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Chapter 46: In Front of the Flowers, Under the Moon and Let’s Flip a Wall

Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanslations

A few minutes later, Su Nuo received a call from Jason as expected—after careful consideration, he still ended up deciding to follow the original plan, letting the three of them attend the event together.

“You’re saying that I can go now?” Su Nuo was bewildered, what was this out of the blue!

“Unless you don’t want to go anymore?” Jason’s voice trembled, he could deal with the first and second but hadn’t expected the third and fourth!

“… I can go, then I have to ask Dai An to arrange the event.” Su Nuo hung up the phone and complained to Han Wei, “Our boss really is too unreliable, he changes things whenever he wants and isn’t responsible at all, he’s not like a man at all, he spends way too much time deliberating!”

“I think do too, changing things whenever he wants to. What type of man is that.” Su Nuo’s older brother’s face was extremely thick and he was extremely good at pushing the blame onto other people!

Half an hour later, Su Nuo yawned, “It’s already very late, brother. You go back first. I’m tired, I want to sleep now.”

“Are you okay on your own?” Han Wei patted his head.

Of course I’m fine! Su Nuo lifted his right leg and wriggled his toes around, “Look! Extremely healthy!”

Han Wei couldn’t help bursting out with laughter, “Alright, just call me whenever.”

“En.” Su Nuo nodded obediently, and he followed his brother’s figure as he walked out the room with his eyes and listened as his brother walked down the stairs and locked the front door. 

Then, did he quietly go back to sleep?!

That would be impossible!!

After hearing that his brother had left, Su XiaoNuo immediately and excitedly made a call to Mr Director!

“How come you haven’t gone to sleep yet?” OuYang Long’s voice was extremely gentle.

He didn’t have any sort of resistance to this type of tone! Su Nuo wrapped himself in the blankets and rolled around on the bed ecstatically, “I miss you so much.”

“Be good.” OuYang Long closed his laptop, “I just finished overtime, how about I come over to visit you?”

Of course yes! It was definitely a yes! Come over and see me and we can sleep together! Sleeping together and whatnot… Su Nuo lay on the bed, his brain unconsciously creating a picture of him laying on the other man’s abs! It was really amazing!

“Why did you stop talking?” OuYang Long asked.

Su XiaoNuo wiped away his drool and was preparing to use a cute voice to reply, “I’ll wait for you then” when Han Wei suddenly pushed the door open and came in!

Ah fuck!

Because his older brother was really very scary, so Su Nuo couldn’t care about his handsome man speaking anymore and hurriedly pushed his phone under the blankets in order to hide it and began frantically praying that he hadn’t been exposed by his brother!

Actually Han Wei had wanted to pretend that he hadn’t seen anything but Su XiaoNuo disappointed him! As he rushed to hide his phone, he had somehow managed to put his call on speaker mode! So all that could be heard were messy noises coming out from the blankets. Even though the content of the noise was unclear, it was still extremely suspicious!

“You’re on the phone?” Since it had already developed up to this point, Han Wei was forced to pose the question.

“No!” Su Nuo immediately shook his head reflexively before replying, “It’s… A sales!”

“There’s sales calls this late at night?” Han Wei felt speechless towards to the excuse as he wondered how his brother was getting dumber and dumber.

“Of course, life isn’t easy and everyone has to work hard to eat. You definitely wouldn’t understand as a rich person!” Su Nuo said, extremely serious.

Han Wei didn’t know what expression to wear when facing him.

“Haven’t you already left?” Su Nuo took the chance to change the topic and threw a fit on the inside about why the other man suddenly ran back in! Older brothers who disrupt their younger brothers from dating weren’t good older brothers!

“I forgot my car keys,” Han Wei picked up his keys from the table. “Turn off your phone and go to bed. Don’t play around anymore.”

“En, good night, brother,” Su Nuo said obediently, flashing his most puppy-like eyes!

“Good night.” Han Wei tucked him the same way he used to when they were young before leaving.

His older brother was really so extremely good to him! Su Nuo felt his heart warm up as he kicked the blankets and zoomed to the window, sneakily moving the curtains aside slightly and following his brother’s black car away with his eyes.

He most probably won’t come back this time, right! Su XiaoNuo was extremely excited and hurriedly called his handsome man!!

But no one picked up!

Not picking up and whatnot really didn’t make sense!

Su Nuo couldn’t help but let his mind run wild with possibilities. Could it be that him hanging up on him had made him angry?! So he was probably being mad in his office and letting the phone ring without picking it up! Then the secretary with boobs bursting out of her shirt would hear the noise and come in looking pitiful with a super short miniskirt and a low-collared shirt! She’d say something like, what’s wrong, director, you got me so scared, my heart is beating so fast, if you don’t believe me, why don’t you try feeling it…

Feel your sister! A man and woman alone at night and whatnot, Su Nuo was so scared by his own imagination that his back had become drenched with cold sweat!

He really had to stop watching those shitty romance stories, it would only affect his IQ!

“Nuonuo.” Luckily, five minutes later, OuYang Long called back himself, “I just went to the bathroom, I left my phone in the office.”

Su Nuo breathed out in relief. “Then when are you coming over?”

“Wait for an hour.” OuYang Long kissed him through the phone.

After he knew that he would be able to see his handsome man again, Su Nuo was suddenly energized! But at the same time, he wasn’t completely relaxed! So after about twenty minutes, he gave his older brother a call!

“How come you aren’t sleeping yet?” Han Wei asked.

“… I want to eat sister in-law’s oxtail soup.” Hearing his niece’s crying in the background, Su Nuo’s heart finally calmed down, so he just came up with a random excuse—Actually, he had just wanted to reassure himself that his older brother had indeed arrived home and wasn’t planning on ambush him and Mr Director!

