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Chapter 74: Bloody Air Garden 

“Colin told us everything, we all know.” Carl nodded to Hai’an and Augustus with the expression “we are all very supportive”.

Hai’an watched Carl’s earnest manner, and suddenly an ominous premonition rose in his heart…

“I heard you and Auguste slept together last night.”

As can be seen from the naked eye, Hai’an’s face turned red after Carl said this sentence and his head exploded.

Ah!!! Hai’an was going crazy. He had been stuck in a shameless state since he got up this morning – he had lost.

“Yes, we sleep together every day.” Auguste took a step forward, clasped Hai’an’s shoulder and looked at Carl intentionally.

Carl said nothing.

Yesterday he wanted to sleep with Lydney in his arms, but he really just slept beside him. He didn’t even dare to hold Lydney’s waist. Colin said that last night Auguste and JianJian had done everything they could or could not.

“Oh, congratulations, but can we go?” Jamie couldn’t look at it anymore. Okay, they had partners in each other, but the others were alone. Colin and Corson could play together as they are brothers. He didn’t even have a companion.

Alas, when Carl was single, they could eat onion eggs together, but now…

“Here comes the boat.” Alia picked up the suitcase at her feet and drove a retro Western-style carriage in the distance, with two white horses with ceramic casing and mechanical inner core.

Long Street was still quiet and dark, only a few weak street lights for pedestrians illuminated the darkness, even if there was no day on this side of the Eastern Hemisphere, people still consciously abided by the law of time, so that the night was nothing but quiet silence.

“Wait for me.” Corson ran to the mailbox next to the Inn and got a free newspaper. He ran back immediately. “Okay, let’s go.”

This retro carriage gave Hai’an a great sense of familiarity. Its magnificent dome, gilded body and splendid interior decoration all show the value of the carriage. It was almost the same as the carriage used by the nobles of the human race in Nore.

The carriage was very spacious, and could accommodate at least ten people to ride at the same time. There were boat owners on all sides of the body, and the expensive curtain was used to shield the wind slightly. If you want to see the scenery outside, you just need to gently lift the curtain.

If people wanted to go to the Western Hemisphere, there were two ways to go – through the sky garden in the dusk, or through the gray city in the dawn capital, and in long street, it was faster to go to the sky garden.

“You can’t trust these newspapers. I don’t believe a word.” Corson held up the newspaper, shook his head and sighed.

“What did it say?” Auguste looked at Corson and said, “Read it.”

At first, Corson didn’t understand why Auguste wanted him to read out the newspaper. Would it not be long before he read it for himself? But as soon as Corson looked up, he saw the good man sitting next to Auguste, looking innocently at Hai’an with his clear green eyes, and Corson understood.

Oh, JianJian was illiterate.

“The newspaper said that last night’s riot at the Lantern Festival was a terrible attack by the Freedom Alliance on Ivan Randall and his fiancee, Ariella. Because they went last night to set off lanterns.”

“Well, I’m the first one to not believe it,” Jamie sneered. “Don’t say he’s not that casual, and the information I got from the mechanical police with Corson shows that Ivan and Ariella were on the Philadelphia and never come down.”

“So what you mean is that last night’s riot was against Lydney?”

“For all of us.” Jamie pulled out the pile of invitations from his bag. “The number of invitations doesn’t seem to be inviting me alone, and the woman was too good to lead me away, right? I’m just wondering why I was caught like a mad dog.”

Jamie’s eyebrows were wrinkled tightly.

Cedar was his most important person and his weakness, but there were not many people who knew about Cedar in the stars. Even though people knew that he once had a wife, few people know what Cedar looked like. Last night, the woman, apart from her hairstyle and Cedar’s being different, it was as if her appearance was carved into a model.

“Now we can only rule out one person, Dean.”

“Why exclude him?” Lydney did not understand. Dean’s behavior in the black market had impressed him deeply. In his opinion, Dean, who could lay hands on a baby Ayulon, was no better.

Carl took Lydney’s hand to his bosom and played with his fingers. He explained why Dean was excluded. “If Dean did it, he would appear. That’s his principle. It has never changed.”

“That’s why I said Dean was ill!” Colin clapped the table, which resonated with him. “I’ve never seen such a person. I’ve done everything wrong, but I still stick to some inexplicable principle of not letting go and pretending what’s driving me. Auguste, don’t you have any idea about him?” Speaking of the rise, Colin also pulled in the silent Auguste who had been nearby.

