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Chapter 47: Really Love You and Entangling

Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

It was very romantic in the bathtub as well, but considering that that was his first time, Ouyang Long still used a towel to wrap him up and brought him to the bed.

The light in the bedroom was yellow and dark, and the bed was very big and very soft, really too suitable to do those kinds of beautiful things!

Su Nuo lay on the bed, feeling a bit helpless, because he had no experience at all, and was totally pure!

 “Darling, be good, I’ll make you feel very good,” Ouyang Long lightly kissed his lips his right hand going lower and lower, sliding past his thin waist and flat stomach, and staying at the most delicate place.

“… Can we do it another day?” Su Nuo was so nervous his voice was trembling, and in a very embarrassing way, he retracted away! Really weak!

 “No,” Ouyang Long used a bit of strength on his hand, forcing him to open his legs wide.

 “Why don’t we go and rest earlier!” Su Nuo tried his best to push him.

Ouyang Long totally ignored him, and kissed his face lightly.

 “Or we could read a book for a while first?” Su Nuo’s brain made a miraculous connection again!

 “You don’t want to do it?” Ouyang Long finally stopped his actions, who would be nagging till it was so noisy at this kind of time.

Actually, it was not like that at all! Su Nuo hugged his neck, feeling a bit wronged for some reason. “I’m scared.” This was a bit too girly, but the fuck, he was really very scared ah ah ah! Totally unprepared!

Ouyang Long hugged him tightly. “Did I scare you?”

Su Nuo shook his head, his face buried in the other’s shoulder. “I love you,” confessing in this kind of situation was very dumb and especially cute!

Hearing his soft voice, Mr. Director’s heart was so soft it practically melted into water.

 “How about we take a drink?” Su Nuo was unwilling to let himself ruin the atmosphere, and wanted to make himself a bit drunk, to really go all out!

 “Alright, but you aren’t allowed to drink a lot,” The last time Little Su Nuo was drunk was too shocking, Mr. Director’s heart was still scarred! He did not want to hear that kind of demon-like singing at this kind of vital moment. The mood will definitely be spoiled like that!

The red and glistening alcohol flowed into the wine glass, and there was a strong fruit garden smell.

 “Cheers,” Ouyang Long raised the wine glass and swirled it.

Su Nuo lightly hit his wine glass with his, and tipped his head back and downed it.

His delicate Adam’s apple was moving about slightly, the bathrobe slipping down from his shoulders, showing a lot of white skin, his collarbone delicate and obvious.

Su Nuo had no time to swallow, and red wine flowed down the corners of his mouth to his chest, very seductive.

Ouyang Long directly kissed it away.

Under the influence of alcohol and love, Su Nuo finally slowly relaxed his nerves and let the other engulf him. His most vulnerable place was soothed by all kinds of comfort, suddenly, it was like an electric current through the body, he cannot help but look up and moan, even his waist and limbs began to tremble.

In the last moment, it seemed that even his soul was snatched away.

Everything slowly came to the best possible situation.

Ouyang Long swallowed the thing in his mouth, and took out lubricant and condoms from the pocket of his shirt that was on the floor.

 “You…” Su Nuo looked at him dumbfoundedly. Bringing it around all the time?!

 “It’s all prepared for you,” Ouyang Long kissed the side of his ear and licked it, not as polite as just now.

 “…” Su Nuo instinctively avoided it a bit. “Itchy.”

 “I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time,” Ouyang Long carried him by his waist, and laid him on the bed.

A pillow under his stomach, it was not hard to imagine how embarrassing his posture right now was. Su Nuo’s whole body was hot, and he hugged the blanket, not even daring to move.

The cold liquid touched his skin, it was a bit comfortable, and what was more uncomfortable was his fingers, and… the arrival of that last moment.

 “Hurts!” Su Nuo’s eyes turned red instantly, feeling like his body was about to rip apart.

Ouyang Long lowered his head to kiss him, but did not stop his actions.

Su Nuo was very scared of pain, he had been scared since young.

But despite this, he did not push Ouyang Long away, and instead, tightened his hands, one of which was intertwined with Ouyang Long’s own. 

This kind of good person, he wanted to walk with him for the rest of his life, so no matter how much pain he had to go through for him, it was also fine.

