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Chapter 10 – 12: Daily Life

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

After both sides reach an agreement, they move towards the direction of understanding and adapting to each other. Cohabitation is a good way to understand each other. What a person shows casually may be their characteristics, such as both of their bad cooking skills, or Xie Lin’s increasing frequency of staying in bed.

Xie Lin and Ning Yan go to school every day. Sometimes Xie Lin drives, and sometimes Xie Lin and Ning Yan take public transport together. They still eat separately at noon, but Xie Lin will remind Ning Yan to go to dinner, and in the evening, he will bring his dinner to Ning Yan.

Because Xie Lin reports on time every day, Ning Yan’s tutor even makes an exception to arrange a place for Xie Lin to study. Xie Lin gradually gets acquainted with Ning Yan’s colleagues and the teachers in his laboratory. Among Ning Yan’s laboratories, Omegas and Betas are the majority, and there are only two Alphas. The projects usually done are confidential.

The intimacy between Xie Lin and Ning Yan is almost blatant. Both of them don’t cover it up. There have been some rumors before. Now they go in and out in pairs. Naturally, they are inevitably met by their classmates. Slowly, many people speculate and even confirm that they are in love.

After all, both of them are very good-looking, and they have attracted much attention. In particular, many didn’t expect that senior brother Ning, who could not be pursued by Alphas, would be with the newly transferred Omega.

Compared with Xie Lin’s hometown, the atmosphere of X City is more open, but there are still voices of opposition and even pointing out in person.

Although in public, homosexuality is legal, discrimination against homosexuality is embedded in people’s minds. For physiological reasons, only an Alpha and Omega pair is the most suitable one. Only these two sexes can comfort each other and spend a heat together.

Without Omegas, Alphas are always in a dangerous state especially from a random heat caused by an Omega at any time. Omegas will lose their efficacy if it is used more times. Unless their gland is removed, they may be raped if they go into heat.

No matter if an Alpha-Omega pair is restricted by physiology, Omegas are the most vulnerable group in society because of their constitution and various other reasons.

The world of six genders, composed of three genders plus three secondary sexual characteristics, is fundamentally out of order. However, this kind of constitution is the foundation of the world, so it has always been difficult to shake.

After two months of formal contact between Ning Yan and Xie Lin, Ning Yan shows Xie Lin a piece of information that can shake the foundation of the world.

“We can do it in the car next time. As long as the garage is locked, no one should be able to sneak in.” Xie Lin parks the car in the garage, leans over to unfasten Ning Yan’s seat belt, and presses him against his seat to kiss him.

Ning Yan hugs his back and sucks his lips. Their tongues are entangled and they share a wet kiss. Xie Lin’s hand restlessly tries to pass through Ning Yan’s belt and touch his body, but Ning Yan pushes him away.

“Go to dinner first. It’s stuffy in the car.” Ning Yan is obviously looking for an excuse. After this time of getting along with each other, Xie Lin can roughly guess his thoughts when he sees the slight change of his expression. However, he doesn’t persist, just kisses again and gets out of the car together.

Xie Lin finished his homework in the laboratory. After returning home, he spent most of his time with Ning Yan. Ning Yan was busy all day, but he hardly did anything at night. Today, he took out a folder and gave it to Xie Lin before he went to take a bath.

“Look first.” Ning Yan leaves to take a bath. Xie Lin grabbed him and gave him a kiss. Seeing him enter the bathroom, he opened the folder and looked through the documents inside.

There are many files. Some of them seem to have a long history. The colors of the papers are different from those used now. Xie Lin looks through the files carefully, and when he finishes, he goes back to look at them again.

He takes a breath and digests the huge information.

Ning Yan’s laboratory is funded by a very influential but low-key six genders equal rights organization, belonging to a moderate Omega Rights Organization. In contrast to this is the recognized radical Omega Association for the protection of rights and interests.

The latter has been actively organizing demonstrations and other activities, with sharp words and often provoking conflicts between different genders, so it has mixed praise and curses. This organization has been funding poor Omegas, encouraging Omegas to participate in politics, and its behavior is very high-profile.

On the contrary, the six gender equal rights organizations are moderate. They often come out to reason after the other side makes radical remarks, and they are more accepted by the public.

However, according to this information in the folder, the founders of the two organizations are the same person, and the management personnel share the same ideas. The radicals are responsible for attracting fire and covering the moderates, who have laid countless lines.

They have funded a lot of laboratories and medical institutions, allowing the experimenters to study various medical and livelihood projects, as well as some special drugs, such as drugs that can make any gender mark each other, improve Alpha and Beta fertility, improve Omega’s constitution and inhibit oestrus.

Ning Yan’s lab is one of them, and his mother is in the higher ups, so he has drugs that allow Omegas to mark each other.

