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Chapter 23: Sweet Words and a Fool

Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

If Mu Qiu knew that Zhong LiFengBai wanted to film an AV with someone else, he would definitely be extremely angry and carry him back directly. If it were more serious, he might even beat up the actor working together with him! He was really, really rough and unrefined.

Mr. Director looked upon that kind of action disdainfully, because he had always been attacking the heart. And so after he squeezed the fizzy drink till it exploded, Ouyang Long very calmly placed the script back, and took out a tissue to clean Su Nuo’s face for him.

“Are you alright?” Su Nuo asked him.

“Of course I’m fine,” Ouyang Long returned to his normal gentleness. “I just wanted to test the strength of my grasp recently.”

Su Nuo looked at the pitiful bottle, thinking that he was especially jealous. This was him obviously boasting!

During the time when the makeup artist was touching up his makeup for him, Ouyang Long pulled the chair to sit next to Zhong LiFengBai.

“What are you here for?” Mu Qiu was especially unhappy. This third wheel was so annoying.

“I saw the script, and want to share my thoughts with Director Zhong,” Ouyang Long was full of sincerity.

Mu Qiu became angrier when he heard it. “Your artistic foundation is not even as good as mine. What kind of ideas can you share?” How strange!

But this Zhong LiFengBai really did not give Mu Qiu face, he very warm-heartedly looked at Ouyang long. “You read my script?”

“That’s right,” Ouyang Long nodded.

“I also did,” Mu Qiu took the time to cut in, and thick-skinnedly praised, “It’s really especially touching, I cried a lot.” He was so fake that he could not be any faker!

It was a pity that Zhong LiFengBai did not bother to acknowledge him. Executive Mu could only sigh. Life was really so lonely.

“I don’t think that way at all,” Ouyang Long looked at Zhong LiFengBai. “If there are places that are changed, it will be better.”

“What do you know?” Mu Qiu exploded. He dares to have critiques. Does he want to fight?

“Stop interrupting us!” Zhong LiFengBai could not stand it anymore, about to explode, “We are discussing art!”

I am also discussing art! Executive Mu’s heart was hurt.

“For example, this bed scene,” Ouyang Long flipped open the script, “I feel that XuanYuan WuLei can totally not strip at all.”

Fuck! Mu Qiu suddenly understood, he was beating around the bush because of this. His whole gaze was full of despise. Thinking in his heart, as expected, you still don’t know art!

“That’s possible,” Zhong LiFengBai touched his lower jaw. “Actually, we were still considering a red veiled outfit, a kind of hinting yet not actually shown scene.”

Ouyang Long shook his head. “This is not scientific.”

Zhong LiFengBai was intrigued. “How is this not scientific?”

“Why XuanYuan WuLei cross-dressed, it was because he had a lot of hatred, and so he used the blurring of gender to hide his identity from others,” Ouyang Long analyzed. “And his character profile mentioned that Xuaynyuan’s reason for living was for revenge.”

“That’s right,” Zhong LiFengBai nodded.

“Then how can he give up his plan for revenge randomly because of a man?” Ouyang Long said, “Furthermore, Long JiuXiao is a big martial artist that is known to be a good person, how can he forget his life goals because of his one-night stand with XuanYuan WuLei, and start to become a part of an evil sect?”

Mu Qiu laughed, this kind of random ability to make up things, not even the people selling the ‘aphrodisiacs’ at the road junctions can talk as well as you!

“I wanted to show the brilliance of love here.” Zhong LiFengBai explained to him. To throw away everything for love, it sounded very touching.

“There are a lot of ways to show the brilliance of love,” Ouyang Long said, “I even feel that they don’t need to go on the bed at all. It should be changed to this – XuanYuan WuLei at the start, could not tell whether he was grateful or had love towards Long JiuXiao, and because of that, he had been extremely troubled and did not dare to do anything. While Long JiuXiao was very attracted by XuanYuan WuLei because of his identity as a martial art hero in the good sect, he cannot say everything he is thinking! Two people who have romantic feelings towards the other, not able to be together at all, don’t you find that this kind of love is more heart breaking?!”

“It does seem very heart breaking,” Zhong LiFengBai instantly felt an inspiration, feeling that it was extremely good. “This kind of advancement leaves too deep an impression.”

It’s obviously randomly bullshitting. The worst thing is these kinds of flowery words. Mu Qiu felt very angry, and at the same time, he wanted to learn from Ouyang Long. He was feeling very conflicted!

“And then, some day, when Long JiuXiao finally thought it through, and is willing to go against the restrictions of the world and be together with him, the fox spirit just happened to heal up and appear again, and mercilessly ended XuanYuan WuLei’s life! This sort of feeling of only being able to watch as their loved person sinks to the bottom of the lake, but being unable to do anything, it would definitely make people cry a lot.” Ouyang Long was very logical. “And with this kind of background, it could be understood why Long JiuXiao was so cruel towards the fox empress. After all, no one will fall in love with someone who killed their first love, and the audience would be able to understand that. You can’t really hope that the male lead is really an evil character right?”

“You’re practically a professional scriptwriter!” Zhong LiFengBai especially regretted that he met Ouyang Long so late.

Mu Qiu felt very jealous, and said mildly, “A lot of male leads turn evil in many movies.” Facts won over randomly defending.

