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Translated by J.

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After hearing Ye Xi’s story, which was interspersed with pretentious sobbing, the prince reacted with tremendous outrage and disapproval as expected. He shook his head and sighed with disappointment, “I have heard tales of a Huangfu family – a clan from an ancient nation in the Orient. A family so wealthy and powerful, that it controls the fate of the global economy. But I have never imagined that its heir apparent would commit an act as ignoble as forced marriage.”

Under the glow of his protagonist halo, Huangfu X seemed as well-known in the Mary Sue world as the President of the United States back in the real world. So much so, that even a foreign prince had heard of his name.

“I completely agree!” Ye Xi immediately raised both his hands in unison and repeated his emotionally charged performance, “Ever since I was little, I have always dreamt of marrying a prince with a head of golden hair. He wears a crown of emeralds and pure gold and he would carry me away on his white horse. But…that is no longer possible.”

As Ye Xi changed his childhood dream at will, it was clear that he had abandoned every shred of decency in exchange for experience points.

The prince smiled handsomely. Bowing gracefully in Ye Xi’s direction, he replied, “My apologies. I have not yet introduced myself. I am actually…”

I’ve read your character profile already. Out of boredom, Ye Xi let out a big yawn and stopped paying attention. He took advantage of the fact that the prince could not see him and even quietly picked his nose for a while.

It was very crass of him indeed.

The prince finally finished his long-winded self-introduction, “…Louis the Tenth, at your service.”

Ye Xi suppressed his urge to bust out some dance moves in front of the prince, then completely let himself loose by sprawling out on the sofa. He pinched his nose and exclaimed in a high-pitched falsetto voice, “Good heavens! I can’t believe I’m meeting a real prince! But why have you kept your eyes covered this whole time?”

His lilting voice was highly incongruous with his posture.

“It is due to…” The prince touched the cloth that bound his eyes and smiled ruefully, “The golden blood of X kingdom’s royal household courses through my veins. I possess the Golden Sight – everything I fix my eyes upon will instantly turn to gold. Hence I have worn a blindfold since birth and it is rarely removed.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Buddy, you’re the one who is truly capable of controlling the fate of the global economy! All you have to do is stare at the ocean and all the gold in the world will turn into worthless trash the very next day!

“Things turn into gold when you look at them? How is that possible?” Ye Xi looked indifferent, as he was too lazy to force an expression, so only his voice remained tender. “If that was the case, wouldn’t it mean that Your Highness hasn’t seen any people before?”

The prince solemnly shook his head. He replied, “Only once. When I was five years of age, I took off my blindfold out of curiosity and looked upon one of my guards. He turned into a golden statue in an instant. I have never seen another real person since…That was the only time and I regret it till now.”

The key to conquering this male extra is to make him realise that I am the only one not affected by his Golden Sight. Wouldn’t that give him the sense that we were destined to be together? That sounds like an awesome idea!

Although the prince’s character profile did not specifically mention this, but according to the system’s usual shitty logic, Ye Xi thought the person who was immune to the prince’s Golden Sight must be himself.

Even if he was wrong about that, it would take Ye Xi only an instant to die before he would be restored from a save point. Being unafraid of the Golden Sight’s powers, Ye Xi decided to make the prince take a look at him.

After making up his mind, Ye Xi continued to express his disbelief, “But I still don’t believe it’s possible. Can you take off your blindfold right now and turn something into gold?”

The prince replied with a smile, “Of course. It will be my pleasure to oblige with this small request from my saviour. Please hand me an object that you do not wish to use again.”

Ye Xi picked up a cushion from the sofa and placed it in the prince’s hand, “How about this cushion?”

“Yes, this will do.” The prince placed one hand over his blindfold, then just as he was about to take it off, he warned Ye Xi in a serious tone, “Please avoid my field of vision. It is probably best if you stand behind me. Please do not let my gaze touch you, not even for a second, otherwise you will turn into a golden statue just like my guard.”

This sounds just like a fairytale…Ye Xi mumbled to himself. He stood behind the prince and prepared to jump out and scare him. Ye Xi replied, “I’m standing behind you now.”

The prince pulled down his blindfold with two fingers and slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were as magnificent as the sky.  A deep indigo formed the outer rim of his gemstone-like irises; then from dark azure to a pale turquoise, their hues progressively lightened in the direction of his pupils, with the outline closest to his pupils resembling the colour of sparkling moonlight. At the centre of his eyes were a pair of pitch-black pupils, inside each was a tiny gleam of gold no bigger than a pin prick…

When the prince’s gaze fell upon the cushion, the golden flecks in his pupils twinkled. In an instant, the fluffy cushion turned into a rather heavy-looking golden rectangular block and fell onto the floor with a clang.

Damn, this guy is good-looking! The advantages of genetics cannot be underestimated – even his eyeballs can be used as colour palettes! Ye Xi murmured to himself in admiration.

But he’s still no match for the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive is handsome in a way that has more soul than any of the male extras, and the Chief Executive better suits our eastern aesthetic standards, and the Chief Executive…

Wait a minute! Why am I singing the Chief Executive’s praises at such a crucial moment?!

Ye Xi resolutely dismissed images of the chief executive that were circling his mind. He nimbly jumped out in front of the prince while the prince’s eyes were still open, looking especially mischievous.

The prince froze in horror. He hastily closed his eyes the instant Ye Xi entered his vision and muttered something unintelligible in his native tongue.

“I don’t understand what you said.” Ye Xi stretched out his limbs and playfully jumped up and down a couple of times. “Your Highness’s Golden Sight doesn’t seem to work on me.”