The reason why Ning Yan’s physical strength is better than most Omega’s is due to the drug. What’s even more surprising to Xie Lin is that his own mothers are members of the organization. And he also used growth drugs as a child.


Xie Lin waits until Ning Yan comes out of the bath and looks at him. “It’s a big game of chess, but is it really good to tell me so?”

“I said we should get to know each other better.” Ning Yan comes up and touches Xie Lin’s head. “And it’s not a secret anymore.”

Yes, it has been prepared for more than a hundred years, and everything is ready. The arrow is in the air, and the whole world will undergo a dramatic change soon.

“I’ll blow dry your hair.” Xie Lin is still quietly digesting this amazing secret. Ning Yan hears his reply, puts the papers of information into the shredder and destroys them. Then he takes the hair dryer and sits on Xie Lin’s lap.

“After that, we will be grasshoppers tied to a rope. In this way, we will not be able to separate. I will have your mark.” Xie Lin says to Ning Yan in the middle of the noise from the hair dryer. Ning Yan just looks at him and smiles.

Xie Lin dries Ning Yan’s hair a little bit. He puts the hair dryer aside. He can’t help but hold Ning Yan and take a deep breath. His body smells very fragrant. The smell of bath gel adds a fragrance to his pheromone, which makes him unable to hold back.

He put his hands uneasily on Ning Yan’s hips, pulling him closer to himself. He pulls his bathrobe open and lets Ning Yan, who is completely naked, sit on his legs.

The minute friction already makes him react. The slight bulge presses against Ning Yan’s asshole. Because they are not in heat, it is only slightly moist.

When they were in heat, they did not need to do too much preparation, so it felt as though there was a lack of warmth. Compared with the intensity during their heats, Xie Lin prefers daily contact, and the feeling of caressing each other into climax is more comfortable.

Xie Lin holds Ning Yan’s back. Ning Yan is seated on his lap, so this position is just enough for Xie Lin to touch his neck. He gently kisses Ning Yan’s neck, and his lower body slowly rubs against the other’s body.

Ning Yan pants slightly, and his body rubs back and forth, against his home trousers. His body fluid moistens the cloth, causing a slight tingling sensation. Xie Lin peels off Ning Yan’s nightgown, caresses his back, dabs his fingers on his skin and slowly slides down.

He holds Ning Yan’s nipples and runs the tip of his tongue against its rough surface. Ning Yan is almost half naked and straightens his chest to let Xie Lin’s lips imprint on his areola.

Ning Yan’s skin is smooth and delicate. The more Xie Lin touches it, the more addicted he becomes. He kisses him all the way down and sprinkles fire on him.

“What do you want, brother?” When Xie Lin lights the fire, Ning Yan lowers his head and looks at him with moist eyes.

“I want you.” He whispers, and Xie Lin, as always, is captured by his voice. Chuckling, he holds Ning Yan’s hips with both hands and lets his body hang in the air.

“If you want it, do it yourself.” Xie Lin kisses him over and over again. Ning Yan pulls Xie Lin’s pants off along with his underwear. Xie Lin has already hardened. Ning Yan moves back a little and sits on his leg. He is caressed by Xie Lin and kneaded to make him more stiff. Then he sits down.

The unexpanded hole is still very tight, so he can’t move any more. When he pushes in a little, Xie Lin stabs in a hot spot. Then he slowly starts moving a little in and pulling out at a time. He throws Ning Yan’s bathrobe on the floor and watches him sit naked on himself, only half of which he took off.

Ning Yan’s hole is numb and itchy. He wants Xie Lin to get in, but his body is not ready. He can only let Xie Lin open him up a little bit.

Xie Lin leaves a red mark on Ning Yan’s body, and constantly teases him with words, which makes his asshole more and more moist, and releases squelching sounds. Ning Yan’s body gradually envelops him. Xie Lin thinks it’s ready, so he inserts it to the end and enters Ning Yan’s body.

Ning Yan can’t help leaning back, but he is hugged by Xie Lin. They hug each other. Xie Lin raises his body and lets go of his hand to let the penis enter a deeper position. Ning Yan can’t help but groan, grabbing Xie Lin’s shoulder and lowering his head to kiss him.

Xie Lin licks his red lips, and as they kiss, their movements do not stop. The face-to-face posture allows Xie Lin to see his whole body, his body flushed with lust. Xie Lin kneads Ning Yan’s buttocks and pulls outward as he enters. He almost wanted to squeeze into Ning Yan’s body completely. When he pulls out, he squeezes inward again, so that he can wrap himself more tightly inside.

Ning Yan is controlled by Xie Lin. Although he has not spoken, he loves the present feeling very much. More and more body fluids are secreted from the small asshole, and even wet Xie Lin’s hands. The squelching sound is becoming more and more intense. He is more and more excited and moves faster. He fully rubs Ning Yan’s inner wall and wants to bring him to the climax of sexual desire.

