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Chapter 46: Two goblins 

But Hai’an did not think they would find anything. He could not feel the fluctuation of life elements under the soil. Even if there were seeds, they were dead seeds and could not grow. But if the seeds were not here, where would they be?

Hai’an was still thinking about that when Auguste gave Hai’an to Lydney and started digging. The sailors of the Vagrant were very efficient, they almost doubled over the land in ten minutes, but, let alone finding the seeds of the living, even the seeds of the dead were non existent.

There should be no danger in the vicinity. Hai’an wanted to walk around and see if he could feel the life fluctuation of the human fruit seeds. So Hai’an pulled down the steering pole and began to move at will.

Lydney did not have Auguste’s strength and, of course, could not pull Hai’an down. Since the little space ship’s power was very strong, it flew away under Hai’an’s command.

“Ah, JianJian!” Lydney was dragged along by Hai’an and yelled, “Where are you going?” 

Hai’an reached out a vine and pointed to the front, telling Lydney that he wanted to look ahead.

Auguste also found the movement on their side. He saw Hai’an driving the little nest, trying to fly forward. He came up and dragged Hai’an back. “Let’s follow him. JianJian seems to have found something.”

Hai’an: = = Actually, I didn’t find anything.

But it was impossible to dig in that way. Hai’an had to take Auguste with them all the way to the other side of the basin. He looked around and walked along. Auguste suddenly fell into a hole with Hai’an in his arms. The crew who followed them heard a crash and Auguste and Hai’an disappeared. They ran after them and looked down the hole to where they had fallen.

Auguste was standing in the ditch, which was not very deep, only about four meters. The entrance of the cave was sealed with vines, and there seemed to be light in the cave. It looked very bright.

“Auguste, wait for us, we’re going to jump down too.” Carl shouted at Auguste who was standing in the cave. Auguste heard this and moved aside to make room for them. When all the people jumped down, they were stunned by two people who were hugging each other closely in front of them.

Hai’an grabbed the cover of the small nest and looked at them carefully.

It was a pair of twins, but unlike the muscular Colin and Corson, who were born in the army, they looked like goblins. With sapphire-like eyes; slender, slightly curled eyelashes blinking gently; pale brown eyebrows; dark-green lips that clenched tightly due to fright; long, drooping dark green hair that draped short-pointed ears; white skin that could be broken was wrapped in clothes woven by thin vine leaves; a pair of transparent dragonfly like wings behind them. Males and females were hard to distinguish, if it was not for the flat chest, it was really difficult to distinguish whether they were male or female.

The others were shocked because they were so beautiful, but Hai’an was shocked because they were genuine goblins.

In Nore, if a plant was particularly spiritual and began to practice, it may actually achieve something in a few years. It would become a plant goblin. They had an elf-like appearance with sharp ears, but their ears were short-pointed, while elf ears were long-pointed.

They didn’t have the elegance and luxury of elves, they had more charming features, and it was hard for others to distinguish their gender. Since most of them were very beautiful, had beautiful, light wings, and their human shape size was usually determined by the size of their plant body.

Hai’an once secretly ran out of the white elf tribe, peeked at the plant elves who appeared in the treetops and flowers of Elune’s forest at night and held a goblin feast. But they had to go back to their plant form before dawn, because they could not leave their original body for a long time, or they would die.

The world was becoming more and more strange. First there were moonlight flowers, then there were worms, now there were even plant goblins.

But the most abnormal should be him? Hai’an moved his vines and stretched them out in front of him. He looked left and right. He had never thought that the wooden elements could be used in this way before. The vines broke when they fell into the hole. 

“You…” Colin walked forward and wanted to ask the two plant goblins what was going on.

Jones suddenly grabbed him and refused to let Colin go any further. In fact, if Hai’an had hands, he also wanted to grab Colin. The plant goblins were really beautiful and looked very weak, but in fact they were dangerous. What did not match the beautiful appearance was their mouths. If they did not open their mouths, they were beautiful and heartfelt. But their mouths were a pile of black poisonous vines. If Colin stepped a few steps further into the attack area of plant goblins, he would be entangled by the poisonous vines, and then swallowed by the plant goblins.

At this point, Hai’an was shocked to realize that the worms outside were probably the food raised by the two goblins standing in front of them, because plant goblins were also a small branch of the devil family. After the elders knew about Hai’an’s sneaking out of the tribe at night, he was severely disciplined for a whole day. Plant goblins were never good; they were sometimes more dangerous than black goblins.

Moreover, Hai’an went to see their “mating feast” and if found, Hai’an would have been eaten by the plant goblins.

Jones grabbed Colin and whispered, “The tree behind them is the human fruit tree.” 

Behind the two plant goblins, there was a huge fruit tree with many red and white fruit. The fruit were irregular in shape and looked like bloody flesh. This fruit was really attractive to the snow wolves. But Hai’an had no appetite for it at all.

The human fruit tree was obviously the main body of the two plant elves. Some plants did evolve into two plant elves, but it was very rare. Hai’an did not expect that the twin plant elves he had never seen in the Elune Forest would be seen in this world.

Colin retreated to where he and Auguste was, “What about now? Who’s going to get the fruit? And what about the two of them? Did they eat the fruit to become human?

