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Chapter 31: I’m Not Full Yet and Acting Your Sister

Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Even though Mu Qiu felt zero interest towards all that famous artist and paintings crap, but for ZhongLi FengBai, he still ran over like a puppy and brought out the best of his patience as he tried to sit through the restaurant owner’s description. He wanted to sleep so badly! Wanting to sleep but not being able or whatnot was really extremely painful! What was even more painful is that ZhongLi FengBai was paying so much attention to the owner that he might as well be a log that could move, this was too stupid!

“This work really has classical and aged feel to it.” ZhongLi FengBai sighed.

“That’s right!” Mu Qiu found his chance and enthusiastically put his own word in. “This laughing-face tiger looks extremely life-like!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, the restaurant’s owner ad ZhongLi FengBai both turned over simultaneously, the look in their eyes was extremely complicated.

So Mu Qiu swore in his heart, the circumstances showed that he had said something wrong again!

As expected, ZhongLi FengBai said, “He’s called Xian Zhang.”

“Xian Zhang?” Mu Qiu’s first reaction was the Charter laws, and even thought of the Wu Chang uprising*!

T/N: charter laws are like the established laws and the Wu Chang uprising was a rebellion against the Qin Dynasty.

It’s not like I’m uneducated! Director Mu sighed heavily, so why was it that he could never understand what the other man was saying?!

This didn’t make any sense!

“It’s also known as Hei Kan.” ZhongLi FengBai added.

Mu Qiu felt his head spinning.

“This a Long Sheng Jiu Zi work!” The restaurant owner couldn’t bear seeing the Godfather (教父I’m not sure on this one…), so he used his lips and body to express the words to their fullest extent! To put emphasis on the word Long, he frantically began twisting his bucket waist around, Mu Qiu seemed to be in complete despair and said through a headache, “I think I’ll just go wait next door.”

T/N: Direct translation as dragon gives birth to nine sons, it was originally used to describe that having any sons/children was a good thing but later on, the name list of the nine sons was made. Each one has a unique (animal-like) appearance and has a distinct personality.

“Yes, yes, yes, alright then.” The owner of the restaurant sighed in relief, he really had been so nervous!

Mu Qiu went out of the room and thinking that ZhongLi FengBai was probably still going to look at that painting for quite a while, he went out to the gardens to smoke a cigarette. On the way, he went up to the second floor to check on the customer rate, work habits and whatnot.

Then he saw OuYang Long standing in the hallway on the phone.

Two pairs of eyes met and suddenly sparks flew?

How was this possible!

In reality, the two had just swore to themselves! Seeing someone you know while going out to eat with your lover was an extreme damper!

“Do you know what a Hei Kan is?” Director Mu was still thinking about it, he felt that he couldn’t be the only uneducated one!

But instead OuYang Long replied without blinking in a split second, “Yeah, a mystical beast from the old legends, what are you asking for?”

Shit! Mu Qiu once again felt the impact of a knife as he died even more on the inside, so he said with a sidelong glance, “Are you eating with customers?” If his answer was ‘yes’ then he could boast about how ‘oh I’m here with Director Zhong blah blah blah’, he really wanted to lift his mood right now!

“Yeah.” OuYang Long couldn’t be bothered replying to him in detail.

Bwahahaha! Mu Qiu suddenly had the desire of tilting his head backwards and cackling wildly at the sky, but who knew that before he even had a chance to show off, the room next door was pulled open a half a head peeked out.

“Hng!” Su Nuo had originally poked his head out because he had finished the meat and didn’t know how to make more so he wanted OuYang Long to go inside but he didn’t expect to get a face full of eye contact with Mu Qiu! So he was a little embarrassed!

“Goodbye!” OuYang Long decisively chose love over friendship as he abandoned Director Mu. “Hurry up and leave!” After that he went into the private room, not even leaving behind a single leaf!

The pieces of Mu Qiu’s heart littered the ground, this world was so unfair!

“I don’t think that was so good.” Su Nuo asked, “Do I need to pop outside and say hi.”