For a moment, the room is quiet, with only the sound of body collision and the two people’s breathing. Ning Yan held the back of his chair and cooperated with Xie Lin’s movements. His body moves up and down, and his penis rubs repeatedly against Xie Lin’s abdomen. In his pleasure, his body twitches slightly, his asshole tightens, and he secretes a burst of liquid just as his front also shakes and shoots out cum.

Xie Lin is tightly clamped by him, but he doesn’t restrain himself. He just thrusts into him a few times and shoots out his climax.

After the climax, Ning Yan’s body loses its strength, and he cuddles with Xie Lin. They caress each other’s bodies, get up from their chairs and go to the bathroom to wash.

Xie Lin cleans the back of Ning Yan’s asshole and finds that his front end is hard again. Ning Yan holds Xie Lin in his arms, touches the back of his hand, and inserts into his small hole, which is also wet.

This direct stimulation makes Xie Lin’s body tense, but he pinches Ning Yan’s fingers deeper. An omega’s body can’t be satisfied only by the climax of the front end. Xie Lin is thrusted into and can’t help sighing.

“A little deeper.” Xie Lin raises one leg up a little bit and circles Ning Yang’s body with it to make it easier for him to move. Ning Yan inserts another finger, which makes a squelching sound. He massages Xie Lin’s inner wall with his fingers, caresses his flesh, stimulates his genital cavity entrance, and feels the wonderful feeling of his hot and humid asshole enveloping his fingers inside.

However, his fingers are only foreplay. Soon, Ning Yan turns Xie Lin around, supports his waist, and inserts from behind him. He grabs Xie Lin’s waist, and slowly starts pulling and moving.

Xie Lin goes forward, and Ning Yan’s penis pulls out, but the latter simply follows up and resists the friction in the deep. They play for several minutes. Xie Lin puts his hands on the sink and looks up at himself in the mirror.

His face is flushed, his body naked, and his breasts are swollen from the sucking and kisses, and his body is littered with marks of deep and shallow kisses. Ning Yan is right behind him. His expression is as gentle as ever. He thrusts into Xie Lin’s body, rocking his body back and forth, and he can’t help moaning.

“Brother, kiss me.” Even though Xie Lin’s face is thick, he can’t help but turn his face. Ning Yan’s kiss falls on his forehead, then his eyes, and then repeatedly on his face. At the same time, his movements do not slow down. He pulls Xie Lin’s waist towards himself, and his body hits Xie Lin’s buttocks, making a violent sound of physical collision.

After kissing for a moment, Ning Yan abruptly releases Xie Lin and leaves his body.

“What’s the matter?” Xie Lin’s body suddenly becomes empty. He can feel the body fluid sliding down his asshole and he just wants it to be blocked. Ning Yan doesn’t answer. Instead, he picks up Xie Lin, walks out of the bathroom barefoot, and comes to the mirror.

Seeing the two people in the mirror, Xie Lin can’t help but blush and rub against Ning Yan. However, he still puts his hands on both sides of the mirror and raises his hips so that Ning Yan can enter again.

Because they stopped just now, Xie Lin feels even more excited when he is thrust into this time. He looks at himself in the mirror and Ning Yan behind him. He can’t help but look down. From the mirror, he sees his small hole repeatedly get thrusted in and out by a thick, long red penis. The mouth of his hole is bright red, and he greedily sucks the penis in, not wanting it to pull out.

When his penis is pulled out, the stem is drenched with the secreted body fluid. The buttocks and thighs are also contaminated. His legs can’t help shaking and can hardly bear the fierce action of the other party.

The more he looks at it, the more ashamed he feels. However, it gives rise to more excitement. He could even feel that his body was secreting liquid, and his asshole was getting wetter and wetter, as if he were about to melt away.

He couldn’t help closing his eyes, but his mind was full of pictures of Ning Yan playing with himself. He could not help but open his eyes and watch as the penis kept thrusting in and out of the small cave. He was able to eat the huge thing completely. This kind of picture makes Xie Lin puzzled. He even felt the shape of Ning Yan within him by pressing his hand on his abdomen.

Ning Yan watches his movements and reaches out to lift one of his legs up to expose his posterior asshole completely in front of the mirror. Xie Lin looks at the way he is being entered, and his asshole twitches. He climaxes under the dual stimulation of vision and body. His body is completely resting on Ning Yan. His other hand reaches behind Ning Yan, and his fingers insert into Ning Yan’s small hole.

Ning Yan originally planned to continue to work Xie Lin to his climax. He liked to watch Xie Lin feel confused and infatuated. However, Xie Lin poked a finger into his asshole to take him deeper. He looked at the place where they were joined in the mirror and couldn’t help but quicken his action.

