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Chapter 30: Depressing Sense of Substitution and Which Floor?

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

For two people who just started dating, a French kiss must be heavily anticipated!

Thus, before they started the car to go to the restaurant, Su Nuo was expectedly pushed down by Ouyang Long onto the seat.

Very, very nice!

At first Su Nuo was a tiny bit nervous and his tongue dodged around, not knowing what to do. Super, super fresh and unripened feeling! A smile crept up Ouyang Long’s eyes as his kiss got even gentler!

Su-top-model-Nuo was completely swept away as a the word ‘car-sex’ suddenly appeared! And at the same time, Mr. Director’s hand started going where it shouldn’t! It reached inside his clothes and rubbed his slim waist!

Thus, red like a tomato, Su Nuo pushed him away!

He really couldn’t take this 100 miles per hour speed!

Ouyang Long chuckled at his antics and didn’t push it further. Instead, he drove him straight to the restaurant.

The good thing about knowing many restaurant owners was that he didn’t need to wait in line and had a special VIP passage.

“Have some tea for now, I’m going to say hello to the owner.” Ouyang Long said as he rubbed his head and turned to leave.

Su Nuo was bored by himself, so he started to browse the forums!

Angst, star-struck lovers, kinda stories were perfect for moments like this!

After Ouyang JinLong’s heart wrenching moment on the plane, he still couldn’t remember—who was the beauty that appeared just like the snow lotus? Thus, his anger and frustration turned into mist around him, even his hair turned silver. His eyes shot out an angry rainbow light, creating a rainbow in the sky!

“Pfff.” Su Nuo laughed without holding back.

Just as Ouyang JinLong’s frustration reached its peak, about to burst, the plane arrived at its destination and a man of utmost purity and enchanting beauty appeared in front of him!

That, was of course the world renowned model Su NuoNuo!

“Him! Him! Him!” Ouyang JinLong instantly jumped off the plane and stared red eyed at the delicate figure on the grassy plains, almost forgetting to breathe.

The love hidden deep within his heart flared up and all wanted to do was take this enchanting beauty for himself!

Su NuoNuo also noticed Ouyang JinLong, so he tilted his head and asked with slightly furrowed brows, “Who are you?”

Su Nuo couldn’t but tilt his head as well.

Such imagery!

“Your king!” Ouyang JinLong said with a dominating presence and a deep voice, “Where the mountains are, where the sea is.”

“There is a family of Smurfs!” Su Nuo started humming, “They were energetic and smart!” (The Chinese Smurf theme song, starts from the mountains thing)

However, Ouyang JinLong wasn’t that stupid so he continued with passion, “Where the sky is, where the world is, I have prepared you a castle. Inside is the aroma of roses and a luxurious seat befitting of a Queen waiting for the castle’s owner to appear!”

According to these clichéd, brain-dead fics, Su NuoNuo should be moved to tears and shyly fly into Ouyang JinLong’s embrace. He would say, “I have waited for you for so long, you’re finally here, please take me home!” Then, the fairytale would end there as the prince and prince lived happily ever after!

But clearly this kind of normal, predictable plot wasn’t the author’s thing!

Thus, from here the plot went crashing down. After hearing Ouyang JinLong’s passionate confession, he was not moved—instead, he glanced at him coldly, “My heart is long frozen, it won’t accept anyone, so please leave!”

“You dare reject me?” Hearing that, Ouyang JinLong roared in anger. His towering figure slowly closed in on Su NuoNuo, “I give my heart to you, how could you refuse?”

Su NuoNuo was surrounded by his shadow and his body started shaking! He turned to run but accidentally tripped and landed on the grassy plane!

“Run! Why aren’t you running?” Ouyang JinLong trapped him and tore his clothes apart violently, “Even if I can’t take your heart, taking your body isn’t so bad!”

Tsk, tsk, Su Nuo thought, such cringe, such a shitty seme!

