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Chapter 81: Going home together and help me out

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Translations

Although the weather in the late spring wasn’t really cold, there was still a slight chill during the nights. Moreover, both of them were drenched from head to toe.

“Achoo!” Tang XiaoYu sneezed while changing his shoes when he got home.

“I’ll make you some brown sugar ginger tea.” Qiu ZiYan offered.

“Just go take a shower.” Tang XiaoYu stood up, “If you lose your voice from the cold now, Mike will definitely slit his wrists and die right in front of me.” And maybe when he turned into a ghost, he will continue droning on, a scene too horrifying to look at.

“Let’s shower together, then.” With his arms wrapped Tang XiaoYu’s shoulders, Qiu ZiYan strolled towards the bathroom.

“Why don’t I make some sugar syrup in the kitchen before that?” Tang XiaoYu made an attempt to flee.

“If you get a cold, I will slit my wrist right in front of you as well,” Qiu ZiYan declared earnestly.

Tang XiaoYu felt his mind in complete chaos, “Do you think I will believe that?”

“Why not? I’m for real!” Qiu ZiYan’s face was filled with astonishment, as though him talking about suicide came more natural to him than daily necessities like sleep and food.

… No use reasoning with someone like him!  Standing by the bathtub, Tang XiaoYu adjust the water temperature wordlessly.

Qiu ZiYan hugged him from behind before unbuttoning his jeans as though it was the most natural thing, and pulling them down calmly.

Tang XiaoYu completely had no idea what he should say about that.

His soaking wet jeans weren’t easy to remove at all. Only after tugging it for a long while did Qiu ZiYan succeed in removing them. Right after, his gaze focused on the little member tucked in the other’s underwear, and he smirked. It was obviously starting to get energetic.

Tang XiaoYu turned the tap on composedly and spray a stream of cold water at him.

“It’s cold!” Mr Qiu protested innocently, “I didn’t even say a thing!”

“Go in the shower!” Tang XiaoYu commanded.

“Help me take off my clothes.” Qiu ZiYan reached his hands out.

Tang XiaoYu turned his back to him, taking off his clothes himself in a matter of seconds. Next, he shot seductive glances shyly and burrowed into Mr Qiu’s arms, blushing furiously while requesting his husband to have a round with him?

Yeah right! It’s not as if he was GuXi!

Thus, Qiu ZiYan could only look helplessly at him taking a shower without even a glance back at him!

“I’m still standing here, you know?” Mr Qiu reminded. How can you ignore your husband!?

Tang XiaoYu filled his shower scrub with soap and cleaned his body haphazardly, intending to clean up quickly and get out.

White, delicate soap foam blanketed the young guy’s supple body; his slender waist, slightly perky butt, and his slightly concaved back dimples. Heats rose within Qiu ZiYan as he looked on, so he hugged Tang XiaoYu’s back gently, “Dear…”

Feeling the chilly wetness from Qiu ZiYan’s body, Tang XiaoYu let out a sigh in his heart and turned around to unbutton his shirt one button at a time.

At once, Qiu ZiYan’s was brimming with joy.

Facing each other naked still made Tang XiaoYu a little shy. He took the shower scrub and soaped up Qiu ZiYan body, his eyes avoiding a certain body part that was perking up.

“I haven’t been involved with your studies since I was busy with work lately.” Qiu ZiYan asked, “Did you skip any classes?”

“Of course not; I’m not a kid.” Tang XiaoYu pressed his shoulders, “Go lower.”

Without uttering another word, Tang XiaoYu massaged Qiu ZiYan’s scalp lightly with both of his hands.

“My mum called yesterday.” Qiu ZiYan pointed out all of a sudden.

“Mhm.” Tang XiaoYu paused his hands for a moment.

“She asked when I’m going home.” Qiu ZiYan continued with his eyes closed. “After work is done, let’s go back together.”

“I’m coming along too?” Tang XiaoYu was a little stunned.

“Yup. You too.” Qiu ZiYan walked over to the shower head to rinse off the shampoo before staring at the other, “No matter how ugly a daughter-in-law is, she still has to meet her parents-in law one day.”

“…” Chaos ran wild in Tang XiaoYu’s mind.

“Don’t worry, they knew my sexual orientation long ago.” Qiu ZiYan lowered his head to kiss him.

Tang XiaoYu wrinkled his brows slightly before narrowing his eyes at him, “Long ago? How long ago is it?”

“When I’m in uni-Just kidding, I just told them three days ago!” Noticing he kind of let the cat out of the bag in the midst of talking, Qiu ZiYan corrected himself promptly.

However, it was obviously not in time!

Tang XiaoYu turned away and continued showering, making it terribly apparent that he was going to give Qiu ZiYan the cold shoulder!

“Baby, I’m sorry,” Mr Qiu apologised.

Still, Tang XiaoYu didn’t turn back.

A few days ago when the two of them was watching television, Qiu ZiYan fed him fruits while blathering sentences like “Before I met you, the thought of me liking guys never even crossed my mind.” “Baby, see, I turned gay for you, so let’s do something loving today, alright?”  

