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Chapter 72: I saw her part 2

“Teacher, you’re right. I made a mistake.” Lorenzo lowered his eyes and pulled up the broken strings. “When the strings are broken, they can no longer sing.”

“You will be rewarded…” Palatine sighed helplessly, got up, went to the church door and opened it.

Outside the door was still a gray sky, reflecting each other with Palatine’s eyes of the same color. The leaves hanging on the branches had all fallen the other day. The cold wind blew up the dead leaves on the ground and made a small roll. The sound of the bell came from the top of the church and echoed in the city of grey fog.

“Uncle Ye, it’s time for Mass.”

Lorenzo was still sitting in his chair, muttering to himself with his harp in his hand, “You’re right, I’m going to be rewarded…”

At the end of the lake, Corson found Jamie.

At that time, he was sitting on the dock, looking at the bright red evening sky in the distance.

“Jamie! What are you doing here?” Corson trotted over, grabbed Jamie’s shoulder and asked him, “You know, everybody’s looking for you like crazy, and Lydney’s been shot!”

“I saw her face…” With a gentle laugh, Jamie pulled out the heart-shaped photo frame necklace hanging around his neck with his right hand, pressed the button, and gently stroked the photo with his finger. However, the photo had turned yellow and wrinkled due to the erosion of time, and the face of the person in the photo could no longer be seen. “It’s been more than a hundred years. I’m almost forgetting what she looks like.”


“But even then, I will not allow anyone else to cheat me with her face!” Jamie suddenly stood up and raised a sheet of paper he was holding in his left hand to tear.

“Don’t tear it!” Corson quickly stopped him, grabbed the paper in his hand and spread it out. “What’s this?”

“Invitation letter from the Philadelphia.”

“Fuck! For first class! Where did you get it?”

“That woman, the woman I saved, I don’t know her!” Jamie brushed his hair off his forehead and said irritably. “I don’t know what happened to me. I was like a victim of evil when I saw her. I tried my best to catch up with her. I knew she wasn’t Siddy, but there was always a voice in my heart telling me that was her, I…” Jamie walked around impatiently and suddenly grabbed Corson on the shoulder. “You said Lydney was shot. Is he okay?”

“Something happened, and then it was all right.”

“Fucking invitation!” As soon as Jamie heard this, he became even more irritable, reaching out and trying to snatch the invitation letter from Corson.

Corson quickly moved sideways, with his back blocking Jamie’s movements, holding the invitation in his hand far away, Jamie had one hand around his neck, and the other hand desperately trying to reach the invitation, “First, let’s take it back and ask Auguste, he is the decision maker. The woman is another issue.”

Then Jamie and Corson found the mechanical policemen who were inspecting the lighthouse and asked them to drive them back to the inn on the grounds that they were frightened and lost their wallets during the riot.

The Sheriff accepted their request and sent a mechanical policeman to escort them back.

Flower Star had always been in place for tourist services, and the impact of this riot was indeed great. Some excessive tourists may even sue Flower Star at Imperial Tourism Headquarters for a large amount of financial compensation. In contrast, Jamie and Corson’s demands were not excessive.

“Hey, hello.” Corson smiled and greeted the mechanical policeman sitting in front of him and Jamie.

“Good evening, gentlemen.”

“Oh, it’s not good at all.” With a sneer from Jamie, Corson gave him a quick elbow.

The mechanical policeman’s scarlet electronic eyes turned and stared at Jamie. “Your friend doesn’t look very well.”

“Yes, he was terribly frightened and lost his wallet. It’s understandable that he is in a bad mood, right? The riot was terrifying.” Corson said, while the mechanical policeman was looking at Jamie’s lap, Jamie’s index finger turned into a silver needle and he suddenly rushed up and pierced the back of the mechanical policeman’s neck.

The mechanical policeman struggled for a moment and stopped.

Jamie opens his empty hand and a red alarm message appears on the screen –[Transmission progress: 80%]

If the alarm goes to the headquarters of the Flower Street Star Police Station, he and Corson would be dead.

“Not yet.”

“Copy the data.”

After they copied the data, Jamie and Corson cleared a little memory of the mechanical policeman about them and woke him up again.

“Hey, hello.”

“Good evening, gentlemen.”

Alia had been notified by Auguste and stood at the entrance of the inn waiting for them.

“Why did you go out for a while and become like this?” Alia looked at Carl and Lydney in surprise. “Is Lydney all right?”

“When he wakes up, check him again.” Carl walked straight to the room with Lydney in his arms, regardless of the blood dripping all the way through his abdominal cavity.

“Carl! Your wound!!!” Alia ran after him.

