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Chapter 77: JianJian, look at me, what are you afraid of? 

“Ah, the hand that planted the partner is different. So soon married.” Colin sat on the second bench and sighed, “Hey, brother, how red are Uncle Ye’s lips today? Normally he is as white as snow?”

“Oh, maybe he’s wearing lipstick.” After hearing Colin’s words, Corson looked forward with his neck stretched out.

Palatine, sitting in front of them, suddenly turned around and said, “That’s where I bit…”

Seeing Colin and Corson’s shocked faces, Palatine turned his head back satisfactorily, but only a few seconds later, he turned back and asked, “Can you only see Uncle Ye’s mouth? Isn’t he handsome? Where does he look best?”

“Oh, everywhere. He looks best everywhere, but his eyes are the greatest.” Colin immediately nodded, exaggerating Uncle Ye’s appearance.

“He has the best eyes, the brightest I’ve ever seen.” Corson nodded in agreement with his brother’s words.

“There is a kind of sapphire, polished into a curved surface, the top of the gem will show six stars,” Palatine suddenly looked up, looking at the dome, grey eyes filled with unknown emotions, “like the stars, the blue sky is more pure than here, I like his eyes most…”

“Palatine, how did you and Uncle Ye come to the Philadelphia? Don’t you have to guard the church?”

“Church… There are already people.”

“What about the map?” Colin remembered the map they had brought to Palatine, where Palatine and Uncle Ye were. Who would translate the map?

“Don’t worry, take advantage of the fun now, in case there’s no chance in the future…” Palatine sighed and rose from the bench.

Auguste just kissed Hai’an gently, and there was no deep movement. As soon as Hai’an opened his eyes, he saw Palatine coming towards them.

“You must go now. Someone is looking for you, Auguste.”

Hai’an saw Auguste’s face sink after Palatine said this, and he was about to go out.

“Auguste,” exclaimed Palatine, “war does not bring peace, but only war can quell war. Dean has only hatred in his eyes. He can’t turn back, but… You can.”

“You’re wrong. I can’t.” Auguste’s footsteps did not stop, and Jamie followed Auguste out.

“You really don’t have to say that.” Uncle Ye went to Palatine and took him by the waist.

“Oh, of course I know. I just want to reconfirm it.” Palatin took Uncle Ye’s hand and said, “For many years, don’t play with this little refreshing set. Walk around. I heard there are good things in the bedside cabinet of the first class cabin. Let’s run out of it first and then go to the waiter to get some new toys.”

Xiao Qingxin’s enthusiast Ye Shu: “…”

“What does Palatine mean?” Lydney walked next to Carl and asked him in a low voice.

“He wants us to be involved in the muddy waters of the Freedom Alliance and Empire.”

Lydney hesitated for a moment. But he didn’t think that’s what Palatine meant.

“Ah, leave that alone. Anyway, Auguste will not join the Freedom Alliance or return to the Empire.” Carl suddenly stopped and grabbed Lydney’s shoulder.

Lydney: “…” What was this? “Speak well.” Lydney raised his hand and pinched Carl’s face.

“Do you want to go to the masked woman’s concert in the evening?” Carl pushed Lydney into the corner and asked him face to face. 

Lydney was skewed, because Carl was so close that he almost glued his whole body together. The strong masculinity enveloped Lydney all of a sudden. “You can go or not. Don’t you want to go? If you don’t want to go, I’ll accompany you somewhere else.”

“Really?” When Carl heard Lydney’s words, his eyes were bright and his mouth couldn’t close. He hugged Lydney violently and pressed his head on Lydney’s chest. “Lydney, you’re so kind to me.”

Carl’s figure was also very good, although he had very feminine curly hair, this did not prevent him from having strong pectoral muscles, especially his strength was still immense. Lydney’s face hit Carl’s pectoral muscles, his nose felt sore and he cried almost painless tears.

He tried to push Carl a little further away from him. “What are you doing?”

Carl’s eyes were shining as if he was a little shy. “Hehe.. I remember crossing the bridge that day and I won. You took the prize. Shall we go and play with that?

“… Let’s go to the concert. Everybody follows us, so it will seem that we are not very sociable.” Lydney intended to use his sentiment to persuade Carl to do something sentimental. He didn’t know what his gift was. What if he played too much, will he treat him gently?

The picture was too beautiful for him to imagine…

“You agree! That’s great. Let’s go.” Carl pretended not to hear him. He picked up Lydney and went to their room.

Alexia’s concert was held in the central hall of the Philadelphia.

There were twenty one floors of the Philadelphia, the top was the presidential class cabin, the bottom two were the first class cabins, and then the next two were the high, medium and economy cabins, which declined in turn. The central hall was located above the economy cabin, which could accommodate more than half of the passengers on board at the same time, because itself occupied the entire twenty four-storey height of the Philadelphia.

The central hall was divided into two floors. The second floor was a hollow layer built around the wall. Only the top-class and the first-class passengers could enter the hall. But if they saw a visitor at the bottom, they could also invite them to the second floor. Each person had only two invitations.