“Of course you don’t need to.” OuYang Long closed the door of the private room, “Just treat him as air.”

Su Nuo: …

“You finished the meat so quickly?” OuYang Long looked at the empty plate and was a little shocked! He had cooked a whole pile of stuff for him just before he had gone out to take a call, it had only been about five minutes!

Su Nuo looked towards the heavens, actually he hadn’t just eaten that! He had even roasted a round for himself! Even though it was a bit overcooked, he still finished it. He was really so environmental!

“Good boy.” Seeing that his ears were a bit red, OuYang Long immediately shut his mouth, but still couldn’t be sure so he pulled the other man into his arms and asked carefully, “What do you usually eat?”

“… A type of flower that grows in the Vatican City.” Su XiaoNuo pretended to be innocent.

OuYang Long didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “Is Dai An really strict about your diet?” Every time he took him out, he ate so much that… He didn’t even know what he should say!

Su Nuo pretended to be dead, what was this about him being a rice bucket or whatnot. Even if it was true, it didn’t sound good at all!

“Be a good boy.” OuYang Long had an immense amount of patience for him.

Su Nuo pinched his lips even more tightly together and his face was glowing red. The other man’s tone was extremely gentle but he couldn’t muster up the courage to tell him the fact that he could eat two big bowls of noodles with eggs, beef, vegetable and Dim Sum all in one meal!

Seeing how he looked, OuYang Long didn’t continue to ask, but he had already decided the harsh reality of the fact that his wife was never full after meals, so as his heart ached, he leant forward and kissed his forehead.

He’s finally stopped asking me! Su Nuo breathed out in relief, he was really very, very nervous!

“If your job is making you too tired, then just stop doing it.” OuYang Long held him tightly, “I promise I won’t let you go hungry.”

I just a little bit more than the average person! Su Nuo felt misunderstood, was it really so serious that he had to resign!

Scared that if he kept eating something bad would happen to his stomach, OuYang Long pressed the bell and told the waiter to take away the plate and to replace it with a dessert of fruit.

Su Nuo could only throw a fit in his heart, complaining that he still wasn’t full yet and to take the Wu Hua meat back, as he pitifully watched the meat being taken away, his heart ached!

All this about people who eat a lot being discriminated against by the public… It really was heartbreaking!

“Here’s the dessert for you.” The waiter brought the new plates.

“Which one do you want to eat?” OuYang Long asked.

“Tang Nian Gao!” Su Nuo replied instantly, because he felt that that one was the most filling!

“No, the sticky rise doesn’t get digested.” OuYang Long put the fermented sweet rice in front of him, “You drink this.”

Su Nuo could feel tears running down the face of his inner self, all he was missing was a bowl to hit as he sang songs of food.

On his way back, Su Nuo sat in shotgun as he sent out a post —– Help, I’m not full after a date, is this normal!

This sort of topic caught the attention many girls, so the replies were all extremely energetic! Everyone immediately expressed that not being full at a date couldn’t be more normal! They had to be gentle and frail beyond measure! Girl number one said that when she went out with her boyf, she could only eat a fifth of her steak, Girl number two said that when she went out on dates all she ate was a corn salad while Girl number three was even more extreme, she said that he ex was crazy and that he really liked to investigate Redology and was really into Lin DaiYu* and liked things like sick and frail beauties! So in order to become his type, every time they went out on dates, she would have to furrow her brows and pretend that her stomach was hurting and even had to use a clear bottle cap to drink fake Chinese medicine that was actually coke! She had to leave the coke out overnight for it to go flat! She really had been hopeless at the time!

T/N: Lin DaiYu is a female character that is shown as being intelligent, beautiful and witty. However, she has an extremely frail body so she gets sick easily. She is somewhat melancholic.

Su Nuo wasn’t happy with the responses —- don’t you get hungry?

Of course we’re hungry! The girls all replied, so before dates, you need to eat a bowl of noodles first as a base, just in case your eyes show your hunger!

Su Nuo thought to himself, dating was really so tiring!

The girls replied, the one on top, you just started dating right? At the start it’s all like that, after you guys get closer, then you can show your appetite and eat to the extreme!

