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The two soldiers leading the way were suddenly stunned, which hadn’t been the case just now.

“Was the mist caused by Landa Planet’s special environment?” Yue Shang looked around and frowned.

“It’s hard to say, but Landa Planet does have a weird climate and very long days and nights. Some people speculate that there aren’t even any plants or animals up there,” Mu Chen said.

Both Luo ShaoTian and Yuan Nuo took two inconspicuous steps towards Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou while observing their surroundings.

Yuan Xi stood next to Luo XiaoLou and his face was also somewhat heavy. The only thing Feng JiaLing said to him regarding this mission was, ‘That place, it’s weird. I don’t know if you can complete the trial mission, but as long as you pay attention, safety shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, I hope that you will have a lot of success.’

Of course they have to be rewarded for his adult trial, he doesn’t accept failure, and Yuan Xi thinks it’s the best choice for them to get married this year.

Luo XiaoLou hadn’t said a word since he got off the ship, but his heart was beating fast. In what could be considered as cold and cloudy weather, cold sweat kept breaking out.

The moment he stepped onto the Landa Planet, 125 faintly whispered in his ear, “Never use your Source of Consciousness here.” And then it simply died.

Apart from doing bad things and not wanting to face Yuan Xi, 125 rarely went into a state of death. Luo XiaoLou felt that this was mainly because it was afraid of being lonely, but today, no matter how much Luo XiaoLou knocked it, 125 didn’t even have the slightest intention of waking up. And because of 125’s words, Luo XiaoLou didn’t dare to call it with his Source of Consciousness easily.

What’s wrong with it? It couldn’t be because there weren’t enough Energy Boxes to go around, and 125 had blackmailed him enough of them before coming here.The ones that were made on the battleship were all placed there as well. And all the while, 125 was mentally chattering in his ear before the battleship landed, in no unusual state.

What worried Luo XiaoLou was whether 125 would wake up after they left Landa Planet or not. He decided to try not to say it was annoying in the future…

Up to now, they had spent more than twenty minutes on this grey planet, and under the accompanying moon’s not-so-bright light, the Landa Planet shrouded in fog looked strange.

Luo XiaoLou felt uncomfortable, and subconsciously felt that this place was very dangerous. He felt unprotected, and not just because 125 wasn’t there.

You can’t use the Source of Consciousness force, Luo XiaoLou said in his heart. But the more he said that, the more he couldn’t seem to control himself. The Source of Consciousness power in his body seemed to be under some sort of pull, churning and wanting to spread in all directions.

As for Locke, who he had to guard against, he was staying in the ship and not following down. Luo XiaoLou didn’t intend to stay on the ship at such a critical moment, it might be safer to stay by Yuan Xi’s side. Moreover, if this main group didn’t come back, the battleship would never be able to leave the Landa Starfield.

“I don’t feel right,” Yuan Nuo said.

“Same.” Hull was unusually serious.

There was a low chuckle from Shao Rong behind the two of them, “This is a sealed place. No one has unsealed it in all these years, so how could it be right? What’s the point of saying so much? We just need to find the place now, undo the seal, and we’re done.”

“Yuan Xi, what do you think? I suggest moving on.” Yue Shang turned to Yuan Xi.

Yuan Xi nodded, “Continue, find the sealed place first.” If the danger existed, then it would exist whenever they came to it.

Yuan Xi and Yue Shang both clapped their hands and the others had no objections. Only Hull asked, “Do the two mecha makers want to go back to the ship first?”

Luo XiaoLou spoke, with a worried tone, “I don’t need to. You’ll protect me, right?” The latter part of the sentence was addressed to Yuan Xi.

Although he didn’t quite want to admit it, Yuan Xi instantly felt a little better about this terrible circumstance. He reached out and took Luo XiaoLou’s hand. After touching Luo XiaoLou’s sweaty palm, Yuan Xi turned his head and scowled at Luo XiaoLou, pulling Luo XiaoLou’s hand a bit harder.