Xie Lin watched his asshole twitch and contract, but Ning Yan poked it open again and again, and his body kept spasmodically twitching. Ning Yan’s movement suddenly stopped, he stopped inside Xie Lin’s body, and entered his climax.

When he pulls it out, Xie Lin’s back hole has not yet closed, revealing the bright red flesh inside. Ning Yan strokes his nipple, presses him against the mirror and kisses him. After a while, they go to wash before heading to bed together.

As for today’s information, Xie Lin will let these secrets rot in his stomach. Fortunately, Ning Yan is not the protagonist of the storm, so just right when the storm comes, the two of them are in heat again.

This time, Xie Lin secretly goes to a website to buy some gadgets, ready to use them with Ning Yan.

An Omega’s oestrus period is usually once every three months, while alpha can only be in passive estrus. In other words, an Omega’s heat causes the alpha to go into heat, and his partner’s time is synchronized.

Although the time rhythm of two omegas is not consistent, one person’s oestrus will also bring the other person into heat. For example, Ning Yan, who used the inhibitor regularly last time, was brought into heat by Xie Lin. This time, Ning Yan had the oestrus reaction first.

Ning Yan was still working in the laboratory when he just had the symptoms of his heat. When his colleagues came in from the outside, he felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t explain why.

“It’s so hot today.” The colleague said. He felt his clothes were a little thick, and he couldn’t help but fan his face with his hand.

“Mn.” Ning Yan also feels a little hot, but he looks at the thermometer and finds that the temperature in the laboratory is not high. Why does he feel so hot?

“Did you spray an air freshener? Why does it smell so good in here today?” When the colleague sits down to deal with his work, Ning Yan suddenly realizes what he is wearing, so he didn’t have enough sense of the smell. It seemed that he was in heat.

It has been more than three months since the last oestrus, so it’s time to calculate. Because Xie Lin asked to be marked with him, Ning Yan didn’t use an inhibitor. It was still a matter of time but he was busy these days and forgot about it.

Ning Yan and his colleagues immediately said a few words, and then contacted the teacher to ask for leave. The teacher hears him say oestrus and naturally grants him leave. After hanging up the phone, he was thoughtful. It seemed that the relationship between Ning Yan and Xie Lin had been confirmed. He had never asked for leave before.

To avoid trouble, Ning Yan doesn’t take public transport. Instead, he calls Xie Lin and tells him about his heat, and asks him to come and see him off.

Xie Lin just finished class. After hearing Ning Yan say that he was in heat, he went to ask his teacher for leave. The affair between him and Ning Yan was in full swing in the school. At this time, it was further confirmed when the teacher gave him a meaningful look and gave him a vacation.

So, Xie Lin thanked his teacher and contacted his classmates to help him take notes so that he could make up for his lessons. As the end of the term was approaching, if he was a little behind, he would not be prepared for the exam.

As soon as he got into his car and got into the driver’s seat, Ning Yan handed him a pill. He took Ning Yan’s hand and rolled the medicine into his mouth, licking Ning Yan’s fingertips as he did. In the car, the smell of Ning Yan’s pheromone became strong. Xie Lin took a deep breath, and his body leaped through small electric currents.

The medicine Ning Yan gave him was to prevent oestrus, and it had an effect, but it only lasted for a short time. Their goal was to prevent it until they reached home.

As the car drives slowly into the garage, Xie Lin dares to look back at Ning Yan, who is sitting in the back seat. Ning Yan’s face is flushed and he is short of breath. Maybe it was because of the use of inhibitors all the time, his oestrus came very quickly. Xie Lin blinks his eyes. He is quite calm now. The doors of the house are locked. Moreover, after the incident last time, a monitoring system has been installed in the yard. It seems that this is a good opportunity to do it in the car.

Xie Lin has always been thinking about marking. He still wants Ning Yan to mark him. Although he also likes to make Ning Yan red and a mess of groans, he still prefers the feeling of being possessed. But this time he’s going to get into Ning Yan’s genital cavity and take possession of him.

Ning Yan hears Xie Lin open the door and go out, but after, there was no sound. He looks up and through the car window, and sees that Xie Lin seems to be looking for something. After a while, the back door opens.

Xie Lin has some things in his hand but he puts them directly on the front seat, not showing them to Ning Yan. Meanwhile, Ning Yan is so dazzled by the heat, all he wants to do is hold Xie Lin’s neck and kiss his lips.

Ning Yan’s body is very hot. He hugs Xie Lin tightly and Xie Lin responds positively. He kisses and rubs Ning Yan’s hard penis through his pants with his hand. This makes Ning Yan’s body react more intensely. When they hold each other, Ning Yan is already deeply in his heat, while Xie Lin is calm because of the drugs.

“Take off your clothes.” Xie Lin orders, Ning Yan hears the speech, then stumbles to take off his coat and throws it to one side. His skin is smooth, white and tender, and his bright red nipples are erect and looks forward to being caressed. His whole body has turned into a pink and tender color.

