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Chapter 7: Do you want to eat me?

Freeport was a totally different world from Nore.

Everywhere were the mechanical like buildings with high and low combinations, floating with gray and black metallic luster. People traveled in an iron box and Hai’an looked at those iron boxes in the building weaving around, feeling that it was very strange. These heavy things did not need magic so how did they actually fly? And these iron boxes came in all kinds of colors, but there was a yellow one that stopped when someone from the building beckoned and then it took that person away. It was kind of like the people in Nore paying to rent a car for a trip.

If one looked up, there were bright, arcing trails in the sky, which should be the traces of people flying, but there were a few iron boxes in the sky that could be used to shuttle down.

Down below, everything was enshrouded in the white fog. It felt like all of Freeport was built within the clouds. But in fact, Freeport was just an interstellar transit station on a small planet. If it weren’t for the prosperous trade of the port, the asteroid would not be taken seriously.

Since he couldn’t see to the bottom, Hai’an guessed that the land below was also uncovered territory. But Hai’an soon found that the world was a bit strange. There were very few plants in the world.

In Nore, there were plants everywhere. In the desert, there were cacti or other drought-tolerant plants. But Hai’an felt like he was in a desert without sand and there was no green anywhere he could see.

At least so far, he had not seen any plants except from the greenhouse where he first arrived before going to the auction house. He should be the only plant near Auguste.

No wonder teardrop Trees were so popular as devil’s plants.

At this time, a car slowly drifted out from the distance. This car was different from the other cars, it drove very slowly, and did not try to keep up with the others. Since it was a closed iron box, it was relatively large with red and white stripes, the top also had a few words, but Hai’an could not read it. Under the top was a square cabinet with two people standing in the middle. They were both dressed in uniforms and had a white hat on their head, which made them look like chefs.

Some cars would stop around them and hand over money. The two people would quickly hand them a package of things. Occasionally, the car would stop in front of some buildings and then someone would open a window to pick up things.

Hai’an observed it and found that it was stuff for sale.

But he had no mouth, let alone the ability to chew.

Hai’an silently retrieved his line of sight that was glued to the snack car, once again mourning the tragic fact that he had become a potted plant. He wondered if he could return to his original appearance, just so that he could eat rice. What’s the meaning of being such grass?

When Auguste came back from the training ground at noon that day, he found that the potted plant had been basking in the sun all morning and was drying out. Strangely enough, he took it out of the dragon’s mouth and put him back on the bedside table.

Auguste stretched out his finger to play with his leaves, but after a few pokes, Hai’an did not shake. In fact, Hai’an was only tickled by the poke, but he still shook twice.

Auguste was a little anxious to see that Hai’an was not as lively.

Didn’t all his gifts die by Carl’s mouth, not by his own hands?

After thinking about it, Auguste felt that he should spend more time with the small potted plant and staying in all day was not conducive to the growth and development of plants. It was almost time for dinner So it was a good time to take Hai’an to see the other crew members.

Auguste picked up Hai’an and prepared to take him out of the room.

Hai’an suddenly came to his senses. Was he going to take him out to play? He was a little excited.

Auguste saw Hai’an tremble for a moment and became more certain of the idea of always bringing it out to breathe.

Carl saw Auguste holding Hai’an from far away. Gee, I’ve been alive just for this day.

“Oh, let me see.” Carl leaned forward to poke at the trembling grass and was knocked away by Auguste’s glare.

Carl didn’t mind Auguste’s dislike and he looked at Hai’an. He found that Hai’an was a little unnatural and not the same as when he brought him back yesterday.

He thought that the grass would have a short life. Carl began to mock Auguste. “Oh,” Carl said with disgust. “You’re not a good master at all. You’ve only been raising such a good plant for a whole day and it’s going to die.”

Auguste: What could he say to that?

“Did you name it?” Carl suddenly remembered and asked Auguste.

“Yes.” Auguste pointed to the small words on the flowerpot.

Hai’an: … Say goodbye.

“It’s called JianJian!” Carl was shocked, too, by Auguste’s famed talent. “That’s a cheap name. I’m sure you can raise it. I like you.”

Carl patted Auguste on the shoulder.

Auguste agreed with this slightly, and yes, if it weren’t for the right name, maybe yesterday the small plant would have died.

Auguste and Carl went to the hall. Dining in the hall equals being watched, so Hai’an was surrounded.

On Auguste’s ship there was a group of idle veterans with nothing to do.

“He will shake!”

“You’re not talking nonsense. It’s called trembling grass.”

“Ouch, it’s called JianJian!”

“It’s name is really good! Haha!”

Hai’an: …

Jamie brought a large basin of things to the hall and rescued Hai’an from the crowd. He shouted, “Eat!” All of a sudden, everyone went back to their seats.

Eating was more important than anything.

Hai’an was curious about what this big basin of things was. He glanced at the transparent jelly-like objects. One of the men picked up the dish and scooped out a large spoonful.

“Today is grass-flavored, you can eat it.” After Jamie finished, he sat in his seat and prepared to eat.

“Well,” Carl shoved a spoonful of frozen gel into his mouth. “The days of eating frozen gel every day are really sad.”

Jamie quickly retorted, “Because I can only make onion eggs, but today you have no eggs.”

“My eggs were eaten yesterday.”

The others in the crew could no longer listen directly to their conversation.

Auguste butt in, “That’s because you sent the chef to the hospital.”

Carl shrugged, “Who made that cook so vulnerable, I just touched him lightly. Ah, so weak.”

But Auguste did not listen to Carl’s excuse, “Before you were retired, you ate every day and didn’t listen to what others said. How many days has it been?”

Carl said, “You didn’t know you were eating shit before, but if you knew you were going to eat shit later, would you continue to eat it?”

The crew continued eating.

Hai’an thought, ‘I don’t even have to eat.’

Jamie also scooped a spoonful of frozen gel, placing it on Carl’s plate. “Shut up. Can’t you block your mouth?”

Auguste thought, ‘The crew is poisonous.’

“Since you don’t want to eat frozen gel, then you can find a cook tomorrow.”

After hearing this, Carl was stunned. He had only been in Freeport for a few days. The way back was still unclear. Where would he find a cook in such a short time?

But Auguste, no matter how hard the task was for Carl, he had finished his gel so Auguste picked up Hai’an and prepared to go outside for a spin. “I haven’t been around you for a few days. If you don’t go, let me beat you up. Otherwise, I’ll be upset.”

Carl thought, ‘Fuck me, clearly I forgot to fuck myself before I opened that door.’

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Love this domestic little life… I was so surprised to see this many updates at once! Thanks a lot for them! You guys are the best!

June 27, 2019 9:53 pm

[But Auguste, no matter how hard the task was for Carl, he had finished his gel so Auguste picked up Hai’an and prepared to go outside for a spin.] That first part is a bit confusing. Is it a mistake or was it like that in originally in raws? Anyway, I’ve decided to change my description of Carl (sorry if this is annoying any of you). He is that one best friend of the ML who always seems like he’s looking to get beaten by the ML and even when he is, he continues following him around being his usual… Read more »

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