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Chapter 18: Artistic Youngsters and Bullying

Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Every director!

That is devoted to art!


Broken winged!


In their past lives!

After the shooting the next day had ended, Zhong LiFengBai thought of his meeting with Mu Qiu and couldn’t help streams of tears running down his face!

Inviting him to his house, this was obviously a villain’s move! Saying that he wanted to discuss art, in reality, he must have set his eyes on his looks!

Out of all the tens of thousands wrongs he had committed, the one he regretted the most was his sudden impulsive public coming out that ended up being seen by the other man. Now he couldn’t even pretend to be straight. Director Zhong pitied himself as he looked in the mirror. What a waste of his flower-like temperament to be dirtied by that commoner! He’d rather die!

Shouldn’t directors be the ones making moves on others? Why was it that when it was his turn, someone else was making a move on him?!

This, this didn’t make sense! Once he thought for a moment, Director Zhong finally came to an important decision! His pure and innocent virgin’s body had to be offered up to someone who could understand art!

So he called over his assistant, coolly saying, “Help me call Mr. Mu.”

“To say that you won’t be able to make it?” The assistant was extremely understanding.

“To say that I will definitely arrive on time.” Zhong LiFengBai’s expression didn’t change.

The assistant immediately used pitying eyes to look towards him. The whole team knew that Mu Qiu had always been lusting after their director! Tonight was definitely going to be torture!

“On your way, get the stylist to come over.” Zhong LiFengBai fixed his collar, “To do my makeup.”

The assistant was shocked. Did he plan to dress up for this?! The chances of having his little flower ripped apart would multiply! Was he sure this was what he wanted?!

“Do a dirty look for me.” In order to preserve his purity, Zhong LiFengBai could only temporarily sacrifice his looks, “Help me find some trashy clothes.”

The assistant suddenly realized what was happening and jogged down to the props group.

“A dirty look. Did you want it to be more beggar-on-the-street or injured-soldier?” The makeup artist asked.

“No need to be so extreme.” Zhong LiFengBai said, “Make it more everyday-like. To put it simply, make it like I’m accidentally letting people see an insane side of me, making them lose their appetites and feel like they want to vomit; at the same time, they just can’t put a finger on what exactly isn’t right.”

The makeup artist looked lost, “Your explanation wasn’t put simply at all.”

“This still isn’t simple?!” Director Zhong said furiously, “As a professional makeup artist, how can your understanding stand at zero?!”

This shallow!


Will never see!

The deep feelings! And shouting!

In my heart!

“Just make the director look like an outdated old money boy at a male brothel.” The makeup assistant whispered. “The type that hasn’t gotten a customer for like ten days or half a month and is practically glowing with resentment!”

The makeup artist immediately understood the new concept and picked up a powder cushion, her fingers beginning to fly in no time at all!

Twenty minutes later, Zhong LiFengBai was shocked by his own reflection in the mirror! His eye bags were green and black while his face was a sickly pale and his hair looked like a chicken’s nest. He really did look extremely unappetizing!

“What do you think?” The make up artists asked carefully.

“It’s amazing!” The director leapt forward and enveloped her in a hug! If Mu Qiu could still make a move on the him that looked like he was decaying, then he was really too crazy!

“Director, clothes!” The assistant dragged a huge leather suitcase behind him as he ran over noisily.

Zhong LiFengBai was shocked. “So many?”

“I didn’t know what style you were going for so I took a few more.” The assistant opened the box.

“Find the one that looks the worst.” Director Zhong was decisive.

The assistant took a blood-splattered shirt out.

Zhong LiFengBai spat out a mouthful of water, “It needs to be more subtle! If I wore this out the police would be after me!”

The assistant hurriedly took out a pure black outfit and even grabbed out a facemask, it was indeed very subtle!

Zhong LiFengBai could feel his head spinning; he really really wanted to throw a fit! But Mu Qiu’s car had already arrived so he could only dive into the clothes himself. He pulled out a pair of ripped white jeans and a bright green Mickey Mouse t-shirt, he even added a fake gold chain, extra thick!

“How is it?” Zhong LiFengBai posed in the mirror.


“Countries could fall at your feet!”