Looking at Ning Yan’s body, Xie Lin couldn’t help swallowing. He went to the seat in front of him, touched it, and took something.

Ning Yan looks down at Xie Lin, who is buried in his chest and has his nipple in his mouth. His soft lips suck milk, while his tongue licks his nipples. He stimulates Ning Yan’s body with his thick tongue. His hand reaches behind Ning Yan and presses the hole through his pants.

His underwear has been soaked in lewd liquid. It seems that you could feel the hot tide from the outside. Ning Yan’s face is getting more and more red. He wants Xie Lin to take off his pants and comfort his body. However, Xie Lin just caresses and even loosens his mouth, making his chest suddenly cold.

A clear bell rings, and Xie Lin takes something and fiddles with it. Ning Yan looks at it for a long time, and then realizes that he was holding a nipple clamp with a hollow bell hanging under it. When he moves, it makes a slight sound.

Xie Lin clamps it on Ning Yan’s nipple which was licked up by him, and gently flicks the bell. Ning Yan’s body shakes, and while the feeling of his nipple being clamped is slightly painful, it brings more shame and stimulation. However, in Xie Lin’s eyes, this is the ultimate temptation. The golden bell is suspended on the nipple and makes a beautiful sound with the movement of the host’s body.

He quickly licks Ning Yan’s other nipple, standing up and holding the other one on top. Ning Yan hears the sound on his chest. He was ashamed in his heart, but his body can’t help getting more excited. The liquid secreted by Ning Yan has penetrated his underwear and almost moistened Xie Lin’s fingers.

When Xie Lin is finished, he unties Ning Yan’s belt, reaches in and pinches Ning Yan’s buttocks. His fingers touch the wet hole and he gently inserts his fingertips in.

As soon as Ning Yan’s body shakes, he sends out a series of clear and crisp sounds from the bells. Xie Lin inserts his two fingers effortlessly, bends his knuckles and massages the insides of his asshole, forcing Ning Yan to make an unbearable groan.

The Omega’s asshole during oestrus turns wet, hot and soft. Xie Lin can’t put it down. The feeling that the other party is in oestrus while he hasn’t entered the oestrus period himself is really magical. His brain is very clear, so he can play with Ning Yan’s body more soberly.

He takes off Ning Yan’s pants, lets him lean on the back of the chair, pulls up his legs and pushes them to the sides of his body. Ning Yan’s small hole is exposed in front of Xie Lin, who just unbuttons his pants to reveal his penis, staring at Ning Yan, who is naked.

He kisses Ning Yan, the penis running through his body, rubbing into the depths of his cave. He pulls it out a little bit, and then goes deeper, almost chiseling himself into his body. Ning Yan’s breathing is shaky. Xie Lin moves and the bell hanging on his nipple shakes. The bell pulls at the nipple, but it is comfortable despite the pain.

Xie Lin likes the sound very much, and Ning Yan’s moaning quickens. He bends down and kisses Ning Yan’s chest. His lips linger around the breast clip, leaving marks on his body.

Ning Yan was engulfed by the turbulent tide of love, and was instensely played by Xie Lin. He almost loses his mind. He could only feel Xie Lin’s play and couldn’t help tightening the hole to let Xie Lin stay in it, so that he could work harder and dry himself to death without leaving any leeway.

Naturally, Xie Lin did what he wanted. He didn’t want to talk. He just kept pulling and kissing Ning Yan’s ankle. Ning Yan closed his eyes and almost burst into tears. Xie Lin became more excited and suddenly left his body.

He turns Ning Yan around and lets him lie down on the back of his chair. While rubbing his wet and hot penis, he feels Ning Yan’s asshole with his fingers. He touches the entrance of Ning Yan’s genital cavity and inserts his fingertips into it.

Ning Yan’s body is almost completely stiff when the closed genital cavity opens, and more fluid secretes from his asshole to wrap Xie Lin’s fingers. Xie Lin props up the entrance with two fingers, allowing the liquid to pour into the genital cavity, infiltrating the place that has never been touched.

Ning Yan grips Xie Lin’s arm when he feels him pull out his finger and inserting his penis into his body to test it. Xie Lin’s hand also holds Ning Yan’s genitalia, and the fingertips stimulate his glans.

Xie Lin inserts his penis into the genital cavity and enters it with his own weight. Once there is heavy resistance, he pulls out part of it. He kisses Ning Yan’s neck and back, and re-enters again. Each time, he goes deeper, until he completely inserts the penis into the genital cavity, leaving no gap.

Despite the pain, Ning Yan feels so good but his teeth can’t bite anything. He can only gasp and groan with his mouth open. With Xie Lin thrusting in, each slap is interwoven with a ringing tone, and the whole car is full of an obscene smell.