 “Is it very painful, so much that you can’t take it?” Seeing his lips were white, Ouyang Long’s heart ached, and he started to hesitate a bit.

Su Nuo shook his head, and automatically raised his body higher.

The night was dark, and the bedroom was made a mess, romantic atmosphere all throughout the room.

After the pain, there would be the arrival of sweet fruits. It was the first time in his life he had gone through this sort of thing; Su Nuo was practically about to stop breathing from what he was feeling, and time passed bit by bit. When the other person was finally satisfied, Su Nuo was already so tired he did not even want to move a finger.

Mr. Director carried him into the bathroom to clean up, then put medicine at that place, before he finally placed him back under the blankets again.

His darling was so important, of course he must properly take care of him.

 “I want to drink water,” Su Nuo’s voice was hoarse, a pitiful look in his eyes, like after having been bullied.

Ouyang Long poured a cup of water, and after he took a sip, he lowered his head and slowly fed it into his mouth.

Their hot lips were touching, and Su Nuo’s eyelashes lightly trembled, as though he was having a dream.

 “Is it still painful?” After feeding him a cup of water, Ouyang Long lay by the side, having the other lie on his chest.

Of course it’s painful! And it’s very painful! Su Nuo hugged his waist, feeling a bit wronged!

Ouyang Long massaged his waist, his movements extremely gentle.

There was the pleasant smell of the bathing soap, and his waist was numb; Su Nuo was so comfortable he wanted to hum, and in his daze, he finally fell totally asleep! His face was still red in the after-glow of sex, but his lips were a little pale. Mr. Director kissed him, feeling his heart ache, then tightly hugged him in his embrace.

He slept very well.

Although Su Nuo was really very very tired, and was even having a little bit of a fever, he still woke up very early!

Opening his eyes and being able to see his handsome man by his side was really really great!

Su Nuo lay at his side, and used his finger to lightly touch his face. “It’s time to wake up.”

Ouyang Long closed his eyes, and the corner of his lips lifted up, and he suddenly pushed him down under his body.

 “… Morning,” Thinking about the craziness last night, Su Nuo’s face was a bit red.

 “Morning,” Ouyang Long tested the temperature of his forehead. “It’s a bit warm, do you feel alright?”

Su Nuo shook his head, actually having a fever or whatever was alright, what mattered was his little butthole and his little waist, extremely painful!

 “Be good, I’ll go to the kitchen to make some breakfast, and after you’re done eating…” Ouyang Long helped him cover his blanket.

 “… You should go back earlier.” Even though he really could not bear to part with his man, big brother or whatever was really too scary! Last night he said that he was going to come over today, so if they met, it would be over! This was the legendary being caught in the act!

 “You want me to go back now?” Ouyang Long frowned.

 “My brother wants to come over today,” Su Nuo felt very guilty, and rubbed himself against him, trying to curry favour with him. “Can you go back home first?”

 “Why do you keep not wanting me to meet your family?” Ouyang Long felt very helpless.

… Because my older brother is very, very fierce, and a not very reasonable mafia! Su Nuo buried his head in his chest, not knowing how to say it.

 “You can’t let me keep hiding away like that,” Ouyang Long patted his back. “Are you worried that your family members are going to be against it?”

Su Nuo shook his head, feeling depressed. How was it just being against it! If his older brother knew that he was actually together with a man, he would be extremely angry and spitting fire everywhere, he might even do something very scary! 

 “I won’t force you, but we must tell them sooner or later,” Ouyang Long looked into his eyes. “I’ll always be with you, so don’t be scared.”

Su Nuo’s nose scrunched up, feeling that his man was really super super gentle!

 “Don’t cry,” Seeing his eyes were a bit reddish, Ouyang Long could not bear it. “Then I’ll go and cook some porridge, after I see that you’ve finished eating it, I’ll go.”

Su Nuo nodded his head vigorously, hugging his neck and kissing him. “When I’ve gone for further consultation and I’m alright, then I’ll go and stay together with you.” That time, his older brother’s watch  should be lessened; recently, he’d been so worried that he would be caught, and he always felt very unsafe!

Since it was Mr. Director who cooked his breakfast by himself, so even if it was an ordinary century egg porridge, it also had a very warm feeling.

