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Chapter 45: The delicacies of black elves 

The wind, mixed with crushed ice, hit Jones’ cloak, but slid down the wolf’s hairs without touching anything.

Jamie looked on, a little envious. The difference between blood awakened wolves and the natural wolves was so large, “Your cloak is sturdy, where did you get it?”

Jones looked up at Jamie and said, “Didn’t you shed and store it away when you were a kid?”

Jamie: “…” He really didn’t have any since he couldn’t become a wolf. Where could he shed his hair? But when it came to shedding, he might not have it, but neither did Auguste or Carl.

Hai’an shook and slightly stretched out to see Jones’ wolf fur cloak. He hasn’t seen the juvenile version of Auguste, but Auguste was Ayulon. Could he shed scales? What was Auguste like as a child?

The Dragons in Nore were lovely when they were young, with short claws and fat legs, a round fat belly and a long, heavy tail. Hai’an could not help replacing this image with Auguste’s current one. After filling his thoughts with this, he thought of his own growing bud.

It was developing well.

Hai’an shook his leaves happily. Auguste held Hai’an in his arms and noticed Hai’an’s excitement. “Why are you so happy? Take out the YangYang flower and put it on. Be careful to not get cold.”

Hai’an broke many vines last night. Fortunately, he had more magic than before and could continue to grow vines after a night’s rest. Hai’an stretched out a vine and turned over the storage tank. He took out the YangYang flower and turned it on.

When the YangYang flower shined, he put it over his head. The warm sunshine shone on Hai’an’s body and he comfortably unfolded all his leaves. He had several young leaves that looked more lush than the single one he began with. Sure enough, plants can’t live without sunshine.

Colin was shocked to see Auguste and Hai’an getting closer with each other. He poked at Corson standing next to him. “Brother, I think Auguste’s fetishism is getting worse and worse.”

Corson disagreed. “When we find a fruit tree, it won’t be a fetish anymore.”

“What would it be then?”

“Well, it is probably the pleasure of raising a partner by hand.”


In fact, the relationship between Auguste and Hai’an was not so absurd. There were so many wonderful things in the interstellar world. Compared with humans who had sex with different animals for the sake of blood awakening, Auguste’s daily feeding of milk powder for Hai’an was simply small and refreshing.

Only Carl, who was behind them, had a sad face. Although he had met his other half earlier than Auguste, Auguste could be sweet to JianJian every day, could hold JianJian every day. Carl did not even have a chance to hold Lydney’s hand in a fair and honest way.

Why was the gap so wide?

Jones took them all the way south; the closer they got to the south, the less black rock layers there were on the ground. Far away, it was almost nothing but a thick layer of snow. Jones squatted down and picked up the snow with his hands. He saw the black frozen soil under the snow, picked it up and put it under his nose. He smelled, “We’re almost there, and a little further ahead is where the fruit trees grow.”

Auguste squatted down and took a pinch of earth, but he frowned when he smelled it.

The soil had a very light sour scent. It could not be detected without olfactory training. This scent was very similar to the smell of the corpse of the insect he had trampled on. Those worms must have been here.

Finally, they came to a huge snow mountain, which was about 2,000 meters high, but fortunately the slope is very mild. 

Jones pointed to the mountain and introduced it to them before he spoke, “The original place where fruit trees grew is behind this mountain. We can’t climb it now. The mountain is too high, and I don’t know why, avalanches often occur. Many of our race died on the mountainside, and those who could climb the mountain never come back.”

Suddenly there was a loud roar on the mountain. There was a strong shock at their feet. In an instant, the snow on the top of the mountain began to descend.

An avalanche had occurred.

Everyone: …

The snow slid so fast that they couldn’t run at all. Auguste threw Hai’an to Jamie. “Don’t hold him, just carry him.”

Jamie quickly loosened his arms and changed his hold on Hai’an. 

Jamie: What’s wrong with holding it?

Then Auguste quickly retreated a short distance away, settled down, moved forward, and instantly transformed into his Ayulon form. With the sharp roar of a dragon, he rushed forward and grabbed everyone into his claws. The huge wings of the dragon beat down and took them to the sky. Alia sat inside Red Shield, lifted her wings and flew up on her own.

The moment before they flew to the sky, the snow that poured down buried the place where they had just stood.

