhaps it was because he had just been too frightened to recover.

They rushed into the universe, under the protection of only one shield, there were no other barriers between them and the void. The giant Ayulon passed through the dense stars. Many mechanical fighters flew neatly and straight, they scattered in front of Carl, and rushed forward to support Red Shield.

Cessie was well protected by the nine primitive mechanical fighters, but his collection house had become a ruin. This house, which had been the focus of his efforts for hundreds of years, was totally destroyed and turned into dust. Only he was left standing under the protection of the primitive mechanical fighters.

Cessie looked at all this stunned. He had killed the automatons souls. His father left him because of this. In the end, only the bodies of these soldiers accompanied him.

Raven stopped attacking Red Shield when he saw the ship’s mechanical fighters flying towards his side.

 “Ha! Are these insects sent to deal with me?” As he spoke, facing the entrance of the planet, the wing behind him was deformed but assembled into two high-energy particle guns, which emitted two glaring beams of light and fired at the mechanical fighters. The mechanical fighters who were shot dissipated into ashes and there was no longer any visible trace left.

The other mechanical fighters that escaped flew to Red Shield to cover her escape. Black Raven put a pulse gun in his right hand and was firing at Red Shield continuously. But more and more mechanical fighters formed a wall in front of Red Shield. Under their cover, Red Shield started to fall and escaped from the gap of the Perry Star.

Nightmare repaired his armor when Raven and Red Shield were fighting with each other. It seemed as the damage Auguste had done to him never happened. The armor was intact so he got up quickly and ran to Cessie.

The primitive mechanical fighters were originally surrounding Cessie in a circle, guarding him in the center. Four fighters ran out and rushed to Nightmare, blocking his impact.

But Nightmare’s goal was never to get rid of Cessie. He just twisted the heads of the four primitive mechanical fighters, jumped down the ladder, lifting his wings and flew away.

“No!” Cessie was too late to stop Nightmare. He could only watch the four primitive mechanical fighters falling, the electric wires around their necks flickering with one last light before death, and eventually, they went silent.

Cessie’s eyes widened and tears suddenly fell.

After Red Shield left, the mechanical fighters began to retreat. Black Raven gathered up his weapons and ran to the collection house where Cessie’s castle had turned into ruins. His eyes turned red as he projected a red scanning light, but no tungsten liquid was found after scanning in a circle.

Raven had no intention of confronting Auguste head-on, and he was ready to run away. But he didn’t know why Ivan Randall suddenly gave him instructions to kill Lydney. He lost the chance at the beginning. Moreover, with Auguste and Carl in the room, he had to pretend to die first, then implanted a virus into Dean’s armor to make it attack Lydney, but he failed.

Now he didn’t accomplish anything and had been beaten.

“Ayulon’s are so fierce, alas, I’m going to have to be repaired.” Raven moved, and there was a crack visible that had been made by Auguste. Then he went to Cessie. Cessie took a step backwards and looked at Raven vigilantly. “Give me your armor, since you can’t use them again”

Cessie’s lips fell apart and he wanted to refuse, but he could not say a word. He had no resistance at all.

Raven quickly wrenched off the rest of the original mechanical warrior’s head, and even the one torn by Nightmare fell, then he unfolded his wings and left the planet.

People within the black market began to evacuate the planet as early as the alarm of the collection house sounded. The planet was now fragmented, while thousands of fragmented machine armor laid around Cessie, silent and desolate, like a mechanical cemetery.

Cessie knelt on the ground and his tears fell. When he was a child, his father told him that machines were only machines and tools.

But when a machine was named, it was given life, but no human would admit it. Even robots without a core would one day generate thoughts and feelings outside their program.

When he was willing to admit all this, he realized that he already had no one else by his side.

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