He really was extremely smart.

Since his older brother had indeed arrived home, then tonight was definitely going to be a good night! Su Nuo took some translucent pajamas out of his closet and put it on ecstatically! This was a gift from the company that he had modelled for before and was extremely sexy!

Once he had put it on, he took a look at himself in the mirror and was shocked by how he looked?!

But actually! It was because he was completely shocked by how seductive he looked! He was practically oozing sexy from head to toe! He really couldn’t accept it so he could only embarrassingly take off the pajamas and pull his duck pajamas back on.

Even though they were quite childish, childish was definitely better than slutty! And the two of them hadn’t even properly ‘bleeeeeep’-ed yet, if he was so forward all of a sudden, it wouldn’t be proper!

“Baby I’m here.” Ten minutes later, OuYang Long gave him a call, “I had to stop in area B, how do I get around?”

“You don’t need to go around.” Su Nuo was extremely crisp with his reply. “Go along the manmade stream and jump over the short wall! I’ll open the side door for you!” Sneaky romances and whatever was extremely satisfying!

“Jump over a wall?” OuYang Long didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“This is the closest route, if you want to walk over from area B, it’s a long way to the front gate, Dai An always jumps over the wall too!” Su Nuo was extremely frantic, each moment of the night was worth a thousand gold and whatnot, why waste any on the road!

Mr Director couldn’t win in an argument against Su Nuo so he could only commit to jumping the first wall in his life.

Su XiaoNuo was waiting right next to the side door for him! Seeing his own handsome man jump over the wall really couldn’t be described with simple words! It was as if he was a gift from god and whatnot! Su Nuo didn’t hold himself back as he flew forwards!’

“Why are you wearing so little?” OuYang Long pulled the other man into his arms.

“I’m not cold.” Su Nuo hugged his neck, feeling extremely warm! This sort of time really required something like a French kiss! But Mr. Director didn’t cooperate as he was scared that the little dumbie would catch a cold. So, for the moment, he ignored the pleading eyes and just picked the other man up before bringing him back to his room.

How come he didn’t get the hint at all… Su Nuo lay his head on the other man’s shoulder, feeling a little unsatisfied!

“How’s your leg?” OuYang Long put the person down on the bed.

“It’s already better,” Su Nuo was still thinking about the French kiss.

“How about I stay here tonight?” OuYang Long asked.

They hadn’t even French kissed yet but were jumping straight to the ‘stay all night’ phase! It was really extremely… Great! Su Nuo’s cheeks were scarlet as he thought of some eighteen plus things!

“Be good, I’ve been busy all day at the company, I’m going to wash up first.” OuYang Long kissed his forehead.

“I’ll go with you.” Su Nuo’s words were shocking.

“Why so forward?” Mr Director’s mouth curved into a smile as he lowered his head to give him a kiss.

I-I-I didn’t say anything! Su Nuo had smoke coming out of his ears as he pretended to an emu as he burrowed his head under the blankets! He accidentally said what he was really thinking! How dumb could he get! Even though he had actually really wanted to try touching his abs while they were in the shower and take a look at the other man’s size, he really couldn’t say that out loud!

“Let’s go,” OuYang Long pulled the person out of the blankets and carried him to the bathroom.

Su Nuo’s face and neck was entirely red, he clenched his eyes shut and pretended to be dead to the world!

The massaging bathtub was quite big and Mr. Director was very satisfied.

So as the sound of water filled the air, Su XiaoNuo was successfully stripped.

OuYang Long was definitely not the type to suppress his desires, especially since the little thing in front of him looked so appetizing—if he didn’t take a bite, he wouldn’t be a man!

“I still haven’t… Mm… En…” French kissing and whatever was making him extremely breathless, Su XiaoNuo’s mind was muddled as he was picked up and put into the bathtub, it was extremely embarrassing!

“Did you miss me?” OuYang Long encircled him with his arms from behind.

Su Nuo could feel something hot and hard pressed against him from behind. Su Nuo’s comprehension abilities plummeted, he didn’t seem to remember when he took his clothes off at all! He hadn’t seen anything, this wasn’t fair! Th-th-then should he turn around and take a look now, but then he was kind of embarrassed! And his thingy got hard too quickly, didn’t it! I-I-I still haven’t prepared myself!

In this sort of important moment, Su XiaoNuo was so nervous that he almost forgot how to breathe!

So he really was a destined shou!

“Don’t be scared.” Feeling his stiffness, OuYang Long lowered his head to drop a kiss on his shoulders, “Relax a bit, okay?”

I want to relax! Then you should stop moving around! Su Nuo complained on the inside as he wished to just dunk his head under the water and drown!

“Be good, baby. I won’t hurt you.” OuYang Long gently placed butterfly kisses all over his neck.

Not hurting is a lie, even an idiot knows that it’s going to hurt! Su Nuo was at a loss, he didn’t even know where to put his hands!

Watching his pure and inexperienced face, Mr. Director’s arrogance and pride was filled to the brim and almost overflowed. So he dove in and engulfed those light coloured lips.

“En…” Under the power of his insane kissing skills and loving touches, Su XiaoNuo finally relaxed, his body as soft as jelly.

It was really extremely wonderful!

In the garden, a follower was secretly reporting to Han Wei, extremely suspiciously. “I’ve been guarding the door the entire time and no one had come to visit the young master, it’s been extremely quiet!”

So in conclusion, sometimes jumping over walls and whatnot was really necessary!

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The guard really😍😍…. Hahaha thank you for the chapter. Nuo nuo finally got to see him😍😍😍

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Ah yes, the first meeting of the lovebirds in a long time. Sometimes flipping walls is really necessary.

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