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Chapter 37 Wang Mu NiangNiang and the Mixed Celebrity

Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanslations

Dreaming of giving birth to a son was really an extremely frightening thing! Su Nuo was so scared that his eyelids snapped open as cold sweat soaked his clothes.

“Nuonuo!” Han Wei held his hands, “How do you feel?”

Su Nuo was still trapped in thoughts about his dream, where exactly did he use to give birth to such a big son?!

It was so scary he almost had a heart attack!

“Nuonuo?” Seeing his lost eyes, Han Wei began to grow frantic! Could it be that as soon as he hit his head, he also lost his memories like those crappy love series?

“That child definitely can’t be mine!” Su Nuo really couldn’t accept it.

“What child?” Han Wei was bewildered. “Yours?”

“…” Su Nuo’s head cleared slightly. “Brother? How come you’re here.”

“Of course I’ll be here after something so big happened to you.” Han Wei pressed the calling button at the head of the bed. “Does it feel terrible?”

“My head hurts and my leg is also… Ah!” Su Nuo was shocked by the mummified styling of his leg, “What happened to my leg?!”

“You broke a bone.” Han Wei looked on hopelessly.

“Am I going to be disabled for the rest of my life?!” Su Nuo asked hurriedly.

“Of course not.” Han Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Don’t think like that.”

“Where’s my phone?” Su Nuo asked.

“What do you want your phone for?” Han Wei furrowed his brows. “The doctor said that you needed to rest more, I’ll figure things out with the company.”

All this about the company, I don’t care about the company at all! Actually Su Nuo just wanted to give Ouyang Long a call. He felt that his man was probably very, very worried right now and might even be running as tears flowed behind him to the hospital right this moment! Even the thought was enough to move one to tears!

In reality, Ouyang Long had absolutely no idea what was happening as it had only been three hours since Su Nuo’s incident. During this time he hadn’t done anything other than hold meetings with his employees and even his dinner was just take-away.

During the meal break, a few female employees were vlooking at their phones noisily when one of them suddenly let out an ‘ah’!

“Did Qiu ZiYan get married?” Ouyang Long joked —– out of work, he was an extremely friendly and easy-going boss!

“No.” The woman shook her head. “Something’s happened to Su Nuo.”

“What happened?” Ouyang Long’s hands immediately went cold.

“Um, the runway he was walking on suddenly collapsed. He fell and was knocked unconscious.” The woman let him see the phone. “No one knows how he is right now.”

The Su Nuo on screen had his eyes closed tightly and had half of his face covered in blood. Ouyang Long’s head went blank and began to sway.

“Are you okay, Director?” The person next to him immediately stepped forward to give him a hand.

“You continue the meeting, I’m taking a day off.” Ouyang Long lost his composure in front of his employees for the first time, knocking the bin over on his rush out of the door.

The ladies all began crying tears of passion! They had absolutely zero idea about what was going on but felt that it seemed to be something extremely emotionally important!

Sitting in the car, Ouyang Long’s hands were trembling so much that he couldn’t even keep his grip on the steering wheel. He called Su Nuo, who didn’t pick up. With no other options, he could only call Dai An instead.

“Director Ouyang? Thank you very much for calling personally in order to inquire about Su Nuo’s health.” Dai An was extremely polite.

“How is he?” Ouyang Long asked.

“It’s nothing serious, you don’t need to worry.” On the other side of the phone, Dai An sighed, the people they were cooperating with this time were really extremely caring!

“Which hospital? I’m coming over!” Ouyang Long didn’t have the heart to go around in circles with the other man.

“You want to come over? Dai An hurriedly refused. “There’s really no need for that, Nuonuo is still unconscious, once he’s awake I’ll definitely let him know that you inquired about his health!” This sort of polite reply was used so much it was almost like a card in Dai An’s pocket that he could pull out and use any time.

Mr Director extremely wanted to pull the other man out through the phone to give him a beating but who would have guessed that Dai An had already hung up the call!

In the second, Su Nuo actually called him with his own mobile phone, their telepathic link was extremely strong!

“How are you, Nuonuo?” Ouyang Long picked up in a flurry. “I just saw the news, I’m coming over right away.”

“Don’t come over just yet!”

Ouyang Long froze up, “Why? Are you angry at me?”

Of course not! Su Nuo was extremely flustered. “Because my family is here!” Even though the other man would have to meet up with his older brother sooner or later, but these circumstances weren’t good at all! If the two started fighting and he could only sit there and cry, that would be way too sorrowful!

“Not even as a friend?” Ouyang Long asked.

