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Chapter 19: The Artistic Soul and the Flustered Lost Person

Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Who called?” After he hung up, Mu Qiu asked.

“A layman who doesn’t know a thing about movies,” Zhong LiFengBai’s was worked up.


Every production crew’s!

Assistant director!

Has the power to!

Have people with no artistic soul!

Forcefully squeezed into!

The production crew!

This was an insult!

Towards art!

“What kind of person can anger you like that?” Mu Qiu patted his back to calm him down, taking the opportunity to rub and touch him without any restraint and take advantage of him!

But Zhong LiFengBai did not care; he very angrily asked, “What is the most important thing for a good movie?”

“Of course it’s the director!” Mu Qiu hurriedly broke the lower limit and did his best to praise!

“No!” Zhong LiFengBai stood up from his chair! His gaze was firm, shining with a loyal light towards art. “The most important thing! Is purity!”

“That’s right!” Mu Qiu clapped, I like your purity!

“And the assistant director actually wants to let his nephew tarnish this purity!” Zhong LiFengBai’s face turned red.

Mu Qiu became extremely angry when he heard the words. “Is he tired of living?!” That purity, only I can tarnish it!

“I definitely won’t let him enter the film crew!” Zhong LiFengBai downed a cup of alcohol. “That waiter’s role is very important. Even I don’t have a total grasp of it, and he actually dared to insist that it has to be his nephew!”

“That’s right!” Mu Qiu hit the table. “That’s really too much!”

“I’ve seen his nephew’s performance in <The Rise of the Miserable Waiter>. It’s so false it practically angers both the gods and humans!” Zhong Li Feng Bai was indignant. “General Weimeng just said ‘I think it’s a good day today’, and he began to cover his chest and scream and faint! I can’t describe that kind of exaggeration in words!”

“Then don’t describe it anymore,” Mu Qiu used his chopsticks to put food into Zhong LiFeng Bai’s bowl, “Eat properly.”

“I have no appetite!” Zhong LiFengBai’s hair stood up. “Do you know he actually wants to do an audition next week? I will definitely not let him pass!”

“Do just that!” Mu Qiu agreed, “Use your professional eyesight to harshly criticize! Let him know how he does not have any acting skills at all!”

“But I’ve never been a waiter before!” Zhong LiFengBai felt that it was a bit of a pity. “Otherwise I could definitely criticize more harshly!”

“That’s easy!” Mu Qiu was extremely happy upon hearing his words. “I have 32 outlets under my company, you can go to any one of them!”

“You dare to have me be a waiter?” Zhong LiFengBai asked angrily!

“Of course not!” I’m letting you be the lady boss! Mu Qiu disputed in his heart, worked up, then explained, “I’m just having you go and experience it for a bit.”

“Experiencing it is not allowed either! If I am seen by people, it would be made into some scandal, like I’ve already become so poor as to resort to that!” Zhong LiFengBai rejected that instantly. “How about you describe it to me a bit?!”

“… Me?” Executive Mu was quite shocked, “I’ve never been a waiter before.” Just after he said that, he saw Zhong LiFengBai look coldly at him! Then, he hurriedly said, “But I can totally—”

“Experience it in my stead?” The sentence had yet to be finished when Zhong LiFengBai cut him off excitedly.

“… Yes!!” Executive Mu was easily swayed! Actually, his original meaning was that he could find a waiter to come and explain it to him, but! It was the first time he’s seen Zhong LiFengBai look at him with anticipation in such a long time! So a few days as a waiter, this small CASE, there is no pressure at all, okay!

So there was the situation of meeting Ouyang Long in the private room. This was a house leak and it so coincidentally had to rain! He actually met someone he knew! President Mu sighed and went back to his office.

“How was it?” The Zhong LiFengBai that had been waiting for him was very excited.

“Especially successful,” Mu Qiu was very thick-skinned, and he squeezed onto the same sofa as him. “I have a lot of learning points and experiences that I want to share with you!”

“Speak quickly!” Zhong LiFengBai opened his laptop, feeling especially satisfied!

A conclusion from actual experience!


Can let!

Bad acting skills!

Be attacked until it is totally shattered!

The two of them had talked for two hours under the light, and it was already totally dark outside!

“How about you stay here?” Mu Qiu suggested. “Our matching cabin is very… artistic!”

“How artistic?” Zhong LiFengBai became interested in hearing it.

However, Executive Mu could not say it out either, because he was making things up! But obviously, he could not tell the truth at the moment, and so said welcomingly, “You’ll know after you finish looking. Why don’t we go and eat things first?”

It had already passed dinner time long ago, and Zhong LiFengBai was already extremely hungry. Although he really wanted to eat something, it seemed that not eating dinner fit the definition of an artistic youngster! And so Director Zhong hesitated, but before he managed to come up with a conclusion, he was already pulled into a private room by Mu Qiu.

Fried food looks very attractive…

And so he decisively picked up his chopsticks!

It seemed like everything was very smooth-sailing. Mu Qiu was extremely satisfied—the only thing he was not satisfied with was Ouyang Long! There were so many restaurants in the world, why must he come to my territory to watch me make a fool of myself?!

He was really too evil!

Ouyang Long was being scolded by him until he sneezed.

“Could you have been frozen till you caught the flu?” Su Nuo trembled as he asked. “I’ll give you my jacket.”

“There’s no need,” Ouyang Long helped him zip up his jacket tightly, then took his right hand. “Be careful not to get lost.”

“En,” Su Nuo nodded, and walked even closer to him.