“Too divine for this world!”

The principles of life shattered into tiny pieces and covered the floor.

“I’m asking for the truth!” Zhong LiFengBai roared.

“I’m about to puke.”

“It’s crap.”

“It’s really disgusting.”

That was more like it, Director Zhong picked up a woman’s pink handbag, swinging his hips as he walked towards Mu Qiu’s car.

“Your outfit today…” As expected Executive Mu was confused to the extreme.

“I’m usually like this.” Zhong LiFengBai posed in an S shape.

“It looks too good.” Mu Qiy complimented enthusiastically, “I really like it.” If the man was willing to go home with him, then even if he was only wearing a wiping cloth, he’d still be extremely sexy!

Nani? Zhong LiFengBai’s mouth had opened to an O shape as five thunders struck down from the sky. What sort of strange beauty standard was this?

“Get in the car.” Mu Qiu pulled open the car door. “We’ll go straight home.”

Who would want to go home with a beast like you?! Zhong LiFengBai saw white rage as he roared on the inside and sat himself into the car!

As he had expected, Mu Qiu’s place was designed with ill taste. He might as well just have written in big bold letters the words ‘I have a lot of money’ everywhere!

The taps were actually golden! As Director Zhong washed his hands, he could feel himself slowly wilting on the inside! This rich guy with zero sense of art!

“Do you want to have a glass?” Mu Qiu held two glasses of red wine as he walked into the kitchen.

“Thanks, but I’ve been trying to go off alcohol lately.” Zhong LiFengBai rejected the offer coldly.

“… Alright then.” Mu Qiu put the alcohol on the table then stood to the side to watch him work, his eyes seeming to be intoxicated with the sight.

That sort of hungry expression… Zhong LiFengBai clenched his fist tightly, turning his back to the other man as he washed a pot.

Mu Qiu’s gaze heated up even more, that was one really well shaped butt. He wondered how it would feel to the touch! Actions triumphed over thoughts, so he walked over decisively and ‘accidentally’ got himself a handful!

“Ah!” Zhong LiFengBai hadn’t been expecting that and was so shocked he gave a little jump.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Mu Qiu seemed open about it.

It was so soft and tender to the touch!

Accident your sister! Zhong LiFengBai was furious and sorrowful. Did he dare to grab him any harder?

Mu Qiu used equally passionate eyes to meet the other man’s!

After three seconds, Zhong LiFengBai surrendered. The artistic youngster meeting the shameless rich boy, this battle was really aggressive!

“What do you think about the LiYuan house area?” Mu Qiu tried to start a conversation.

“It’s very good.” Zhong LiFengBai wasn’t in the mood to have small talk with the other man.

“Then I’ll give a set to you.” Mu Qiu was generous with his offer.

Zhong LiFengBai spat out a mouthful of old blood, “There’s really no need for that!” Thanks to your whole family!

“Then do you have anything you want?” Executive Mu’s eyes flashed with eagerness and anticipation.

I want you to stay away from me! Zhong LiFengBai really couldn’t contain himself any longer so he cut straight to the main subject, “Do you want to have sex with me?”

Mu Qiu nodded his head enthusiastically.

“Dream on!” Zhong LiFengBai was cold beyond measure, “I’m an artist!”

“Artists are great, that’s exactly what I like, artists!” Mu Qiu held the other’s hands.

“We’re people from two different worlds.” Zhong LiFengBai didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “Have you ever seen parallel lines intersect?”

On the snowy white mountain peak!

I am the white flower dancing in the wind, as beautiful as a crystal!

While you, are the hunter with a bow and arrow, blood covering your body!

Those calloused hands!

Will only break my soft stem!

Dirty my pure and clean petals!

“Let’s date!” Mu Qiu kissed his hand.

Zhong LiFengBai could feel goosebumps erupting across his back, “No!”

“Then I’m going to withdraw my investment.” Mu Qiu said shamelessly.

“… Don’t overlap your personal feelings with work!” Zhong LiFengBai’s temper flared. “What you’re doing is called fake business to supply your personal wants!”

“If it wasn’t for you, why would I invest in that movie?” Mu Qiu was blunt.