“Older brother is not letting me see anyone at the moment.” Su Nuo could hear how the other’s voice was deep and gravelly and felt bad. But older brothers and whatnot, he wasn’t ready at all!

“Good boy, how are the injuries?” Ouyang Long asked.

“I’m fine, I just hit my heart and a leg bone broke.” Su Nuo felt that his luck was extremely bad.

This is called nothing? Ouyang Long smiled bitterly, “Then when can I come to see you?”

“… Maybe two or three days later.” Su Nuo added in his head, and it has to be brought up while his older brother was in a good mood!

In conclusion, older brothers and whatnot were really extremely troublesome! At this sort of time, shouldn’t lovers be in each other’s arms as they French-kissed passionately for at least five minutes! Calling from two different places and whatnot wasn’t good enough at all!

“I’ll listen to you, rest well, baby.” Ouyang Long gave him a kiss through the phone.

Su Nuo’s eyes immediately went read, his heart warm and guilty, it was extremely complicated!

So as he hung up the call, the eyes he looked towards Han Wei with included feelings of anger!

“What is it?” Han Wei returned from chatting with the doctor and was quite bemused when he spotted the strange expression in Su Nuo’s eyes.

You’re a cruel, emotionless Wang Mu NiangNiang*! Su XiaoNuo was extremely angry!

T/N: Wang Mu NiangNiang appears in the monkey king and other Chinese folklore. She allegedly has ahold of the undying medicine, punishes sinners etc.

“Who’s bullied my little baby?” Han Wei laughed, spoiling him like he did when they were little.

I’m not yours anymore! I’m someone else’s! Su Nuo had people backing him now, and his wings had grown extremely hard!

I have people above me!

“Be good, tell older brother, what is it?” Han Wei fed him egg custard by hand.

“When can I get out of the hospital?” Su Nuo asked as he ate.

“What are you in a rush for, you have to stay for at least a month.” Han Wei’s controlling side began to show itself.

A month? Su Nuo was immediately even more flustered. “That’s too long!” Not being able to see your lover and whatnot was really extremely horrible!

“A month is too long? Han Wei frowned. “I was planning on making you stay for three months, injured bones and muscles take a hundred days.”

Su Nuo continued to protest. “You can tell this sort of folklore isn’t scientifically proven just by listening to it!”

“Why are you in such a rush to get out of the hospital?” Han Wei blew on the soup to cool it.

Because leaving the hospital and going back home is the only way I can escape from your control! Su Nuo threw a fit on the inside but his face appeared abnormally obedient. “My work has been quite busy lately, if I take too much time off, I’m worried the boss will be angry at me.”

“Let’s see if he’s got the guts!” Han Wei wasn’t swayed at all. “I’ll beat him to a pulp.”

Su Nuo was suddenly worried. “You don’t even know my boss!” How could he just beat someone up! Violent people were really extremely scary!

“How do I not… Even if I don’t know him, I can still have a nice chat with him.” Han Wei almost exposed himself with a slip of the mouth. Luckily he stopped halfway!

Back then, when Su Nuo first debuted and wanted to fulfil his desires of independency, Han Wei had to pretend to not know Jason but had actually helped him a lot behind the scenes. But he definitely couldn’t know about this!

Su Nuo pinched his lips, thinking that there was no chance the other man even knew how to have a nice chat!

He really couldn’t be believed at all!

“Before I came in, who were you on the phone with?” Han Wei asked suddenly.

Crap! Sui XiaoNuo was suddenly extremely flustered, seriously stating, “Qiu ZiYan!” This sort of ab-man definitely had to be used as a shield!

“Why are you calling him.” Han Wei frowned. “Are you two close?”

Not at all! Su Nuo clenched his fist and waved it around in protest on the inside before nodding on the outside. “It’s alright.” He really was extremely fake!

“Do you want to rest for a bit?” Han Wei asked him. “Apart from sleeping, you’re not allowed to do anything else.”

Su Nuo nodded obediently and shrank into his blankets to… Send messages!

Not being able to see each other and only being able to send messages and whtnot was really extremely saddening!

In the resting room, Dai An was extremely anxious! What did ‘Su Nuo’s older brother wants to have a chat with you’ mean? A boss that drops a sentence and walks away right afterwards was definitely not a good boss! And with all the mystery that had been surrounding Su Nuo’s family it wouldn’t be surprisingly at all for them to be part of the underground! Because of this, Dai An had unconsciously pieced together an image of a bald man wearing ten thick gold chains stomping down the door with a whole group of followers to give him a beating! It really would be too pitiful to look at directly!

