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Chapter 78: Aphrodisiac

When Hai’an sat down next to Auguste, the lights in the central hall dimmed.

The Philadelphia program began. Alexia’s song was put on as the final stage of the evening. It was said that she would make her face known tonight because she loved someone, she didn’t want to wear a mask anymore. She hoped that the person she loved could see her most real self.

As soon as the news came out, many fans in StarCraft fell into tears, and some radical fans threatened to kill the dirty man who seduced the goddess.

“Well, did you say that Alexia was always wearing a mask because she was so ugly?” Colin elbowed Corson, who picked up the wine on the table and prepared to take a sip.

“How do I know, but from her beautiful voice, she shouldn’t look ugly.” Corson watched the program on the mobile platform intently, and glanced at Colin because he answered his brother’s questions.

“Fuck you! Don’t drink, I don’t want to accompany you to the toilet!” Colin stood up in horror, grabbed Corson’s glass and stuffed a banana in his mouth. “Eat bananas. Be obedient!”

Corson: “…”

Hai’an heard the movement from Colin and Corson, looked at them and found the beautiful bottle of fruit wine on their table. It was packed in a crystal bottle, pure and clear, with a light purple light. Hai’an used to make some fruit wine with the elves when he was in the Elune Forest. He never touched wine after he came here. Hai’an looked at the place where he was sitting with Auguste and found the same bottle of wine as Colin’s. Hai’an took the handle of the pot and poured himself a glass.

“What are you doing?” Auguste stopped Hai’an as soon as he saw that he was going to put the wine into his mouth.

“Drink.” Hai’an shook his crystal glass, and the wine rippled slightly with Hai’an’s hand, showing a pale pink, not the kind of light purple wine Colin was holding, but because the light was too dim, Hai’an did not find that he had taken the wrong wine.

Auguste looked at Hai’an for a few seconds, and after a moment of silence, he took his glass. “Don’t drink this. I’ll get you some other wine.”

“Why?” Hai’an frowned slightly and looked at Auguste puzzled.

“This wine… There’s a little bit of stamina added.” Auguste paused and found a more implicit word to explain to Hai’an.

How strong can fruit wine be?

Hai’an looked at Auguste suspiciously. “I’m good with wine, so I can drink this. What if Ariella comes to you after you leave?”

With that, Hai’an snatched his glass back and drank it all. He felt the taste of the wine quietly, sour and sweet, but it was spicy at the entrance. It tasted similar to the fruit wine he had brewed before, and it seemed better to drink.

Auguste tried to deceive him again. Fortunately, he was not deceived.

With this in mind, Hai’an was more grateful that he had not listened to Auguste’s words. He picked up the crystal bottle and filled it up again. He drank glass after glass. Auguste did not stop him, so he watched Hai’an finish a whole bottle of wine in silence.

“How do you feel?” Auguste lowered his head slightly and gathered Hai’an closer to speak in his ear.

Hai’an’s pointed ears pressed down a little, and he was tickled by Auguste’s breath, so he reached out and pushed Auguste away a little. “Not bad. I think I can have another pot.”

“If only you’d think so later.” Auguste said this meaningfully and turned to the show.

Hai’an did not understand what Auguste meant and was ready to ask, but just then, Alexia’s program began.

“Shhh -” Auguste pressed his index finger to Hai’an’s lip and let him watch the show quietly.

Alexia was wearing a pale blue dress with her clavicle exposed. The dress was made up of a thin layer of crystal yarn. It was stretched on the ground like mercury. The wrinkled waist was covered with silver-white patterns. The corners of the dress were covered with stars and diamonds, like numerous bright morning dew, and the light brown curls were scattered wantonly. Some fell behind her head, and her face only showed the second half, with cherry-like lips with a charming smile and bright lipstick.

She opened her lips slightly, and a beautiful song spread in the hall. Everyone was quiet and intoxicated with her voice like the sounds of heaven.

Before she sang, Hai’an felt that Auguste’s hand suddenly covered his ears, and that the quick sensation of lust quickly occupied every corner of his body, almost silencing him.

Hai’an clenched his lips tightly, but there were still a few threads of sound overflowing from the corner. He grabbed Auguste’s wrist and wanted Auguste to take his hand away. But Auguste took this position and pulled his head right. At the same time, Auguste took the initiative to put his head over and bit Hai’an’s lips with a little bow.

A massive invasion.

Auguste licked Hai’an’s lower teeth, then the slippery tongue went into Hai’an’s mouth and caught his tongue in a dead twist.