“You’re wrong,” Ouyang Long shook his head. “No main lead is a real evil person, they always have some kinds of backstories and are forced to a corner and can only turn evil.”

“I did not think that Director Ouyang has so much understanding.” Zhong LiFengBai passed him a name card with two hands. “If you have time, I really hope that I can drink tea with you.”

Mu Qiu instantly tightened his hands in fists, and used his eyes to warn Ouyang Long – Friend’s wife! Cannot! Be! Cheated!

“Of course,” Ouyang Long ignored Executive Mu totally, politely exchanging name cards with Zhong LiFengBai. “I really hope that Director Zhong can get the Gold Lotus award again.”

“When a good plot walks towards me, I will reconsider. Thank you so much,” Zhong LiFengBai stood up, originally wanting to hug him, but had been forcefully stopped by Mu Qiu and could only give up, feeling like it was a pity.

They were all!

Business people!

But there was an impossible to cross!

Thinking gap!

This was a worry that could not use words to explain!

Floating around like a thick smoke!

In the air!


The deepest parts of the heart!

And so, before Su Nuo finished touching up his make up, Zhong LiFengBai hurriedly announced that the next scene was temporarily cancelled. The date for the filming had yet to be confirmed.

Su Nuo became angry hearing that, wanting to yell ‘my time is very precious!’ But because there were really too many strangers in the surroundings, the flower on the high mountain said mildly, face expressionless, “Why?”

“Because I want to change the script to become more scientific.” Zhong LiFengBai said.

Su Nuo stopped himself from yelling, ‘If the script is not scientific, why did you ask me to come and film? Why is there such an unreliable director? That Gold Lotus award that year was bought with money, right? Why did he have to know this director?

Although he was very unhappy, the director had the most authority at the film set, and so Su Nuo just hummed and accepted it, removing his makeup and planning on going to eat a good meal.

“Go back home to eat,” Dai An said, “Take a short nap after eating, there is still a night banquet tonight.”

“What?” Su Nuo had always not known his own work schedule.

“Ren Rui Corporation’s new shop opening celebration banquet,” Ouyang Long walked into the makeup room, and helped his manager answer this question.

“Oh,” Su Nuo was troubled. “I need to go?”

“Of course you need to go,” Ouyang Long’s face was serious. “You’re our shopping magazine’s model.”

“Then would Qiu ZiYan be going too?” Su Nuo continued to ask.

Mr. Director’s balls did not feel good, but of course he would not show it. “You don’t want to see him?”

“… Actually it doesn’t matter to me,” Su Nuo scratched the bottom of his jaw, and decided to hide the fact that he admired him.

Abs man is a crossdresser! Abs man is a crossdresser! Abs man is a crossdresser! Abs man is a crossdresser! After repeating a few times, Model Su’s heart felt better instantly.

“Then we’ll go first,” Dai An said goodbye to Ouyang Long, “See you tonight.”

“See you tonight,” Ouyang Long smiled very gentlemanly, but Little Su Nuo did not see it, because he was using his other account to insult the new abs picture again. He was extremely excited.

“Don’t play on your phone while you walk,” Ouyang Long took his phone, and stuffed it into his shirt pocket. “It’s bad for your eyes, and it’s easy for you to fall.”

Although he was being a bit of a busybody… but it was worth half a good person card! Su Nuo waved at him, and went to the parking lot with the manager.

Mr. Director looked at his back, his head was hurting. How could someone be so dumb?

“I really can’t go to your house tonight?” Mu Qiu was like a large pet, following behind Zhong LiFengBai, and could not be gotten rid of no matter what.

“You can’t!” Director Zhong was extremely cold!

“I spent three nights staying up all night to finish watching Germany’s movie history,” Mu Qiu emphasized with tears in his eyes.

“So what?” Zhong LiFengBai asked back.

“Are you not willing to chat with me?” Mu Qiu’s eyes were full of sincerity.

“I’m not willing to,” Zhong LiFengBai was very direct. “I made an appointment with the scriptwriter tonight, please don’t disturb my work.”

Mu Qiu could only help him open the car door unwillingly. “I’ll give you a call tomorrow.”

Zhong LiFengBai stepped on the accelerator, especially cold heartedly leaving Executive Mu behind!

How cruel!

Ouyang Long walked into the parking lot, and just happened to see that scene, and patted his shoulder, pitying him a lot!

“What kind of gaze are you looking at me with?” Mu Qiu’s face was full of despise. “You aren’t much better than me!”

Ouyang Long was very calm. “These kinds of things cannot be done in a rush.”

“At least Director Zhong knows I like him now!” Mu Qiu was especially mocking. “Yours must not know anything at all right!” A thirty-year-old man playing one sided crush, even I feel bad for laughing at you mockingly hahahaha!

“Just say whatever you want,” Ouyang Long walked to pull open the door and started the car to drive towards Executive Mu!

Fuck! Mu Qiu’s face lost color. He isn’t going to run him over because of those few words right?

The small car very precisely drove through a puddle of water and successfully managed to make Executive Mu’s light colored suit pants become polka dotted pants.

“Ouyang Long!” Mu Qiu yelled loudly.

Mr. Director switched on the CD. He was very relaxed and his smile was very shameless.

So it was said that a man’s pride… one really could not randomly attack it!

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