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Chapter 48: White and tender

Today was destined to be an extraordinary day. The icy wind on Pyramid was still roaring, blowing snow on the mountains, flattening several high slopes and breaking mountains into valleys. And on the Vagrant…

The warm thermostat system was on and the crew circled around Hai’an in front of the round table.

“You said JianJian hasn’t woken up since last night?” Carl stared at the pot of trembling grass in front of him and asked Auguste loudly. He thought that Auguste was getting more and more clingy. He used to just like to feed the plant, now he could tell if a potted plant was sleeping. “Auguste, you’re desperate. You were obviously not like this before.”

“Shut up.”

“Move over. Did Hai’an drink the human plant juice? Is he supposed to change?” Colin pushed hard into the circle. But Hai’an was still a pot of flowers at the moment. Except this morning, the bud suddenly became very big, very soft and was tightly closed, as if they were wrapped in something.

“Move! Move! Don’t move!” Colin ran forward and met Carl, who turned around and shouted at Colin.

“What do you mean by letting me move and keeping me still?”

“I mean, I saw JianJian move.”

JianJian’s bud was indeed moving. The small bulging bud suddenly opened a crack, shook slightly, and stilled. The crew stared at the crack. They were anxious for it to open and see what was inside.

Carl held his breath, drew closer, narrowed his eyes and looked at the seam carefully. Suddenly, a tiny hand poked out from between the seams and set it against the bud lightly. A short arm, as tender as lotus root made people want to take a bite. Looking at this little tender hand, Auguste suddenly had an ominous feeling.

Almost the next moment that Auguste thought of it, the buds of the trembling grass fully bloomed.

The pale blue five-petaled flower quietly opened, the edge of the petals were slightly white, and there was a fine fluff and fine lines on the petals. The goose-yellow stamens were in a small circle, and there was a little man with white and tender skin sitting in the middle of the flower. It seemed that he was sleeping. The arm that had just broken through the flower seam was just because he had turned over. His ears were long and pointed, and were slightly covered by shiny silver hair. As if he heard the chatter of the crowd, he shook slightly, as if he was about to wake up.

Hai’an was still depressed before he fell asleep last night. In the darkness of the night, he suddenly felt lightweight. He didn’t feel the heavy feeling of burying his lower body in the soil after he became a plant. He wanted to sleep a little longer. As a result, before he had enough sleep, he heard a noise. But he wanted to sleep longer, so he turned over and prepared to change his position and go to sleep.

Wait, turn over?!

Hai’an suddenly opened his eyes and felt cool all over, but he seemed to be able to move.

All the people in the room saw that the little man lying on the petals moved his sharp ears, suddenly opened his eyes, got up and knelt on the petals. Two white arms lay on his legs, just covering the key parts, otherwise he would really be seen completely. The little man’s watery green eyes were full of light, confused, as if not fully awake. Like an innocent deer in the forest, he glanced back. Everyone in the room immediately wanted to embrace the little arms. His silver-white hair was just long enough to cover his shoulders. As he rose, his hair covered the two twin pink points on his chest, but this was more enticing while it was hidden.

Hai’an: Why are you all looking at me?

Hai’an looked down at himself, oh, white skin, two hands, two legs.

I am naked!

Before Hai’an could respond, Auguste quickly extended his hand, grabbed Hai’an, but carefully controlled his strength, so as not to pinch Hai’an in the palm of his hand, and then put him in his chest pocket.

All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes converged on Auguste’s chest. Auguste’s figure was very good, even in a plain white shirt, it was difficult to hide his perfect figure. At this time, in his left chest pocket, there was a small cute ball. Before Hai’an could recover, he was stuffed into Auguste’s pocket. He struggled with his small hands, twisting and turning. When a small palm picked at the clothes, it created a small palm print, which made everyone’s hearts melt.

Finally, Hai’an stood up, put his hands on the edge of Auguste’s pocket, pulled hard, and his feet were stepping on the cloth desperately. Finally, his head was half exposed. The light green eyes were watery, and when they saw everyone staring at him, they opened their eyes wide and shrunk their heads in a little. But Hai’an seemed to realize something was wrong again. He looked up and down, with his mouth open, two front teeth exposed, he stared down at his Auguste.

Auguste: “…”

Hai’an: 0.o?