“What are you looking at?” OuYang Long asked as he drove the car.

“Not much.” Su Nuo put his phone away, the stuff about his monstrous appetite could be revealed later on, because what if it scared him off! I really am so black-stomached!!

“How about we go to my place?” OuYang Long asked, “It’s just around the corner in front, since you don’t have any work tomorrow anyway.”

“How do you know that I don’t have work tomorrow?” Su Nuo was bewildered.

Mr Director’s mouth went up at the corners, “If you give me a kiss I’ll tell you.”

This sort of actions to make girls happy and whatnot! Su Nuo refused extremely valiantly!

Five minutes later.

“Please tell me!” He really was extremely curious!

“The conditions are unchanged.” OuYang Long drove the car into the garage.

Su Nuo could only submit to his fate and leaned over to give him a peck, saying to himself that this wasn’t the first time to comfort himself!

“A kiss on the cheek doesn’t count.” OuYang Long undid his seatbelt, his eyes extremely evil. “Do you need me to teach you?”

“There’s no need for that!” Su Nuo pushed open the car door and tried to escape but was grabbed and dragged back!

“It’s not like we’re filming an idol series!” Su Nuo resisted, this was too cliché! He really couldn’t take this.

Then he was extremely passionately French kissed!

His phone suddenly started vibrating and Su Nuo pushed OuYang Long to see who it was, “It’s Dai An.”

“En.” OuYang Long had zero interest in whether it was Dai An or Diana or any Dai whatnots, he was extremely unsatisfied as his kiss had just been interrupted!

“Let me take the call first!” Su Nuo pushed his head away and pressed the receive button.

OuYang Long started placing kisses on his neck.

“Nuonuo, why aren’t you home?” Dai An said, “I’ve already cooked the Chinese medicine.”

“Hng, I’m still outside.” Su Nuo felt the guilt of a troublemaker child speaking to their caring parents!

OuYang Long reached a hand into his shirt and began to glide his hands up and down the smooth and soft back.

“En.” Su Nuo tried his best to avoid the hand.

“Nuonuo?” Dai An was beginning to get exasperated, “Are you listening to me?”

“Yes.” Su Nuo felt guilty. “You just leave it in the house, I’ll be back in a while.”

OuYang Long continued to be greedy as he moved his hand to the front of the other man to pinch the standing nipple.

Fuck that couldn’t be touched casually!!!!!!! Su Nuo immediately went red and tried his best to get out of the other man’s grip.

But he couldn’t push him at all!

It wasn’t at all that he didn’t want him!

He was already trying his best okay!

Su XiaoNuo’s heart broke in despair!

“Where are you right now?” Dai An continued to question him.

“I’m eatin with older brother at a hotel.” Su Nuo really wanted to hang up the phone so he could focus on dealing with the wild beast in front of him!

“Then what time are you going to be back by?” Dai An was extremely strict. “I need to watch you finish the medicine before I can go, last time you gave all the medicine to Wan NianQing while I wasn’t paying attention! It’s your own body, how can you not pay proper attention to it! If it wasn’t for me taking you to the traditional Chinese medicine practitioners this time, were you thinking of not telling me something as important as neurasthenia?”

He really was so worrying!

“Ah!” Su Nuo suddenly let out a cry.

“Nuonuo are you alright?” The manager experienced a fright.

“It’s… It’s nothing.” Su Nuo poured all of his strength into a hand as he tried to push OuYang Long away. “My niece was messing around and accidentally spilt some soup on me.”

“Oh, then you…”

“I’m going to hang up first!” Su Nuo really couldn’t keep pretending so he hung up the call.

“You’re not going to keep acting?” OuYang Long laughed softly into his ear.

“Acting your sister!” Su Nuo threw the phone to the side before pouncing on him furiously to fight to the death, touching and feeling everywhere and whatnot, was he insane!!!

OuYang Long found this hilarious and extremely entertaining so he sat in his chair and let him pinch and bite him, it was as if he was keeping a little wild kitten.

He really… Liked him too much.

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