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Chapter 75: Hooligans’ Daily 

“Ariella…” Auguste murmured the woman’s name and looked out the window at the bloody sky.

Hai’an turned his head to Auguste, but a sudden sense of sourness came over him. It was not the first time they mentioned the woman’s name, but every time Auguste was lost in thought because of her.

Hai’an couldn’t tell what he was feeling now, but even if he felt stuffy in his chest, he couldn’t speak.

“What’s wrong with Ariella?” Carl leaned back and asked casually.

“She’s very strange. If you see her on the Philadelphia, don’t touch her head-on.” Auguste lowered the curtain from the window as a group of dead birds were flying towards them outside.

“Is she so terrible?” Lydney did not understand. He had not met Ariella, but because she was Caine’s only sister, she was always active in the headlines of the Imperial media. Ariella had long, honey curls, tall, sexy figure and white skin. Every time she appeared, she was wearing hot clothes, but the color of her eyes was different.

Lydney’s impression of Ariella was just a pupil maniac.

As for Ariella’s taking away half of Caine’s family property, there were different opinions among the Star Opinions on this matter. Some people say that she contributed to the reunification of the Emperor’s League. Others say that it was immoral for her to do so, because she exchanged her brother’s affection for Ivan’s love for her.

But Lydney felt that it was not that simple. Caine could become one of the biggest businessmen in StarCraft. Her mind and means were the same. Moreover, if Ariella really took half of his property, she would need to get the transfer confirmation sealed by the Interstellar Property Notary Office. Thus, Caine was completely clear about what Ariella had done.

But because of this, Lydney didn’t understand why Caine would continue to fight Ivan and even join the Freedom Alliance.

The sky outside the window grew white, and Alia looked straight out of the window. “Here we are.”

Colin was the first to pick up his luggage and get out of the carriage. The Philadelphia was at the end of the dock. Colin stood on the long dock and whistled.

“The Philadelphia, the Ark of Noah, the capital of the day, is beautiful.” Colin opened his hand, closed his eyes and felt the sea breeze intoxicatedly, then trotted to the Philadelphia.

In this era of highly developed science and technology, people seldom choose these old style ships as a means of travel. But if it was just used as a tool for play, everyone would be happy.

The Philadelphia was the only “continental land” in the Western Hemisphere. From the western hemisphere of Flower Street, they could see that it was all blue and occasionally a few yellow dots appear. It was a small man-made island in the Western Hemisphere where the upstream passengers of the Philadelphia could get off and enjoy the beach.

Auguste’s chosen place was a midway wharf where the Philadelphia stops. The Philadelphia sailed every two months and traveled around the world for a year in the Western Hemisphere. The ship was very large. It had complete living facilities, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment plazas, even art galleries and casinos. It was powered by solar energy and wave energy. Power sails were permanently placed in sea and was a mobile city at sea.

Every other month, the Philadelphia will dock at the midway pier, which Auguste had booked the last midway pier on the route of the Philadelphia.

The end of the Philadelphia was the Sky Garden.

“Flying here from the Hanging Garden and then going to the Hanging Garden by boat is really a pain in our spare eggs.” Carl helped Lydney pick up his suitcase and started walking towards the Philadelphia.

There was no night in the Western Hemisphere. A solar-powered Philadelphia never had to worry that the equipment on board would stop working. As Ariella’s wedding was about to take place in the sky garden at dusk, many nobles and wealthy businessmen of the Empire came to Flower Street several months ago. The best choice for them to play and live was on the Philadelphia, especially for Ariella and Ivan. After the Flower Street, the nobles and wealthy merchants even invited Alexia, the most famous singer in the Star World, to cheer up Ariella’s wedding.

People described Alexia’s singing as a kind of magic that could catch people’s soul. Almost everyone who had heard her singing said that she sings perfectly. But every time she performs, she is wrapped tightly and wears a pure white mask on her head. So her fans call her “Masked Singer”.

“Well, who are the people who sent you these invitations?” Corson walked up to Jamie and hit him on the shoulder.

“How do I know that since I don’t know her?”

Corson stared, “She didn’t know you but gave you so many invitations??”

“Corson, put these invitations on Flower Street’s website and sell them, and buy some first-class tickets.”

“Okay.” When the boss spoke, Corson immediately opened his nano computer and began to buy tickets.

Invitation letters and tickets had different rights.

With the invitation letter, you could stay in the first class cabin of the Philadelphia, which was specially prepared for nobles. Even if you have money, you may not necessarily be able to buy it. You can only buy first class cabins with money at most, and the price was not cheap. But Auguste had five first class invitations on hand. The money they could sell them for was enough to buy fifteen first class tickets.

