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Chapter 49: Open your mouth and feed you dirt

Hai’an looked at Auguste’s face that was suddenly enlarged in front of him and stayed still for a few seconds. But the next moment he remembered that he was still naked. He wanted to cover himself because it was cold but Auguste’s finger was around his waist. His hand was not long enough and Hai’an could not reach it even with using all his strength. He had to hold Auguste’s finger, and his eyes were wide-eyed. He blushed with shame.

Auguste looked at little JianJian in his hand. His little white legs were hanging naturally, and the pink ball in the middle of his legs was not as big as his nail cap, while the two little white hands were clasping his thumb tightly. A pair of watery pale green eyes looked at him, blushing red as if he were about to cry the next moment. Auguste suddenly felt like bullying him a little. This child’s embarrassment…

“Cough…” Auguste uncomfortably cleared his throat and shook the dragon clothes in his other hand. “JianJian, come and get dressed.”

Hai’an had given up his shame, but Auguste had already seen his whole body and touched him when he caught him. So Hai’an dropped his head and put his chin on Auguste’s finger in frustration.

Auguste put Hai’an on the quilt. The soft quilt under his feet made Hai’an very unaccustomed. He hadn’t walked for a long time and his legs were so soft that he was almost unstable. When he was about to fall down, Auguste stretched out his finger and Hai’an quickly held it. His little palm held Auguste’s finger. The contrast was very obvious.

Auguste took the dragon clothes; there was a zipper on the back of the clothes. After pulling the zipper down, Auguste shook Hai’an’s finger and grabbed it. “First put your foot in, stand firm, don’t fall.”

Hai’an held Auguste’s finger, staggered a few steps, stepped into the pant legs, pulled up his clothes, put his hands in the sleeves, and pulled them on.

Hai’an: I still know how to wear clothes!

The dragon’s clothes were heavy, toombroad and inconvenient to move in. The zipper behind the clothes was not pulled up yet. His white back and soft buttocks were all exposed. Hai’an stretched back and tried to zip himself up. But he had just gotten his human form back, and he was now used to using vines instead of his hands. He could not reach the zipper no matter how much he moved left or right. His foot tripped over the dragon’s tail and he fell down. A small face was all buried in the quilt.

Auguste’s heart was bursting as he let Hai’an dress himself without helping him. As a result, he saw Hai’an fall down. Although he was in bed and the quilt was soft enough to not hurt Hai’an, Auguste was still distressed. He quickly lifted Hai’an up, zipped him up and put on the dragon hood behind him. Then Auguste pulled out the little bell he bought for Hai’an on the black market and found a thin thread for Hai’an’s neck.

The little silver bell was shiny, almost half as big as Hai’an’s face, which made Hai’an’s face appear smaller. Auguste poked Hai’an’s cheek with his index finger. It was soft and squishy. When Hai’an was poked, he put his little hand over his cheek and looked up at Auguste. His tender green eyes blinked, reminding Auguste of how he felt when he saw Hai’an for the first time. It was the same. It seemed like a breeze, gently brushing his heart, leaving a tingle of palpitations.

Hai’an looked at Auguste, who had been stunned since he poked him, touched his hungry flat stomach, staggered forward for a few steps, and grabbed Auguste’s hand on his lap. He opened his small mouth, and wanted Auguste to feed him, but found that he seemed unable to speak and could only simply pronounce a few syllables.


The body’s vocal cords do not seem to be fully developed. Hai’an could understand the common interstellar language and imitate Auguste’s way of pronunciation, but the vocal cords were not fully developed and he still couldn’t speak. There was also the problem that he could not walk, Hai’an pondered, it seemed that this body was really completely new, as fragile as a child, he not only had to learn to speak, but also to learn to walk.

But first you have to eat enough.

Hai’an grabbed Auguste’s fingers and shook them, as he had done when he was still shaking grass. When Auguste saw Hai’an’s movements, he knew that Hai’an wanted to eat. So he picked Hai’an up and let him lie on his arm. The white palm of his hand came out from the sleeve of the black dragon clothes. He shook his head and pulled Auguste’s sleeve. Hai’an poked Auguste’s arm with his forefinger and pinched him.

Thicker than me, harder than me.

Hai’an comforted himself, after all, he was only grass, the body did not even have bones, he should learn to be satisfied. He reached for the front teeth of the dragon hat and pulled it off since it was covering his eyes.

Auguste was holding him in his arms and going to the hall soon. Carl, Jamie and Colin must be there too. Hai’an thought of the way he appeared in front of them when he first changed, and he was suddenly extremely embarrassed.  

Everyone in the hall only saw Auguste disappear in a hurry with Hai’an in his pocket for ten minutes, and then appear in the hall with Hai’an in his arms.

