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Book Six: The Vast Sea of Stars

Chapter 198: Return

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


At the bedside, Yuan Xi watched with rapt attention as 125 adjusted the instruments, his eyes perked up at the slightest noise. 125, being one of the noblest and best mechs in the universe – or at least one of them – was now gently doing the work of the ship’s medical team. In bed, Yuan Che was breathing steadily and quietly as he slept.

Luo XiaoLou regretfully shifted his gaze away. What a touching brotherhood! He only hoped that when Yuan Che woke up, he wouldn’t transfer his hatred for the exotic beasts to him. As he prayed, Luo XiaoLou turned his head, and then noticed Luo ShaoTian gazing at him thoughtfully.

Luo XiaoLou gave Luo ShaoTian a puzzled glance, “What’s wrong?

“What’s there to be envious of…” Luo ShaoTian muttered.

Luo XiaoLou coughed and looked for a way to change the subject. He had a much better impression of Luo ShaoTian after many encounters, so he was happy to talk to Luo ShaoTian while standing together like this.

“By the way, the gray hole affects the human body greatly. How come you don’t seem to be affected?” 

Luo ShaoTian shook his head and took out the silver weapon he was carrying, “I can’t say that I’m unaffected, I would only be unaffected for a week. Master Yan took the situation inside the gray hole into consideration when he was refitting the ship. The device carried inside this weapon will allow me to be unaffected by the rays inside the gray hole for a week.”

“So – how many days have you been in there?” Luo XiaoLou could not help but ask with concern.

Luo ShaoTian looked at him with a dark expression, “I looked for you for three days, and it was the fourth day when I saw you.”

Luo XiaoLou nodded and asked what the date was outside. He was surprised to find that only one month had passed outside, though it had been over half a year in the grey hole. But that was much better than the thousand years that Yuan Che had spent inside before being found.

The proportion of time was not aligned. Whether due to the changes in the location, shape, or other factors of the grey hole, the proportion of time between inside and outside was not necessarily the same.

“So, what’s been the situation outside this past month?” Luo XiaoLou asked. He wanted to know how it was going out there after he and Yuan Xi disappeared for a month and also wondered if his wedding to Yuan Xi would still even count for something….

Luo ShaoTian frowned, “Wait until you get out there. And be prepared. It’s much more serious than you can imagine. A lot has happened since you were kidnapped.” 

Luo XiaoLou’s heart dropped. Abducted? Is this an external statement? He couldn’t help but glance over at Yuan Xi, who must have paved the way when he was chasing him, and was more concerned about their marriage than he appeared to be.

At that moment, there were a few screams from the other side of the door. It was Xiao Qiao and Dees, who had never been on a ship before, and were looking around curiously.

Seeing that they were sending him with looks of panic and cries for help, Luo XiaoLou said goodbye to Luo ShaoTian and walked over to them.

Luo ShaoTian, leaning against the table, was equally curious, but didn’t move. Master Yan, a veteran of the Empire, had teamed up with Master Hebrew and several friends to create a ship that could enter and leave the gray hole only once.

Luo XiaoLou and his friends, on the other hand, seemed to have the tools to travel through the gray hole. Based on that alone, no one would be able to touch Luo XiaoLou when he left the grey hole, at least not Master Yan and the military’s mecha manufacturing department.

As for the rest, the Federation and the Empire were matters for Yuan Xi to worry about. And the two fools of the Jin family, Luo ShaoTian grunted, why would he mention them?

The curiosity was not limited to Xiao Qiao and Dees, but most of them came over to watch Luo XiaoLou explaining to them the advanced passenger vehicle that could fly. The only ones who didn’t were the experts and the Templars themselves who had to keep two guards around Yuan Che every day. Despite the fact that in the future, they would live in a completely different world, the temple guards from the gray hole were not very worried. Anyway, their only responsibility was to keep Yuan Che safe.

Nearly a day later, the ship suddenly shook violently, and everyone witnessed a flash of light in their eyes, and suddenly they were no longer surrounded in a cloud of gas and light. Outside the transparent bulkhead, the dark night sky was filled with the beautiful light belonging to the stars.

“We are finally out,” Luo XiaoLou murmured. He and Yuan Xi had worked hard for this day.

Soon, three other ships appeared around them, two belonging to the military, while the other belonged to the royal family. Their ship received a contact request, and in such a sensitive area, they couldn’t move until it was accepted.

As the only pilot and repairman, or emergency gunner or whatever, Luo XiaoLou headed to the command room. Even faster than him was Yuan Xi, who finally managed to respond.

As soon as he said “We’re back” through the communicator, the other side instantly burst into cheers of excitement, and even some crying.

“Your Highness! You’re finally back! Are you and His Royal Highness, Prince Consort…. okay? Also, Major Luo ShaoTian went in to find you and His Royal Highness, Prince Consort! You…” Rod leaped in front, excitedly speaking almost incoherently. God knows how much psychological pressure he had been under in recent days. He hadn’t even dared to tell the secret even to his father.

“Of course we are both fine. I met Luo ShaoTian, and he is on the ship. Also, we brought back a surprise. But first, we must return to the palace,” Yuan Xi replied calmly. 