“The person who knows Dean best is Palatine. You should ask him instead of me.”

“Palatine pretends to be a saint, but let’s forget it.” Colin couldn’t bear to think of Palatine’s slow and leisurely way of speaking. Famous teachers make great apprentices. Colin felt that Palatine’s 1-force index had reached its full value.

Hai’an was still listening carefully to what they said, but just as the carriage crossed the faint line, Hai’an’s full attention went to the scenery outside the window.

In the evening, there was only an empty garden suspended in mid-air, under which there was a vast ocean with endless waves. But in the twilight, the sea was like a sea of blood. The deep red sunlight was all over the evening sky. Hai’an looked up at the sky, and the dense clouds and a bird were reflected in his eyes, almost overwhelming his original green eyes.

Hai’an had never seen this kind of bird before. He put his head close to the window and looked back at the bird as hard as he could, but the carriage was flying so fast that it was left behind.

“Don’t stare at it. That kind of bird likes to eat people’s eyes.” Auguste gently wrapped his hand around Hai’an’s waist and pulled him back into his arms.

“Really?” When Hai’an heard this, he looked back at Auguste and asked.

“Really,” said Auguste, lowering his head and pressing his forehead against Hai’an’s affectionately, “that kind of bird is called a dead bird. They go into the water to catch fish, but occasionally attack tourists.”

A planet can’t be completely beautiful and safe, so was the same for Flower Street.

Dead bird was one of several dangerous animals peculiar to Flower Street. Its beak was very sharp, and the tip was poisonous. If a pecked visitor was not cured within four hours, his viscera would dissolve into liquid and die.

But because it was a second-class interstellar protected animal, people couldn’t kill them. The Flower Street Tourism Administration had always warned tourists not to stare at the birds, because they were very sensitive to sight, and specifically told tourists to remember to wear protective shields when they play in the dusk to ensure that they were not injured when attacked by dead birds.

The way to avoid the dead bird attack was also very simple, that is to stop all actions, do not look at it, as long as your eyes were not on the dead bird, and there was no large-scale action, it would not attack. But most people couldn’t do this very well, because people always ran away unconsciously when facing danger, and often looked back to see if something attacking them caught up.

The quality and coverage of protective shields were different. The price of high-quality protective shields covering the whole body was not cheap, not all tourists could afford them. So every year, some tourists were attacked and killed by dead birds.

The Hanging Garden was not far ahead of the carriage. It was an island floating in mid-air.

In the center of the garden was a huge fountain, which was as red as blood in the sunshine. The water would eventually fall into the sea through the path next to the fountain. The outer edge of the island was a circle of exotic flowers and plants, but they were not aggressive. You can walk through the cascaded steps of the garden and reach the rose terrace in the center, which was covered with stars. On the other side of the plateau were dozens of tall marble pillars, which seemed to be on the top of the sky.

Ariella was going to have her wedding there.

Although the landscape of the Hanging Garden was really beautiful, it was definitely not a suitable place for a wedding. The feeling here was too heavy. There were several dead birds flying around the island from time to time. It was like a flying God of death. It was terrifying, like a magnificent grave.

“Is Ariella mad? Holding a wedding ceremony here,” Colin stared at the Hanging Garden, where the carriage was now over, “Ivan agreed just like that?”

“I think they are well matched. Ivan can unite the scattered army of the Empire, and his hands will be stained with blood.” Jamie took Colin’s words and continued.

Ivan Randall.

A man like the sun.

That’s what the Imperial media said about him, because his golden hair and thick golden eyes like honey were as bright as the sun, and his achievements in uniting all the legions of the Empire were highly praised by the nobles as the sword of peace of the Empire. As long as he lived, the rule of the Empire would never cease.

“It seems that the fire instigated by the Freedom Alliance is not strong enough.” Jamie shrugged his shoulders and sighed, “Star wars are about to break out. What kind of sword of peace, no more valuable sword without sheath, is a monster that drinks human blood and eats human flesh.”

“Auguste, I don’t think we can stay out of this.” Alia suddenly turned her head and frowned earnestly at Auguste.

“No, we can’t,” said Auguste, looking out into the bloody sky, the dark red pupils intertwined with unknown emotions.

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