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Chapter 63

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations

“Didn’t you go there a few days ago?” Tang XiaoYu asked, it was even on today’s magazine, saying he joined the premiere and such.

“My feelings are different.” Qiu ZiYan pressed the lift button to go down, “That was for the media to take photo for advertisement; tonight is for seriously admiring the play.”

“Then can I go back home first?” Tang XiaoYu asked.

“You can’t,” Mr. Qiu rejected.

“But I have no interest in the play.” After hearing it, Tang XiaoYu was depressed.

“I heard it is very comedic, you can laugh from the beginning to the end.” Qiu ZiYan patiently coaxed, “We go there for some fun.”

Tang XiaoYu speechlessly looked at him, “I today received the news from my phone, the audience said they cried while watching it.”

“That’s because they have no humour cells,”  Qiu ZiYan shamelessly replied.

Hence, to be the real number 1, the most important thing was thick face, this was really important!

The lift has reached basement 1. Because other people were still working overtime, the parking lot was very empty. Mr. Qiu said as he walked, “Have you heard that legend?”

“What?” Tang XiaoYu curiously asked.

“Everyday at midnight, you will hear a crying sound in the carpark.” Qiu ZiYan lowered his voice while making a silence hand signal, “be good, listen carefully.”


Tang XiaoYu’s expression was very complicated, he almost wanted to bow down to this person silliness.

“Are you scared?” Qiu ZiYan wrapped his arm around Tang XiaoYu’s shoulders.

Tang XiaoYu just gave him a punch; of course, it was not very forceful, but Mr. Qiu still furrowed his eyebrows and complained, “How could you do this to your boss?”

Tang XiaoYu couldn’t care to be bothered with him; he opened the car door and prepared to enter, but Qiu ZiYan went in before he could react.


“I am the driver,” Tang XiaoYu reminded him.

“I want to drive the car on my own.” Qiu ZiYan opened the door of the front passenger seat, “come in.”

“You would always want me to do something for you.” Sitting next to him, Tang XiaoYu felt a bit helpless.

“You just need to properly study.” Qiu ZiYan looked at him, “No need to think too much.”

Tang XiaoYu did not reply.

“I did not support you on a whim, and I’ve never thought of wanting you to return the favor,” Qiu ZiYan pinched his cheek, “so you don’t need to worry.”

“Right now… what type of relationship are we in?” After a moment’s hesitation, Tang XiaoYu finally asked. There had been no sweet words or confessions, they did not have promises or expectations, yet they shared the most intimate kisses and hugs, and the care and thoughtfulness present in lovers. Owing him more, he would sink so deep that he would not dare to think what would happen if in the future he left, how bloody hurt he would be.

Even if he kept escaping, no matter how unwilling he was, sooner or later, he would still need to face it.

Therefore, why not face it earlier?

“Now then, you’ve finally remembered to ask?” Qiu ZiYan laughed lightly, pinched his chin and turned it towards him, “I thought you would keep silent for your whole life.”


“I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to wait for a lifetime.” Tang XiaoYu heartbeat was racing uncontrollably.

“How do you know I can’t wait?” Qiu ZiYan moved close to his ear, his tone foggy, “why don’t we… try it?”

The humid and hot breath from his nose tickled Tang XiaoYu’s neck; Tang XiaoYu was trying to evade him for a while but he was fiercely pulled into Qiu ZiYan’s arms.

“I am serious, do you believe me?” Qiu ZiYan voice was very low, but it did not have the usual teasing undertone.

Never did he think Qiu ZiYan would really confess; Tang XiaoYu was a bit shocked.

“I am serious.” Seeing that he did not react, Qiu ZiYan said it again.

“… En.”

“What do you mean by ‘en’?” Mr. Qiu raised the other’s chin with his eyebrows furrowed, “Is it yes or no?”

“Yes.” Tang XiaoYu ears heated up.

“You also like me?” Qiu ZiYan continue to asked seriously, “for a lifetime?”