Xie Lin severely lashes against Ning Yan’s genital cavity and feels the heat and tightness of the cavity. Both hands unconsciously grab Ning Yan’s buttocks, and then slap it with open palms, causing his body to contract again and again. Ning Yan is distracted by Xie Lin’s work. He just hopes that he can shoot out in his body and let himself have a quick climax, so as to get rid of the torment of excessive happiness.

Ning Yan clamps his legs a little closer so Xie Lin could finish faster. Xie Lin guesses his mind, opens his legs and sandwiches Ning Yan’s legs between his own. Suddenly, he feels Ning Yan’s body wrap around his own penis, and the friction is more intense. He works harder and faster in the almost impossible genital cavity, rubbing Ning Yan’s butt, and finally reaches the climax.

Ning Yan’s body suddenly loses its strength. He has to lie down on the seat, gasping violently, and sweating. Meanwhile, Xie Lin is still in his reproductive cavity, thrusting back and forth hundreds of times, bringing Ning Yan into another climax before finally shooting out.

The car quieted down, and there was only the occasional bell sound. Xie Lin pulled out of Ning Yan’s body and saw his hole close slowly. The liquid flowed down his legs and hit the seat. Ning Yan felt him pull out. He thought it was over and wanted to have a rest. Suddenly, he feels a chill in his asshole. Something thick and long is inserted into his asshole to fill it up.

“What is this?” Ning Yan asks weakly.

“It’s beautiful.” Xie Lin presses the object, pushing it in deeper. From his point of view, this is a dildo with a furry rabbit tail at the end. Now the dildo is fully inserted into Ning Yan’s body, leaving only the rabbit tail outside, making it look like Ning Yan has a rabbit tail.

Xie Lin turns him around and looks at him like he is a poor little rabbit.

“Let’s go back.” He picks up his coat and puts it on Ning Yan. His two nipples had been clamped and his hole was filled with a dildo. Then he helps Ning Yan put on his underwear, and put on his pants, hiding the rabbit’s tail in it.

Xie Lin helped Ning Yan get out of the car. Ning Yan’s legs were still soft and his body half-leaned on Xie Lin’s body. They took a few steps and Ning Yan suddenly stopped.

“Stop. Stop.” Ning Yan gasps for Xie Lin, but Xie Lin looks innocent.

“What’s the matter, brother? Let’s go home soon.” He puts the switch of the dildo in his pocket and helps Ning Yan walk as if nothing has happened. However, Ning Yan has just experienced a climax, and felt the dildo push into the genital cavity, and now there is a dildo in him which is vibrating violently. He can hardly walk and can only lean on Xie Lin.

The breast clip on his chest is still flailing, and the sound can be heard even through the clothes. Ning Yan doesn’t know how long it takes to get home. He asked Xie Lin to change his shoes, take off his clothes, and put his back to the mirror to look at the tail through the reflection.

Gradually, Xie Lin pulls the dildo out of his small hole, removes the breast clip from his chest, and caresses his swollen nipples with heartache.

Ning Yan and Xie Lin went to clean up and ate something to replenish their strength. Not too long ago, Xie Lin’s medicine lost its effect, and he started to feel hot and thirsty for someone to enter him.

“In fact, I have bought many kinds of them. I also have them in my room. Brother, if you want to use them, you can take them.” Xie Lin covers his face. He also feels that he has gone too far. However, when he remembers the sight of Ning Yan’s breasts clamped in those beautiful breast clips and his rabbit-like tail, he suddenly feels a burst of heat from his body.

“Don’t be angry. If you don’t like it, we won’t have to next time.” Xie Lin looks at Ning Yan’s face and reaches for his chest.

“No, I like it too.” Ning Yan did feel that these things were strange at first. However, although it was very shameful when using them, one could really get unprecedented pleasure. Moreover, only Xie Lin could see his gaffe. It was not really irritating to think about it.

“I love you, brother. I can’t help but bully you.” Xie Lin and Ning Yan have been together for some time. The more they get along with each other, the more they like each other. Xie Lin likes Ning Yan’s calm and self-sufficient demeanour, and the way he looks in bed. He is handsome and sexy.

“Then I’ll bully you back.” Ning Yan reaches out to hold Xie Lin and rolls along with the trend. He presses Xie Lin under his body. Xie Lin relaxes his body and looks at him with wide eyes. Ning Yan feels that his heart is also roaring and bows his head to kiss him. Xie Lin hangs his arms over his neck, endures the waves of pleasure under him, and only entangles his lips and tongue.

“Then bully me a little more, bully me until I cry.” Xie Lin whispers during the kiss. He was so excited at the thought of being bullied and crying that he just wants Ning Yan to achieve this goal quickly.

