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Chapter 80: Lorenzo: I’m a villain 

Lorenzo turned onto a small fork on the road and Lydney followed him tightly. “Why are you here, Lorenzo?”

Lorenzo went to a cabin and pulled out the key and opened the door. “My house is here.”

Lydney followed Lorenzo into the cabin. The cabin was very crowded, with only a set of tables and chairs and a bed, a bag of sweet potatoes and a grill in the corner, but it was very warm. The floor was carefully covered with fluffy carpets. A snow-white cat jumped out of the bed and rubbed against Lorenzo’s feet.

“Meow ~”

Lorenzo squatted down and picked up the white cat and gently scratched its chin.

“You have a night’s rest here. I’ll keep watch for you. I’ll send you out tomorrow.” Lorenzo put the cat back in the cat’s bed beside the bed and went to the table to pour hot water for Lydney.

“Thank you… Where on earth is this?” Lydney sat down at the table and took the glass Lorenzo handed him.

The chair was covered with soft cushions and pillows. It was very comfortable. The warm water temperature came through the cup, warming Lydney’s frozen hands.

“This is the slum street, the only place where Flower Street alternates day and night.” Lorenzo sat down in another chair and poured himself a glass of water. “But after dark there is dawn, no dusk, no day.”

Lydney opened his mouth to ask Lorenzo if he knew how he came here.

“You want to ask how you came here, right?” Before Lydney spoke, Lorenzo spoke. His grey eyes looked at Lydney quietly. “Black Raven fused the power of the primitive mechatron warrior with the moon. He shifted the Philadelphia at random, except the elf named Hai’an.”

Lydney gripped his glass. “How do you know that? How do I know if you’re cheating me?”

Lorenzo sighed. “I’m telling you the truth. You can go out tomorrow. You can find a free newspaper. Tomorrow’s headline must be that Alexia is a mutant corpse bird, intending to kill all the people on the Philadelphia. Marshal Ivan Randall used his armor to save all the people on board. Oh, maybe some civilians will die, but that’s not important. “

“Flower Street is not allowed to have machine armor!”

“I don’t think you have read the Flower Street and Peace Act Ordinance properly. With regard to the prohibition of machine armor, there is a line under the last law that says, ‘Except for the original machine armor’, because they are another species, aren’t they?” Lorenzo sneered and drank the warm water from his glass. “It’s a sad rule.”

Yes, Oliver’s original mechatron warriors were self-conscious, and they were another recognized species in interstellar space.

“Why do I know so much? Ha ha ha ha ha, I also want to be a person who knows nothing.” Lorenzo seemed to laugh unconcernedly, but his eyes kept running with tears. Finally, he covered his face and cried bitterly. “Flower Street was clearly the most peaceful place. Who would have thought that Star wars would break out here…”

When dealing with the devil, how could you get it all back?

Lorenzo was Palatine’s favorite student because he had a pair of naturally grey eyes and was a very talented musician. Palatine once said that he inherited all his artistic talents.

But it was just artistic talent.

Palatine taught him all the knowledge he could. He could learn quickly, his music was far superior to Dean’s, and even his medical attainments were not inferior to Palatine.

He and Dean were both born in the slum streets. They were also picked up by Palatine in the same year. They were thought to be carefully taught students. The only difference was that Dean was a pure human being. Unlike Lorenzo, Dean was born an orphan. He had a pair of pure human parents, but when Dean was five years old, they died of illness because they couldn’t survive the cold winter of Flower Street. So Dean preferred to study medicine with Palatine rather than music.

Lorenzo and Dean used to get along very well, until later, they fell in love with a person at the same time, Abel.

Abel was a wanderer found by Dean in East Street. They lived in North Street, the best place for poor street security. When Abel was picked up, he was dirty all over. Unexpectedly, after being cleaned up, he was very beautiful. There was no doubt that Lorenzo and Dean, who had no life experience, fell in love with him.

But Abel loved Dean.

Lorenzo did not understand why Abel fell in love with Dean and not with him. The seeds of jealousy gradually took root in Lorenzo’s heart, but they were covered by soft soil and did not break out. Later, Dean went to join the army. Before leaving, Lorenzo, his good friend, was asked to take care of Abel and let him wait for him. On the day he came back, he would lead Abel out of the slum and lead him a different life.

Dean entered the Emperor Regiment as a pure human being. The news quickly came back to Flower Street, which caused a heated discussion in the slum street. Abel was very happy during that time and looked forward with satisfaction to Dean’s return to take him away.

Then came the news of Dean’s injury, which Abel refused to believe at first until Dean was dragged wounded back to Flower Street.

