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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


Ye Xi said farewell to the prince, who was reluctant to part from him, and left for Cat Burglar Tuoba’s cottage.

To prevent the three male extras from accidentally running into each other, Ye Xi kept their lodgings slightly separate. Although their cottages were not too far apart, they were also not so close that the male extras would bump into each other as soon as they opened their doors.

It was not easy being the dirtbag sub who had to put considerable thought into the keeping of his three mistresses.

Ye Xi opened the burglar’s door and found him lying unconscious on the carpet as expected. His clothes were mostly dry by now.

His waist-long, bright red hair was flamboyantly tied into a cue 1 that rested on his chest. His clothes were exquisite and well-tailored. He looked like he was on his way to a banquet somewhere, rather than a burglary.

Ye Xi uttered the familiar command, “Wake up.”

In the blink of an eye, the body in front of Ye Xi disappeared. A cold hand reached around from behind Ye Xi and gently touched his neck. The act was as affectionate as a lover’s caress, but also gave off a sense of danger. Meanwhile, lips that felt cool to the touch pressed feather-light against the outer rim of Ye Xi’s ear. He whispered in a frivolous tone, “And where did you come from, sweetie?”

Ye Xi immediately raised his hands in surrender and used his anaemic, non-threatening voice to explain how he came to rescue the burglar.

Since Ye Xi had been practicing his high-pitched voice on the male extras these past few days, it sounded very natural by now.

“So, what you’re saying is that you’re the one who rescued me.” The burglar withdrew the hand that was pressed against Ye Xi’s neck, then in another blink of an eye, stepped in front of Ye Xi. His face was no less handsome than the two previous male extras. He had dreamy eyes that were slightly raised at the corners 2, with a small teardrop mole next to his left eye. His complexion was pale and bloodless, but his eyes were scorchingly bright. Since he woke up, his smile had not left his lips. His entire persona emanated a mysterious sense of wickedness.

“Do you want a reward, my saviour?” The burglar cheerfully batted his eyes.

You, obviously! Ye Xi quietly examined him from head to toe.

The burglar pointed at his own nose and teased with a wicked smile, “You want me to repay you with my body? That can be arranged.”

Fuck, doesn’t this male extra have any sense of propriety? Ye Xi was stumped for a moment, then candidly agreed, “Okay then, you can repay me with your body.”

The burglar originally wanted to see the innocent youth before him become all flushed and flustered, but instead fell into a perplexing silence, “…”

Full of anticipation, Ye Xi prompted, “We can go through the motions first if you like. You may confess your feelings for me now.”

“Wait.” The burglar rubbed his temples and gave Ye Xi a feeble smile, “Do you know who I am?”

Ye Xi lied, “No.”

The burglar arched his brow with pride and declared, “I am the S-class burglar wanted by over a thousand nations. Do you know who I am now?”

Ye Xi widened his eyes dramatically and covered his mouth in pretend shock. He exclaimed, “It’s you!”

The burglar’s beautiful ruby-coloured eyes slightly curved in provocation, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“No.” Ye Xi poked the burglar’s arm and solemnly declared, “And I dare to touch you too.”

It was the burglar’s turn to be stunned, then he burst out laughing, “Hahaha, this is new. Just who are you?”

So Ye Xi repeated his well-rehearsed tale, including his self-introduction, a tearful history of his house arrest and forced marriage and what a scary deranged lunatic Huangfu was.

What was different from his encounters with the two other male extras was that when he recounted the story of being imprisoned by Huangfu X, not only did the burglar not express any anger or indignation, he laughed rather unsympathetically as he praised, “Tsk, tsk, so you were locked up in a small dark room. This Young Master Huangfu knows how to have fun.”

Ye Xi watched him with a puzzled expression, “…”

The moral compass on this third male extra seems to be crooked. Crap!

But on the other hand, a burglar who steals from the entire world definitely wouldn’t have any sense of honour or sympathy.