After holding each other for a while, Ning Yan went to Xie Lin’s room to bring out the toys he had bought. Xie Lin specially prepared two sets of these things, one in the garage to prepare for the car sex he was thinking of, and the other was in his room. Due to the particularity of an Omega’s constitution, they can only do it in these two places.

Looking at Ning Yan scrubbing and disinfecting the small toys and putting them in the box, Xie Lin thought about how to use them in a moment. At that time, he bought a lot of them, meant for long term use.

After Ning Yan finishes cleaning up, he puts everything in the drawer beside his bed. Now, Xie Lin usually sleeps with him in Ning Yan’s room, but sometimes he goes to his own room to do his own things. His clothes have occupied Ning Yan’s closet, and everything in the room smells like him. He is the second owner here.

Xie Lin lay quietly as he waited for Ning Yan to come over to the bed. Ning Yan could not help touching his lips and kissing his face. He slipped down, holding his earlobe and biting between his teeth. At the same time, his hands did not stop. He untied the buttons of Xie Lin’s pajamas, revealing his naked body. He held a transparent disc and placed  it on Xie Lin’s chest.

The disc is made of silicone. It is very soft and can fit on the chest. There are also spikes of the same material underneath, which cover the nipple and areola completely. Ning Yan fixed them on both sides, but Xie Lin doesn’t feel uncomfortable. He just touches his chest the whole time, but he couldn’t let Ning Yan kiss them. He felt that there was something missing.

Ning Yan sat on his knees with his legs apart. He grabbed a small toy but did not rush in. Instead, he went all the way down from Xie Lin’s neck, leaving kisses all over Xie Lin’s body, continuously sucking and kissing. His lips and tongue worked to suck on the uncovered part of Xie Lin’s chest. He slowly travelled down his abdomen, pulled on Xie Lin’s thigh and left a kiss mark on the inside of his thigh.

Xie Lin was in heat and his whole body was shaking. Even his genitals were also erect and twitching.

“Give me a lick, will you?” He wants Ning Yan to lick him, either from the front or the back, but Ning Yan doesn’t move. He just kept kissing. Xie Lin’s buttock was also printed with a kiss mark. He watched a stream of liquid flowing out of Xie Lin’s small hole, but only touched the skin of the surrounding area.

Xie Lin understood how Ning Yan was going to bully him. He teased his whole body. Xie Lin felt like he was on fire for a long time, but the other party didn’t appear keen on putting out the fire at all. He also slowly tasted his body. Xie Lin was thinking this when Ning Yan grasped his ankle and gently kissed him at the bend of his leg.

“Brother, give it to me.” Xie Lin groans and asks him, but Ning Yan kisses him methodically, puts down his leg, bends over and covers Xie Lin’s eyes with cloth.

Xie Lin is blindfolded and can’t see anything. He can only feel what Ning Yan is doing through his touch and by listening to his movements, so his body is more sensitive. He feels Ning Yan rubbing his lips with his fingers. He opens his mouth. He wanted to bite the fingers, but something stopped him. Ning Yan buckled the strap at the back of his head.

Now Xie Lin couldn’t speak. He could only sob, bite the ball and gasp. It seemed that Ning Yan thought he was talking too much, so he wanted to block his mouth.

He thought Ning Yan would tie him up but after Ning Yan blocked his mouth, there was no more movement or even sound. If it was not for the footsteps, Xie Lin even thought that Ning Yan had left him here.

After a while, he felt something had been put into his back hole. It was not big enough, so it went in deep without any effort. He felt that his asshole seemed to be swallowing, swallowing the toy, and his throat bobbed, but he couldn’t really swallow the toy.

After Ning Yan put the toy in, he lifted one of Xie Lin’s legs, bent and pressed it to his chest. Then, he thrusted his penis into Xie Lin’s back hole, stretched the inner wall a little bit, and pushed the toy in deeper.

If there is one more thing in the body aside from the penis, the pleasure will be more intense. As Ning Yan pulls out, the little toy comes out a little with his action. When he goes in, he pushes it back in again. Xie Lin can feel that Ning Yan is using his new condom, the one with large bumps, which rubs against his inner wall unevenly and stimulates more pleasure.

Ning Yan moves for a while, and suddenly slows down. He doesn’t know what Ning Yan does but Xie Lin’s body almost bounces up. The silicone toy on his chest vibrates, driving the spikes to stimulate his nipples and areola, while the outer layer sucks the whole chest as if to suck something out of it.

The vibration is sustained and stable, and stimulates his chest. Ning Yan’s movement becomes faster. He pulls out of him almost completely every time, along with the little toy, but it is pushed back in again repetitively.

Xie Lin feels that Ning Yan is stabbing at the entrance of his genital cavity, which has not been used for a long time, so it becomes very tight again. However, it has been used several times before, and it is not very hard to enter. Ning Yan slowly inserts his penis from here, and the little thing is left in the back hole.