While his thoughts ran wild, Han Wei pushed the door open and entered.

“Hello.” Dai An hurriedly stood up.

“Hello.” Han Wei’s smile was extremely friendly.

But despite this, Mr Manager was still extremely nervous, because you know, auras and whatnot were extremely scary! And some things just couldn’t be hidden completely!

“I’m Nuonuo’s older brother.” Han Wei gave a self-introduction. “I know that you are very close with Nuonuo, so I wanted to ask you about a few thing.”

“There’s no problem at all, please feel free to ask about anything!” Dai An was earnest, he really wanted to reveal that once, just before going to a function, Su Nuo ate ice cream in the car and spilt it all over himself, causing them to have to swap trousers. All this just to show how willing he was to answer anything!

“Does he have a girlfriend?” Han Wei + passionate novels? Straightforwardness.

What?! Dai An was extremely shocked, “No, not at all!” He was practically by his side 24/7 and hadn’t noticed any sort of girlfriend!

“Really?” Han Wei asked in confirmation.

“I promise!” Dai An was extremely sure of this!

Then what did he mean when he talked about his child in the dream? Han Wei’s brow furrowed.

“Is there a problem?” Dai An asked carefully.

“No, thank you.” Han Wei planned to ask Su Nuo himself after the other man had recovered.

In the room, Su XiaoNuo was taking a call, he was extremely sneaky! This time it was Zhong LiFengBai’s phone call.

“I saw the video of your incident, my heart almost broke for you!” Director Zhong had a lot of experience with emotional lines.

Su Nuo sighed, looking at his mummified leg, thinking of not being able to see his lover and felt that life was really an extremely large coffee table!

Zhong LiFengBai continued to spew words of care while Mu Qiu stood to the side, his eyes heating up. When he cares a little about me like that, I’d definitely be so happy I’d get hard!

That’s right, Mr Executive was extremely open and straightforward!

“Why are you still in my house!” Once he ended the call, Zhong LiFengBai was extremely unhappy. “Five minutes ago I already said goodbye to you!”

“The sky is already so black, I’m scared to go home by myself.” Mu Qiu was completely shamless.

Zhong LiFengBai felt as though he was going to vomit, he felt a sense of absolute disgust!

“Thank you so much for taking me in and lending me a guestroom to sleep in.” Mu Qiu was extremely good at deciding things without the other side’s agreement.

“I never said that I was going to let you stay in a guestroom!” Zhong LiFengBai was furious! Did he dare to be even more shameless!

“Could it be that you want me to stay in the master bedroom?” Mu Qiu was so happy that he was trembling.

Zhong LiFengBai could only face-palm. “Just go stay at the guestroom.” There was no point to try to talk with an insane person!

Executive Mu’s mood was immediately lifted!

Halfway through the night, thunder and lightning began, their chorus so loud that it seemed as though they were trying to rip the sky apart.

If even the heavens is helping me then there’s no point of giving up halfway! Mu Qiu laughed crazily in his heart before picking up a pillow and running straight towards the master bedroom.

“Aaaah! Are you insane!” Zhong LiFengBai awoke form his dream.

“The thunder is too scary!” Mu Qiu’s reason made so much sense that it couldn’t be looked at directly as the man excitedly wormed his way into the blankets, sticking him like an octopus.

“I’m definitely going to die from being overly angered by you…” Zhong LiFengBai could hardly breathe.

“I’m already asleep!” Mu Qiu quietly closed his eyes. “If there’s anything you want to talk about, it’s going to have to wait till tomorrow!”

“What exactly do you see in me.” Zhong LiFengBai couldn’t make any sense of it at all! They were obviously from two different worlds!

“Your everything.” Mu Qiu held him tightly, extremely passionate.

“But I don’t like you at all!” Zhong LiFengBai cried without tears, this was the point!

Although this sentence’s impact was heavy, but since the first meeting of the two, he had been repeating himself over and over again! So Mu Qiu wasn’t too affected. Instead, he began to sell himself. “I have countless good points!”

“Such as?” Since he couldn’t sleep anyway, Zhong LiFengBai decisively turned to face him.

Mu Qiu’s eyes went a bit dark.

“Oi!” Zhong LiFengBai’s alarms went off one by one. “If you do anything inappropriate I’ll castrate you!”

Then you’re better off not looking at me with those sort of eyes.” Mu Qiu extremely wanted to be animalistic and leap forward to rip the other’s clothes off and passionately make love! His eyes burned with passion that revealed his intentions! He really couldn’t help it!