“How is that possible? I definitely saw you just now.” The prince twisted his brow into a tight knot and kept his eyes firmly shut. He became rather emotional, almost hysterical, as he muttered to himself, “Could it be that you are the one from the legend…no, it can’t be…but the High Priest once said that everything in this world is destined by the Gods…”

Ye Xi carefully walked up to the prince and poked him, “Does Your Highness want to take another look at me?”

“But what if it was only a fluke earlier…” The prince’s inner shoulder angel seemed to have clashed with his inner shoulder devil for quite some time before he finally lifted his head. With tiny visible beads of sweat on his brow, he finally turned to face Ye Xi. The prince anxiously bit his lips and forced himself to calm down before replying, “Please forgive my lack of propriety earlier.”

Ye Xi promptly replied, “That’s alright. You saw me earlier and I feel just fine.”

The prince was deep in thought for a moment before he replied, “The High Priest from my kingdom once told me that the Gods created a Fated One for every heir to the Golden Bloodline, like the moon and the sun, the earth and the sky. The Fated One is the only person in the world that can temporarily dispel the effects of the heir’s Golden Sight. He can help the heir see the world without reservation. However, there has never been an heir who found his Fated One, because we are unable to distinguish him from the others. But, you…”

Ye Xi gushed, “Do you mean – I’m your Fated One?”

Just my luck, this character design is so very Mary Sue. Not only can I quell the powers of the Monster of the North Sea, I can also cancel the effects of the Golden Bloodline and even melt the long frozen heart of that iceberg assassin…How is this Little Master Murong any different from the cure-all pills they sell on the pedestrian overpasses? 1

Ye Xi decided to strike the iron while it was hot, “Why don’t you open your eyes and look at me? Aren’t you curious?”

The prince took a deep breath. Afraid of accidentally killing Ye Xi with a single glance, the prince carefully opened his eyes in extreme slow-motion. However, one second, two seconds, three seconds had passed…Nothing happened while the two of them looked into each other’s eyes as time quietly slipped away.

Scorching flames of love started to burn deep within the prince’s eyes, replacing the tiny flecks of gold in his pupils. The prince tightly clutched Ye Xi’s hands in astonishment. His extremely handsome, chiselled face radiated with joy and looked brighter than ever before. While he held Ye Xi’s hands, the prince scanned the furniture in the room with his eyes, and again, nothing happened.

When in contact with the Fated One, the powers of the Golden Sight will temporarily vanish.

“My Fated One, washing up on the beach and meeting you must have been the will of the Gods!” The prince was so emotional that he trembled all over. He lowered his eyes and pressed a restrained, shallow kiss onto the back of Ye Xi’s hand.

“Are you willing to return to my kingdom with me? As the heir apparent to the Crown, I swear by the Gods that you will be received with the utmost courtesy as a member of the royal family. Your name will forever be written into the Golden Pedigree of the royal household…Would you like that?”

Why isn’t this a marriage proposal?! Ye Xi became wholeheartedly disappointed for a moment, then immediately pretended to consent, “Yes, I’d like to leave with you. I’d do anything to escape Huangfu’s control. Do you have a way to leave this island?”

“Thank the Gods!” Hearing that Ye Xi was willing to depart with him, the prince breathed a deep sigh of relief. He explained in a gentle voice, “I know of a way to leave this place. When I was born, the High Priest of my kingdom swore a blood oath to me. He can sense the golden blood in my body, so no matter where I am, he will always find me. The Royal Fleet must be on its way here, there is no need for you to be concerned.”

Ye Xi, “…”

With all due respect, based on my experience reading BL novels for the past three months, the prince and his priest seem quite the gay couple.

So, it looks like the admiral and the prince both have rescue parties on the way, which may arrive around the same time. Since the situation may get a bit thorny later, I need to make sure I conquer these two male extras before then… Ye Xi plotted in his mind. Once he received their experience points, Ye Xi would not care less if they fought each other until heaven and earth itself cracked open.

The prince pondered for a moment before he spoke again, “It may be impertinent of me, but to prevent any unnecessary conflict before the Royal Fleet arrives, I believe it will be best if I avoid meeting the master of this island. May I please confirm if my current shelter is well hidden?”

“Very well hidden, as long as Your Highness doesn’t step outside this door.” To prevent the prince from changing his mind, Ye Xi again told him exaggerated tales of his fiancé’s depravity, vilifying the chief executive from head to toe. Then he thoughtfully added, “Is Your Highness hungry?”

A faint blush appeared on the prince’s handsome face, “A little.”

“Wait here, I’ll bring you food.” Ye Xi batted his eyes and bounced out of the room.

A short while later, he returned with a large plate of seafood. His large beautiful eyes curved into small crescent moons, revealing a row of neat white teeth and two small dimples, looking rather adorable. Ye Xi placed the large plate of seafood on the table in front of the prince, then playfully bowed, “Dinner is served, Your Highness.”

So, the prince immediately became enamoured by this mischievous little cutie.

Ye Xi, “…”

Feeding Male Extra No. 2 with food from Male Extra No. 1, I’m a real heartless scumbag!

Meanwhile, the chief executive who waited patiently by the villa entrance for Ye Xi’s return had almost turned into a stone statue…2


Author’s Notes:

The chief executive: I only had 20-words worth of scenes today.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Street vendors peddling wares on the pedestrian overpasses in China are known to sell all sorts of knockoff goods.
  2. Reference to tragic ancient Chinese legends of devoted wives turning into stone while waiting for their husbands to (never) return from the frontline.
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Ye Xi ‘s character is like that of a playboy. He plays with feeling of all male extras. In real life I would also love that kind of situation where everyone loves me even though it is ruthless for others .Ye xi is low key in infatuated towards chief.
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Sue R
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