Ning Yan moves back and forth dozens of times, but he doesn’t fully enter. He didn’t feel like ti was very effective. Xie Lin feels his body being pulled and turned around by him. He hears Ning Yan’s footsteps again. However, Ning Yan stands still for a moment or two. Then Xie Lin is pulled by his hips and is momentarily suspended in the air. His legs clamp around Ning Yan since he is afraid of falling down.

After adjusting his posture, Ning Yan’s movements quickened. At the same time, he also turned on the switch, so that the small toy that was just stuffed into Xie Lin’s body started to vibrate. Ning Yan penetrates Xie Lin’s reproductive cavity, and the vibrating egg shaped toy keeps pulsating in the depth of Xie Lin’s back cave. Every few minutes, Ning Yan adjusts the vibration mode, and also changes the vibration mode of the silicon toys on Xie Lin’s chest.

Xie Lin felt like his whole body was full. His tongue was numb from the mouth-ball and he moaned, feeling his asshole was completely filled. His legs trembled as he reached for the toys on his chest to stimulate his nipples more forcefully.

Ning Yan moves faster and faster, holding Xie Lin’s butt in both hands, causing him to collide with him. He repeatedly rubs in the narrow reproductive cavity. Soon, he feels that Xie Lin has reached his climax, and the genital cavity secretes sticky tides. He slowly leaves Xie Lin’s body, but Xie Lin does not want him to go. What’s more, Xie Lin knows that Ning Yan hasn’t reached his climax yet. Why did he leave suddenly?

Because of the feeling of emptiness in his body, Xie Lin can’t help but tear the ball out of his mouth. He just wants to take off his blind fold, but Ning Yan stops him. Ning Yan leans down to kiss and soothe his numb lips. He puts his fingers into the back of his cave. His two fingers hold the toy and press it against the wall of his insides for him to climax before pushing it into the genital cavity.

The vibration of the egg shaped toy moving in the reproductive cavity becomes twice as intense. Before the climax is over, he is so stimulated. Xie Lin bites Ning Yan’s bottom lip, but he does not move to his mouth in the middle of the process. He just grinds it gently.

And then he gets another egg shaped toy in his mouth, and he’s putting another one in.

Two vibrating eggs that vibrate at different frequencies collide with each other in Xie Lin’s reproductive cavity. The cloth covering his eyes is soaked with tears and becomes dark. As expected, he has been bullied and is crying. Ning Yan rubs back and forth in his back hole, squeezing the two eggs, which makes Xie Lin feel uncomfortable from the beginning, but gradually feel endless pleasure.

His nipples are sucked, and his genital cavity and asshole are slowly filled. The egg shaped toy constantly changes the way of vibration, which makes Ning Yan’s stimulation more profound. Xie Lin has never felt such pleasure, so he can only let Ning Yan bully him and make his body twitch all over. His asshole feels full from the vibrating egg shaped toy and Ning Yan’s penis. Semen drips out of Ning Yan’s penis that had cum once.

The climax leaves Xie Lin in a trance. His body completely loses his strength. He feels Ning Yan leaving his body, pulling the vibrating eggs out one by one, and taking off the silicon toys on his chest. His body shivers again.

Until Ning Yan unties the blindfold for him, Xie Lin’s hands and feet are still soft. Ning Yan holds Xie Lin and presses him under his body. He kisses and caresses Xie Lin’s hot body, pulls the quilt over him and hugs him tightly.

“Brother.” Xie Lin exclaims, and Ning Yan answers, kissing his eyelids gently, licking his tears, and caressing him after their love-making.

“You’re going to kill me.” Xie Lin’s brain recovers a little. It seems that he can’t talk too much, or they will be easily killed.

“I’ll be gentle next time.” Ning Yan replies.

“It can be the same next time.” Xie Lin rubs against him, “But I’m going to get back at you. These days you’re going to take these two eggs and give me the remote control.”

“Okay.” Ning Yan’s heart turns soft when he sees the tearful and pitiful Xie Lin. He said that he would agree to everything, so he replies.

Xie Lin was so happy that he got up early in the morning. It was a good time to take a nap now, so he napped together with Ning Yan. 

After they got up and cleaned up, Xie Lin put the two egg shaped toys into Ning Yan’s back hole, carefully put on his underwear, pulled out the thread of the vibrator, and then put on the trousers he wore at home. It didn’t look abnormal.

Xie Lin placed the remote control in his pocket, saying that he wanted Ning Yan to wear it every day. In fact, it was only for an hour or two as Xie Lin did the cooking while Ning Yan worked. Even when Ning Yan was on the phone, Xie Lin would suddenly activate the toys but seeing Ning Yan’s calm appearance, he would soon feel guilty and turn it off again.

The first day of the oestrus period passed, and they were busy with their own affairs. They found a movie together in the evening and went to sleep together.

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