“En.” Tang XiaoYu neck was also starting to become red, like a kid who was caught sneakily eating sweets.

“I don’t believe you,” Qiu ZiYan looked at him and shook his head.

“Why?” Tang XiaoYu eyes had doubt; he always met with his kisses and hugs, and he never rejected him, did this not count as liking him?

“You never take the initiative to kiss me,” Mr. Qiu’s reason was very logical.

Tang XiaoYu brain started to smoke.

“First, come and kiss me here,” Qiu ZiYan pointed at his cheek.


“I already took a very big step back.” Qiu ZiYan’s expression was very innocent; in his eyes, there was a message, “you don’t even want to kiss my face?”

Tang XiaoYu blinked and moved to kiss his lips.

Even though the speed was very fast, compared to kissing on the cheek, it was a lot better ah!

“Let’s go and watch the play.” After the short kiss, Tang XiaoYu’s face was very hot; he was so nervous that he could not breathe.

Qiu ZiYan unfastened his safety belt, and he immediately pressed the other into his seat.

“You…” Tang XiaoYu hadn’t finished his sentence; his words were blocked from leaving his mouth.

“There is no problem if we are a little late to the play.” Qiu ZiYan laugh as he sucked on his lip.

Actually, Su XiaoNuo was not the only one who like tongues kiss ah!

“Why did you come here?” At the water amusement park, ZhongLi FengBai was puzzled as he looked at Mu Qiu.

“Who says I can’t come here?” Chairman Mu was hurt after hearing those words, “I am still able to understand plays!”

“……” After a long day of hard work and dealing with company matters, shouldn’t you be sleeping in your house! Why are you running here to look at a play! Director Zhong shouted in his heart. Of course, his expression was still very civil, because there were still a lot of staff members around!

“I helped you bring Black Chicken soup from the restaurant. Drink it, then continue to work,” Chairman Mu was very intimate.

The staff mutually understood, and all of them grumbled in their hearts that those who show their happiness publicly are really hateful ah!

“I won’t drink it!” ZhongLi FengBai chased everyone out, “you quickly return home.” You can sleep, yet you don’t want to, how stupid are you?!

Everyone was immediately startled, Director was really a tsundere!

“I’m not going back home,” Mu Qiu said with determination. “I want to return with you.”

Ai Mah! The staff immediately cried, this sort of speech, really cannot stand it!

ZhongLi BaiFeng really cannot hold on to the hot eyes from the surrounding, he just pulled Mu Qiu towards the break room with killing intent.

The audience immediately stuck to the wall like lizards. However, the wall’s soundproof properties were too good. They couldn’t even hear anything. In the end, they could only disperse with their imagination running wild. Being unable to hear on the spot was really frustrating!

“Who told you to run here on your own?!” ZhongLi FengBai said fiercely.

Chairman Mu was very innocent, “I just want us to go back home together.” Why are you so angry?

“Quickly go back home and sleep!” Director Zhong was angry.

“… then, first, I’ll go back to my car to bring the soup over.” Mu Qiu turned around and walked out, as though he was an aggrieved daughter-in-law who was just being scolded by her evil mother-in-law!

ZhongLi FengBai choked seeing his expression, “Come back!” I’m worried that you are recently too tired! I want you to return home to rest! You are not grateful and still show me a face that says you are abused and getting divorced! Are you looking for a fight!? This is something really worth being irritable!

“You don’t even want to drink the soup?” Mu Qiu carefully asked.

“Don’t want it!” Did ZhongLi FengBai continue to be angry and then pounced on and fought with Chairman Mu?

That definitely wouldn’t be happening!

Actually, he just pulled Mu Qiu to the sofa and fiercely kissed him.

Mu Qiu: ……

“Wait for me for an hour, and after seeing the opening scene, go.” Director Zhong said firmly.

“Previously you said I had to watch the whole show…”

“Shut up!” ZhongLi FengBai was cold and proud.

“… ok.” There was a bit of mirth in Mu Qiu’s eyes.