Auguste dressed Hai’an in dragon doll clothes. At first glance, they thought that Auguste came out with a toy and looked at it carefully. This was JianJian. At this time, he was wearing black dragon clothes, with a dragon cap on his silvery hair, the front teeth covering his eyes, and refusing to look at them. He was almost vibrating. 

When Auguste arrived at the table, he pinched the collar of the dragon’s clothes and put Hai’an on the table. Looking at Hai’an’s soft and unsustainable appearance, he leaned on one hand and helped hold Hai’an up so he did not fall down.

“Where did you find such clothes?” Carl looked at Hai’an’s fat dragon doll dress. It was strange that Auguste could sew it, and he didn’t believe that Auguste could sew it in a few minutes.

Auguste sat down and took a long sip of tea. “Picked it up in the toy pile.”

Hai’an followed him, clasping his hands on the edge of Auguste’s cup. The rippling water in the cup clearly showed his appearance. “Wow!” Hai’an sighed slightly. It was so good to be human. He no longer had to live without a little chatter.

Corson heard Hai’an’s voice, soft and vibrant, like a child. He was a little surprised, “Oh, JianJian can talk.”

When Hai’an heard someone shouting his name, he turned to Corson.

“Come on,” Colin waved to Hai’an, took a piece of pumpkin pie and lured Hai’an over. He wanted Hai’an to go to him. “JianJian, come here, come eat this.”

But Hai’an didn’t move. He couldn’t move at all. He could not stand on both legs and he was too far away. 

“JianJian is a plant. He must eat soil. Feed him a spoonful of it.” Colin saw that Hai’an had no reaction to the pumpkin pie and thought that Hai’an did not eat human food.

Hai’an was in a hurry; he didn’t want to eat soil. He wanted to eat fruit.

Hai’an stretched his neck to look at the fruit tray. Today’s fruit was a long string of purple grapes. The oval purple grapes were still covered with crystal beads. They looked delicious. Hai’an even felt that he could smell the fruit fragrance.

So Hai’an immediately turned his head to Auguste, and his watery eyes stared at him. He opened his watery mouth and revealed two small front teeth: “Ah ~” pointed right at the purple grapes on the fruit tray, and his left hand shook Auguste’s finger with a small force.

Hai’an: He wanted to eat.

But before Auguste grabbed the grapes, Hai’an could not wait to hold Auguste’s forefinger in both hands. “Um ~” with a little voice of strength, dragged Auguste to the fruit tray.

Auguste, following Hai’an’s wishes, raised his hand and led Hai’an to the fruit tray with his forefinger. His fingers were hanging over Hai’an’s head. Hai’an had to hold his hands high to hold his forefinger, and stumbled under his own feet. He swayed past with small steps. Before he reached the fruit tray, Hai’an let go of Auguste’s fingers and ran by himself.

Suddenly, he jumped to the edge of the fruit tray and stretched out his hand to reach the grapes, but the edge of the fruit tray was a little high. Hai’an could not touch the grapes at all. He grabbed the edge of the fruit tray and dangled his legs, trying to climb up step by step.

How hungry were the others that were staring at Hai’an’s actions?

As a result, Hai’an did not step on the edge of the fruit tray for half a day. He lost all his strength and could only lie on the edge of the fruit tray.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Carl laughed like a fool. “Poor JianJian!”

Auguste stood up, picked up Hai’an and put him on the table in front of him, then went to the fruit tray to pick some grapes for Hai’an. Hai’an sat on the table, his eyes still fixed on the fruit tray. When he saw that Auguste had picked grapes for him, his eyes moved with the grapes in Auguste’s hands. His hands were also raised high, shaking, trying to hold a grape.

Watching Hai’an look so hungry and thirsty, Auguste had to give Hai’an a grape to hold and reassure him. Hai’an was satisfied with the grapes, and opened his mouth to eat on them.

But he only managed a slippery bite.

Grape peels were too slippery, Hai’an’s mouth was too small, only eight teeth had grown in making him completely unable to bite through the grape skin. He was left gnawing on the grape until he only left a few rows of small bite marks, no juice sucked out.

“Eat this,” Auguste reached out and took the grape from Hai’an’s hand, threw it into his mouth, and handed Hai’an a skinned grape.

Hai’an looked at the grape that was still stained with his own saliva as it fell into August’s mouth, and looked down at the grape flesh that had now become soft and watery after being peeled.


Hai’an opened his little mouth and bit the grape flesh hard. The grape juice splashed on his face and his hands became wet, but Hai’an didn’t care at all.

Because it was delicious!

How long had it been since he took a good bite of real food?


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