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Chapter 52: Hello, Xiao Pang 1 serves you

Looking at Hai’an’s soft eyes, Auguste felt his heart melt and he stopped teasing Hai’an. So he took Hai’an from the duck’s back and squeezed some shampoo in his hand. He planned to wash Hai’an’s hair first.

“Cover your eyes.” Auguste plucked Hai’an’s little hand with his forefinger and asked him to cover his eyes, otherwise the water would be very uncomfortable in his eyes.

Hai’an quickly covered his eyes with his hands, and then he felt Auguste’s gentle fingers on his head, gently massaging, very comfortable. But when Auguste helped him take a bath, Hai’an was in some pain. Auguste’s slightly rough fingers, when touching Hai’an, always brought a tremor. Hai’an’s physiological tears come out. He was so distressed that he pushed his limbs forward to escape Auguste’s fingers. His snow-white back and buttocks were exposed in front of Auguste’s eyes.

“Don’t run around, you’ll be ready in a minute.” Auguste’s voice remained as low as ever, somehow hoarse at the moment. As Auguste spoke, he immediately washed Hai’an’s body, put Hai’an on the side of a small towel, wrapped him up, got up, took a quick bath, changed his pajamas, and climbed into bed with Hai’an in his arms.

Hai’an lay quietly on Auguste’s chest, without a trace of embarrassment. He was close to Auguste’s skin. The skin that had just taken a bath was slippery, while Auguste’s hot body temperature beat against every inch of Hai’an’s body, making Hai’an’s hands and feet stiff. He did not know how to move properly.

While Auguste was gently wiping Hai’an’s still wet hair with a towel, Hai’an looked at Auguste’s face. His dark red eyes were always looking at him.

Hai’an rubbed his face and gently pressed his already hot cheeks on Auguste’s chest. Listening to his strong and steady heartbeat, a sudden sense of sleepiness surged up. Hai’an did not struggle and his eyes drooped, so he fell asleep peacefully.

When Auguste brushed Hai’an’s hair and touched him lightly, he found that Hai’an had not moved. Looking carefully, Hai’an was already asleep. Now Hai’an was lying gently on Auguste’s chest. His soft silver hair slid behind his ear, his red lips were slightly closed and a small breath was wafting out, hitting Auguste’s bare chest.

Auguste had inextricable love in his eyes. He put his hand on Hai’an, pulled the quilt up for him and closed his eyes.

“Good night.”

I wish I could meet you in my dreams.

As a result, in the early morning of the next day, Auguste’s long-standing door was kicked in by Carl again. The loud knock of the door slab on the wall was like a sudden landing thunder. He woke up Hai’an who was still asleep. Hai’an shook sharply and immediately opened his eyes. Auguste sat up with the quilt and looked at Carl standing at the door in a rage.

“Auguste, you know what? Lydney didn’t go back to bed last night!!! All night!!!!”

Auguste sat up with Hai’an and pinched his nose. “I’m not you, how do I know?”

“I…” Carl was stopped by Auguste.

Yes, Carl did peep at Lydney every day. He lingered at Lydney’s door for a long time every night, but he dared not knock on the door. Until the lights in Lydney’s room went out and Carl would go back to his room to sleep.

But Carl spent the whole night outside Lydney’s door yesterday, and did not see Lydney come back. He could not run to the mechanical room to disturb Alia and Lydney’s research. He was too anxious to think. So the only thought was of Auguste and JianJian, who mixed like tea and honey, so he ran to make trouble.

Leston followed Carl with an omelet in his mouth, but Carl was so excited that he didn’t find Leston coming in behind him.

“Carl, you look as ugly as the husband who caught the cheating wife. Alia and Lydney have developed detectors and are waiting in the hall for Auguste to check them out.” Leston said to Carl, “Today’s breakfast was made by Jamie. Carl, you’re going to eat it.”

Carl didn’t care who made breakfast. He just wanted to see Lydney soon.

As soon as he heard Lydney was in the hall, he ran out of Auguste’s room and to the hall. Auguste dressed Hai’an with the little dragon clothes. Hai’an cooperated with Auguste’s movements this time, holding up his hands and letting Auguste zip him up. After changing his regular clothes, Auguste put on Hai’an’s hood and walked to the hall with Hai’an in his hand.

Lydney was already playing with the projections in the hall.