“Is this funny to you?!” ZhongLi FengBai was shot by Cupid’s arrow, and he angrily used the cushion to cover his face.

Mu Qiu hugged him using a little bit more strength, and he let the other to lie in front of his chest, “After finishing this, let’s get married.”

Shit! Director immediately become a Spartan!

Just now he seemed to have heard some mysterious sentence?!

“Ok?” Mu Qiu kissed his forehead.

Definitely not ok ah!

ZhongLi FengBai felt like he was about to collapse!

Such a beautiful thing like a confession!

This thing!

Shouldn’t it be!

Planned meticulously!

At this yellowish lighting break room!

Below the pale-white lightbulb!

He actually!



This is such!




“I will treat you well for life,” Mu Qiu hugged him tightly. “Promise me, en?”

I won’t agree! Mr. Director screamed in his heart! Only an idiot would agree! Marriage proposals cannot be this simple!

Then he heard himself replying, “Yes.”

The world immediately became deafeningly silent.

“You agree to it?” Mu Qiu said ecstatically.

“I didn’t say anything! That is just an illusion!” ZhongLi FengBai’s face becomes red.

I have definitely been struck by an evil spell!

That is why I could not control my brain and said such an unbelievable word!

“I heard you.” Grabbing the opportunity, Mu Qiu put ZhongLi FengBai on the sofa properly and then took out the ring from his pocket while kneeling down on one knee, and he put the ring on ZhongLi FengBai’s ring finger.

Too fast! As though you cannot cover your ears before the thunder strike!

ZhongLi FengBai stared at the platinum ring on his ring finger and fell into a daze for exactly one minute, as though five thunders struck him.

This sort of god-like development!

He actually became a married person!

Mu Qiu held his hand, and he lowered it as he kept kissing lovingly like no other.

ZhongLi FengBai brains began to buzz, his heart was trampled by ten thousand alpacas who were thumping loudly.

“Director Zhong, the show is going to start, the assistant director is calling you to come there!” Outside, an assistant knocked on the door.

“Are you going?” Mu Qiu asked softly.

Going your head!

ZhongLi FengBai angrily screamed in his heart.

You just finished the marriage proposal!

Now you asked me to go and work!

You are definitely!

A bastard!

Seeing him sitting motionlessly and not talking, Mu Qiu could only use the ‘Mr. director is not feeling well so please help him to apologise to the assistant director’ excuse to send the assistant girl away.

But ‘not feeling well’ or whatever made it very easy to let everyone’s imagination run wild, ok!

When the staff heard about this news, their eyes immediately became teary!

Everyone excitedly commented that the director was really, really hot and soft!

Definitely very easy to push!

If there was an interview with close friends, it must definitely be named << Moving the world: affectionate brother’s real love actually melted the cold person!>>!

It was so touching that just by hearing it, that hard steel became so soft that it wrapped around the other’s finger!

“If you are not watching the performance, are we going back home?” Mu Qiu held onto his hand and uncontrollably kissed the side of his mouth with his eyes filled with smiles that couldn’t be hidden.

ZhongLi FengBai looked at the surrounding celadon-colored wall, then he looked down at the plain ring on his ring finger, feeling very… mortified!

This cannot be real!

This is definitely an illusion!

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October 28, 2019 9:37 pm

Lol, they got married.

October 28, 2019 11:08 pm

Thank you for the chapters! Sweet, cute and very funny. And the ‘long-time-no-see’ couple Mr. Qiu and Xiao Yu appeared too!

October 29, 2019 8:18 am

A confession and a marriage proposal!! (☆▽☆) I can’t believe this is all happening! thank you for the chapter

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Congrats… the frst cp to get married ✨✨ Mr Mu sure moves fast 😆😁

June 2, 2021 6:36 am

Haha! And that’s how you silence the tsundere movie director, with a wedding ring!

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What an odd person Mu Qiu has chosen to fall in love with.
Life won’t be quiet, that’s for sure!
Thanks for translating.

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