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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


There was silence for a while before Ivan blurted out, “This, this much? But there’s no need for that at all, I’m just helping you out and to look at the scene. You know I’m happy to help you.” By the second half of the sentence, young Ivan had clearly calmed down.

Luo XiaoLou didn’t correct Ivan’s use of words either, what else could he expect with Arthur, the pirate leader. Luo XiaoLou just smiled and said, “I understand you’re willing to help me, but Ivan, it’s what you deserve. Believe me, I’ll have more things for you to help me with in the future. If you don’t agree, I’ll have to find someone else.”

Ivan hesitated for a moment and agreed, he wanted to help Luo XiaoLou manage the material base so he could learn a lot again. In that case, he would try to do more in the future. Ivan was confident in himself, and even without Arthur, he would be able to feed himself well. He could learn the cultivation materials from Luo XiaoLou and Bai Heng. As for the usual planting management, he could also get help from others. Anyway, with Arthur there, no one would dare to bluff him in Grey Galaxy.

Luo XiaoLou was very satisfied, and asked while the iron was hot, “Then you can help me ask first, how many years can I rent it at most? What’s the rent?”

The Ivan brand messenger pigeon ran off again to mutter to Arthur for a while and came back to report to Luo XiaoLou, “Arthur said five years, after which the lease can be renewed if both parties are interested. The rent depends on the size of the area to be rented.”

This could be a bit of a problem, Luo XiaoLou considered and said, “Ivan, I’ve only been with you once and I’m not familiar with the area, can you tell me about the surrounding terrain, it would be better if there was an actual view.”

Ivan said cheerfully, “That’s easy to do, Arthur and the others have recorded a panoramic view of the city’s periphery when they expanded. Wait a moment and I’ll pass it on to you.” Without much effort, Ivan sent over the actual map of that area, and also gave a detailed explanation for Luo XiaoLou. He usually frequented that area and knew the surrounding terrain, soil and vegetation very well.

After asking Ivan carefully, he chose five of the hills and realized that he had been too greedy. After a long day of comparison, he was reluctant to give up any of them. Perhaps those five mountains didn’t have many advanced materials right now, but the soil, terrain, and even the climate were all quite good for growing many kinds of materials, and even advanced materials could be cultivated well. Coupled with the high yield and high quality of the Grey Galaxy material, if there was such a huge supply pool of materials, the profits gained in the future would be incalculable.

Ivan went back to ask Arthur for Luo XiaoLou for the dilemma and came back to tell Luo XiaoLou the rent.

“These five hills are worth $250 million a year, and the rent for five years is $1.25 billion.” Ivan said in a desperate voice.

After hearing the rent, Luo XiaoLou was dumbfounded, and his frenzy for materials immediately dropped. He just realized that in thinking about renting the place out, he forgot about the rent issue. He hadn’t expected it to be such a large sum of money, and although he hadn’t lacked money in the past two years, he hadn’t saved any either – especially with his joint efforts with 125.

After hesitating for two seconds, Luo XiaoLou ruthlessly said, “I know. Ivan, you tell Arthur that I want to rent this place, ten million dollars for me to keep my spot. But I’m going to raise the money first, I’ll contact you tomorrow.”

“Good.” Ivan was relieved that he hadn’t told Luo XiaoLou that Arthur said that if someone else rented it, it would cost at least three hundred million a year, giving Luo XiaoLou a much lower price point, he had been worried that Luo XiaoLou wouldn’t come.

Turning off the communicator, Luo XiaoLou pondered, twelve hundred million, even if he didn’t have one hundred million, he was making quite a bit now, but spending even more. Recently he had also taken up more of a hobby of collecting advanced materials and strengthening agents, so Luo XiaoLou really didn’t have much money in his hands.

“Cough, will you rent that land?” A muffled voice asked. 125 pulled down its face, ready to make up with Luo XiaoLou.

“Mn, I’m very tempted, but I don’t have the money.” Luo XiaoLou sighed and touched 125’s big head. In this instant, he understood how it felt when he was obsessed with the material, “This time, even if you want to secretly help me make up my mind, there’s no money you can use.”

125 immediately cocked his tail and shouted depressingly at Luo XiaoLou, “Only that one time! You brought it up again! You small-minded fosterer!”

“…Okay, I promise I won’t mention it again, and if I do rent this land, I can still plant your snake vine there, and later on maybe we can get the Holy Vine.”

Finally, the hapless Luo XiaoLou thought of the card that Yuan Xi had given him.

That night, even Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou in amazement when he saw the unusually sumptuous dinner on the table.

“…That look on your face, is there something wrong today?” Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou, who was looking at him with unusual affection, and for the first time cautiously asked before eating.

The smile on Luo XiaoLou’s face became even more flattering as he served Yuan Xi his food and said, “Look, I want to rent a piece of land to grow materials. Then I can save a lot of money on materials and of course maybe even have some income. But that place is very expensive to rent, so I – can I use the money from your card?”

Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou dumbfoundedly as if he had been choked. Luo XiaoLou felt extremely guilty, but for the sake of the materials, he continued, “It’s about 1.2 billion yuan, and that’s just the rent. My dear, would you like to order some wine to accompany your meal? Pair this red wine with the steak…”

As Luo XiaoLou explained the situation and then tried to please Yuan Xi as much as he could, Yuan Xi finally came back to his senses and interrupted Luo XiaoLou, staring at him as he asked, “Didn’t I give you enough money to spend?”

“Enough…” Luo XiaoLou replied immediately.

“Then why bring it to the dinner table specifically, when you can just transfer it and tell me when you don’t have any more?” Yuan Xi asked in surprise.

“But – that’s the money you earned ah! I should always discuss with you if I use such a large amount of money.” Luo XiaoLou blinked, even more surprised. The conversation seemed to have somehow run off in a different direction…

Hearing Luo XiaoLou’s words, Yuan Xi stiffened for a moment, then with red ears and a serious expression, he affirmed Luo XiaoLou’s report, “Mn, yes, you are right, this is very important. Some big decisions you are supposed to consult and discuss with the head of the family. I agree you can use it, as long as it’s related to your purchase of materials or household. But even if that’s my money, I’m a man. Am I not supposed to be responsible for raising a family like that?”

“…Okay.” Luo XiaoLou knowingly didn’t point out the fact that he was also a man and continued to swallow his pride and whisper, “One more little thing, the place is in the Grey Galaxy – hey, you said you agreed to this! What are you doing?”

That night, after an in-depth conversation between the two men, both physically and mentally, Yuan Xi finally agreed.

Luo XiaoLou planned to go to the Grey Galaxy himself, but Yuan Xi was unsure and accompanied him. Before going there, Luo XiaoLou bought quite a few material seeds at Heavenly Winter at a high price, ranging from low to high grade, with high grade seeds being the majority.

At this time, Luo XiaoLou realized that the formalities of going to the Grey Galaxy were unbelievably tedious, but Yuan Xi took advantage of his various privileges to help him get there, and after arriving at the Grey Galaxy, they were received by a pleasantly surprised Ivan and a black-faced Arthur.

Yuan Xi accompanied Luo XiaoLou to see the five hills in person. He found that the field was bigger than the panorama showed, the soil was better, and there were a lot of materials growing on the hills themselves.

After a visit, Luo XiaoLou decided to keep as many trees as possible on the mountain, and to open up land in various areas for planting materials. He also planned suitable areas for different materials according to various conditions.

After all this was done, it was time to hire someone to plant. At this time, Bai Heng came and helped find a number of experienced apprentices to explain the precautions to be taken in cultivating the various materials, and soon, the material base was busy.

In addition to that, Luo XiaoLou had also enclosed a large area on a mountain with a fence. Inside he planted snake vines, which Luo XiaoLou planted by himself. Luo XiaoLou asked Ivan to take care of the materials inside, which were said to be for experiments.

Although he didn’t have the name of master and apprentice, Luo XiaoLou taught him a lot of things, and he brought over some recently completed Grade 4 parts.

When Luo XiaoLou left, Master Maku touched those latest Grade 4 parts and exclaimed to his assistant, “He has made such remarkable progress in a few months with the same level of parts. It seems that my initial choice was right.”

Since Luo XiaoLou and Yuan Xi still had to go to school, their holidays were limited, and the rest of the work was left to Ivan. They said Ivan was responsible, but it was mainly Bai Heng and Arthur helping out behind the scenes. According to Arthur, Ivan was one of their people anyway.

Before leaving, Luo XiaoLou transferred 500 million Federation coins to Ivan, making him be the management of operation costs. The mountain material seeds were far from enough. It was best to buy a part in the Grey Galaxy locally. And for the cultivation method of various material seedlings, Luo XiaoLou left a chip, knowing Bai Heng could also help a lot.

After making arrangements for his future material base, Luo XiaoLou and Yuan Xi went back to Planet Anse.

At this time in Planet Anse, someone was anxiously waiting for him.

It all started when Private Carew, a soldier in the army, went in to clean up Luo XiaoLou’s workshop and found a neatly arranged row of parts on the workbench. Although Carew had only just arrived and didn’t know too much about them, he could tell that the parts were high-grade goods.

He immediately reported to the top and brought one of the lab’s heads over.

That person in charge was also stunned. It was originally the arrangement from above for the Prince Consort to come over to the military in the future. At the same time there were more geniuses coming to the military, who arrived here on their own merit and were working from the bottom. So after Luo XiaoLou came, there really wasn’t much attention given to him.

Although it wasn’t overly important, the military was still very generous to the young geniuses it brought in, and the materials were freely available, which was also to hone their skills. However, the military didn’t expect these newcomers to produce finished products. Even if they could contribute to the military, it would be a year or two from now.

However, Luo XiaoLou’s table not only had high-grade finished products on it, there were actually quite a few of them. The person in charge casually picked up a part to inspect, and suddenly realized that these parts actually looked familiar, just like- just like the ones the Lieutenant General had asked them to find a few days before.

Private Carew was still waiting for instructions from the person in charge, only to see the person in charge breeze out the door with a few parts in tow. The person in charge had a few apprehensions about handing over the parts, resulting in the Lieutenant General first casually flipping through them, then after a few seconds, he glared at them and bellowed in a neutral voice, “Yes, that’s the boy. Bring him to me!”


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