Abel hesitated for two seconds and took two steps towards Yue Shang, “I’ll stay too.”

The group started to move. Surrounded by grey fog and perhaps unknown dangers, they decided to try not to disperse. Since the mecha’s detective system was not working, most of the others moved on foot with the soldiers, except for Luo ShaoTian and Mu Chen who had called their mecha.

The two mecha flew silently close to the ground, following them.

They didn’t advance very fast, and each man held a light in his hand.

After half an hour, someone wondered, “Maybe there really isn’t any danger, but why hasn’t that lake arrived yet?”

The soldier who was first in charge of scouting was also surprised, “We shouldn’t be going in the wrong direction, and that lake is huge, so even if it’s slightly off, we should almost have encountered it.”

Another one said, “Maybe we were too nervous last time and went faster. In a little while, we should be there.”

The fog seemed to be getting thicker and thicker as everyone continued walking, and the puddles at their feet seemed to be getting so numerous that if they weren’t paying attention, they would step into them.

A soldier walking on the edge tripped over his feet and froze at the sight of his loose shoelaces, crouching to tie them. The shoelaces were wet when he touched them, leaving a damn wet spot.

The lights in the area only illuminated a meter or so, and with his arm down, the light just illuminated a foot in the puddle that reflected a clear silhouette of a man. The soldier saw it by accident and smiled a little as he noticed his blonde hair turning almost white in the water. The color seemed to be the same as that very powerful mecha warrior, but he still liked his brilliant hair color, and Linda always said it warmed her up when she saw it.

When he returned from this mission, he could have a two-week rotation, and then he could accompany her around the city of Sacred Fantasy, which was a couple’s tourist destination.

However, even though he was intoxicated with love, the soldier quickly realized that something was wrong. He knew he was smiling, as he always did when he thought of Linda, but the shadow in the water – the white haired one – wasn’t smiling at all, it was clearly his face, but now it was like another person, staring at him with icy eyes.

The soldier opened his mouth wide in surprise, but as he tried to call out to his comrades in front of him, the puddle stormed with small splashes of water. Then very quickly the shadow shifted, and the puddle grew rapidly larger, until the dark shadow dragged the man in without hesitation. After that, the puddle slowly returned to its original size, leaving only a single illuminated light beside it.

Then, a second later, another small, arm-like object reached out, and pulled the light into the puddle as well.

The crowd continued on, no one noticing the scene. But whether anyone noticed or not, the puddle still existed.

Luo XiaoLou’s face was pale, a feeling that had been present ever since the 125 crashed, but now it seemed to have reached its peak. It was as if there were a strange and malicious stare chasing him in the darkness, and it was a terrible feeling.

“Halt, Your Highness! There’s a problem!” One of the soldiers closest to them suddenly shouted, “We have lost contact with several of our team!”

As his words trailed off, several pairs of incredibly thin hands suddenly reached out from several puddles near his feet, grabbed his feet, and then quickly dragged the man down into the puddle.

At the same time, as if they had discussed it, there was movement in all the puddles.

Yuan Xi turned pale and quickly grabbed Luo XiaoLou, pulling out the soft black sword at his waist with one hand and swinging it quickly at the hands reaching around him.


Luo XiaoLou, still in a state of panic and confusion, realized that those arms had all been sliced off by Yuan Xi, falling into a nearby puddle and disappearing without a trace of blood. But before he could let go, more arms reached out from the puddle and wrapped around the two men.


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Oh wow… we are off to a cliffhanger land again. I wonder why XiaoLuo can’t use his Source of Consciousness here?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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No, 125! How bad is it that he’s feigning death… or to not be detected so they end up where they need to be.
These puddles sound horrible, but whatever happens, LXL and YX will be ok. Will all of them come out of this? On to next chapter!
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When 125 said to never use his Source of Consciousness and went dormant, it was like when a video game auto-saves before the harder level begins.

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