So, Ye Xi choked back the seemingly useless line he had prepared earlier, where he ‘always dreamt of marrying a mysterious and handsome burglar, who was neither good nor evil, ever since he was a little boy’ …

“So this is Young Master Huangfu’s private island.” The burglar played with a shiny golden medal, which he pulled out of nowhere, and flicked it back and forth between his slender fingers with dazzling speed. He replied with a smile on his face, “I once stole a small item from the Huangfu residence. Young Master Huangfu personally issued a ten-billion-dollar bounty for my arrest and declared that he would turn me into ashes…”

Ye Xi asked with curiosity, “What did you steal?”

The burglar shrugged with a look of ennui, “Nothing special, it was just an heirloom.”

Ye Xi, “…”

“How boring.” The burglar threw the shiny medal into the air then caught it. He continued with disinterest, “After I stole his heirloom, this Young Master Huangfu really had nothing else worth stealing.”

Ye Xi’s eyes flickered as he cunningly suggested, “Actually, there is something else that would make Young Master Huangfu absolutely furious if you stole it.”

“Oh? What is it?” The burglar’s spirits lifted.

With an air of mystery, Ye Xi pointed to himself as he replied, “Me, of course – his fiancé. We’re supposed to be getting married in a few days.”

When dealing with a male extra whose sense of morality was clearly corrupt, one could not use his usual tricks of appearing weak and adorable. One had to play along and make the best of the situation.

“…You’re right!” The burglar caught on. He stroked his chin with a perverse gleam in his eyes, “I haven’t stolen a live human before.”

Ye Xi exuberantly raised one of his little hands, “Me! Me! Steal me!”

The burglar cracked up laughing. He clapped his hands and exclaimed, “Alright, I will steal you away.”

This might work. Ye Xi let out a sigh of relief on the inside. He asked, “Do you have a way of escaping the island?”

“Pfft, that’s easy.” The burglar sneered, “I will leave the same way Young Master Huangfu leaves the island.”

Ye Xi, “He travels in a helicopter.”

The burglar, “Then I’ll leave in his helicopter.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Good, he certainly acts like a burglar.

“First, I need to find out where his planes are, how to operate them, how much fuel they have left in the tank…Also, how many guards, what kind of weapons they carry and their duty rosters. I need some time to prepare.” With experience and mastery, the burglar counted the preparation activities for stealing a plane and seemed itching to get started, “Aiyah, Young Master Huangfu’s sweetheart and his helicopter are going to be stolen together, I wonder if he’ll blow a gasket when he finds out?”

Ye Xi egged him on, “He will definitely blow a gasket!”

“…I forgot to ask you, how did you end up on this island?” Although Ye Xi did not actually care about the answer and he kind of knew the reason already, he figured any normal person would ask this question.

The burglar replied with a tormented expression, “It was all because of that seafood admiral, Moqi.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Seafood admiral – puhaha!

The burglar continued, “A few days ago, I snuck onto Prince Louis X of Kingdom X’s luxury cruise ship and looked for an opportunity to steal that crown he wore, the one that’s been passed down his family for over a thousand years. I don’t know where the seafood admiral got his information, but before I could make my move, he led a bunch of people onto Louis X’s ship to arrest me. And because of all the commotion he made, Louis X immediately increased the security around him. I realised it wasn’t going to be easy to steal the crown, so I stole the medal from the seafood admiral’s uniform instead. Hahaha.” While he spoke, the burglar kept throwing and catching the shiny medal in his hand, “As the saying goes, a thief never leaves empty-handed.”

Ye Xi recalled the crown that was firmly secured onto the prince’s head, “…”

How could anyone steal it? It’s stuck on!

You should really thank the seafood admiral. If it wasn’t for him foiling your plans, you would have painfully discovered that there was one more thing in this world that you couldn’t steal.

“But what does that have to do with you ending up on this island?” Ye Xi asked.

