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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“Oh God, we should go up there!” Luo XiaoLou shouted as he looked up toward the sky. There were too many of these seeing-eye arms, and they were endless, like they were completely unkillable.

“Not necessarily, it’s no safer up there than down here, unless we’re ready to just retreat.” Yuan Xi said calmly in his ear as he swung his black soft sword hard.

Luo XiaoLou was busy pointing his illumination at the sky. The fog seemed to have lightened considerably after the strange attack, and with the illumination tool, he could barely see around him.

Luo XiaoLou soon discovered that Mu Chen and Luo ShaoTian’s mecha were similarly entangled in arms, the mecha weapons were certainly powerful, and those arms were shattered and falling all over the sky. But soon, the pieces fell back in the water to form new arms, and this time, as if they had a mind of their own, they cunningly and viciously tangled in the joints of the giant mecha, weakening the mecha’s mobility.

“They can actually stretch that far! What the hell is this…” Luo XiaoLou said as he lowered his head to dodge some of the severed limbs that fell towards his head, which twisted and moved as if they were still alive.

Because the attack was so sudden, all the people were unprepared, but they still desperately fought back as much as they could.

As the only one being protected, Luo XiaoLou hated the feeling of being useless and not being able to help at all. If it was possible, he wished he could protect Yuan Xi. But thinking about what 125 had said before it crashed, Luo XiaoLou suppressed his Source of Consciousness that was stirring inside his body. Moreover, even if he used Source of Consciousness, it would be of little use against these things.

In order to keep him and Yuan Xi from being completely enveloped and swept up in it, Luo XiaoLou had to temporarily shut down the energy shield.

Yuan Nuo wielded a huge energy blade as he strained to move towards the two of them, shouting, “Brother, what now? There are too many of these things, and it’s never ending!”

Yuan Xi didn’t say anything. Luo XiaoLou helped him look around.

Hull was tangled up in arms, his strength dwindling, but Yue Shang was able to help Hull out while defending himself. However Abel, who had been beside Yue Shang, had disappeared.

As for Shao Rong, Luo XiaoLou tried to look around, and then he noticed that behind Hull, there was a huge oval shadow! As Luo XiaoLou was about to lash out to warn Baby Face, he was surprised to find that the thing he thought was a monster suddenly cracked down the middle, and then Shao Rong, with a smile on his lips, stepped out.

The moment Luo XiaoLou was stunned, Shao Rong turned and walked away, at his feet, a number of arms sprang up, and Shao Rong didn’t even try to do anything until he was once again wrapped up in a huge sphere of airtight arms.

Luo XiaoLou swallowed, thinking to himself that for now, this pervert probably wasn’t in any danger.

Luo XiaoLou could only see the nearest soldier who was still holding on tenaciously, while the others seemed to be missing.

Luo XiaoLou felt a pang of sadness. Had so many soldiers who had come for their trial mission been sacrificed?

This would definitely leave a psychological impact on their wedding day….

“Yuan Xi, Abel is gone. We have to find a way to save-” shouted Yue Shang.

Yuan Xi gave a cry and started to close in on Yue Shang. He had almost the heaviest task, but seemed to be a little more mobile than the others. Yuan Xi asked Luo XiaoLou to help pop open the comms and said quickly to Luo ShaoTian, “I’m going down to rescue the others, you take Luo XiaoLou to your mecha first- Damn it!”

Luo XiaoLou had been well-protected by Yuan Xi, or at least no arms could get to him, which of course had something to do with the fact that he was actively dodging. But while Yuan Xi was talking to Luo ShaoTian, Luo XiaoLou stepped into a puddle of water.

Luo XiaoLou instantly felt something cold and wet wrap around his ankle, and he screamed and hugged Yuan Xi’s body hard, “Oh my God, something’s wrapped around me!”

Yuan Xi turned back, busy tugging at Luo XiaoLou’s clothes, but this time the thing holding Luo XiaoLou was underwater, and he was a bit helpless to do anything about it.

As he hesitated for a few seconds, other puddle arms began to grab hold of Yuan Xi’s body, but it was as if Yuan Xi hadn’t seen them, only fighting with the hand holding Luo XiaoLou underneath.

Those arms even started to yank Yuan Xi away from Luo XiaoLou, trying to completely separate the two of them. Luo XiaoLou cursed in his heart as he shouted, “Let go first! Or we’ll both be lost!”

By this time, Luo XiaoLou’s knee had plunged into a puddle of water. Yuan Xi stared at him for a moment, then let go of his hand. Quickly slashing the arm that was wrapped around himself, Yuan Xi turned to Yue Shang and shouted, “I’ll go down and save the others.”

As Yue Shang froze, he saw Yuan Xi dive into the puddle of his own accord. No one could deny that Yuan Xi was brave, he didn’t even know the word fear, and responsible, but at this moment, Yue Shang began to hate that bravery and responsibility.

Hesitating for two seconds, Yue Shang gloomily muttered to Hull, “Let’s go down too.”

Luo ShaoTian had tried his best to help the people below avoid the puddles, but it was as if the creature possessed an immortal body that kept breaking and reorganizing.