Zhong LiFengBai then decisively turned back around, leaving his spine for the other man.

It was really too scary!

“What were we talking about?” After what just happened, Mu Qiu forgot his lines.

Zhong LiFengBai replied, “We’re talking about your good points.” These don’t even exist!

“I have money, I can take care of you.” Executive Mu’s answer was really in character for a filthy rich person!

Zhong LiFengBai silently rolled his eyes, he knew something like this would happen!

“I can cook. I can take very good care of you.” Mu Qiu continued.

That’s not anything to boast about. Zhong LiFengBai wasn’t impressed.

“When you’re tired, I can give you massages; if you’re not in a good mood, I can take you travelling; In conclusion, I can definitely make you happy.” Mu Qiu hugged him from behind. “How about giving me a chance?”

He could even say such sappy things?!

Zhong LiFengBai snorted on the inside, thinking that he must have gotten the lines from some sort of crappy porn book!

Seeing that he wasn’t saying anything, Mu Qiu, more of an act first and think later type of person took it as silent consent and decisively flipped the other man over and kissed him!

Fuck!! Zhong LiFengBai’s eyes widened to the size of dinner plates!





He had been forcibly kissed aaaahhh! A forced kiss! So in his despair, he lifted a knee with the speed of lightning!

“AAH!!!” Executive Mu screamed in dismay, his built body rolling off of the other man as his hands went down to cup that thing down there!

“You dare to kiss me!!” Zhong LiFengBai turned on his bedside lamp, feeling shock and anger criss-crossing in his mind!

Mu Qiu’s eyes were going red, it wasn’t manly at all! But at this point in time, there was no way he could be manly! Because it really hurt way too much! He felt as though his entire body was suffocating!

“I’m going to sue you at the food and drink association!” The thought process of artistic youths was really extraordinary.

“You should probably call 120 for me first.” Mu Qiu sat back up with no strength left in his body, finally getting a breath of air.

Why couldn’t he have been more gentle.

Zhong LiFengBai laid back down, not bothering to pay him any attention at all.

The effects of knees was clear as for the rest of that night, Mu Qiu didn’t harass him again.

The next morning, the two were eating breakfast as they watched the news reporting what happened to Su Nuo when suddenly someone knocked on the door.

“I’ll get it!” Mu Qiu was extremely hard-working.

“You’re not allowed to move!” Zhong LiFengBai stopped him immediately! He was, after all, a celebrity. If a reporter found Mu Qiu in his house then he’d rather die than be connected to the filthy rich man! His artistic-ness would definitely be pulled down!

Mu Qiu could only follow him to the door with his eyes, especially emotionally!

“Is it Director Zhong?” The delivery man was holding a huge bunch of blue roses.

What sort of situation was this? Zhong LiFengBai was annoyed. He turned and glanced at the dinner table, his first thought being that it was a plot by the man sitting there!

Although there was a piece of tinted glass in the way, he felt that at this moment, Mu Qiu was probably laughing! Celebrating that his evil plot went through smoothly and whatnot.

Sending roses right in the morning was really way too old! He really didn’t want to cooperate!

So Zhong LiFengBai said coldly, “I’m not accepting it.”

“Then please sign your name next to the ‘refuse to accept’.” The delivery man was obviously used to seeing this sort of situation, and passed him the pen calmly.

Director Zhong signed it with a flourish, doing a little celebratory dance in his heart! Then he walked back to the dinner table with his hands empty.

“Who was it?” Mu Qiu asked.

Asking even though you already know is really extremely fake! Zhong LiFengBai drank a mouthful of fruit juice. “What do you think?”

I think? Mu Qiu first froze up for a moment before getting excited. Could they be playing a lover’s guessing game? This really was so good for developing feelings! So he excitedly asked, “How many times can I guess?”

“Once.” Zhong LiFengBai was as fake as a business man!

“If I get it right, do I get a prize?” Mu Qiu didn’t give up, grasping his first chance of getting a reward!

“No!” Zhong LiFengBai wasn’t cooperating at all.

Although he was very disappointed, he could somewhat accept it… Mu Qiu though for a while before saying, “It’s a delivery.”

He really had no imagination at all aah! But he did actually get it right!

So Director Zhong was extremely certain that those flowers were definitely from Mu Qiu! Blue roses or whatnot was really extremely overused! So he said calmly, “I refused it.”

“It really was a delivery?” Mu Qiu felt that if he had known it was so easy, he really should have tried harder for that prize!

Zhong LiFengBai desperately wanted to see any expression of disappointment on the other’s face!

