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Chapter 69

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The contract ceremony would officially start after the opening ceremony. At this moment, the freshmen who showed their special prowess were also eagerly waiting for the contract ceremony with their faces full of excitement.

It had not been easy for them to get to this place. They remembered the battles at the training ground where they went through all sorts of difficulties. Only two fifths of the exam attendees had passed the freshman examination and each student had a malicious light in their eyes that resembled a wolf.

Of course, there were also a few freshmen who were not participating in the contract ceremony even though they had passed the test. This was not because they were absent from the social activities for no reason, but because this contract ceremony was held for the freshmen to choose their first suitable beast. So one could just watch the contract ceremony if they already have a beast that suited them well and there was no need to replace their beast just for this ceremony.

However, the situation described above was only applicable to a small portion of students. After all, despite the number of beasts being three to four times more than that of human beings, most of them were support beasts without combat skills or combat beasts with low combat skills. The price of combat beasts above Level C were high because the number of such beasts were in rapid decline. Thus, a good Level B beast was not affordable for ordinary families.

The contract ceremony of the Royal Hunter Academy was its most famous activity, and as a certain academy itself was quite rich and imposing, it was said that the newborn cubs appearing in the contract ceremony were basically the higher level beasts that were above Level C. There were even two to three Level A cubs appearing every year.

And those Level A beasts were the targets for all the new and even the old students.

The reason why there were also senior students was that there would certainly be people who had not chosen a suitable beast for themselves after each year’s new students had selected their beasts. If this was the case, they would have to wait until the next year’s contract ceremony to find one. Of course, these senior students had to look for their suitable beast after the new students have gotten their turn for the sake of fairness. Otherwise, the senior students were more likely to get a reaction and sign a contract with the beast than the new students.

The number of beasts was exactly one thousand. However, there were nearly two thousand freshmen who were here to look for suitable beasts. With the addition of more than five hundred old seniors, it became a situation where there were many monks and not much gruel. There would also be cases where two or more people targeting one beast at the same time and this were the circumstances where JinYu and the so-called judges were required.

The judges of the contract ceremony determined who the contested beast would go to based on the strength of the student, the strength of the beast’s reaction, the psychology of the beast and the health of the beast. Of course, the category that Boss Jin was responsible for was the beast’s psychology. In fact, all these judgments could totally be left to him and his family’s Boss according to a certain Mister Jin. Those like Old Jin, Old Long and the two other serious looking guys could all go and have a rest. They really shouldn’t be randomly wandering around at such an old age.

Of course, Boss Jin had no idea that the four people he was disregarding were completely out of his league, be it in terms of their own status or the strength and power they held. In local slang, he was not qualified to even carry their shoes…

However, no matter what Boss Jin thought, the contract ceremony started in full swing after the old headmaster’s words.

The two thousand freshmen rushed into the middle of the indoor combat arena like they had been injected with chicken blood. Under their extremely expectant gazes, hordes of juvenile or recently matured beasts were delivered by twenty giant-type Long Winged Birds that cooperated together as they descended from the sky. Finally, a hundred mature support beasts led the little beasts one by one to their own nest.

“Oh, oh. I didn’t say this but with so many little things have been brought together, don’t you think that they look super cute?” JinYu looked at those juvenile and medium-sized beasts below. His eyes were radiating an excited light. At this time, the look of this fella made the fine hairs of a certain mogul uncle that was sitting three seats down from him stand up in an instant.

Why was it that even though what this youngster said was so normal, he felt like his hair was standing on end, his house was searched and possessions confiscated?!

This mogul’s puzzled look was seen by the nearby Old Jin who patiently and kind-heartedly said to him, “Hehe, Si Yang, that little fellow, JinYu, is rather similar to you. You raise and breed beasts on a mountain forest, while that little fellow adopts them. Hehehehe, go have a chat with him when you have the time. En, but be careful. Don’t let him get entangled with you and cheat all your beasts to go with him~ Although this kid definitely doesn’t have such a huge area to raise beasts, but you can’t use common sense to apply to that kid. ”

Just as Old Jin finished talking happily, that Mogul Si who was known as ‘Capital Star’s King of Raising Beasts,’ shifted his chair further away in a flash. He felt uneasy all over after this youngster came here with six beasts. Mogul Si was always very fond of making friends with those that had so many beasts. After all, when these beasts have cubs later, he could also buy one at a high price to raise if their relationship was good.

