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Chapter 38: I Want To French Kiss and Meeting The Wrong Person


Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

As a mixed blood of six countries, Ye FengWu must definitely be very handsome! In the film, he plays a mature, steady and dignified president, named Leng AoTian, who meets all the characteristics of the president of all novels. Leng! Ao! Tian! Just listening to the name is better than Mu Qiu by a whole atmospheric level alright! What is more painful is that the actor who looks like Mu Qiu actually acted in this sexy film, and the cannon fodder side character is really very sad and urgent!

T/N: Leng means cold, Ao means proud, Tian means sky

The media all said that this was the work that propelled Ye FengWu to fame, but at the end of the day, it was just a main top pornographic film. The plot or whatever is naturally very simple, and it mainly talked about the relationship between the CEO and a small secretary! Mu Qiu stared at the naked bodies that were moving around on the screen, and in his heart, he felt so complicated he could not express it in words!

The part about having filmed a pornographic film before is enough to scare quite a lot of people away—but that did not include Zhong LiFengBai, because Zhong LiFengBai is an artist! So perhaps Ye FengWu’s sacrifice of his body to art was a plus point! When thinking about that, Executive Mu’s mood became even worse!

The Leng AoTian in the movie and the little secretary were still very enthusiastically having sex, and Mu Qiu felt annoyed looking at it. He pressed on the screen, wanting to close it, but the scene suddenly cut to outside the door, where a man was smashing the door with bricks, really frenzied.

Mu Qiu’s head was buzzing; why was this actor’s role so lacking in brains everytime, having a face that was similar to his, don’t run out and do this kind of stupid things!

 “En, there is someone outside…” The little secretary was panting delicately, his face red as he pushed him, “I’m not doing it anymore, we’ll be seen…”

H getting interrupted, of course it is something that makes people extremely unhappy! So Leng AoTian’s expression as extremely cold, and he opened the door with his robe on.

That crazy man had originally been resting on the door after getting tired of hitting the door, and did not expect that the door would have suddenly opened, and fell right in, falling on the floor near the tall and powerful Leng AoTian’s feet!

 “You dare touch him?!” The dumb man looked at the little secretary on the bed, and yelled out angrily! Leng AoTian gave a cold hmph in disdain, and waved his hand to call the bodyguards to beat him up before dragging him away! Mu Qiu vomited blood, what was the meaning of this character existing?!

After thinking for a while, Executive Mu felt very depressed, and so he gave a call to Ouyang Long, asking him out to a nightly drink.

But as expected, he was cruelly rejected by Mr. Director! The official reason was I need to work overtime, but the actual reason was because he was in no mood for that! His darling was lying in the hospital, and would once in a while send a message over to groan and moan, he was so pitiful that he had no way to use words to express it! And he himself could not go and see him! He was really so irritated he wanted to break the table!

And when Ouyang Long was getting irritated, Su Nuo did not feel much better! Staying apart was really really not great! But he did not dare to directly tell Han Wei, ‘Big brother, I found a boyfriend that is very very handsome and is even very gentle and his occupation is good and he’s tall and formidable so you don’t need to care about me in the future’, if he said that, he would definitely be imprisoned at home!

 “What kind of look do you have in your eyes,” Han Wei was helping him peel fruits, and was being stared at until his back became cold.

Su Nuo answered in his heart, Extreme sorrow and anger!

 “Be good, eat this,” Han Wei passed an apple to him.

Apple or whatever, he did not want to eat at all! Su Nuo had no appetite whatsoever!

 “Do you feel that the hospital is too stifling?” Han Wei asked.

Of course! In Su Nuo’s heart he was hoping that his older brother would say something like ‘Then find your friend to come and chat with you’ in the next second, at least that way, they could meet, even though they could not French kiss, but at least they could meet!

It sounded so heart-wrenching!

And in the end Han Wei said, dashing all his hopes, “I’ll try to spend more time with you then.”

Su Nuo vomited out a mouthful of blood, I did not mean this sort of thing at all!

Seeing his instant angered expression, Han Wei sighed in his heart, Why was he still so dumb, not knowing how to hide his feelings at all.

Thinking about the ‘child’ he kept muttering about when he was unconscious, the older brother finally very ‘casually’ asked, “It’s about to be your birthday, right?”

 “En,” Su Nuo bit on the apple.

 “At your age you are no longer considered a child,” Han Wei helped him wipe fruit juice off the corner of his mouth. “Have you found yourself a girlfriend?”

 “Cough cough!” Su Nuo choked on the apple, don’t sud-sud-suddenly ask this kind of question! Having no mental preparation at all is super super scary!

“Looking at you, you probably have one already,” Han Wei did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

You’re the one who has one!! Su Nuo yelled in his heart, and then he firmly and hurriedly said, “I really don’t have one!”

“What are you nervous for, it’s the age when you should get a girlfriend,” Han Wei looked at him, “Tell your older brother the truth.”