As if remembering something really funny, the burglar chortled until his shoulders trembled from laughter, “Have you heard of the seafood admiral before? His body contains the forces of the Four Seas. When he gets angry, the sea around him would form a tsunami which he can’t control…He got so furious when I stole his medal that he caused a tsunami and sank both his naval warship and the prince’s cruise ship! Hahahahaha!”

“Ahem.” Wanting to laugh, Ye Xi’s lips curved slightly upwards, but he controlled himself and instead cleared his throat to hide his smile.

No wonder the admiral became vague whenever I asked about his shipwreck, it was because he got angry and sank his own ship!

The burglar took a glance outside the window and asked thoughtfully, “Wouldn’t Young Master Huangfu become suspicious if you stayed out this late?”

“He would. Maybe he’s already sent out a search party,” Ye Xi replied.

“Oh no!” The burglar exclaimed languidly, “Then why don’t you go home?”

“Okay, I’m leaving now.” Ye Xi asked, “Do you want me to bring you some food?”

The burglar dismissed the question with a dashing wave of his hand, “There’s no need. I’ll eat whatever Young Master Huangfu eats.”

He definitely has the burglar act going for him.

So, Ye Xi trudged back to Shen Xiulin’s villa twenty minutes later, both mentally and physically exhausted from conquering male extras. The unending, ginormous villa was lit up like daylight and gleamed with golden splendour, as if it was a luxury cruise ship that floated in the darkness.

At the entrance of the villa stood Shen Xiulin with his arms crossed in front of his chest. His slender, tall figure being perfectly contoured by the backlight.

As Ye Xi slowly walked closer under Shen Xiulin glaring eyes, a thick aura of hostility emanated from Shen Xiulin’s rather handsome silhouette. The waning moon on the horizon was suddenly enveloped behind a dark cloud and a premonition of rain filled the air.

Shen Xiulin’s intense gaze was so unnerving that Ye Xi felt weak at the knees. It seemed wrong to look at Shen Xiulin, but also wrong to look away. So Ye Xi switched between looking at Shen Xiulin for a short while, then looking away for a short while. With his eyes darting sheepishly, Ye Xi looked rather guilty under the circumstances.

“Why are you so late? Do you know what time it is?” Shen Xiulin interrogated in a cold, bitter voice, as if he was the miserable wife who waited by the door for her philandering, scumbag husband to return home at night.

“Umm…I was just walking around, accumulating my twenty-four hours of freedom.” Ye Xi intentionally tried to lighten the mood, as if he was the dirtbag husband who claimed he had to work overtime, when in reality, he was screwing around with his three mistresses.

I really don’t want to tell the Chief Executive that I went to conquer male extras! It’s too awkward right now!

“Oh? Just walking around? Until midnight?” Shen Xiulin stepped forward and grabbed Ye Xi by the collar. He yanked Ye Xi towards him until Ye Xi was pressed up against his chest. Then he lowered his head and vigorously sniffed around Ye Xi’s collar, neck, ears and hair, just like a wife checking her husband for another woman’s perfume.

However, Ye Xi did not smell of any perfume…

Mystified, Shen Xiulin sniffed over Ye Xi again and furrowed his brow, “Why do you smell like steamed crabs?”

Ye Xi, “…”

Just thinking about the admiral’s steamed crabs makes me want to cry!

“That’s impossible. It must be the smell of saltwater in the air.” With his chest puffed out and his head raised, Ye Xi rebutted with confidence, “Where would I even find steamed crabs? And why would I sneak around with them? It’s not like I can eat any.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. ie. low ponytail, also spelled “queue” eg.
  2. The original text said “peach-blossom eyes”, which is said to attract romantic attention in Asian cultures.
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Low key dying LOL 🤣 Tis absolute chaos. The MC is so bold to take on tricking 3 bachelors + 1 husband LOL! Thanks for the chapter. anticipating the absolute madness thatll ensue. love interest chara settings are gettin more & more outrageous! A crown stuck to a head? An admiral whose anger rocks the seas? That’s one heck of a ride haha

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Sue R
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Should he be punished???
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