Auguste stabbed Hai’an in the forehead with his index finger, pushed him back into his pocket, then covered his pocket with his hand, and with his other hand, he grabbed the shaking grass on the round table. Without saying a word, he turned and went back to his room.

“They’re gone.” Colin muttered in amazement.

“JianJian is so cute.” Corson felt that his rough heart had opened from the sight of Hai’an.

Only Carl was more serious. “JianJian looks like a kid.”

Finally, they came to the conclusion that Auguste had a special fetish.

Hai’an was stabbed in the forehead by Auguste, and fell back into his pocket. Before Hai’an sat up, he was held by Auguste’s hand, unable to move. The pocket was full of Auguste’s faint soap fragrance, because it was in the pocket on the left, Auguste’s strong heartbeat came to his ears one by one. With his warm body temperature, it brought Hai’an an infinite safe feeling. Hai’an reached out and touched his ears, they were pointed and long, and he looked at the silver hair hanging over his shoulders.

His hair color had changed. Hai’an touched lower and his little man was still there. Hai’an put his head gently on Auguste’s chest, wondering why he felt a little guilty and shy. His little face turned pink and red immediately. In order to hide his confused mood, Hai’an poked Auguste’s hand with his finger.

It was a small push, but Auguste felt it.

“I saw it all.” Auguste suddenly said this, Hai’an just did not understand the meaning of Auguste’s words, but soon, Hai’an remembered that he just appeared naked in front of everyone!

Hai’an: My heart, it’s broken. What an embarrassment!

Hai’an’s face was burning fiercely. He didn’t know how to face the others on the ship and Auguste in the future. When I became a man, I didn’t even wear anything!!! All! Naked!! It was all seen!!

Hai’an was in a state of despair until Auguste took him back to his room and pulled him out of his pocket. Auguste looked at the melancholy Hai’an and frowned. He thought that Hai’an had no strength because he suddenly became human. When he first became human, he was also very weak. Thinking of this, Auguste put Hai’an on his bed.

As soon as Hai’an touched the bed, he drilled into the quilt. He had nothing to wear yet. Auguste did not stop him. It seemed shameful to be JianJian. Just when he pulled him out, the red face was not too obvious. But there seemed to be no suitable clothes for Hai’an. Auguste could make high-tech weapons, he couldn’t tailor. If he knew that he will keep such a small thing as JianJian in the future, he would have learned to sew whatever he could.

Auguste turned to the pile of dragon toys in the corner of his room to see if he could find Hai’an some temporary clothes. As a result, he found a miniature cloth dragon covered with dragon pyjamas. Auguste did not hesitate to take the clothes off of the cloth dragon and shake them out.

The nightgown was pure black, the cuffs exposed, with a long dragon tail sewn on the back. With a string of white saber teeth, it had a fierce dragon head attached to the hood, which was made from a red soft cloth, making it both warm and lovely.

But in Auguste’s eyes, the dress was full of only three words: lover’s clothes.

For Auguste, it didn’t matter whether JianJian wore clothes or not, but he must go to the hall to eat with JianJian in these clothes. He had not forgotten Hai’an’s strong desire for chicken legs when he was still a pot of tender leaves, and his subsequent milk-stealing behavior. It was impossible not to take Hai’an out to eat. So it was no good not to wear clothes.

“JianJian, come out and get dressed.”

Hai’an still hid beneath the quilt and continued to calm his heart. A moment later, he heard Auguste calling him out to dress. Hai’an had climbed to the middle of the bed. He could only climb back if he wanted to go out.

Auguste saw the small ball that was bulging beneath his quilt moving slowly toward the pillow on the bed. First, two small white hands came out, gently pulled the corner of the quilt, then slowly peeked his head out.

Auguste laughed softly, took off his shoes, went to bed, knelt on both sides of Hai’an with open legs, pressed his hand on the quilt, and waited for Hai’an to come out and grab him.

So when Hai’an poked his head completely out of the quilt, he felt a huge shadow hanging over him and was caught by Auguste before he could respond. Auguste only used two fingers to wrap around Hai’an’s soft waist. Auguste savored the feel, smooth and tender, it was very good.

Hai’an’s limbs were flinging desperately in the air, his red mouth was slightly open, and he made a small scream, because the sudden rise frightened him. This height was not much for ordinary people, but it was still very high for him. Hai’an was still struggling, and Auguste leaned his head over and hit him with a shallow breath. His dark red eyes looked at Hai’an tenderly.

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