 “I’m speaking the truth!” Su Nuo defended himself, There is no girlfriend at all! I have a boyfriend! But this can’t be said at the moment!

“Then let me introduce you to one,” Han Wei’s words were shocking.

Su Nuo almost fainted when he heard it; he instantly thought of a big-breasted girl seductively wearing a camisole, eyes seductive as she leaned towards him, this kind of scary image! The roaring waves that seem to be calling out, he could not hold up against them!

I would prefer pectoral muscles! Su Nuo thought, and he directly said, “I don’t want to consider it now!”

 “Even a celebrity needs to consider marrying and giving birth to children,” Han Wei especially emphasized the two words, ‘giving birth’!

Su Nuo instantly remembered that call ‘mom’ when he was unconscious, and instantly, his back became ice cold! It was really so shocking.

 “Nuo Nuo?” Han Wei waved a hand in front of him, “What are you in a daze for?”

 “Anyway, I don’t want to find a girlfriend at all,” Su Nuo was super serious!

 “… Alright,” Han Wei did not want to force him when he was on the hospital bed, and so  he smartly changed the topic.

Su Nuo let out a breath of relief quietly; this kind of question was too scary!

Han Wei was a bit suspicious in his heart. However, in the days after, the people whom he sent out to investigate all came back one by one, and they all said that Su Nuo had no person he was dating, and that he only interacted with women during work. He very rarely went out, and usually, when he finished working, he went back or would eat with his official work partners. It was so normal it could not be any more normal!

Could it be that he really was not dating anyone and there was no child at all? Han Wei sat behind his work desk, and he felt troubled looking at the information on his hands.

So Mr. Director’s role as an ‘official work partner’ was still easy to confuse people with, it was normal for models to appear at meals with business partners, and Han Wei would not suspect anything at all!

He did not know that his handsome man had just escaped from an investigation, and Su Nuo was still excitedly making a video call!

“How are you feeling today?” Ouyang Long asked.

Su Nuo raised up his hand, and tried to find the best angle for him! Totally thinking about everything!

“Good,” Ouyang Long was amused and laughed because of him.

“Did you not sleep well again yesterday?” Su Nuo saw the dark circles under his eyes.

“I’ve been tired recently.” Work and being worried for Su Nuo, Ouyang Long slept very little.

Little Su Nuo instantly felt heart ache! At this time, he should be at his side taking care of him, encouraging him, kissing or whatever, that kind of great thing! What was lying in a hospital bed for, how depressing!

 “What about you? What is the result of your doctor’s repeated checkups?” Ouyang Long asked.

 “It’s nothing much, he just said we must be careful to rest more,” Su Nuo really wanted to pull him through the phone screen, then fully French kiss for five minutes!

“So I still can’t come and see you now?” Ouyang Long asked.

Su Nuo’s heard practically broke into pieces, this sentence was really too touching!

“Don’t worry, baby, rest well.” Seeing his eyes were a bit red, Ouyang Long coaxed him on time, “Your health is the most important.”

That kind of gentle tone, he could not take it anymore!

And so, after hanging up, Little Su Nuo started to crazily think about how he could convince his older brother to have him agree to let him see his friends!

Five minutes later, he finally decided to pretend to be troubled, because he was best at that! And because he could not interact with people for such a long time, it caused him to feel troubled and sad in his heart, this kind of thing was very logical! A heart that did not get watered by friendship was like a withering flower! Su Nuo snickered, he’s really so black-bellied and clever!

“Older Brother Han,” At night, his little subordinate called, “Young master says his appetite is not good, and he did not want to eat.”

“His appetite is not good?” Han Wei frowned. Su Nuo had always eaten very well since young, and even if he had the flu and lost his sense of taste, he could still eat a big bowl of noodles, so why was his appetite suddenly not good!?

And so, Mr. Han could only drive towards the hospital, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw Su Nuo’s little eyes looked extremely pitiful!

“Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Han Wei sat by the bed. Seeing the caring look in his Older Brother’s eyes, Su Nuo instantly felt a bit guilty, but love was also very important, and really very very much wanted to see Mr. Director! So he continued to say weakly, “I feel stifled in my heart,” My acting is really too real, I’m really someone who’ll get Best Actor award in the future!

“Aren’t you well, why would your heart feel stifled?” Han Wei looked at him, “Do you feel troubled in your heart?”

“I wanted to find some friends to chat, I’m feeling too stifled here,” Su Nuo said his end goal, and in his heart he was crazily yelling, You must definitely agree! Even the Queen Mother must have a human conscience!

And after that, Han Wei really agreed, he said, “Alright,”

Nani?! Su Nuo’s eyes widened in shock, Actually agreeing so fast! How unscientific! If he knew this would be so easy, why was he so troubled these few days ah ah ah ah! Making such a big loss!

 “Who do you want to come and see you?” Han Wei helped him tidy his hair.