Hai’an’s strength and Auguste’s could be compared to an ant shaking a tree, not self-sufficient, his fierce and useless struggle only caused Auguste to move more intensely. 

“Oh, no!”

In the fierce friction, Hai’an’s ears were pressed harder by Auguste, and even rubbed a few times.

Hai’an closed his eyes and felt the strong heat that swept over his whole body. His blood seemed to boil at this moment. His heartbeat was so intense that he could hardly breathe. He could hardly hear a word of Alexia’s song. He could only feel Auguste’s hot breath spraying on the tip of his nose. The long and thick eyelashes were gradually stimulated by the quickness. The physiological tears that flowed out slid down the side of his face, all the way to his collar bone.

Hai’an felt a heat rush down to his belly, and his fragile and tender mouth swelled painfully, which he had never felt before. Hai’an struggled to stand up, but Auguste suddenly let go of his hands covering Hai’an’s ears. He held Hai’an’s waist in one hand, head in his other as he pulled Hai’an into his arms, and then the surrounding huge applause quickly spread into Hai’an’s ears.

Hai’an found out that Alexia’s singing was over.

But he didn’t hear a word!!!

And now he and Auguste’s bodies were almost completely glued together. He could feel Auguste’s abnormal body reaction. The chair was very broad. Auguste fixed Hai’an on his leg, let go of his ruthless lips, licked down Hai’an’s tears, and kissed Hai’an’s white neck.

“Why are you crying?” Auguste laughed in a low voice. “And… What’s going on here?”

Saying this, the hand Auguste used to originally hug Hai’an’s waist followed along his hip until it rested on his member. 

Hai’an shuddered at the contact but couldn’t resist as Auguste slowly moved his hand in a smooth rhythm.

“Ahhn…” Hai’an was about to cry. His chest was sore, his face was hot, and his body was still shaking in the rhythm of high tide. Auguste pulled his hand out of the hem of Hai’an’s clothes. Even in the dim light, Hai’an could see the sticky bright white liquid on Auguste’s hand.

“… So fast?” Auguste smiled lightly, took a piece of paper from the table and wiped the white mucus off his hands. Then he bit Hai’an’s ear, but Hai’an struggled violently.

“All right, I’m not teasing you.” Auguste quickly put his arm around Hai’an’s waist and settled him in his arms.

Hai’an gasped violently, his chest fluctuated constantly. After a long time, he finally calmed down.

“I want to sit by myself!” It was quiet for a while, and Hai’an began to twist again.

Auguste did not want to overcome him, so he had to let go and let Hai’an stand up. After escaping from Auguste’s claws, Hai’an quickly pulled up his chair and sat on the other side of the table.

Alexia had begun to make her speech, “First of all, I would like to thank every distinguished guest who has come to my performance. Thank you for your support over the years…” Alexia’s voice was very gentle, with a woman’s unique sweetness, red lips opened to show snow-white teeth that were hidden from time to time, very sexy. “… Everyone knows about the riots in the Eastern Hemisphere the other day, right? It’s a terrible instance… I express my heartache for those who died,” said Alexia, covering her chest, bending slightly and revealing deep cleavage. “I was at the festival that day, when the explosion sounded, my whole body stood in a stunned position, and a strong and handsome man saved me! When he took me in his arms and sent me to safety, I found that I was deeply in love with him.”

Alexia took a deep breath, stretched out her hands, unbuttoned the mask she was wearing behind her head. 

Colin watched the stage, took a cool breath, and slapped Corson hard on the shoulder who yelled at him, “What are you doing?!”

“Face! Her face!!!!”

Corson followed Colin’s hand to the stage, breathed in a cool breath, slapped Jamie beside him who had fallen asleep on the table.

“What are you doing?!” Jamie wrinkled his face and raised his head in drowsiness, but he only saw Corson’s mouth closed.

Pop. Jamie impatiently took out the earplug that had been stuffed in his ear. “What did you say?”

“Look at Alexia’s face!” Corson pointed to the stage and shouted loudly.

It was the same face as Cedar.

Jamie was just stunned for a second, and then he came back to himself. “Oh, so it was like that.”

“Aren’t you going to react?” Colin picked up Corson and sat next to Jamie.

“How should I react?” Jamie lifted his eyebrows and said, “She just has the same face. I saw her that day at the lake, and her figure is so bad that she can’t compare with my Cedar at all. The chest is so flat that she should be ashamed to wear a low-v line dress. Ha-ha. It’s disgraceful.”

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