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Chapter 8: Secret To Muscle and Light Bulb Incident

Translated by Hangry Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Su Nuo spent half a day trying to find the missing paragraphs but still couldn’t find out how the heck Su Nuo Nuo was brought to Ouyang-wangye’s bed, so he unhappily went back the last read page only to discover that the bed scene had been deleted.

Dafuq, why are you doing this to me? I haven’t read that part yet! Soft H something...Su Nuo felt that he was heavily missing out, so he logged on to his fake account. Just as he was about to give a harsh comment, he saw that the author made a new announcement.

‘Due to the fact there are numerous authors working on this novel, it’s inevitable that there sometimes will be a confusion in posting, please forgive me! The H paragraph will be taken down temporarily, today’s update will be at it. Tomorrow shall continue.’

Why can’t you just add a thousand characters more?! Dog blood vulgar novel should be read all in one sitting, ok! Su Nuo closed the page reluctantly, thinking to himself, Even though the main character’s name resembles mine, that man is such a sissy! He didn’t even try to escape after being sold, instead he was brought to the lord’s bed and had to present his chrysanthemum. This author really got no integrity!

“Nuo Nuo.” The manager called him, “We have a meeting at the company tomorrow, I will come and pick you up at nine. Remember to go to bed early.”

“Okay.” Su Nuo was eating an apple as he asked, “Will Qiu ZiYan be there?”

“He should be since he is now also the company’s main model.” After saying that, the manager strongly emphasized, “But of course you are more important than him.”

Pfft, isn’t that obvious?! Su Nuo hung up his phone, and then erratically opened Qiu ZiYan’s webpage.

Due to the company change, Qiu Ziyan had taken self-promotional photos and occasionally shared somes with fans on his webpage. Blue sky, blue sea, white sand, a muscular man in his swimming trunks covered in sweat as his masculine aura oozed out everywhere.

Seriously…I am not in the least jealous! Su Nuo bit the back of his hand and opened his T-shirt collar to look inside, only to find out that his chest was so flat it looked like an airport!

I don’t have a single pec despite being a famous model! Su Nuo was wounded inside and couldn’t accept the fact at all. So he rushed to the gym to lift the dumbbells a dozen times and then went back in front of the PC to log on under a new account called ‘Darling ZiYan’. The name was so dumb and disgusting, Su Nuo felt extremely satisfied. He opened that image and left a sincere comment, ‘I want to have muscles too, but I don’t know what to eat, what should I do? Ziyan-gege please reply, I’m begging you with my JJ exposed to mother nature!’

t/n: JJ = that “ding dong”

That’s right, sometimes it’s crucial to mingle among the enemies! This is the real life Infernal Affairs!

T/n: Infernal Affair is a 2002 Hong Kong film about two guys, a police officer and a triad member, who infiltrate each other’s force in order to gain an advantage over the other side.

After five minutes, a new notification popped up. Su Nuo was startled. Dafuq, he really replied? Seems like god is on my side. Hahaha. That brainless muscle man will never think that behind this stupid account is a powerful competitor! Human beings are so simple!

After opening the page, he saw Qiu Ziyan had replied with a smiley face. [OvO Eating well won’t gain you muscles. You need to workout.]

… Fuck!

The bewitching Su felt his ego deflate because he unconsciously exposed his stupid, unrefined foodie nature. So he pondered a bit before replying. [Then, can I ask how to train my muscles? I really want to have pecs and abs. QAQ]

This is the internet anyway, no one knows who I am! So it’s totally okay to write such disgusting, barfing sentence! Achieving the goal is the way of the king!

Qiu ZiYan’s reply was as quick as usual, he sent a fitness guide link and said that this is a very useful step-by-step guide to follow.

Hahaha, the feeling of obtaining the secret scroll really make one not help but want to laugh at the sky! I am such a bad guy!

The model Su couldn’t stop feeling smug. He clicked on the link and a website called “How to effectively, healthily and quickly build muscles” popped up. Those three words ‘effectively, healthily, quickly’ sounded super pleasant! A feeling of excitement rose inside Su Nuo as if he just opened a door to a new world. His future prospects were so bright and wide!

Following the instruction from the professional coach on the website, the model Su first ran to the kitchen to cook two eggs and a bowl of red beans with lily bulb soup. Yes, as a foodie, the first part he read was the eating plan! Afterward, he continued down to the workout plan.

In order to gain biceps, you should stand upside down everyday? Dafuq? No way!? This is way too hard! What if I fall down and break my neck?! It would be too tragic! This one is absolutely impossible! And I don’t really need biceps anyway! I need pecs and abs!

Little Su Nuo scrolled the page to the abdominal muscles article and saw the push-up method. He felt that this one was really good because it looked easy at first sight. He happily pulled out the bed sheet from the cupboard instead of the yoga mats and spread it out in front of the mirror, then stretched his chest to warm up while taking off his clothes, leaving only sexy underwear on, because he wanted to witness the birth of muscles!

Putting the computer on the small bench in front of him, Su Nuo followed the instructions and knelt down with his face facing the ground, and then he was conquered by his own domineering aura?

Sadly not, he was completely engulfed in shock! Dafuq, why is this position feel so ridiculous? This is so stupid, the model on the website clearly looks so manly! So masculine!