 “…” Su Nuo really wanted to say ,Ouyang Long Ouyang Long Ouyang Long! But considering that that seemed to expose the target too much, he replied, “Qiu ZiYan.” Starting from people in the entertainment circle, then slowly moving to the business partners, something like that was more natural!

 “No problem,” Han Wei was very direct, “I’ll arrange it instantly, are you happy now?”

I’m not happy at all ah, I don’t even want to see that abs man, do I have something wrong in my head! Su Nuo was so nervous that he was about to stop breathing. “I still want to see—”

“No,” Han Wei cut him off, “The doctor said that before your head is totally healed, don’t make yourself too tired, so I’ll only allow you to see one friend, we can talk about other people later, this sort of thing has no room for discussion!”

It was like a lightning bolt on a clear day, Su Nuo was tongue-tied, Why was there this kind of ‘amazing’ result?! This was unscientific!

“I’ll go and have people prepare food+passionate novels?” Han Wei stood up and left the hospital room.

Su Nuo sat on the bed, practically about to break down!

He had used all his effort and brains to come up and direct a whole scheme, acting such a real big show, and in the end the conclusion was actually… he was given one chance to chat with Qiu ZiYan once?!

He really wanted to cry!

In the high level condominium, Qiu ZiYan was humming in the kitchen as he washed red dates.

 “Go and watch the television in the living room,” Tang Xiaoyu could not stand him rubbing the red dates, “I’ll bring out the sugar water after I’m done cooking it.”

 “Teach me,” Qiu ZiYan refused to leave.

 “Placing tremella, glutinous rice, jujube, wolfberry into the pot, and adding water,” Tang Xiaoyu said, “I’ve finished teaching you.”

 “Don’t be so perfunctory!” Qiu ZiYan was very unhappy.

Tang XiaoYu threw all the ingredients into a pot, and then adjusted the fire strength, “It’s just that simple.”

 “Do you want to watch a movie tomorrow?” Qiu ZiYan invited him.

 “Another one of your shows?” Thinking about the last time he was on the big screen, Tang XiaoYu really wanted to laugh.

 “Don’t laugh!” Qiu ZiYan covered his face, “Be more serious!”

 “What movie are we watching?” Tang XiaoYu asked him.

 “A Hollywood blockbuster,” Qiu ZiYan rubbed his head, “Are you going or not?”

 “We’re going,” Tang XiaoYu was very close to him now.

Qiu ZiYan’s mood was instantly very good. However, not long after, he received Dai An’s call, “Mr. Qiu.”

 “It’s you?” Qiu ZiYan lowered the volume of the television, “Nuo Nuo is fine right?”

 “It’s nothing, Nuo Nuo wants to see you,” Dai An controlled his smile, “Tomorrow night at seven, do you happen to have time?”

 “Nuo Nuo wants to see me?” Qiu ZiYan was very surprised.

 “Yes,” Dai An himself did not know how to explain it, because this situation was too strange! The ordinary person’s thought process was not able to explain or understand this.

 “… Of course,” Qiu ZiYan answered, “I’ll wait for your phone call at home tomorrow night.”

 “Thank you,” Dai An politely thanked him then hung up, and started to hold his stomach and laugh crazily!

Before this when Han Wei made a phone call, and had him invite Qiu ZiYan, Dai An felt that it was so strange! Other people did not understand, but he knew very well, Su Nuo towards Qiu ZiYan was jealous and envious and hated him a lot, sometimes he would even draw ugly moles on the Mr. Qiu on magazines! How could he want to see him first, that was unscientific!

Sneaking to the ward to ask Su Nuo, it turned out that the evil thing’s eyes were full of anguish, “I don’t want to see him at all! But my brother said that when I had an accident, he rushed to save me without caring about his own safety, so he asked me to thank him face to face!” Of course, Su Nuo was making it up, but Dai An of course believed it, and he even felt very happy!

Really especially especially worth laughing loudly for three minutes!

“You have something on tomorrow?” When Qiu ZiYan hung up the phone, Tang XiaoYu asked him.

“En,” Qiu ZiYan was helpless. “The movie can only be rescheduled.”

“It’s not a problem,” Tang XiaoYu was curious, “What are you going to do? How about I send you?”

“It’s Su Nuo’s manager. Something happened to Su Nuo while we were walking the catwalk together, I should go and visit him.” Qiu ZiYan asked, “How about you go with me together?”

 “Alright,” Tang XiaoYu had a very good impression of Su Nuo, saving his life and everything.

So the second night, Dai An drove to pick up Qiu ZiYan and Tang XiaoYu, and they went to the hospital together. And Su Nuo was feeling very troubled at this time! According to the past practice, if there was a need to meet Qiu ZiYan, he would definitely go crazy in dressing up because he could not lose in aura! This time, though, there were some exceptions, because he was struggling with how to explain this to Ouyang Long! It was alright if he didn’t know about it. If he did, he would be very, very angry, because Su Nuo has no reason to meet Qiu ZiYan first ah ah ah!

This was really upsetting!

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