But Mu Qiu just passed him a piece of bread after putting maple syrup on it. “You should eat more, you’re too skinny.” He was acting as though he didn’t care about the delivery at all! This didn’t make sense!

Zhong LiFengBai ripped a mouthful of bread off and found that he had received a message ——- Do you like the flowers I gave you? It was from Ye FengWu.

Wait a minute, Ye FengWu!

Ye! Feng! Wu!

Ye FengWu aaaah! That famous mixed male celebrity Ye Feng Wu! The one that he had been keeping an eye on for ages! The one that he wanted to play the main character in his next film!

Director Zhong was immediately speechless, that bunch of flowers wasn’t from Mu Qiu at all!

He had just rejected a present from Ye FengWu!

He’s definitely reject his movie offer out of rage! Then all the work he had put into the invitation over the last three months would all have been for nothing! This was really too dismaying!

“Are you okay?” Mu Qiu looked at him worriedly.

Zhong LiFengBai strode up and down the room furiously before turning towards executive Mu. “Those flowers weren’t from you!”


“What flowers?” Mu Qiu was bewildered then he changed to being overjoyed. “You want me to give you flowers?” He should’ve said so earlier! He could give him an entire garden!

“I don’t want that at all!” Zhong LiFengBai immediately rejected the offer, thinking about how he should explain himself to Ye FengWu.

“Eat more beef.” Mu Qiu handed a sandwich over to him.

Zhong LiFengBai took a bite with his mind elsewhere, still to think about Ye FengWu!

“Who was that message from?” Mu Qiu frowned.

Director Zhong found the ruckus to be too much and could only slip into the bathroom to make his call.

Mu Qiu couldn’t hear it at all from outside and could only seek help from friends outside of the situation, making a call to Ouyang Long.

What he didn’t know was that this friend wasn’t in a very good mood right now, so after he heard about the whole thing, he didn’t even think before replying, “It’s got to be a message from your rival.”

“What?!” Mu Qiu was instantly worked up. “How can you think that!”

“Normal people would take a call in front of their guests, why does he need to go into the bathroom to make a call?” Ouyang Long said. “You’d better hope for the best, goodbye.” Then he hung up the call!

He really was so irresponsible, but he somehow guessed right!

So life was really filled with all sorts of crappy storylines!

After a full five minutes, Zhong LiFengBai finally came back out from the bathroom! And in this time, Mu Qiu had already created countless rivals for himself in his head! The type that would want to fight to the death!

“What are you thinking about?” Zhong LiFengBai did something that was extremely rare —– he was inquiring after Mu Qiu. But right now, he was in an extremely good mood, so he deigned to show some sort of care!

Executive Mu snapped back to reality, looking at his glowing pink cheeks, he thought of ‘true love makes the cheeks rosy’ so he felt extremely frustrated, shouldn’t this sort of thing be done by him!’

“Ye FengWu agreed to play my main character!” Zhong LiFengBai was in extreme need of someone who he could share his happy news with.

“Was that who you just called?” Mu Qiu asked coolly, he had to be steady in times like this!

Zhong LiFengBai nodded, then said, “I really never thought that he’d agree so easily. He really is such a good person.”

Watching Director Zhong’s happiness show through his eyes, executive Mu was so sour that his teeth ached! He really wanted to drag this Ye FengWu out and give him a beating!

His heart was really burning!

Once they finished breakfast, Mu Qiu drove Zhong LiFengBai to the location and dropped him off. Afterwards, he didn’t even go back to the company and instead, parked the car on the side of the road and began to search up information.

Ye FengWu, mixed race of six different countries (China, Japan, Spain, Portugal, America and England), he had debuted with a big budget homosexual film and immediately became a hot topic… Wait a minute, big budget homosexual film? Mu Qiu decisively clicked on the link. What the hell? ‘The Shame of the Heart LAY’, what sort of name was this!

The film slowly began to buffer and the image of a stunningly handsome man wearing a full suit as he gracefully lit a cigar filled the screen.

Looking upon the face that seemed as though it belonged to a prince from a fairytale, executive Mu had to admit that he was really… Feeling quite a great sense of jealousy!

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Damn, six different countries! One could call him a “mixed fruit” and not be wrong then

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Thank you for the chapter!
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Yup, I still think that the executive-movie director couple is totally incompatible. The executive wants to do passionate things, be together and whatnot, while the director avoids him, dislikes him and thinks he is a nuisance. If those two really end up together it will be a miracle.

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I dislike how they treat each other.
Comfort taken via the other 4.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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