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Chapter 79: Alexia

“You say you… Had seen her long ago?” Colin asked hesitantly.

“Yes, she gave me that bunch of first class invitations.” Jamie generously admitted it.

“Fuck me, and you say you don’t know her?!”

“I really don’t know her!” Jamie spread out his hands. “She didn’t tell me her name except she asked me to come on the Philadelphia and said she would surprise me.”

But Jamie was not surprised at all. Last time when he was at the lantern festival, he felt strange but thought it was because he listened to Lorenzo’s singing. Before he came to the dinner party, Auguste gave all of them earplugs. He said that when the show started, they should all stop listening to Alexia’s songs.

As a result, the program was so boring that he fell asleep. Alexia was still there to make her most tender voice, but Jamie could not hear it any more.

“Just her fantasies….” Colin grabbed the earplugs and tried to stuff them back. 

Alexia was still spouting nonsense, “Now, I hope he can come up and accept your blessings with me.” Alexia said, moving to the side of the mobile platform to make room for a quiet moment in the central hall, but nobody came up.

Alexia stood awkwardly, and after a long while, she lowered her head and smiled gently.

“It’s delicious…”

Then she suddenly turned to Auguste’s side.

Hai’an saw her original bright eyes as if they had been quenched with blood, instantly turning into bright blood-red, the corners of her mouth cracked, and drew a smile across half of her face, stretching out her long tongue and licking a circle of her lips.

Buzz! The chandeliers overhead burst with the sound of breaking. Suddenly, the central hall darkened. At the same time, the clear blue sky outside the hall was like the sudden arrival of night, densely engulfing all the light. A moment before the darkness completely covered the hall, Hai’an turned to look at Auguste, who held out his hand to seize Hai’an.

Hai’an’s pupils shrank, because, on Auguste’s left shoulder, a hand suddenly appeared. The hand was fair and tender, and the nail polish was still painted with a bright red nail polish. The hand was passing through Auguste’s shoulder blade, and the fingertip was mixed with bright red flesh and blood. It slipped along the tip of the finger, and then Hai’an couldn’t see anything.

“Auguste – cough!” Hai’an immediately stood up and tried to run to Auguste, but a hand suddenly appeared and pinched his neck severely. Hai’an was knocked down by this force. He grabbed it with his left hand and touched a piece of soft and hot skin. Hai’an pulled his hands down and felt that his clothes had been pulled off by himself. Then he felt two pieces of soft meat hitting his hand.

Hai’an was scared to death. What is this?!!

Green vines quickly grew out of Hai’an and wrapped around the person holding Hai’an’s hands. From the person’s mouth came a mournful cry, piercing Hai’an’s ears. Hai’an took the person’s hand, while his right foot pushed forward, Hai’an felt that he had stepped on flesh.

That wasn’t a chest, was it? Hai’an twisted his face and recalled the touch, feeling very nauseous, but the person’s hands clasped around his neck had not been released, so Hai’an had to continue kicking one foot at a time.

A gust of wind suddenly hit Hai’an’s face. Hai’an quickly turned his head to the side. Then Hai’an heard the crisp clash of teeth as the person hissed in a breath. In the darkness came the person’s more mournful cry, and a dull crash began to come from the dome of the central hall, accompanied by a crack in the glass.

Boom. Boom. A flame suddenly appeared in the darkness, and gradually spread upward from the hands pinched on Hai’an’s neck. In the light of the fire, Hai’an finally saw who the person was who strangled him.

It was Alexia – the clothes on her chest had fallen off, and her plump bare breasts were exposed, but there was a slight purple mark on them. Her red eyes stared at Hai’an fiercely. Her light brown hair turned dark as ink. Her mouth was completely split and her mouth was open and shouting at Hai’an.

The tongue of fire soon curled up her hair, and Alexia finally released her grip on Hai’an’s hands.

Hai’an retreated, while subconsciously touching his chest, Alexia’s chest… Didn’t it hurt?

It really did hurt. Because Hai’an saw Alexia stand up the next moment, and then with both hands holding her breasts, she roared, and her cracked mouth kept roaring. Blood kept spilling from her mouth, trickling down to the ground. Hai’an only heard the sound of “pop” and felt the splash of blood. Suddenly, a dead bird appeared in front of Alexia’s chest.

It has a pointed beak and a long, slender tongue with a barb, “Caw -!!! Caww!!!!!!!” 

Halfway through the call, the bird collapsed with Alexia’s body – because Hai’an was so excited that he used a fireball technique and threw it directly into the dead bird’s mouth. The blazing fire quickly rolled over Alexia’s body and sent out a blazing light.

It illuminated a small area around Hai’an.

But Auguste, Jamie, Collin, and Corson were missing.

To be exact, Hai’an was the only person left in the hall.

The sound of broken glass was still coming from the dome, clicking, Hai’an looked up, and a pair of blood-red eyes stared at him in the darkness – it was not dark at all, but a dense corpse bird, covered all of Philadelphia.

“You look great.” A beautiful female voice appeared behind Hai’an.

Hai’an turned around and a taller woman stood a few metres away, wearing a bright red fishtail dress, with honey hair hanging behind her head, only a few strands of hair on her ears, and dark red eyes just like Auguste and Carl.