Rod seemed to be about to say something else, but was pulled aside and an old man appeared on the screen, bellowing in a elderly voice, “Where’s my apprentice?! Let him come! Your Highness, he was kidnapped at his wedding to you, and I must say that’s just not how a proper husband protects his family! I’m worried for his future safety and happiness.”

Rod’s eyelids fluttered. This grumpy and overbearing old man had been guarding this ship for over ten days and I couldn’t handle him at all! But I couldn’t tell the truth, and now something has happened!

Gosh, it’s too much to question the prince’s abilities to his face. Even as the Prince Consort’s master- the Master of the Empire – the point is that the kidnapping and all that is going on is your apprentice’s own business, and the old man’s short-sightedness is unbelievable.

Yuan Xi didn’t have the tormented look on his face that Rod had. He just nodded his head, greeted Master Yan, and promised calmly, “That was my negligence. But he is safe now, and I will protect him in the future. Don’t worry.”

At this time, Luo XiaoLou had already come over and said excitedly, “Master, I’m fine. Unfortunately I couldn’t contact you there, so I let you worry about me. Also, it wasn’t Yuan Xi’s fault. It was my own problem.”

Master Yan looked Luo XiaoLou up and down a few times, snorted, and replied sarcastically, “Okay, you don’t have to make excuses for him. He’s supposed to be in charge of your safety. Do we need a mecha maker to protect a mecha warrior? If that were the case, we mecha makers would be able to conquer the universe.”

Rod’s heart trembled at the last sentence, His Highness Prince Consort doesn’t have to conquer the universe, he’ll conquer His Highness. And His Royal Highness would deliver the universe to his Prince Consort.

“Okay, since you’re fine, come report back early.” With that, Master Yan simply turned around and left, without giving the prince consort a chance to explain.

Yuan Xi just glanced at Luo XiaoLou, thinking of the sharp movements of the dark blue mecha as it escaped, making him look a bit pale as well.

After shutting down communications, the ship returned to the Imperial Capital under the protection of many battleships and landed directly inside the palace. At the same time, this great news was spread throughout the Empire in the shortest possible time.

The ship’s door opened and Yuan Xi was the first to step down, while outside, Feng JiaLing and Yuan Nuo were waiting.

Yuan Xi walked over to Feng JiaLing and said, “Mother, I am sorry that I did not have time to inform you that I was going to rescue him. However, I have brought back a surprise for you.”

Feng JiaLing swept a glance at his youngest son, and then his gaze fell on Luo XiaoLou, who came down after him, holding a man. Soon, the palace guards were shocked to discover that the person Luo XiaoLou was holding was identical to His Highness Feng JiaLing, except for his pale and young face.

Yuan Che then looked up at Feng JiaLing, and finally smiled. Then he slowly walked over, and embraced Feng JiaLing.

Silence surrounded them, as the attendants looked on incredulously, including His Highness Yuan Xi, who was rarely shocked.

“Mother, I’m back,” Yuan Che said.

“I’m very happy that you’re back. I’m certain your father is too, and you can see him tomorrow. All these years, no one dared to talk about you in front of your father.” Feng JiaLing said.

Both of their voices were quiet, but Yuan Xi knew that these two family members were very excited.

Yuan Xi spoke to Feng JiaLing about the need for immediate treatment for Yuan Che. Feng JiaLing nodded and held on to Yuan Che while asking the housekeeper to make immediate arrangements.

Then Feng JiaLing looked at Luo XiaoLou, stretched out his hand, patted his head, smiled and said, “It’s so good to have you back.”

Luo XiaoLou’s heart warmed up, and he finally felt he had a family again, in addition to Yuan Xi and Master Yan, and perhaps Luo ShaoTian as well.

As Yuan Che walked inside, he mentioned to Feng JiaLing about the guards behind him, and someone immediately went over to arrange a place for Ling Xiao, Ino, and the others to stay.

Once Yuan Che, Feng JiaLing, Yuan Xi, Luo XiaoLou, and Yuan Nuo were seated in the small living room, and Yuan Xi told them everything about their time in the grey hole, only concealing Luo XiaoLou’s identity.

After Feng JiaLing asked a few questions, he also did not pursue the mysterious missing kidnapper. Even so, Luo XiaoLou, who was sitting at Yuan Xi’s side, felt a little uneasy, and Yuan Xi reached out and took Luo XiaoLou’s hand.

“How has it been here?” Yuan Xi asked.

Yuan Nuo looked quickly at Feng JiaLing, whose face was unchanged, and said, “Son, it’s pretty bad. Yue Shang left.” 

Yuan Xi narrowed his eyes and murmured, “Mn”.

“What’s worse, he took almost half of the planet with him and re-formed a new Federation.”

Even Yuan Xi was stunned by this statement, “Mother, twice more than expected?”

Feng JiaLingMn hummed in agreement and picked up his black tea, “Mn, some of them are probably forced under duress, while most of them are willingly. And there is probably another reason for this.”

“These, we two know but your father does not know. I think he must have suffered a lot of shock, but he will be back tomorrow.” Feng JiaLing said with a slight smile.

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September 10, 2021 9:12 am

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So want to hear YC’s story though.
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Sue R
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