Su Nuo rested against the head of the bed, spoonful after spoonful was fed to him, and he obediently ate it, and he felt that it was extremely great! Even if there’s no lean meat in the porridge, it was more than  acceptable! No salt, no problem! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have crushed Chinese fried dough sticks. This is the power of love! My man cannot cook but he is still very handsome, Little Su Nuo thought while eating, it’s alright if only I know how to do it! You wash the dishes, I cook. It’s so harmonious that you can’t express it in words.

 “How good.” The bowl of porridge was finished, and Ouyang Long went near him and kissed him. “This is a reward.”

Lightly touching is not considered a reward! It must be a French kiss! Su Nuo was troubled as his face was red, very contradictory!

 “Let me help you put on the ointment again, alright?” Ouyang Long asked.

That’s of course not good! Su Nuo shook his head vigorously! It was one thing If it was like yesterday, so late and he was in a daze, now it was broad daylight, even if they’ve done intimate things before, he’ll still be embarrassed!

 “Alright, then you need to remember to put on the ointment on time,” Seeing that his ears were so red they were about to drip blood, Mr. Director did not force him, and placed the small bottle at the cabinet at the head of the bed.

Little Su Nuo hid most of his face under the blanket very shyly.

Being together with the one he liked, time always passed very quickly. He could not bear to leave him behind alone in his heart, but because Evil Su is really too stubborn, and even showed an extremely great acting pitiful skill, Mr. Director could only leave the villa after seeing him fall asleep.

And he even jump over the wall to leave! Because that was really convenient! It’s really great for keeping their romance a secret!

Little Su Nuo hid inside his blankets alone; his butt was very painful.

But that was totally alright! Because a rose must have thorns!

There was a small medicine bottle on the bedside table. Su Nuo held it in his hand. He could not help recalling the scene of last night’s ‘bleeeep’. The moment where after that, he helped Su Nuo put on the ointment! So Little Nuo was not only seen, but that place was also completely seen. After realizing this wonderful thing, Little Su Nuo plunged into the quilt and felt his heart beating fast. Although it seemed that being embarrassed only now was a bit too late, his chrysanthemum being exposed, this kind of thing… He still wanted to pass out!

At this kind of time, he must think of another way to distract himself! Like Mr. Director’s handsome face, his domineering abs, and his warm fingers! Fin…gers… Su Nuo instinctively covered his butt, his face becoming redder.

Really too embarrassed!

After a few minutes, the screen of the phone lit up, and opening it, it was Ouyang Long’s message – Remember to use the ointment, rest properly  and don’t randomly move about.

Su Nuo replied with a smiley face, feeling especially especially happy! As to putting medicine on that thing, although his posture was a bit wretched, there was no way, because the health of his little chrysanthemum was very important!

Thankfully, no one else is seeing this… Su Nuo comforted himself, thick-skinnedly pushing away the blanket, his butt bare as he lay on the bed, using all his power to turn his body and look backwards.

Did he then successfully put all the ointment on?

Of course not! He was embarrassed by the love bites on his butt!

Thankfully, there were no underwear commercials to be filmed anytime soon! Su Nuo was glad, and then he opened the cap of the medicine bottle. But at this vital moment, the fuck, the doorbell suddenly rung!

 “Nuo Nuo,” Han Wei called from downstairs.

Fuck! Su Nuo collapsed in an instant! His hands trembled and he poured the whole bottle of medicine on his ass. It was so cold! But that’s not the main point at all the main point is that his brother was about to come upstairs but he was not wearing anything and was covered in love bites and lying on the bed, this was really bad! Listening to the footsteps on the stairs getting closer and closer, Su Nuo was in a state of desperation. He picked up his pajamas from the ground and put them on his body. Then he could not even bother to wear his trousers, and quickly hid in the bed sheets!

The sticky medicine was all over the bed sheets, and Little Su Nuo really wanted to cry, his bare butt was cold, it was really too perverted!

 “Nuo Nuo,” Han Wei pushed the bathroom door open. “Why are you still sleeping.”

If you came half an hour later I would be up! Su Nuo yelled in his heart, then said extremely weakly. “It seems like I have a flu.” Anyway, he was having a fever now, so if he pretended he should be able to get away with it!