After seeing Luo XiaoLou being dragged into the water, with Yuan Xi and the others diving in afterwards, he contacted Mu Chen, “You stay up there and keep an eye on it, and contact us if anything happens.”

Afterwards, without waiting for Mu Chen to respond, the sharp energy blades on Luo ShaoTian’s black mecha arm spun up and then rushed straight to the ground.

The moment Luo XiaoLou was dragged in, he opened the energy shield. Now the outside of the energy shield was full of grey arms, and the severed limbs inside the energy shield started to surround him, but eventually found themselves too weak and lay in the corner of the energy shield. Through the gaps in those arms, Luo XiaoLou was surprised to find that the puddle wasn’t as small as he thought it would be. It wasn’t a puddle at all.

It could even be said that it was a large lake. And what they had just stood on wasn’t land either, just a thin layer of hard stuff they had been stepping on which gave them the illusion of land. Then something even more shocking to Luo XiaoLou happened. A part of the outside arm separated and within seconds formed a human form, except for the weird color of hair, the living thing was himself.

Then the thing turned and swam upwards, and through the gap Luo XiaoLou saw Yuan Xi.

Luo XiaoLou’s heart shuddered and quickly clicked on the communicator, he had to warn Yuan Xi that the thing would kill Yuan Xi, he could feel its malice. Immediately, Luo XiaoLou was stunned to watch Yuan Xi cut the figure into a thousand pieces in a split second without any hesitation, and then swam towards him in a murderous rage.

The moment Yuan Xi approached, Luo XiaoLou disarmed the energy shield, and after tugging on Yuan Xi’s hand, he quickly opened it again.

The energy shield slowly drained the water from inside, and a few remaining limbs were playing dead in the corner, or maybe they were.

Luo XiaoLou gasped for air while Yuan Xi groped around all over his body.

“…I’m fine.” Luo XiaoLou, who understood what Yuan Xi was up to, assured him immediately. Good thing it was an arm and not a knife or a chainsaw or something.

Yuan Xi stopped and then hugged him hard, resting his head on Luo XiaoLou’s shoulder. Luo XiaoLou had been dragged down, but he’d been exhausted while swimming.

Luo XiaoLou asked the question that had just given him heart palpitations, “How did you find out it wasn’t me?”

At that, Yuan Xi raised his head and gave him a blank look, “How could I not notice? Besides, where exactly did you two look alike?”

Seeing a sign of anger from Yuan Xi, Luo XiaoLou wisely kept his mouth shut. After all, he was the one who got into this situation to save him.

The two of them were wrapped up in the energy shield, which in turn was being dragged by those arms, moving quickly to the bottom of the lake. The whole world seemed quiet at this moment, so the two simply sat down, as Luo XiaoLou was trying to conserve his energy. Yuan Xi just wanted to be next to this weak but warm man, but he wasn’t going to admit it.

“Now what are we going to do?” Luo XiaoLou asked, feeling very guilty at seeing Yuan Xi seemingly lost as he stared out.

“I don’t know. Just in time to go over and see if we can save anyone. I can’t let those soldiers die here like this.” Yuan Xi said with a serious face.

Luo XiaoLou didn’t say anything, he thought it was still a question if they could get out of this. If not, he would get Yuan Xi out of here even if he drained the Source of Consciousness power. Because when he came here, he was so excited, as he looked forward to that wedding. If it wasn’t for himself, maybe Yuan Xi wouldn’t have come to such a dangerous place at the age of eighteen, and now his life was even in danger.

Luo XiaoLou felt something on his hand… Luo XiaoLou picked it up and saw that it was half dried up… “Here are the arms …… Wait! ” Luo XiaoLou’s heavy emotions disappeared in an instant.

Yuan Xi leaned in and stared at the object Luo XiaoLou was holding in his hand.

It really wasn’t an arm, but more like a thick leaf that resembled seaweed. Luo XiaoLou casually squeezed it, pulling the leaf away from the middle, and actually could see the strands of veins.

“God, these aren’t animals. They’re all plants!” Luo XiaoLou was shocked. Something so perverted was actually a plant!

“Great, now I’ll finally know how to deal with it.” Yuan Xi said coldly, staring out with narrowed angry eyes. They had been dragged into the depths of the lake.

Many of the soldiers who had been caught earlier were also hanging there with those arms wrapped around them. Like them, those soldiers had also opened their shields and were being dragged slowly into the depths. But apparently, Luo XiaoLou and the others were much faster than those soldiers. Perhaps the plant found them both more palatable – that’s when Luo XiaoLou felt guilty, thinking about his bloodline.

“Great, we still have a chance to save the others!” Luo XiaoLou said in surprise.

Yuan Xi looked down at the optimistic Luo XiaoLou, “Their shields don’t last as long as yours can, especially underwater. Plus, they have to maintain the oxygen inside the energy shield.”

That said, Yuan Xi’s eyes brightened considerably. The signal inside the shield was far less normal than outside, but Luo XiaoLou seemed to sense the soldiers’ surprise and joy that their prince hadn’t left them behind.

Yuan Xi stared into the dark depths of the lake, where the arms were much thicker and darker, and with some deep evil that awaited them.


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