Hai’an moved his head away from Auguste’s neck and moved his body. Auguste released his hand so that Hai’an could adjust his posture. He asked softly, “What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable?”

Hai’an frowned and hesitated for a moment before answering, “My whole body feels so sore…”

Wasn’t that strange?

In fact, the magic power of this healing was not great. The white elves were the closest race to the elements of light besides the protoss. When the ethnic war broke out in Nore, a powerful white elf could take charge of the whole army’s healing. Unless their soul disappeared from the world, the white elves could save him even if their body was cut in half. But even then, the white elves could not save themselves.

No one could escape the war sweeping across the continent.

Hai’an twisted a few times, his body ached more obviously. This ache was not intense, but moving inexplicably produced some unbearable irritability. Hai’an was very uncomfortable. In Auguste’s ear, he softly said, “I want to go back to sleep…”

“Okay.” Auguste kissed Hai’an’s forehead and took him back to the room.

Although there was no sun in the Eastern Hemisphere, there was also a time to turn out the lights. After the complete fall of night, the stars shining outside the window followed the middle of the night. One by one, they climbed up the unfathomable zenith. Hai’an lay quietly on Auguste’s chest and slept with his eyes closed.

Auguste caressed Hai’an’s silver hair for a moment, then suddenly, his nano computer on his wrist vibrated. He pulled out the electronic screen, and the Vagrant’s group messenger popped up with a message in an instant.

[Forcing Brother Corson] Auguste! I found Jamie and he brought back a bunch of Philadelphia invitations for you to see.

There was another vibration from his nanocomputer, and Corson sent pictures of the Philadelphia invitation to the group.

Originally exquisite workmanship, full of concave and convex texture, the invitation letter had been wrinkled under the repeated torture of Colin and Jamie, and two of the corners had even been damaged.

[Black-Hearted Boss Auguste]: It’s ugly.

[Empty Boy Leston]: Why aren’t you two in bed? It’s the middle of the night.

[Forcing Brother Corson]: Go sleep in a ditch, Leston. Auguste, shall we go? You decide.

[Handsome Alia]: Ugly, we should refuse.

[Black-Hearted Boss Auguste] We’ll go.

[Handsome Alia]: Why?

[Empty Boy Leston] The periphery of Flower Street has been blocked unless you want me to come in with the Vagrant.

[Colin, No. 1 Beauty of the Vagrant]: Go ahead. It’s still a special invitation. It’s all wrapped up.

Hai’an moved after hearing the frequent vibrations of the nanocomputer receivers, turned over humming and almost rolled off of Auguste. Auguste quickly reached out and hugged Hai’an, pulled him into his arms, and then hugged his little soft waist.

[Black-Hearted Boss Auguste]: That’s it. It’s time to go to bed.

[Alert: Auguste, the black-hearted owner of the group, has opened the all-staff ban.]

Auguste shut down his nano computer, the blue light disappeared in an instant, and the room was filled with darkness.

“Good night, JianJian.”

Hai’an slept very deep, and did not dream, but when he fell asleep, Hai’an felt very hot, as if he was lying on a burning stove, and there was a sound of “bang bang” in his ear.

He moved uncomfortably and rubbed the blanket under him.

Ah, hard. Why was it so hard?

Hai’an reached forward and touched it. He felt that it was slippery and elastic. He opened his eyes slowly and found himself lying on Auguste.

And neither Auguste nor him were dressed.

Hai’an was completely awake. He put his hands on Auguste’s chest and sat up straight. He looked at Auguste with wide eyes.

Although Auguste slept with him every day, both of them would wear clothes. Auguste wore his nightgown, while Hai’an wore the dragon pjs that Auguste had prepared for him.

He fell asleep before he got back to his room last night, so Auguste didn’t even change his clothes for his convenience.

Hai’an sat up too fast, the weight of his whole body suddenly pressed on Auguste’s abdomen. The large movement caused the sleeping Auguste to hurry and “wake up” to hold Hai’an’s waist, to prevent him from further exertion.

“Why don’t you get up Auguste? We’re all ready to… go…” Colin stood in the doorway, with Corson behind him, too.

All the doors in the inn were wood carved doors to fit the style of Oriental architecture. Colin heard the sound in Auguste’s room and thought that they had gotten up. He pushed the door open without knocking since Auguste hadn’t locked it.

As a result, without any precautions, Colin and Corson saw this “lewd” scene of Hai’an and Auguste.

From the curvature of the quilt, they could clearly see that Hai’an must be sitting on Auguste’s bottom half with his legs open. Hai’an touched Auguste’s chest with his hands, and Auguste’s big hands were on Hai’an’s waist, sending the message of “we slept together”.

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