Then, Su NuoNuo was stripped of his clothes in broad daylight on his own grassy plains.

Although, according to the author’s previous descriptions, Su NuoNuo should always have a few hundred bodyguards with him where ever he goes, so this kind of situation should be considered a major BUG. However, probably due to the ridiculous logic of this fic and everyone wanting to read the 18+ stuff, no reader complained—instead, they were all asking for the next chapter. Those who stop before a sex scene have toilet paper with instant noodles and flavour packs in the bathroom!

“Let me go!” Su NuoNuo tried his hardest to get away! So protective of his own virginity!

But such a delicate and tiny figure, how could he compete with the strong and muscular shitty seme?! So, he was forcefully lifted up and turned around into doggy style on the grass. Just as he was about to be F*****, Ouyang JinLong stopped…  because he saw the white lotus on Su NuoNuo’s butt cheek!

In their previous life, when they did it, he engraved it onto him line after line with a silver needle!

His memory started tumbling and tossing his brain again.

The author’s note said that this was it for now but Director Ouyang and Model Su’s story will still continue, thanks for the support, kissy face!

Wait! Su Nuo suddenly felt awkward!

Director Ouyang and… Model Su?! This title, AHHHHHH! Su Nuo was speechless and completely dumbfounded, could it be this coincidental and unscientific?!

“What’s going on?” The moment Ouyang Long entered the room, he was shocked by his expression.

Su Nuo looked up and recalled the intense sex scene between Lord Ouyang and Su NuoNuo, then… broke down even more!

Ahhhh! The sense of substitution was super scary!!

“So, are you trying to laugh or cry?” Ouyang Long was baffled.

Fanfics are super scary! Su Nuo’s feeling was so complex that it was impossible to be described in words and thus he bit down on Ouyang JinLong…oh wait, Ouyang Long fiercely.

“Really, what happened?” Mr. Director didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Nothing.” Su Nuo leaned on his shoulder, weak. There was no way he could say that he was shocked by a fanfic—that would ruin his image! Not only that, what if he went and read it himself and learned to be as Hentai as Ouyang JinLong! Trapping Su NuoNuo on the bed and using a feather to brush every inch of his body, including ‘little Nuo’! Just thinking about it was scary.

Seeing that he wasn’t willing to talk, Ouyang Long didn’t push him and held him silently. Su Nuo, with his chin on the other’s shoulder, looked out the window as he thought of the plot. Even his ears were bright red!

A familiar-looking car entered the garden, and when it stopped, two people came out.

“Eh, it’s Director Zhong!” Su Nuo exclaimed.

Ouyang Long turned around and saw Mu Qiu and Zhong LiFengBai entering the building.

Thus, he called the restaurant owner without hesitation, “It seems like Mu Qiu’s here; don’t tell him I’m here as well.”

“Why don’t you want to see him?” Su Nuo asked, curious.

“Because I want to eat a quiet meal with you.” Ouyang Long kissed his nose as he continued, ‘Later I’ll have to prepare for the opening of the new store, so I might be busy and have many business trips.”

“I’ve a lot of work planned for the second half of the year, too.” Su Nuo finished the other part of the sentence in his head, they truly were a pair of star-crossed lovers!

“Darling, which floor do you like?” In the hallway, Mu Qiu asked Zhong LiFengBai from behind, “The first floor has a pond and the second floor has a better view!’

“Don’t call me so disgustingly!” Zhong LiFengBai said unhappily, “I’m here to talk about the history of German films, what does that have to do with a pond or the view?!”

“Yes, yes, yes, so do you prefer the second or first floor?” Mu Qiu didn’t give up.

Zhongli FengBai waved weakly, “Then, second.”





Tainting the purity!

Of art!

“Mr. Mu,” The owner welcomed from afar, “Welcome, welcome.”

Mu Qiu was pleased because he felt like he was given face!

“We have already prepared a room on the first floor.” The owner promoted passionately, “The name is very artistic, it’s called the Egret State!”