“You told me at the start that you wanted to invest since you understood the movie’s content!” Zhong LiFengBai emphasized the reminder.

“I was lying; I’d never even looked at your plan.” Mu Qiu was really shameless.

Zhong LiFengBai was about to lose his voice from crying, this was an insult to a director’s very bones! “Even if you withdraw the investment, don’t you even think of forcing yourself on me!”

“I never wanted to force myself on you.” Mu Qiu seemed bewildered by the notion, “Melons that are forcefully twisted aren’t sweet!”

Then why do you still have to cling to me?! Zhong LiFengBai roared in his heart!

“My feelings towards you are real.” Mu Qiu was extremely sincere.

This sort of confession was really done in ill taste! Zhong LiFengBai was angry but had lost the energy that usually accompanied fury. “You just go watch TV in the sitting room, once the food’s done, I’ll get you.”

What was with the female master’s tone?! Executive Mu felt his heart’s flower blooming!

Since the auntie that worked for the house had already washed the vegetables, Zhong LiFengBai finished making dinner quite quickly.

“You sure you don’t want a glass?” Mu Qiu still tried, if he got him drunk he might show his true feelings!

“No!” Zhong LiFengBai was firm!

Mu Qiu could only regretfully put down the wine glass and decided to say some romantic lines in order to get the mood right!

Before now, he had already browsed online for a quite a few hours, so he himself thought that towards the group called artistic youngsters, he was now quite the expert!

For example when someone is thirsty, a normal person would just say: I want to drink water. On the other hand, an artistic youngster would say: in my throat, there is a fire dancing, it burns into my thoughts and lights up my soul. In this suffering, my heart eventually becomes numb, my drying eyes will never again see the three lives or a rocky shore, that vast expanse of red flowers.

Another example would be when someone can’t sleep, normal people would flip and turn, while artistic youngsters would sit barefoot at the base of a floor to ceiling window and watch the city’s glaring lights and the darkened blue sky; they would tilt their head back as they held a glass of ’82 red wine in their hand; they would let a tears glide down their pale cheek and allow themselves to eventually be completely enveloped in darkness.

Another example would be when eating an apple, a normal person would say damn this is sweet, an artistic youngster would take out a pocket knife and let the blade reflect the LED glare so that it would cause light to radiate from it, as though the first sun reaching over the horizon to shine upon the icy mountain. Such a perfect shape, how full, round, scarlet and bewitching, but in the end it still couldn’t escape the inevitable fate. Under the smooth and cold skin, could it also feel terror? The edge of the knife slowly sliced through the outer layer, a fragrant sweet juice leaked out between his fingers as the masquerade mask came off, finally revealing its pure white form. It spoke of the beauty from the last life… but also the unlimited loneliness, it was such a true thing.

According to this logic, his confession should also fit this sort of template!

So Mu Qiu cleared his throat, “Do you still remember that rose filled…”

The sound of a phone ringing suddenly filled the house, inconsiderately cutting someone’s confession off! Shit! Mu Qiu swore to himself.

“I said that he’s not suitable!” Zhong LiFengBai picked up the phone, complaining roughly, “His acting is too fake, so what if he’s one of the assistant director’s connections, I’m still not going to allow it!”

The author has something to say: This story will have three CP, one main two side~ _(:з」∠)_


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May 26, 2019 10:35 am

I’m dying inside but it’s still hilarious

May 26, 2019 10:46 am

[For example when someone is thirsty, a normal person would just say: I want to drink water. On the other hand, an artistic youngster would say: in my throat, there is a fire dancing, it burns into my thoughts and lights up my soul. In this suffering, my heart eventually becomes numb, my drying eyes will never again see the three lives or a rocky shore, that vast expanse of red flowers.]

Fck! I’m dying from embarrassment just by reading these examples! >A<

Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

May 26, 2019 2:57 pm

Mu Qiu, my poor in taste but rich in splendor, lonely—lovelorn soul; be not worried of that artist’s refusal; do not fear the icy burn of a frosty rejection. Hope, like the sun which rises every morn, will keep those everlasting flames within thine heart kindled; it will forever stoke that place, allowing your love to spread via those embers into the heart of your beloved. Stay strong my sturdy ball, stay strong.

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