Huge crystal chandeliers dropped from the roof of the hall, splashing light. As Hai’an entered the hall, he felt like he had come to the dance of the noble human beings in Nore. The classical band on the mobile platform was playing soothing music, but the voice under the hall was so loud that Hai’an was disturbed.

“Hey, Auguste, long time no see!” Hai’an looked toward the voice, and a fat man of big stature came to Auguste with his hands outstretched, as if to give him a hug.

But Auguste dodged with a flicker to Hai’an’s side.

The fat man was not embarrassed. He gave a generous smile. “You’re still so cold. Who’s this beside you?” He looked at Hai’an and looked up and down without restraint.

Colin gave a sneer and turned a white eye. Colin pulled him back a little lest he rush up to fight.

“Don’t look like you know us very well, Luke.” Jamie looked disgusted. “It makes me sick.”

“Ha-ha-ha, don’t be so strange, Jamie, we used to be colleagues.” Luke took the wine from the waiter and smiled indifferently. “If you’re angry about the black market, I apologize, but you know that.” Luke lowered his voice. “I’m just the next little head of the Ivan Corps. I can’t help listening to him.”

Luke was the leader of the Hammer Legion. His appearance and stature were exotic in this age of beautiful people, but he was also a pervert who liked to watch men and women, eager to get power and money from him, scramble to climb up his bed.

“I seem to have heard someone speak ill of me.”

Hai’an shuddered when he heard the voice, because he had never heard such a beautiful voice, like the song of a sea demon, beyond gender, with a power to penetrate the soul.

As soon as Auguste heard the sound, he turned around and pulled Hai’an to his side.

Ivan, holding a crystal goblet and holding the railing on the second floor of the hall, came slowly with a smile on his lips. His eyes twinkled like rubbed diamonds, and as thick as amber flowing with honey. His tiny short curls glittered in the tiny lights of the hall, which made the sun jealous.

Luke came up and said, “Hey hey, how dare anybody speak ill of you?”

Ivan did not look at Luke, but at Hai’an. To be exact, it is the soul stone around Hai’an’s neck.

“Auguste, it’s a rare sight. Let’s get together. Everybody’s waiting for you.” Ivan didn’t talk nonsense either. He directly gestured to Hai’an, “as for your… Lover? My fiancee, Ariella, would love to see him.”

Auguste did not speak, but looked at Ivan quietly.

The scene suddenly stiffened.

“Oh, I refuse,” Auguste sneered, took Hai’an’s hand and walked to the first-class auditorium. “You read too little. Have you never heard of the words ‘men and women don’t accept each other? You can let Ariella change her personality first, and then I’ll think about your proposal carefully.”

Ivan: “…”

Auguste’s mouth was too poisonous!

Hai’an was trying to hold back his laughter. Jamie and Colin had already burst out laughing rudely. Even Luke, standing aside, had a distorted face.

“Oh, I hope you don’t meet Ariella.” Ivan also sneered and turned back to the seat area of the first class cabin.

“It’s like Ariella eats people.” Colin shrugged indifferently.

“She eats people.” Auguste tightened Hai’an’s hand. “I repeat, don’t face Ariella.”

“What if I accidentally meet her?” Colin listened to Auguste’s serious warning, but he was also nervous.

“You won’t meet her if you don’t run around.” Corson didn’t care so much. As long as they stayed with Auguste, Ariella would come to the door on her own initiative, but there was Auguste standing in front. What was there to be afraid of?

“What about when I go to the toilet? Both men and women’s toilets are on the same path.” Colin’s eyebrows frowned tightly, and then he grabbed Corson’s arm. “I don’t care. You must come with me when I go to the toilet.”

Corson: “…”

Auguste was in a very bad position, just opposite Ivan and Luke and his former colleagues, the former leaders of the 200 Legions. But the number of people was certainly incomplete. The Ivan Unified Legion’s tactics were bloody. There were at least fifty Legion leaders who died under him, not to mention those who died under the Black Raven. Few people really survived.

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August 3, 2019 5:30 pm

Ivan and Luke seem like two persons you don’t want to cross. Ugh.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 3, 2019 9:45 pm

So Palatine pretty much determined what is to happen next, but for now we have a moment of peace.
The more they talk about this Ariella person, the more I think she is a kind of monster. “Eating people”? Either way, if there’s going to be a duel Auguste x Ariella, my money is on Auguste!

Thank you for the chapter!

August 30, 2019 12:54 pm

Dun-dun-dun! I’m looking forward to when they face-off. But damn! Auguste’s whip-like tongue is at it again. Aaaah, so enjoyable! 😀

Thanks for the chapter~😄

February 29, 2020 6:05 am

Ariella eats people? That’s honestly terrifying I hope Hai’an doesn’t catch her attention.

September 23, 2021 6:24 am

Being stuck inbetween Ivan and Dean is not good.
Is this Ariella really as bad as Auguste says?
What Palatine said, to “take advantage of the fun now in case there’s no chance on the future” sounded very ominous. I hope thete won’t be tears ahead. This author likes to surprise and shock; break hearts too, maybe? 😓
Thanks for translating.

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