“All bought.” Corson looked at the first-class ticket code from his nano computer satisfactorily. “I’ll sweep it up front for you.”

Hai’an raised his head slightly and looked at the sky in the western hemisphere. It was very clean and far away. The intense and dazzling sunlight reflected a burst of white light on the sea waves, which made Hai’an dizzy and he could not help but reach out and block his eyes.

“What’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable?” Auguste came up to Hai’an and whispered softly, “You looked unhappy when you got out of the carriage.”

Hai’an shook his head, did not speak, took the initiative to put his arms around Auguste’s waist, and buried his head in Auguste’s broad chest.

He had to weave a wreath for Auguste quickly, or what if Auguste was robbed from him?

Auguste was somewhat flattered by Hai’an’s initiative. He touched Hai’an’s hair and smiled. “Why, do you miss my chest muscles? Wait till you get on the boat.”

Hai’an: “…”

Big hooligan!!! Hai’an raised his head and gave Auguste an unbearable look.

But he saw Auguste laughing in his spare time. “The abdominal muscles will touch you too.” After saying this, Auguste pressed his head lower and put his lips on Hai’an’s sharp ears. “You can touch everything you want.”

The hot breath sprayed on Hai’an’s ears as much as possible. The soft lips rubbed against the cartilage of his ears, causing a quick, crisp sensation. Hai’an shrank and covered his ears.

Auguste’s so mean!!! Hai’an regretted that he had never found Auguste so bad before.

It was Auguste’s turn to check tickets at sea. The conductor scanned Auguste’s first-class ticket number on his nano computer and looked up to see the amazing Hai’an. He could not help asking, “This is?”

Auguste put his arm around Hai’an’s waist and took Hai’an to his bosom. “My love, we live in the same cabin.”

The conductor nodded and laughed. “Since Marshal Ivan brought his fiancee, Miss Ariella, to the Philadelphia, the number of couples on board have changed a lot. There’s good stuff in the nightstand, you know.” The ticket inspector, with a deep smile on his face, winked at Auguste and Hai’an. “Hahahaha!”

Hai’an: “…”

He doesn’t understand. What’s in the bedside cabinet?

“Have fun!” After Auguste and Hai’an boarded the ship, the conductor waved warmly to them from below.

Carl and Lydney were at the end of the line, and the ticket inspector saw Carl and Lydney in the same color and his eyes lit up. “Ah! You are also lovers!”

Carl’s eyes were bright too. It seemed that he and Lydney were very husband and wife. The conductor’s eyes were very good.

“You have a good eye.” Carl patted the conductor on the shoulder and nodded to him with a smile.

“There’s good stuff in the bedside cabinet in the first class cabin. When you run out of it, you can find the stewardess on board to get new ones. Give them a tip, and they’ll give you some good toys.” The conductor winked at Carl.

“Good!” Carl’s mouth grinned even bigger. Only Lydney, standing on one side, looked blank. He was just thinking about something else. He didn’t pay attention to what Carl and the ticket inspector were saying.

Lydney had just remembered that his suitcase contained the prize Carl had won when he was crossing the bridge that day. When they were in a hurry, he grabbed the nearest prize for himself. He didn’t know what it was. He had to wait until the cabin was opened.

“Have fun!” After Carl and Lydney boarded the ship, the conductor waved warmly to them below, smiling brightly, almost equal to the sunshine on his head.

For some reason, Lydney suddenly had an ominous premonition.

“Auguste! Look here,” Colin ran to Auguste with a scroll. “The itinerary says, ‘What is mask singer Alexia singing tonight?’ Shall we go?”

“Go ahead, you should be on vacation now. Don’t ask me anything, just don’t go against Ariella.”

“That’s great. You can play with JianJian, too.” Colin clapped his hands and shouted at Hai’an.

Hai’an did not immediately agree, but immediately turned to look at Auguste, Auguste bowed his head and kissed Hai’an on the forehead, “I will accompany you.”

Auguste had long seen Hai’an’s desire, and since they had all arrived on the Philadelphia, there was no need to continue to flee.

Speaking of the fact that they were planning a vacation in Freeport, Dean came to the door only a few days later. He had not had a good time since he came out of Freeport. There was another riot at the lantern festival. Now, nearly a month before Ivan and Ariella’s wedding, the plan to assassinate Lydney failed, and they followed the meaning of the latter to the Philadelphia. There shouldn’t be anything else in the day.

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Could it be… could Hai’an be jealous for the first time? Auguste you have to comfort your love!

Thank you for the chapter!

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‘Hai’an’s desire’? More like Auguste’s. He’s so shameless, hahaha. The poor Hai’an and Lidney don’t know What’s in store for them.

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