“Pure and clean. It’s ridiculous that Auguste fell in love with you.” Step by step, she approached Hai’an and looked down. She saw the soul stone necklace on Hai’an’s neck and a sweet smile on her face. “What do I see? He also gave you his Soul Stone.”

As she walked forward, she raised her hand to touch Hai’an’s necklace. Hai’an stepped back and avoided her hand. Hai’an saw that her nails were painted with red nail polish, as white and tender as the hand that went through Auguste’s shoulder.

“My name is Ariella.” She chuckled and approached Hai’an. “You should have heard my name.”

Having said this, Hai’an saw Ariella’s round pupil, which became slim in an instant. Hai’an immediately turned and ran backwards. Ariella’s laughter echoed behind him. The glass of the dome was completely broken. “Haw!!!” Numerous dead birds were spinning down from the top, and the whole central hall was covered with black.


When Lydney woke up, he found himself lying in a dilapidated brick house. Several strands of white light penetrated through the wall and hurt his eyes.

“Carl?” Lydney called Carl’s name, but there was no response.

Where was this? Lydney covered his forehead and thought carefully about what had just happened. Instead of attending Alexia’s concert, he and Carl went straight back to first class. Carl turned the prize box out of their suitcase and opened it despite his hindrance.

Inside was a round-handled cane as thick as Carl’s arms.

“What is this?” Carl took it out and tossed it in his hand.

“Carl, don’t touch…” Before Lydney had finished, the cane shook violently and Carl threw it to the ground. The cane lay quietly on the ground.

Lydney and Carl looked at each other and slowly moved over.

“Hello, welcome to gentleman’s stick produced by Blue Beast Star. What kind of tail do you like?”

“Dragon?” As soon as Carl spoke, Lydney overruled him.


“Data start-up, please wait a moment.”

The wait was ten minutes. Ten minutes later, the cane didn’t respond at all. 

“Is it faulty?” Carl walked forward suspiciously and kicked the stick. As a result, the stick ran on its own with long feet. “The data is messy! Please repair! The data is messy! Please repair it! “

“What’s this?!”

Lydney picked up the instructions in the gift box and looked at them. At the bottom of the instructions was a line of small letters.

So when he and Carl accidentally fell, they broke it? Lydney couldn’t believe that there were such fake and inferior products in StarCraft.

“Carl, let’s not play with this.”

“What else do you play with?” Carl was not disappointed either. He looked back and pulled his arm.

And then?

No matter what Lydney thought, he couldn’t remember what happened afterwards. How he came here and where Carl went, he didn’t know. Lying on the ground was a little cold, and the bitter chill was coming from the floor, sucking the temperature off Lydney.Lydney stood up and pushed open the door of the house. He planned to go out first and ask who else he might meet.

[Look! Black hair, black eyes of human beings!! ]

[God! Is he pure human? ]

[I didn’t expect to see pure human beings here in my lifetime! ]

When Lydney was in the house, he thought he would be in the city of dawn, because there was white light in the cracks of the wall, but when he came out, he found out that there was a dark and broken road outside. People in the road saw him and they looked at him in shock, while his mouth was talking in a curl, but Lydney said a word. I cannot understand you.

“Where is this, please?” Lydney walked up to a man and smiled to ask the way.

[Is he talking to me? Hahaha it’s so cute! ] The man smiled, but did not answer what Lydney said.

“Excuse me…” Lydney thought the man hadn’t heard him, so he wanted to ask again.

“This is a slum street.”

Lydney looked back and Lorenzo stood not far behind him with an oil lamp, frowning. “Why are you here?”

“Lorenzo?” Lydney opened his eyes wide. “Great. They don’t seem to understand me.”

“They’re not talking in interstellar lingua franca. Come with me.” After Lorenzo had said this, he turned and walked back without waiting for Lydney to follow him.

“Wait for me!” Lydney caught up.

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August 4, 2019 1:56 pm

The hell did I just read? The plot leap this time is way to great to take it easy… Although I love this novel it’s quite a big flaw here

August 4, 2019 8:10 pm

Um… what just happened???

August 4, 2019 9:54 pm

Why did this turn into a horror movie?! That Ariella is an ayulon too! That’s why they said to run away as soon as they see her.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 5, 2019 4:33 am

Could it be an illusion by Ariella? As for Lydney, could the prize be a warping or teleportation device? I think Lorenzo is suspicious, is he related to the bombing on Flower Streets?

Saphire Sheer
August 6, 2019 8:49 pm

When I first picked up this novel, I was honestly just hoping for some fluff… but the waters run deep.

The title of the next chapter promises nothing good. I’ve steeled my heart. Soldier on!

August 30, 2019 1:41 pm

I’m so confused…Who was Lorenzo again?

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What just happened..??

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Whaaaaaat did I just read????

September 23, 2021 7:33 am

WHAT is going on? Was Alexia some kind of puppet for Ariella? What’s happened to Auguste and the others? How badly hurt was Auguste? How did Carl and Lydney get drawn into it, when they were separate and hoe did he end up here with Lorenzo?
Onward for answers 😬
Thank you for translating.

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