T/N: It was the name of an actual place way back when and in a poem by Li Bai.

“We’re going to the second floor.” Mu Qiu replied.

The moment he heard that, the owner panicked, because that’s where the Ouyang Long was!

Thus, he could only lie, “The second floor’s full.”

“No way, there’s at most five tables.” Mu Qiu instantly saw through his lie. Being in the same business, he could tell from the empty spaces in the parking lot to deduce the percentage of customers in this restaurant. Super duper professional!

The owner didn’t know what to say, “But I really want you to stay in the first floor!”

“Why?” Mu Qiu was baffled.

“Because you’re the godfather of the restaurant industry! I want to hear your opinion on our new furnishings,” the owner flattered him blatantly.

Instantly, Mr. Mu was very pleased and if it were on any other day, he would have agreed—but today was different, because Zhong LiFengBai said he wanted to go to the second floor!

Thus he replied joyfully, “I’ll come tomorrow to talk with you specifically on this matter, but today let’s go to the second floor.”

The owner almost choked. He very much wanted to grab onto Mu Qiu’s leg and stop him from leaving!

Why did those two have to come at the same time! It was super scary, okay?!

“Then, let’s go to the first floor.” The one who hadn’t said anything until now suddenly spoke, because Zhong LiFengBai felt that the name of Egret State was truly very artistic!

Suddenly, the owner felt a friendship that could last through a revolution and stared at him with very, very grateful eyes!

“Of course, that’s no problem.” Mu Qiu was also very agreeable.

T/N: The Chinese was ‘dog leg’, like the subordinate/lackey that says yes to everything.

I just said my opinion? Zhong LiFengBai felt very weird; why did he suddenly feel like he was a —— Queen?!


He really couldn’t stand it!

The me!

That’s absorbed in the arts!



Match this world!


The name Egret States was very ancient and gave off a historical feeling, so the furnishing was the same.

“Why is a Korean barbecue made with a JiangNan restaurant feel?” The moment Mu Qiu went in, he furrowed his brows, it was really odd!

T/N: A place in China.

“This is a Mr. Zhang original?!” Zhong LiFengBai’s eyes were caught by the cursive scripture on the wall.

“Yes,” the owner was quite pleased. “In the Hearing Snow chamber, we also have a Mr. Wang’s winter plum flower. I personally asked for all of these.”

“That’s amazing,” Zhong LiFengBai praised wholeheartedly.

“You’re too kind.” The owner then asked with sincerity, “Mr. Mu, do you think this style is unfitting?”

“I think it’s very good!” Since Zhong LiFengBai said he liked it, Mu Qiu instantly threw away all pride. Then calmly and sharply he said, “The clash of two cultures, very daring and complex!”

“That’s good,” the owner let out a sigh of relief.

“Can I take a look at other pieces?” Zhong LiFengBai asked.

“Of course!” The owner answered gladly and quickly added, “I also like Director Zhong’s creations very much. Please come this way.”

Thus, the two chatted out the room leaving Mu Qiu alone, all by himself!

So cruel.

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June 19, 2019 12:11 pm

Poor Mu Qiu xD Dude’s gotta work hard if he wants to capture our artistic Director

Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

June 19, 2019 1:00 pm

Thanks for the chapter. How Su Nuo Nuo is just realizing that it’s him in the fic? 😂😂😂😂

June 19, 2019 1:58 pm

Thank you for the update and your hard work. The moment you realize that a novel is about you. This chapter was quite hilarious.

Pandora Knight
Pandora Knight
June 19, 2019 3:39 pm

Oh Su Nuo sometimes you’re really innocent 😂 F*ck I love him

Director Zhong’s thoughts kind of me piss off, I’m not a fan of ‘poems’ and his thoughts are just like that
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June 2, 2021 1:35 am

And Su Nuo finally gets the smallest glimmer of a clue. Congratulations silly boy!

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January 25, 2022 6:36 am

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