But! Against all reason, he did not want to go over and make friends with this youngster who had brought six Level A beasts with him. On the contrary, he was a little repelled. Mogul Si thought his own character might be a little fickle recently. Fuck, he only knew that this fella was JinYu after hearing it from Old Jin! The JinYu that his brother, who resided in the Dark Street, was extremely cautious and wary of! The JinYu that was known as the most difficult, disorderly and unreasonable prehistoric whale in the history of Dark Street!

His brother had told him that this fella was a master who specialized in taking in disabled beasts and then bringing them to raid homes and plunder houses! He would even charge a fee for throwing out the garbage. Fuck, those pure, kind and cute beasts were all tainted by him with awful morality and conduct!! He thought that such a person was definitely a wretched and crafty-looking guy and with a crooked eye and twisted mouth. It was only today that he realized that this senior was scarier than he’d thought. He was practically a beast in human clothing!!

He absolutely will never have any contact with this kid, and absolutely will never let this kid swipe a baby beast from his own place!!

JinYu never knew that he let a chance to swipe beasts rapidly escape him because of his comment. But according to the personality of a certain boss who liked to pick up things up without effort, he would sneer at it with indifference even if he knew this — Lao Zi doesn’t want to swipe your beasts in the slightest. Even if Lao Zi really wanted it, does Lao Zi even need to swipe them? Lao Zi just needs to go straight to your headquarters and roar: You will have meat and not be bound by spiritual contacts if you follow Lao Zi!

The consequences would definitely be enough for the Capital Star’s King of Raising Beasts to resolutely drink a jar of wine. When speaking of whose skills were higher in easily inciting and conning beasts, if Boss Jin said he was second, the first was definitely not born yet.

No matter what the undercurrent was like on the rostrum, the freshmen had closed their eyes to mobilize their pitiful mental strength and powers that had just been awakened and were walking in the direction where there was a reaction and feeling. There were already more than a dozen of freshmen who had excitedly found the beasts which matched them and had started signing the contract according to the light screen in front of them.

Watching them intently close their eyes and some even had a pious look, JinYu could help but raise the corner of his mouth. Based off the current situation, at least they wouldn’t easily abandon and leave their comrades.

“Hey, hey, Xiao Jin-zi look. There are already some little fellows about to get into a fight over there. Tch tch, the target is a Level B Medicine Butterfly. It’s a beast that’s has a high attack power and functions as a strong support too.” All of a sudden, there was a familiar and somewhat annoying voice beside JinYu. Without turning his head, JinYu knew that it was that perverted doctor. He was somewhat suspicious on how the man came to the rostrum, but felt at ease when he thought of a certain old fellow.

“Oh, the medicine butterfly is good, but I prefer the Level A Medicine Demon Butterfly. It’s a rare beast with dual attack and support functions. I’ve instructed them to look for it in the various garbage heaps these days.” JinYu briefly touched the tracking screen in front of him, taking a closer look at the Medicine Butterfly. Then he shook his head, “It’s just that the Medicine Demon Butterfly is a little small. It will fall on the ground like a piece of paper if it’s crippled and it’s easy for it to be overlooked or be blown away by the wind in a moment of carelessness. So far, SaoBa, TuoBa, as well as the shoddy little wolf, have searched through hundreds of garbage heaps, but they still haven’t found a Medicine Demon Butterfly… Sigh, instead they brought back many other beasts. My house is almost out of room… When I go back, I’ll probably have to quickly find a place for them to live, otherwise my house would be the first one to explode from an overcrowding of beasts.”

JinYu said this as he shook his head, his expression showing how much he was at a loss and lamenting. However, in the eyes of the seven to eight great personages, his expression gave them an itch that JinYu needed a spanking.