 “Flu?” Han Wei frowned, and sat by his bedside to test the temperature on his forehead.

 “It’s nothing big,” Su Nuo coughed softly, extremely real!

 “There’s a slight fever, why is your voice hoarse as well,” Han Wei was helpless. “If you aren’t feeling well, why didn’t you call me earlier?”

 “I’ll be fine after sleeping for a while,” Su Nuo’s face was white—it was really white, because he was really too tired yesterday.

“Do you want me to call a doctor to take a look?” Han Wei helped him sort out his hair.

Of course not! If a doctor came, he would be exposed! Su Nuo shook his head. “I’ll be fine after eating some medicine.”

 “I’ll go cook you some breakfast,” Han Wei said.

Su Nuo was very 囧. “I already ate breakfast.” He did not mind eating again, but Mr. Director seemed to not have washed the pot just now! If older brother went to cook, it would definitely be found out! So it was better to admit it earlier!

Han Wei did not know whether to laugh or to cry, he was already this sick, but he still knew how to cook breakfast to fill up his stomach, he did not know what he should scold him about.

 “I’d like to eat the barbequed pork bun from Zhou Ji at the entrance of the neighbourhood,” Su Nuo chased his brother out because he wanted to find time to change the sheets and wear underwear!

Unfortunately, rHan Wei was very uncooperative. “What are you eating barbeque for when you have the flu? Eat something light.”

 “That place also has snow pear porridge,” Su Nuo felt that this sounded very light on the stomach just saying it!

Then his brother made a phone call. “Help me go to Zhou Ji to buy a set of vegetable soup bun, then a bowl of snow pear porridge.”

Su Nuo was stumped and speechless! Actually not going personally, making a phone call or whatever is too low! This did not suit the drama script! His wet bedsheets were very uncomfortable! This kind of older brother is unsuitable! “Who are you calling?”

 “Feng Tian, he’s just outside the neighbourhood,” Han Wei poured a hot cup of water for him.

 “… Why is he outside my neighbourhood?” Su Nuo was troubled. He had heard this person’s name before, he was his older brother’s trusted aide.

Han Wei was stunned for a while, and in his heart, he cussed, fuck! But he could not directly reply ‘He was sent by me to watch over you,” so he could only bullshit, “His girlfriend is your fan, so he came over to get an autograph.”

 “Really?” Su Nuo instantly felt very satisfied in his heart.

 “Of course it’s true,” Han Wei just appeased him, and reached out a hand wanting to pull him up.

 “Don’t touch me!” Su Nuo was instantly nervous, and even called out accidentally!

 “Why?” Han Wei was shocked.

You can’t help me up, I’m not wearing pants! Su Nuo yelled in his heart, then very pitifully said, “I’m dizzy.”

 “Are you sure you don’t want to see a doctor?” Han Wei was a bit worried, and could not really sit still.

 “I’ll sleep for a while before we talk about it,” Su Nuo felt very troubled in his heart, really hoping aliens would come and kidnap his brother!

Thankfully, ten minutes later, Feng Tian called to say he got the breakfast, and had Han Wei go outside to fetch him.

Time flies like an arrow made of light! He must not waste it! At the moment when his brother went out, Su Nuo jumped up from the bed quickly and completed the arduous task of wearing trousers and changing bed sheets and quilts in five minutes, totally ignoring the injuries on his butt, totally acting as though he was healthy!

So this thing about being delicate, sometimes, it was only restricted to when he was in front of his lover!

Because Su Nuo’s bed sheets and quilts were all white, it did not seem very different looking at it, so when his brother returned, he did not notice, and he succeeded in managing to trick his brother! It was really great.

The snow pear porridge was sweet and soft, the vegetable soup bun salty and tasty, and Su Nuo gobbled a lot down in one breath! As they said, a foodie was as expected, a foodie! Even though he ate a big bowl of century egg porridge just now, that did not affect him at all!

 “Eat slowly, be careful not to choke,” Han Wei rubbed his head, and stood up to walk in front of the cardboard, planning on finding him some thick clothing to cover up, to prevent him from getting cold from sitting too long.

 “Where are your thicker pajamas?” Han Wei casually asked.