Ordered by Auguste to only carry the pot of trembling grass, Jamie kept switching his grip, not knowing how to carry Hai’an without holding him. Hai’an reached out and wiped the ice off the cover of the nest, he waved his vines at Jamie as a greeting, and Jamie also showed his white teeth to Hai’an. This was Auguste’s little treasure. How could he do without protection?

It was easy to do with wings.

Auguste flew for a few minutes with them in his arms before he reached the top of the mountain. He landed on a flat plateau, but did not return to human form. Instead, he put everyone in front of his belly to keep them out of the wind.

On the opposite side of the mountain was a huge basin. There were small hills and hillsides everywhere. When the ice wind arrived, the wind speed slowed down. But when it passed by, it would bring a small sleet rain, which was not as sharp. Below them stood a dense group of naked people under the hill. More accurately, they simply couldn’t be called human.

They had a fat body, as if their body was only fat. It supported the shiny and slimy skin that was almost bursting. They were a dark pink,with a huge face and only one mouth. This large mouth full of teeth occupied the whole face.

Since they didn’t have eyes, they couldn’t see things and they pushed and shoved at each other. When they fell, they caused a tremor to run through the ground. This was probably the reason why there were avalanches at the back of the mountain.

Their body joints were also covered with breathing feelers, dense and blocked by fine hair. When they breathed, the air would sweep around as if throbbing. As for gender, there was nothing that looked similar to the human reproductive organs, but instead, there was a big mouth, with a bright red tongue hanging down, dripping saliva.

They were too disgusting. There was no doubt that this was a worm monster that has eaten the human fruit and turned into human form.

The good news was that there were still human fruit trees. The bad news was that there were worms below.

Who was going down to get it? What about this bunch of worm monsters?

“They don’t have life characteristics. They don’t even have heat sources on radar scans.” Alia glanced at the radar’s feedback. It was really strange that the insects had no life characteristics, so how did they move? The flesh-pink planet had never caught up with Pyramid, so where did the worms come from? What on earth was there on the pink planet?

Hai’an looked down at the worms, but the more he saw, the more he felt as if he had seen them somewhere.

Carl picked up the snow on the ground, packed up a snowball, and threw it at the pile of worms, landing it in the mouth of a worm-man with his mouth open.

“Ahhh!” The worm swallowed the snowball, felt the movement coming from this side, opened his hands and began to move in their direction, shouting. However, since the hillside on their side was too steep, and they had no eyes, so they could not climb up.

It turned out that the worms could not climb out of the basin not because they had not found human fruit, but because they had found human fruit and turned into human form, unable to see.

Watching the worm people’s action of opening their teeth and flailing their claws, Hai’an suddenly remembered where he had seen similar scenes. These worms were very similar to the flesh insects from Nore. These ones had darker skin while the flesh insects from Nore were white all over and had no life characteristics. They were a certain type of food for the black elves to help raise devils. Only the devils could eat this kind of dark food. Hai’an had seen the description of this kind of food when he studied the history of the black elves.

But this was not possible, unless there were black elves in the world, only black elves knew how to raise these meaty insects. However, Hai’an thought that maybe he was thinking too much about it. These worms were different from each other. Moreover, they ate fruit to become like this, which should have nothing to do with the black elves.

Hai’an knew how to deal with the ones from Nore, but these worms are not the same, and he did not know whether the method was useful for them as well. Although the whole body of the carnivorous worm was full of high-strength acid liquid and various fine teeth, it was very simple to deal with them, salt was enough to destroy them.

These monsters were afraid of salt. As soon as these insects touched salt, they would turn into liquid. The devils ate these meat insects raw. Hai’an did not know where the delicacy of this food was…

“Auguste, go down and get the fruit. Only you can handle this pile of things.” Jamie said to Auguste excitedly. He was so big that he could crush the insects by rolling down. They didn’t need to do anything about it.

Auguste looked at Jamie with a huge, scarlet pupil. He turned, lifted his paw and carefully picked up Hai’an with the tip of his claws, which Jamie held in his hand. Then he kicked Jamie down the hill with one foot.


But Auguste also grabbed Hai’an and flew down, spitting out a fiery flame with his mouth open, burning all the worms below, and Jamie, rolling down from above, fell into a pile of charred cinders.

The others followed, too. The mountains here were not as high as those outside, so it was very convenient to get down.

Jones ran down. “The seeds of the human fruit should be in the soil here. We should be able to dig them up if we are careful.”


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