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Chapter 6: Dump water on your face and wash your feet

Freeport was the largest interstellar trading port in the whole galaxy. Every day, countless interstellar cargo ships unloaded their goods and shuttled between the planets. Some people had won endless wealth while others became lost in the meteor belt. Businessmen were free and homeless.

Freeport was a must to stop at.

Auguste came to Freeport because he was unemployed. He was originally a member of the Sixth Legion. There were 214 legions in the Empire with each Legion having a different number. However, their numbers were ranked according to their combat effectiveness. Such a legion would be highly valued by the Empire but the forces within the Empire were clustered together. The Sixth Legion was totally unattached to any forces and there were too many aristocrats stuck between the Empire and the political chaos. In order to deal with the chaos, some parliamentarians put forward a federal rule system of democracy and freedom. After such a proposal was put forward, it was like stabbing a hornet’s nest, and the whole country had a lot of discussions.

Only the Sixth Legion voted in favor, but the problem lies in this vote. Only the Sixth Legion voted in favor of all 214 Legions. Congress cleared up the members who voted in favor on grounds of betrayal of the Empire. The Sixth Legion was also forced to disband.

So what if he became unemployed? He could take a vacation first.

Auguste took all his immediate comrade-in-arms to Freeport for a vacation. After all, the army still had to give them their pensions, let alone Auguste’s warships.

When they arrived, they happened to be in time for the free auction. With Auguste’s birthday approaching, Carl decided to buy a gift for Auguste at the auction house. Previously, he only gave dead things. This year, Carl decided to give something different, such as a potted plant.

As for why Carl bought the hard-to-raise shaking grass. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! If Auguste spent all his time growing grass, would he have time to beat me?

Carl was moved by his wit, his abacus cracked, but Auguste did not intend to let him go.

“I’ll cook tomorrow.” Auguste took a cold gel from the table.

“I admit it.” Carl urged, “What do you want me to do? Say it.”

Auguste looked down at the plate and his movements were graceful. “I’ll tell you in a few days.”

Carl: “…”

After eating, Auguste decided to go back to his new plant to cultivate feelings with it. After all, this was his first time trying to raise something alive.

Hai’an was bored in the room but found his owner had returned. He walked up to the cabinet, looked down at him and suddenly put out his finger to poke at him.

Hai’an shivered before he could think about it.

Well, it’s shaking. Carl’s present was good. For the first time, Auguste thought that such a fragile life seemed interesting, but he could not help frowning at the introduction in the manual.

What if I accidentally killed it?

Let’s pour some water first.

Auguste found a cup, filled it with water and watered Hai’an’s face.

Hai’an: ….

Hai’an, who was repeatedly watered, felt that he was about to drown and that his roots could not breathe at all. But Auguste did not notice Hai’an’s discomfort. He put the cup on the nightstand and was ready to take off his clothes and take a bath.

Too much water will rot the roots of plants. This was known to everyone who had raised potted plants before, but, apparently, Auguste did not know this.

Hai’an began to wonder if all his dead companions were drowned. Now that he was surrounded by water, he thought of the vine that had grown in his box, so Hai’an wanted to try whether he could manipulate the water. He looked at the cup Auguste had just placed next to the flowerpot and soon had an idea.

Hai’an began to slowly mobilize the water elements, trying to gather the scattered water in the soil, to form a small stream of water. Hai’an carefully controlled the water, making it flow back into the cup in an arc from the flowerpot. After awhile, the cup was filled to the brim with water.

Having done this, Hai’an felt that he was dying of exhaustion.

After taking a bath, Auguste put a towel around his waist, pushed open the door of the bathroom and came out. In a blink of an eye, he saw the water in the cup next to the flowerpot. He went over and looked at the glass for a while, then looked at Hai’an.

Hai’an shuddered his leaves in trepidation.

See, I’m just a quiet potted plant.

Hai’an had a very good appearance now. The two small leaves were full, emerald and bright, making them very eye-catching, as if giving them a pinch would cause juice to drip out. It looked very tantalizing.

While Auguste was looking at Hai’an, Hai’an was also looking at Auguste. He found that Auguste’s eyes were a dark red and his wet, short black hair had not been dried. Droplets of water dripped down to the end of his hair, sliding across his face and onto his body, leaving wet water trails. At this time, he squatted in front of Hai’an and stared at Hai’an quietly.

Auguste looked around the room and found nothing unusual. The donor’s new lock was good and there was no sign of Carl entering. Auguste pulled at Hai’an’s leaves and smiled, “Good night, JianJian.”

After that, he took the cup next to him and poured Hai’an a refreshing drink. Then he quickly turned off the lights and went to bed.

Hai’an: “…”

When he woke up the next day, Hai’an was still drowsy and did not remember that he had become a plant. Last night Auguste had watered him again. He forgot how he had slept, but he clearly remembered that he had been having nightmares last night, dreaming that he had been drowning.


Wait a minute. Hai’an felt even worse, like he slept in his foot bath yesterday.

Hai’an closed his eyes and felt warm and comfortable. Although he had no eyes now and saw the world differently, he found that he could still control his eyes to open and close.

But when Hai’an opened his eyes, he would be frightened enough to cry.

# Every time you open your eyes, the world is different.#

# Are you afraid of heights? I am afraid of heights.#

# My master is ill#

Auguste thought that since he was going to start raising plants, he had to do his best. Plants needed sunshine. But since the sun could not enter the room and he could not buy YangYang flowers yet, he woke up in the morning and put the seedling in the mouth of a larger dinosaur statue. Then he pushed the statue to the window to put the whole dragon outside. With its head out of the window, Hai’an could enjoy the sunshine and air outside very well.

Hai’an wanted to make Auguste kneel down with a smack. Auguste’s room was very high up causing Hai’an to have nothing under his feet except the chin of the dragon. He had nothing to block his sight except for the circle of teeth around him. He could even see the spaceships flying beneath his feet. The air above was really good and the sun was shining. It was great, but the scenery was so beautiful that he dared not see it.

After a while, Hai’an got used to it, but couldn’t exactly adapt to it. After all, Auguste wouldn’t really let him fall down, and he could not grow feet and run into the house by himself.

Auguste must have put up a buffer for him when he put him outside because Hai’an could only feel a little breeze. Otherwise, he should have been blown away by the wind at such a height.

Yesterday he did not have time to take a good look at the world. He had more time to see today since Auguste would not come back for a while.

After looking, Hai’an found that, although the position was a little high, it was a good place to see the scenery. Auguste’s room was so high that he could see almost half of Freeport.

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June 27, 2019 4:03 pm

pot of grass fear heights? Nop, they fear their master pointing them with a knife! So scary.

Thanks for the chapter!

June 27, 2019 9:31 pm

Dang, I WAS originally right! Carl really IS that one best friend who gets bullied by the ML but he still follows him around and is cute like a child! The only thing I have to add is the word “dumb” and it’s all good! He’s still cute and I like him a lot so far xP And the ML keeps unknowingly bullying Hai’an. Poor boy… Just bear with it until you turn into a human or elf. Then you can get back at him all you want. That is, if he hasn’t pampered you enough to forget that… Thanks… Read more »

July 21, 2019 10:41 pm

[he had been having nightmares last night, dreaming that he had been drowning.]

Hahahhaha poor plant

August 14, 2019 6:51 pm

Lets recite a little prayer to all the plants killed by overenthusiastic owners.

October 26, 2020 11:00 pm

what a poor plant ah~ 🤣

December 22, 2020 5:47 pm

I now feel so bad for all the plants I’ve sucked at caring for over the years. 🤣

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