Truth be told, this was all because the company wanted to build him into a bewitching beauty. So fitness had never been a keyword that appeared on his training program. Thus it wasn’t his fault. Little Su Nuo’s general knowledge regarding this aspect was literally negative!

After spending half a day comparing, Su Nuo felt that the reason it felt weird because his butt was too perky. When he started lowering himself, his arms began shaking. As his center shifted down, he felt a bit intolerable.

Why is it so hard?! That website is a lie! This is not simple at all!

Su Nuo was not happy. He thought of giving up at first, but when he saw people after people commented on its effectiveness as their pecs had gradually and steadily developed, he clenched his teeth and continued persistently as he performed twenty ugly push-ups in one breath.

Dafuq, this is so tiresome… Su Nuo lay on the ground and gasped heavily, while convincing himself that being tired had its own good points since it meant that it worked. Su Nuo couldn’t help but touch his flat chest while feeling the muscle in his legs were all ready to cause trouble. Defeating Qiu ZiYan is simply a matter of a day or two, this needs a celebration!  Su Nuo thought as he headed straight to the kitchen. He got himself some freshly peeled eggs while he continued scrolling the website. Then he energetically did another twenty dumbbells!

Everything was going so smooth!

After sweating himself out from the exercise, Su Nuo went to take a bath before going to bed comfortably. That night, Su Nuo slept heavily on his bed with all his four limbs spread wide and his belly showing.

A good night’s sleep.

Early in the next morning, the manager drove over to pick him up. Su Nuo, with his eyes full of grievance, tremblingly opened the door.

“What’s wrong?” Dai An was surprised. What was with that expression!?

“My arms hurt. My lower back hurts. My legs hurt. My chest hurts!” Su Nuo’s whole body was stiff like a living dead. He felt a deep disgust toward Qiu ZiYan.

That man must have figured out the “Darling ZiYan” account was him, so he used this underhanded method to ruin him! What an evil two-faced, three knives man!

t/n: two-faced, three knives: double dealing and back stabbing

“How did it become like this?” The manager was shocked. He quickly helped Su Nuo sit down onto the sofa.

Su Nuo was too embarrassed to say that he wanted to train his muscles, so he replied, “I changed my own light bulb last night.”

“Why did you do it yourself?” The manager pitied him and complained. “Shouldn’t this be the housekeeper’s job?”

“Help me massage.” Su Nuo didn’t want to discuss this issue again. He felt that the he would be exposed if he pushed it further.

The manager took out the safflower oil and helped him massage. After he managed to help Su Nuo relieve some of the soreness, he went to the kitchen to reheat breakfast and found a pot of red bean soup, so he asked, “Did you cook this last night?”

“I was hungry after changing the lightbulb.” Su Nuo made an excuse.

Was changing light bulb really that exhausting? The manager was very confused.

Although the model Su had already been massaged, his arms were still pretty much trembling, making breakfast go extremely slow and caused them to almost be late for the meeting.

After arriving at the company, the manager parked the car underground and helped Su Nuo get out of the car.

“Mr. Su.” A person also stepped out of the jeep Cherokee parked next to them. He was surprised and said, “What happened to you?”

Shit, it’s actually that muscle man! Su Nuo immediately went into rage mode. How dare you ask me what happened! Isn’t this all thanks to you?! Inside Su Nuo’s mind, he was sending a flying kick towards Qiu Ziyan’s ‘three inches under the navel’ region. As he screamed in pain, Su Nuo climbed on him, punching and kicking while yelling ‘Bastard, hand me over the secret scroll!’

“Mr. Su?” Qiu ZiYan waved in front of him. “Are you okay?” Your expression seems so twisted!

“Thank you Mr. Qiu, NuoNuo is fine, it’s just that he pulled a muscle from changing a light bulb last night.” The manager tried to smooth things over.

Qiu Ziyan was shocked upon hearing that. How did one pull a muscle from changing a light bulb? This is too unimaginable!

Since it was currently summer, Qiu ZiYan only wore a black, tight-fitting T-shirt. Seeing his defined muscles, Su Nuo was so jealous that he silently screamed, Life is so unfair!

“Mr.Qiu, you drove here alone?” Dai An knew his rascal has been resentful toward Qiu ZiYan for a long time, so he took the initiative to start a topic.

“My driver retired today, and my manager is seeing him off.” Qiu ZiYan pressed the elevator button.

“Oh, has Mr. Qiu found a new driver yet?” Dai An continued.

“I have. When uncle Tang retired, he also introduced me to this young man who is his distant relative.” Qiu Ziyan smiled. “I have sent his resume to the company and we can sign the contract the day after tomorrow.”

Su Nuo silently pouted, who cares about your driver! This muscle man is so boring, what an uncultured man!

More than half of the people had already sat down in the conference room. As soon as they saw Su Nuo and Qiu ZiYan come in, everyone quickly stood up to say hello. Being the two most popular male models at the moment, even though they weren’t that old yet, they held a very high status.

Attending this monthly meeting was the most difficult trial for Su Nuo, because he had to spend more than two hours without playing on his phone. Su Nuo secretly yawned. So sleepy ah. This way of living is as good as death! To compensate, I must treat myself to a good meal later!

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