 “The second from the bottom—ah ah ah!” Su Nuo said the words halfway before he suddenly came back to his senses, and instantly started to yell out, shocked!

But he was not in time to stop him, and Han Wei pulled open the door of his closet, and his bedsheets and quilt covers all fell out!

 “Leave it, I’ll clear it up!” Su Nuo quickly jumped down from the bed, but because he was too anxious and used too much force, he did not consider his waist that had been overworked yesterday, and was in so much pain he just lay on the floor.

 “What are you so anxious for,” Han Wei did not know whether to laugh or to cry, and went up to carry him up.

 “… That, bedsheet… leave it be!” Su Nuo was so nervous that he almost fainted. At this time, a space transmission door should suddenly appear, to cause his brother to cross the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties are also acceptable!

 “What are you doing behind my back again,” Han Wei frowned, and went in front of the cardboard to pick up the bedsheet to inspect it.

Little Su Nuo felt very upset, and started to consider the possibility of breaking the bowl of the sugared snow pear porridge and suiciding.

 “What is this medicine? Are you sick?” Because of the light green liquid and the slight medicine smell, Han Wei turned his head and asked.

Su Nuo pretended to be dead.

 “If you don’t say it, I’ll bring you to the hospital to do a body check-up!” Han Wei sat by the bedside, his face serious.

Older brothers who threaten their younger brothers are the most shameless ones! Su Nuo vehemently resisted! Then sadly, he said, “I have haemorrhoids,” Ah ah ah this sort of excuse was very sneaky!

The vein on Han Wei’s forehead throbbed visibly.

 “If you dare to laugh at me, I’ll break off my relations with you!” Su Nuo’s face was red; he really wanted to hit the table!

 “I won’t laugh,” Han Wei touched his head, then held the closet and laughed for three minutes.

Really inhumane! Su Nuo showed a middle finger in his heart.

 “Did you go to the hospital to check?” After Han Wei finished laughing, he begun to actually be concerned for his little brother.

 “Stop asking already!” Su Nuo was practically burning, his whole body hidden in the blanket! I! Really! Do! Not! Have! Haemorrhoids!

 “What do you have to be embarrassed about,” Han Wei really wanted to laugh again, but in the end, he held himself back.

 “Let’s change the topic!” Su Nuo yelled out angrily.

Han Wei was extremely amused, the feeling of having a small pet at home was especially good!

With older brother’s laughter, Little Su Nuo grabbed onto the bedsheets tightly, feeling that it was worse than death! Deeply feeling that compared to his handsome man, older brothers such as this one were  really super hateful!

In Ren Rui’s office building, Ouyang Long was just preparing to look at some documents when the secretary suddenly knocked on the door and entered, “Director, Executive Mu is looking for you.”

 “Just say that I’m not here,” Ouyang Long was very calm.

 “Don’t be so evil!” Mu Qiu’s voice rang out.

The lady secretary felt awkward, “Executive Mu is just behind me.”

Mr. Director was forced to let him drink some jasmine tea.

 “Your place is really not bad,” Mu Qiu stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, and watched the buildings outside and exclaimed those words; it was really invigorating for businessmen!

 “I have an appointment half an hour later, if you have something to say, say it quickly,” Ouyang long was especially cool!

 “I have an especially good idea,” Mu Qiu sat opposite of him. “You’ll definitely feel interested after you hear it!”

“Did you give roses or play the piano?” Ouyang Long looked down on him.

Mu Qiu found it strange. “What roses and piano?”

“The way to chase Zhong LiFengBai, could it be that you can still think of new methods?” Ouyang Long calmly drank a mouthful of coffee, feeling that improvement or whatever was really great, basically the difference between a fire arrow and a car driven by a cow.

E/N: Yeah, no. Nobody knows what this means. Don’t look at me like that. Somebody’s on drugs here. Drugs or art, one of the two.

 “What are you thinking about all day and night,” Mu Qiu looked at him as though he saw an idiot. “It’s working hours now, and I want to discuss the plan about Ren Rui about the restaurant; what does it have to do with pianos and roses?” This was too unprofessional.

Under Mu Qiu’s look of disdain, Mr. Director could not help but curse in his heart! Then, he calmly bent a stirring spoon!

He really wanted to beat him up!


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