Alia and Lydney stayed up all night studying new detectors in the machine room. As a result, Alia found that Lydney was really a genius. He was too smart and Lydney’s talent in military equipment was definitely not inferior to hers and Auguste. Such a smart person was just like Dean.

In just one night, Lydney built a bionic detector in the shape of an electronic dog, and a small flying cabin for it to land on the flesh-and-pink planet. Lydney could stay on the Vagrant and use keyboards to control the movement of the electronic dog. An hour ago, he and Alia launched the device.

Now the projection in the hall showed the scene of the electronic dog flying, and all they could see was a cosmic starry scene. It was nothing special, but because the outer layer of the electronic dog had the protection of the landing cabin, the acquisition of images and recordings became clearer.

Auguste listened quietly to the sound of the radio waves coming from the planet captured by the electronic dog. The hoarse sound of the radio waves was very noisy. The more Auguste listened, the worse his face became and the tighter his brows became. “Turn up the volume a little.”

Alia immediately turned the microphone louder. The sound of radio waves was more obvious. Auguste suddenly put his hand on the table and buried a face in his palm. Hai’an felt that his whole body was exhausted.

Auguste was very familiar with the frequency of this wave, and knew that he could clearly count the magnitude and longitude of each frequency, or whether it was lightly or heavy.

Hundreds of years ago, when he was hiding in the escape pod with Carl, he listened to this frequency for more than a decade, and hundreds of years later, like a nightmare, it came back to haunt him again.

Carl apparently recognized the radio wave, too, with his eyebrows tightly locked, his lips pale and pursed, silent in his chair with no words uttered.

Others could not understand the wave, but Auguste and Carl could understand it and never forget it.

Because that was the frequency wave of a Ayulon calling for help.

The electronic dog entered the gravitational field of meat pink and was falling rapidly to the ground of the planet. At this time, the image from the electronic dog blurred, and a burning flame could be seen dimly. They guessed it right. There was indeed atmosphere on the planet, and it was flammable.

A few minutes later, the electronic dog crashed onto the surface of the meat-pink planet, causing dust to rise.

“The composition of the atmosphere has been detected, which is very similar to the composition of the atmosphere of ancient earth. We can breathe directly on this planet.” Lydney calmly looked at the data on the screen. He stayed up all night last night. His eyes were covered with red blood, but his face was not tired. At the moment, Lydney was like a changed person, very calm and serious, completely different from his usual gentle and warm appearance.

The grey-yellow dust around the electronic dog had settled, the visual range of the image had returned to normal, and the appearance of the flesh-and-pink planet gradually emerged.

The planet was very similar to the primitive forests of ancient Earth and had a very good living environment, but its trajectory was almost parallel to that of Pyramid, and it obscured the heat from Pyramid. Pyramid’s planetary environment was getting worse and life was finding it difficult to survive.

The meat pink Planet was not without green vegetation and grassland. According to the image transmitted by the electronic dog, they could see that the vegetation on the planet was flourishing. They were basic harmless ornamental plants, no aggression, but almost every tree and grassland was covered with the worms killed by Auguste, dense, overlapping. They accumulated into a mountain of insects.

The insects pressed one on the other, making the scalp numb. Insect feet constantly swept along the ground, the soft bodies twisted together; very disgusting. There were no rocky corpses left by dead worms on the planet, so they crawled on very slowly. The emergence of the electronic dog did not mean that they didn’t want to attack it, but because the electronic dog was too small. It burned some worms when it landed, and there was some heat around it, which made them afraid to approach the electronic dog.

“Where is Xiao Pang No. 1 going?” Lydney held the keyboard of the electronic dog in his hand and raised his head to ask everyone.

“Little Fat? And you named it?” Colin looked at Lydney in shock.

But Lydney corrected Colin’s use of the name seriously. “This is No. 1. Xiao Pang is the name of its detector series.”

Colin: “I swear…”

“Let No. 1 follow the waves it captures and find out where they came from.” Auguste put his hand down, poured himself a glass of water and took a sip. Hai’an, holding an egg roll while he was chewing, suddenly couldn’t eat anything because he saw Auguste’s hand trembling slightly. Hai’an put down the egg roll, staggered over, threw himself on Auguste’s arm, grabbed Auguste’s sleeve, and looked at Auguste with a worried little face.

“I’m all right.” Auguste touched Hai’an’s hair and pretended not to care at all, but Hai’an took Auguste’s finger in one hand because Auguste’s always warm hands were cold at the moment.


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Cat Knight
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