Fuck!! Don’t even speak of picking up beasts from the garbage heaps, you still want to pick up that sort of rare Level A beast from there?! Look at your cocky and vile expression and your aura of pretentiousness! You’re practically the number one person who deserves a spanking in the universe!! We have to spend huge sums of money or employ people to go to desolate stars in order to buy or find beasts – the difficulty and hardship in this is practically inhumane! We haven’t complained about how terrible and bitter the process was and how much manpower and physical resources have been spent. Yet, you dare to complain in front of us about how your place is too small and there are too many beasts?!

And! The most unforgivable sin was that you didn’t even spend a cent to pick up your close to a hundred beasts, including the dozens of high level combat beasts! Your bullying is going too far!!

“Humph! If Mister Jin thinks there are too many beasts living in your small house, then I can provide you with a place that has verdant hills and limpid water! Then the beast will belong to me if it comes over.” Mogul Si Yang started angrily speaking because he was unable to stand someone’s face. But when he opened his mouth, he was met by a pair of peach blossom eyes that was full of contempt and astonishment.

In front of him, the elegant youth in the white Tang suit was raised his peach blossom eyes and sighed, “Uncle, I thought you were an extremely dignified senior, but how can you say such an immoral and despicable thing? Obviously, they are clever and well-behaved beasts that I had found and saved. Yet, they have to sell their bodies to stay in your mountain? Even if you are the number one unscrupulous businessman, you can’t do such a defrauding and unrecompensing business transactions~ Uncle, listen to me. A person has to conduct themselves with kindness and honesty; a businessman has to be even more kind and honest!”

JinYu lamented and then looked at his family’s Boss standing beside him. When the latter saw his partner looking at him, he gave JinYu face and immediately nodded with respect, before saying to Mogul Si Yang, “One must be kind and honest.”

Thus, Mogul Si was angered till he nearly vomited blood on the faces of the two guys in front of him. He was so furious that his chest heaved and he gasped violently. It seemed that he was extremely agitated.

“Er, in fact, I know that uncles who are in eminent positions, successful in business and portly in body will generally have the three highs 1. That, I’ll go down and take a look at the body condition of those cuties. Uncle, you’d better have a good rest here. No matter what, it’s not good to call maglev ambulance or first aid cat for such a happy occasion… ”

In this way, JinYu raised his eyebrows at Jin Qian and Long ChangXiao opposite him, then pulled Boss Qi along and left. Fortunately, they had a judge’s breastpin on their chest and could really take advantage of the situation to observe the little beasts at close range. Of course, DaBai, BaoZi and the rest happily followed him down since their master left. They had just seen some younger generations of the same kind from their clan. At the very least, they could get a nephew or something while going over to seek a relation.

Mogul Si ferociously beat his chest as he watched JinYu depart. The Third Young Master, who had snuck in with Pervert Jin, couldn’t help laughing when he saw this. The angry Mogul Si viciously glared at them again.

“Tch, Little Three, don’t be naughty!” Jin Qian secretly threw a look at him. Although he wanted to cover this fella, if this fella kept courting death, he would definitely be the best practitioner of the phrase ‘Brother, you can court death, but I will not’.

When JinYu, Qi QingLin, and the six beasts entered the stadium, they were seen by the parents and visitors sitting in the stands, causing a whispered discussion. Obviously, these people did not know why JinYu and Qi QingLin entered the arena. But the six Level A beasts that looked rather awe-inspiring were the target of their attentions.

“Oh, LinLin, let’s go and see the little kids with worst temper that are sitting at the highest area. Hehe, I really don’t know who can pick up those cubs that have such a personality.”

Qi QingLin’s mouth twitched slightly upon hearing his partner’s words. Did this fella really think that he didn’t know JinYu wanted to take advantage of his position as a judge to see if he could snatch a Level A beast? Their house obviously had so many beasts already that he could trample one of them to death with one hoof. Yet this fella still wanted to pick more up and bring it home… This time he was even secretly stealing them.

“You must prepare the purple gold coins.” Qi QingLin expressionlessly commented.