Dean knelt in front of Abel, hugged his waist and cried all the time, but Abel did not shed a tear. They lived quietly in North Street, as if nothing had happened. Dean needed medicine for his wounds. Drugs in Poor Street were expensive, but Dean had a lot of money saved up, enough to buy medicine. Dean asked Abel to find Lorenzo to take medicine for him, but Abel knew that Lorenzo liked him. In order to avoid the situation, he did not go to Lorenzo, but secretly went to the dangerous South Street to buy medicine under the cover of Dean.

The first few days were all right. A few weeks later, one night, Abel never came back. Dean went to Lorenzo to find out that Abel had been hiding the fact that he had been buying drugs on South Street. Then Dean ran out to find Abel on South Street. Lorenzo was close behind Dean, and when they saw Abel, a group of men were pressing on him to do whatever they wanted.

Abel reached out and asked Dean to rescue him. Dean, who was already an invalid, could not beat them at all. Soon Dean was also crushed to the ground. A man took off his pants and started to move around him. The first man was an evolutionary human, or an evolutionary human who was awakened by the blood of the sword and tiger.

“Dean, I’m going to find someone to save you…” Lorenzo had forgotten what he was thinking, perhaps because the seed of jealousy that was deeply buried in his heart had finally sprouted.

He just ran away. He heard Abel scream sadly behind him, but he did not tell anyone about it, nor did he find anyone to save them.

Lorenzo fled home and closed the door tightly. The next day, he heard that two people had died in South Street and were randomly buried under a tree on the side of North Street. That night, Lorenzo took advantage of the night, holding a shovel, to change his former “friend” into a cemetery – at least not on the roadside, for trampling all day.

When he found the tree, there was a man kneeling beneath it, covered in mud, like a devil climbing out of a grave. He lowered his head, held another man in his arms and stood beside him with a grey machine armor.

The man turned around and Lorenzo recognized him. It was Dean.

Dean smiled and gently brushed away the hair sticking to Abel’s face. “Last night, before Abel went out, he told me that when I was hurt, he wanted to move out of North Street and buy a shop in Long Street to live a good life.” As he spoke, Dean lowered his head almost piously and kissed Abel on the lips. Then he stood up, and Lorenzo found Dean’s eyes grey, the same color as the so-called day in the slum streets, with a strong sense of hatred and an inextricable despair. “The world makes me sick.”

Since then, Lorenzo had never seen Dean, nor knew where he took Abel’s body.

Like an attempt to atone, Lorenzo went to Long Street to find a plot of land and began selling baked sweet potatoes. Every bit of  income was donated to the people in the poor street. He left only a little money to wrap up his stomach. The night before the riot, Ariella asked him for a favor.

Sing a song to Jamie to confuse his mind and draw him away so that they could get rid of Lydney. Ariella gave him two choices, promise her or she would kill all the people in North Street.

Lorenzo had no choice.

He remembered that when the riot broke out, Ariella stood beside him. “You did a good job, but you’re not as good as Dean.”

“… You said you’d let go of people on North Street.”

“Yes.” Ariella smiled brightly. “I won’t touch them, but you know what? Dean. He’s back.”

Ariella’s gloating laughter was very harsh. She approached his ears and laughed softly. “I don’t need to let you go at all…”

Lorenzo didn’t know if he had not escaped that night, the result would have been totally different now. But without it, he can only repent alone every night as before, but he will never be redeemed. Lorenzo’s voice trembled and said the story that had been buried in his heart. Lydney sat stiffly in his chair, his adam’s apple sliding up and down his throat, but said nothing.

“Tomorrow I’ll take you away at dawn. You go to Erenie Church to find Palatine. Then they should go back. Palatine will protect you. As for your friends… Raven turned on the signal shield. There was no message to send out at night. You can only reach them tomorrow.” It took Lorenzo a long time to calm down.

“Lydney! Lydney!! Can you hear me?” The brooch on Lydney’s right chest suddenly sounded. It was Carl’s new protective shield, better than the last one. It was able to block a small nuclear explosion and was bound to Carl’s nano computer. Carl could keep track of the movement on Lydney’s side.

“Carl…” Lydney tried to control his voice. “I’m fine. I’m in the slums with Lorenzo.”

“Great. I can’t get in touch with anyone but you right now. Wait there. I’ll pick you up in a minute.” This Brooch relied on short-wave communication. The signal shielding of the Raven could only work for long-wave communication. Now there was hardly any short-wave communication tool sin the interstellar space. But Carl used to be bored in the escape capsule. He studied this with Auguste specially, so he could make short-wave communication instruments.

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