“They are plants.” Jones watched the two plant goblins warily. “Keep away from them. They eat meat.”

Colin: “…” It turns out that plants really eat meat.

These two plants were not supposed to speak the common interstellar language, so how did they communicate?

“What about JianJian?” Carl looked around and went to Auguste. “JianJian is also a plant. Let him go and see if he can communicate?”

Auguste actually wanted to refuse, but Hai’an thought it was a good idea. Anyway, he would stay in the nest and the two plant goblins couldn’t hurt him. So he twisted in Auguste’s arms and made Auguste let him go. As soon as Hai’an slipped out of Auguste’s arms, he flew towards the two plant goblins. He stopped about thirty centimeters before them and stared at the two goblins.

The two goblins looked strangely at each other and then looked back at Hai’an together.

They had never seen such plants before. Other plants couldn’t lift their leaves when they saw each other, and this potted plant didn’t seem to fear them.

Hai’an was thinking about how to communicate with the two plant goblins. He didn’t know the goblin language at all, and he couldn’t speak now. Finally, Hai’an waved to them with vines, which was a kind of greeting. Then Hai’an saw the two plant goblins smiling at him, showing their black and pointed teeth, and the tongue of the thorny branched vines.

Hai’an: …

Everyone: …

What’s wrong with those teeth?!

Even if Hai’an knew from the beginning that the plant goblins grew these kinds of teeth, he was still shocked by seeing it so close. The things on the planets grow so wonderfully. After the two plant goblins laughed, they suddenly licked the cover of the small nest. A goblin licked one side and wrapped it’s hands around Hai’an tightly. Auguste saw and wanted to go forward immediately. The plant goblin turned to look at Auguste when he heard the movement. Carl pulled Auguste’s arm.

Carl said to Auguste, “Don’t worry, look again.”

Auguste frowned and looked at Carl with a slight sideways glance. Hai’an immediately raised another vine and waved it at Auguste, telling him that he was okay. Auguste stopped and stood, but he refused to step back.

Seeing the plant goblins were still very alert, Hai’an only put one vine out of the window of the small nest. He waved at the two goblins, the plant goblins immediately stared at Hai’an’s vines, and finally turned cross-eyed.

Hai’an trembled with joy. He had run out of the tribe and peeped at the plant goblins because they were too funny. Although dangerous, they never attacked animals, plants or members of other races actively. Their food was raised by themselves. Only the foreigners who ran into their territory would be attacked by them. Suddenly, the two plant goblins spit out their vine tongues and licked Hai’an’s tiny vine.

This slippery feeling…

Hai’an wanted to retract his vine, but a huge wave of pheromones was quickly transmitted to Hai’an’s mind.

In a few seconds, Auguste’s face was as ugly as Carl’s when he had eaten frozen gel. He dripped blood. Hai’an quickly shook his vine and retracted it. The two plants also recovered their tongues and turned to pick up a bunch of fruit from the human fruit tree.

“Whack. Whack.” He was hit several times with the fruit.

What were they doing? Did they want to attack him with fruit?


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July 18, 2019 12:34 pm

This story really is a wonderful combination of fantasy and science fiction. We seem to be getting closer to a human jianjian as well?

Junki Yard(@junki_yard)
July 18, 2019 12:48 pm

No, they are trying to court you!
Token of love, invitation for threesome, and a huge death flag by Auguste’s hands.

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July 18, 2019 3:54 pm

So funny! Hahaha
Didn’t expect that JianJian’s elf(?) form could probably be seen soon~

Thanks for the update! ❤️

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July 18, 2019 7:34 pm

Get the fruit & run!!!!!!!!!

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oh my will jian jian turn human now?!? wowowow

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wow… hope to see JianJian’s human forms soon….

July 18, 2019 10:22 pm

So exciting. I really hope that the hunam fruit will work on Hai’an.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

Nira Amy(@lacocotedu76)
July 19, 2019 7:27 am

Thank you for the chapters !
I love this story !!!
It’s not the first time but, with all the creature JianJian sees as similar to those from Nore, I can’t help but think that this ”universe” is a version of Nore ? (It’s crazy, I know …)
Thanks again for the translation 😀

July 27, 2019 5:30 pm

Hmmm, Auguste is jealous! Someone else is touching Jianjian! How dare them!

Thanks for the chapter!

October 18, 2019 1:18 am

Hai’an had always been a curious bubble..

December 16, 2019 8:54 pm

I have to go to sleep but i want to keep reading! Thanks for the chapter <3

June 6, 2021 9:05 am

Heum aku berspekulasi Dar bab 20 bahwa mungkin, para elf pada saat tertidur berevolusi menjadi tanaman dan beberapa ribu tahun kemudian Hai’an pun ditemukan dan dibesarkan maka dari itu, karena dunia nya masih sama Hai’an bertemu dengan yang sama dengan pelanet nya dulu dan bisa menggunkan sihirnya.
Dan menurut ku elf hitam itu mungkin masih hidup?

September 22, 2021 4:52 am

Ha! Hai’an is pretty gutsy. Are they gifting him the fruit?
These 2 plant goblins are basically rearing their own worm/people hybrids to eat, like we do animals. If they are luring worms to do this, they’re benefitting the werewolves to an extent.
If they get some seeds via the fruit, can they grow their own tree?
Thank you for translating.

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