JinYu’s smile stiffened upon hearing this, and then he coughed dryly before righteously stating, “Little QingQing, you are wrong! How could I be that kind of person that forgets morality for profit? I just want to have a look. There may not necessarily be a beast that I fall in love with at first sight, right? Besides, there are so many kinds of beasts in our home. I would definitely just be secretly admiring them it’s not a particularly unusual type. What robbing with force, that’s too dishonest and unkind.”

Qi QingLin’s golden pupils moved to the side when he heard JinYu’s words. If his disturbed propensity for nonsense was a little larger, it could be described in three words. A certain Jin ground his teeth upon seeing this and gave a cold snort in the end.

While they were walking towards the little beasts that were surrounded by the most people, DaBai, BaoZi, XiaoBai, XiaoXue, WangWang and ErHei were also walking towards the front. It was not that they wanted to join in the excitement. The problem was that none of these guys were below Level A, and none of the beasts here were directly related to them. If there were collateral relatives related to them by blood, the beasts would be Level B at the lowest. So, they were going to take a look since the Level B beasts were in front.

The first one to find their distantly related nephew was XiaoXue. This fellow was standing in front of a pitch-black Grey Eagle and was locking gazes with it while tilting its head. XiaoXue was silently cursing in its heart, which dumb guy in its the clan had actually intermarried with a Black Eagle?! Fuck, the Snow Eagles favored white as beautiful, while Black Eagles favored black. Shit, if the parents of this little Grey Eagle didn’t have aesthetic problems, they must be color blind! But this kid’s ability was pretty good. It was Level B+, it’s just a little ugly…

Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp—! [I’m not ugly, so you can’t think that I’m ugly! ]

XiaoXue covered its head with its wings and chirped. [Yes, you are not ugly. You are goddamn beautiful… Lao Zi really wants to see how you can find a wife later! ]

After chirping, XiaoXue used one wing to turn the little Grey Eagle over, then a snow white feather floated down from its own wing. Chirp. [Here, this is for you. I remembered that my elder male cousin seemed to be a monochrome color blind bird. Lao Zi had joked that he wouldn’t be able to find a wife. As a result, fuck, he got a baby earlier than Lao Zi. Although… my cousin is probably dead, but this is for you to wear. At least the Snow Eagle Clan won’t have the guts to recklessly find trouble with you with this. ]

Looking at the snow-white feather on its wings, the little Grey Eagle suddenly drew away and then threw itself under the wings of XiaoXue in the next moment and wailed loudly. It had one more year before it was mature and knew how unusual it was since a long time ago. It was not accepted by the Snow Eagles or the Black Eagles because of the color of its feathers and had been alone since the death of its parents. Now that there was a distantly related uncle suddenly caring about it, even if the uncle was extremely arrogant and fierce, this uncle was still the first to care about it.

Therefore, it simply hugged on and refused to let go.

This situation made XiaoXue, who had boasted of being used to seeing big scenes, stiffen and be at his wits end. Fuck, cry if you want to cry, but why are you hugging Lao Zi while you’re crying? Don’t even mention how ugly your crying is, bloody hell, you’re also ugly to death, okay?! Hurry up beat it!!

But even if XiaoXue was thinking this, it was unable to harden its heart and slap the little Grey Eagle away with a wing. It could only cover its bird’s face with its wings and pretend it was a tree.

The similar howling and excited calls of several little beasts were heard nearby. Among the cats meowing and dogs barking, there were even baby tigers roaring. Needless to say, these were the achievements of XiaoBai and the rest. Of course, XiaoBai, ErHei and WangWang were much better off compared with XiaoXue, this unlucky fella. This was because there were many beasts belonging to the Felidae and Canine family, so the distant or even close relatives that they had found were not orphans. The little beasts that had received a gift from their elders and were currently howling and meowing happily.

At this moment, the deeply moved voice of the old headmaster was heard from the rostrum, “Everyone! Please pay careful attention! This is the gift granting from the elders among the beasts! This is considered a small branch of the beast inheritances!”

In an instant, the beasts mouths of DaBai, XiaoBai, WangWang, ErHei and XiaoXue collectively twitched, then they turned around at the same time and showed a middle finger to the old headmaster who used them (As if you have the intellect to see it, baa?!).


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Translator Notes:

  1. The three highs are hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia.


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