It was dark all around, and there was only the clear and cold moonlight that was shining on the curled up trees all around. That was right, the two of them… were lost!

Originally, they had just wanted to get to the top of the mountain to enjoy the wind and drink fruit juice, and in the end they had not been there for long when Su Nuo saw a small road.

“Could it be a shortcut?” Su Nuo tiptoed to look upwards—the teleportation door to a new world, or something like that…

“We’ll know after we walk.” Ouyang Long jumped over the drainage channel, extending his hand towards Su Nuo, “I’ll pull you up.”

The fuck, it seemed like an expedition; that kind of exercise that belonged to explorers. He was really anticipating it! Evil Su instantly became happy, pulling on his hand and climbing onto the small hill.

“Walk slower.” The path was steep. Ouyang Long held his hand tightly.

Su Nuo did not have any opinion on this, because he practically had no brain, and if Ouyang Long loosened his grip, then he would definitely roll down the hill!

That would be very very pitiful!

Fifteen minutes later, Su Nuo started to regret this in his heart. He was extremely tired!

Twenty minutes later, Su Nuo kept panting!

Half an hour later, Su Nuo’s knees started to tremble!

Forty minutes later, Su Nuo was going to break down, and really wanted to cry loudly while hugging a tree!

“We should go back,” they finally found a big stone with much difficulty and Su Nuo did not want to stand up after sitting down!

“Why are you so tired?” Ouyang Long laughed, squatting down to massage the other’s calves.

Su Nuo panted.

“Alright, rest for a while and then we’ll go back,” Ouyang Long took out a tissue to wipe Su Nao’s sweat away.

Even Su Nuo’s throat was smoking.

“Do you want me to give you a piggyback ride on the way down?” Ouyang Long asked.

He could accept that! Su Nuo nodded his head, about to cry, but in the end he managed to stop himself, and pretentiously said, “That’s troubling you too much.” Actually, he really wanted it!

“I’m not tired, and you aren’t very heavy.” Ouyang Long half squatted in front of him, “Come up.”

“… There’s really no need,” Su Nuo stared at his muscled back, and he swallowed thirstily!

“It’ll only be more tiring to climb down the mountain, and you might even fall,” Ouyang Long turned his head to look at him. “Forty minutes, are you sure you can manage?”

I’m sure I can’t! Su Nuo directly lay onto his back!

Although he was being a bit thick-skinned… but it was very comfortable! He practically wanted to rub against him!

Ouyang Long’s corner of his lips curled up, and he carried him on his back and slowly walked downwards.

After a while, Su Nuo asked him guiltily, “Are you tired?”

“I’m not tired.” Ouyang Long’s voice was especially gentle!

Su Nuo helped him wipe his sweat. “Thank you.”

“You need to train more in the future,” Ouyang Long kicked away a jujube thorn. “Your body is too weak.”

“I’m super busy, I don’t have time to go to the gym,” Su Nuo was shameless.

“There’s no need to go to the gym,” Ouyang Long said. “I’ll teach you some simple exercises, you can do it at home, too.”

Simple exercise… It won’t be that horrible kneeling push-ups again, right?! Su Nuo pouted in his heart.

Right after, he heard Ouyang Long say, “Do you know how to do the kneeling push-up?”

The fuck, it really was that! Thinking about the horrible experience from last time, Su Nuo directly said, “Let’s change the topic.”

Really lazy… Ouyang Long shook his head in his heart, then asked, “Change to what?”

“How about I sing a song for you?” Su Nuo was excited.

Ouyang Long’s hand felt weak, and he almost threw the person down.

“Although I cannot compete with professional singers, but the truth is… I’m not bad!” Su Nuo was not humble at all. “Everyone praises me and says my singing has a lot of personality!”

It really had a lot of personality; thinking of that night’s piercing ear sound, Ouyang Long immediately began to have a headache. “Who praised you?” Such shameless words can’t even be uttered by him!

“My older brother!” Su Nuo was extremely proud. “He said that my voice is like an unrefined jade that had yet to be sculpted!”

You should just leave it be and not sculpt it! Ouyang Long directly place him down. “Let’s rest for a bit.”

“What song do you want to listen to?” Su Nuo asked.

“Look, the moon,” Ouyang Long reached his hand out and pointed.

“Where?” Su Nuo successfully fell for the trick and turned around to look towards the sky.

After that, he slipped and rolled down the mountain!


“Nuo Nuo!” Ouyang Long was shocked and worried, his heart almost stopped.

Thankfully, the slope was kind of smooth, and besides from getting scared, Model Su did not get much actual injuries. He was out of it as he lay in the grass, feeling that he probably time travelled! The next second he would see the eighth prince!

“Nuo Nuo,” Ouyang Long pulled on the grass and slid down the mountain, hugging him into his arms. “Did you get injured?”

“…” Su Nuo was so scared that he could not talk.

Ouyang Long checked him up and down twice; he confirmed that the other did not have any big injuries, and only then did he let out a sigh of relief.

“That scared me to death,” Evil Su finally returned to his senses with much difficulty.

“You’re alright now,” Ouyang Long patted his back. “Don’t be scared, don’t be scared.”

“We-we-we should get out faster,” Su Nuo had yet to calm down completely, and upon seeing that the sky was getting dark already, he did not want to stay for even a second or minute longer!

Ouyang Long helped him stand up and looked at the steep slope they had just rolled down. This smooth grass slope was easy to fall down. The question was, how were they going to get back up?

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