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Chapter 5: END

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

When I woke up, it was not nurses sitting by my bed, but a line of soldiers with guns.

Within minutes, General Will came in hurriedly. His eyes were bloodshot, and his rims were blue. His hair, which was usually meticulously combed, hung down a few loose strands. His eyes were fierce as if he wanted to tear me apart.

I struggled to adjust my posture and looked down to see my hands handcuffed to the bedstead, with surveillance equipment attached to my chest and fingers. I gave him a bitter smile and asked him in a dry voice, “Maybe I fell asleep for two days? “

“He’s dead.” The general did not answer, but looked at me coldly, “Tell me, what have you done?”

“No, I’m not dead.”

I looked at him, and his expression changed from anger to amazement, “General, is that Dr. Watson who you are referring to? He’s not dead. He’s right here, in front of you. “

“But… You… “

“I’m Harriet Jones,” I said, “Yes. My body is Jones, my brain is Jones, everything is. But I’m Watson too.”

General Will straightened up a little and stepped back. He had never heard me speak with my mouth, but he had talked to me with a headband many times, and he recognized the way I spoke.

“It can’t be…” He stared at me, his voice shaking.

I said, “After a person falls into deep sleep, the brain will automatically clear redundant information to ensure that it continues to function healthily. When two people establish a connection, if one of the hosts falls asleep, the other’s consciousness will be removed as superfluous. Mr. Jones and I have been connected many times, and each time, he is constantly mining information from me… Maybe he got too much.” At this point, I gave a wry smile, “He asked for something different from what you asked, you just want specific information, but he… It’s like he wanted everything related to me.”

What he took away already belonged to him, so it wasn’t superfluous information, but something that he chose to remember on his own initiative. It’s like the appearance of a new friend, unfinished work, poetry that you read and recited. He almost became me, apart from personality.

When Christmas came, I couldn’t control myself. I couldn’t close the door, I shouldn’t have opened it for him.

What they gave me turned into a hurricane, and Mr. Jones was engulfed and torn up by this huge message until he fell asleep with an electric shock.

Originally I thought I would die like the theory. When I opened my eyes again, I also had a brief period of confusion. When I saw General Will, I saw my body again, and I understood what had  happened.

Mr. Jones is not dead, by reason. I can remember sitting in the isolation room studying, remember the patients I had taken care of, what happened when I first went to prison and all the busy work before that, I could even recall every game I lost as a child. Mr. Jones’s memory is deeply rooted in this brain, and so is Watson’s memory. No one has disappeared.

However, there is always something that the brain thinks is unnecessary and will be deleted and disappeared… What would that be?

Now I have a clear sense of myself and know that I am Watson. Physically, though, I should be Harriet Jones.

General helped me to my seat, as carefully as he had done with my old, dry, and thin body. I looked down at my hands and remembered how warm they were when they touched my skin.

People opened my handcuffs and took me out of the room. Every once in a while, I tried to call Mr. Jones, and each time I heard no answer.

I could walk into the instrument without having to be carried in. After that, I will probably return to my original life, as there are countless questions waiting for me. I’ll give them whatever they need.

Now I have my own room, which, though still under supervision, was much better than a glass compartment. I was in the bathroom looking at Mr. Jones in the mirror, with short black hair, a healthy young body, and the pale skin. I called him again, but only I could answer.

I slowly raised my hand and held my shoulders.

I like to connect with you because it’s like being hugged.

The next day, General Will asked me what to do with Watson’s body. I don’t know why he asked for my advice. Maybe he was worried about secrets on the body. I told them they could handle it at will, but I wanted to hold it before it’s carried it away.

I stroked my icy skin, lifted my frightfully emaciated body, and pressed it against my chest. Watson used to be unable to carry such heavy objects, but Mr. Jones could. I put my arms around Watson, kissed him on the lips, and said goodbye to him.

General Will waited for me to finish all this, came up, and let me follow them out. I nodded and obediently walked beside him and a group of researchers.

“I’ve heard it, too.” In front of the conference room, General Will looked back at me. I realized that I was humming that old folk song.

Dark is the color of my lover’s hair, and his lips are like roses,

I love that charming face and those elegant hands wherever he is.

My love knows this love. I love every meadow he passes by,

If there is no trace of him in the world, my life will be silent for a moment.

I will climb up the mountain, mourn and cry, and I won’t even sleep,

Only a few words are written to you, and I will be tortured a million times until I die.

The cold winter is over and the leaves are green. We can see the time passing by in a hurry.

And I’m still looking forward to that day when we’ll be one.




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September 15, 2020 12:51 pm

Thank you for the chapter. Strangely I don’t feel sad with the ending. I think Mr. Jones would have preferred it this way. I know the General does though he might have a bit of guilt in some corner of his heart. I mean really who sticks a person unable to seperate themselves from their patient with the technology to literally become one with their mind.

September 15, 2020 11:07 pm

What an ending! I hope Jones will “wake up” someday. I have quess the ending, but I never thought of what is Watson’s means by love. He loves everything, everyone. What a concept! He is just like….., I don’t know how to describe it. Like the creature who created the universe? Everything in it is his child and he loves them all? Like the god himself? He did say the gods are exist. He met them on that day, hasn’t he? When he disappeared for 24 hours. As he said, they chose him. At first, I was worried he only… Read more »

September 16, 2020 8:29 pm

Thank you!

March 31, 2021 8:55 pm

Oh my! Can’t say I was expecting this ending at all! Mr Jones is gone, will he come back I don’t know! It seems he overpowered his consciousness and took over, but not because he wanted to as it was clear he didn’t want him to block the bracelet. I do believe Watson cared for him as well. Mind boggling! Thank you for the translation!

April 1, 2021 8:57 pm

This short story is…wow!!! It made my mind 🤯 I definitions expect the twist ending. But looking back, it’s the perfect ending. Better even than if Dr. Watson were magically recovered. This author is amazing!!! I hope they’ve written other works. I’m going to look now!

April 24, 2021 10:14 am

I kinda expected the ending having read a couple Matthia stories now, but I thought the way she set it up was really good. Mr. Jones really cared about Watson. ALL of Watson, not just the contributions he made or his personality like all the others. That makes him special. I agree with the others. I hope they get a chance to talk again!

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