As Mr Qiu’s expression was too solemn at that time and his gaze was affectionate, Tang XiaoYu gave in naturally and agreed with a nod! Right after, he had his clothes stripped off and placed onto the sofa!

Although they didn’t go to the very end, what they did was still extremely sexual. Steam began pouring out of Tang XiaoYu’s ears as he recalled the scene then. He pushed him away and headed out.

“I’ve already apologised.” It was impossible for Qiu ZiYan to let him go, “Just forgive me this once, ok?”

“Out of everything you said, exactly which ones are the truth?” Tang XiaoYu struggled away from his embrace. Why is there such an abominable person in this world?

“Everything important is true.” Qiu ZiYan forced him into his arms, “ I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want you to meet my parents. There is not a bit of lie in these three sentences.”

Tang XiaoYu stood there wordlessly.

“Alright, I won’t tease you any more.” Qiu ZiYan lowered down to kiss him, “Trust me, ok?”

Tang XiaoYu swatted away his arm and squatted down at the ground, a little dejected.

“Dear.” Qiu ZiYan wrapped himself with a towel casually before pulling Tang XiaoYu into his arms.

“We live in completely different worlds.” Tang XiaoYu sulked. Although he didn’t want to admit it, sometimes he legitimately couldn’t differentiate if Qiu ZiYan was being serious or simply joking around.

“Who said so? We are born on the same planet!” Qiu ZiYan coaxed, “Don’t let your mind run wild.”

“Are you sure we can live together?” Tang XiaoYu focused his gaze at him, “‘Rest of your life’ is a really long time.”

“So long as you don’t flee from me, I can guarantee that.” Qiu ZiYan pulled him up, “So stop thinking of leaving, ok?”

“…Mhm.” Tang XiaoYu nodded.

With the corner of his lips curling up, Qiu ZiYan leaned over to give him a kiss on the tip of his nose.

After the shower, Tang XiaoYu wore an oversized pajamas while making sugar syrup. Beside him, there was Qiu ZiYan, who asked casually, “There is a party after my work at the weekends. Let’s go together, ok?”

“Can’t I just wait for you in the car?” Tang XiaoYu had no interest whatsoever in such gatherings. Besides, whenever he attended such parties, a lot of weird strangers would keep on bugging him about entering the entertainment industry, annoying him.

“Sure, but I hope you can be with me.” Qiu ZiYan rested his chin on Tang XiaoYu’s shoulder, “Let’s go together; it’s a deal!”

Tang XiaoYu poured the sugar syrup into a cup, not rejecting anymore.

If he was really that insistent about it, he had no choice but to relent.

Besides…this isn’t really that big of a deal.

Delighted, Qiu ZiYan kissed him.

He is so endearing when he is obedient!

By the time they went to bed, the skies were already starting to brighten up a little. However, since there wasn’t any work the next day, they could leisurely sleep in till noon!

On the other hand, SuNuo clearly didn’t have the luxury of doing so since he had to get up early.

Waking up early is the worst! So annoying!

“Wake up.” Mr Director promptly woke SuNuo up at 8 in the morning; he had to wake up.

SuNuo grumbled before sticking his head under the blanket.

Ouyang Long smiled and pulled away the blanket little by little/

“I’m sleepy…” Su XiaoNuo was especially resentful.


“Continue sleeping then.” Mr Director kissed the tip of his nose, “Good night, my darling.”

Sunlight poured in through the window, warming SuNuo’s cheeks. He wrinkled his nose before forcing his eyes to open into two small slits.

How could he have the cheek to bid him good night when the sun was shining? His man sure knew how to blurt out nonsense, but still, he was dashing.

“Not going back to sleep?” Ouyang Long asked.

“I think I should get up.” SuNuo stretched his body before rubbing vigorously on his partner’s chest. So comfy!

“What do you want for breakfast?” SuNuo asked.

“Just heat up milk for me or something.” SuNuo yawned and sat up with the blanket in his arms, “I still have to head back to the office in the afternoon, so I probably can’t have dinner with you today.”

“Why are you busier than me recently?” Ouyang Long helped him straighten out his crumpled pyjamas.

“Cause I’m popular.” SuNuo tone was serious.

“Do you have no shame?” Ouyang Long pinched his cheeks, “Who praises themselves like that?”

“It’s the truth, anyway!” SuNuo removed his pyjamas. Well, I have to be more popular than Qiu ZiYan! he thought in his heart.

“Woof!” with its bowl in its mouth, Samoyed guarded by the door, its eyes brimming with sincerity.

“Where’s Riceball?” while pouring its food into the bowl, SuNuo blurted that question out. Moments after, he noticed a lop-eared rabbit rolling around in the kennel brazenly.

“Why does it just refuse to sleep in the rabbit hutch?” SuNuo was befuddled.

“Honestly speaking, I think the two of them are about to be a couple.” Ouyang Long stated as he stood by the door.

Su XiaoNuo sucked in a mouthful of air, “What nonsense are you spouting?!”

“You think it’s nonsense?” Ouyang Long pointed with his chin, “See for yourself.”

With its back on the ground and its paws up in the air, Mr Rabbit currently had its stomach licked by Samoyed with its long tongue. It was so comfortable, its eyes narrowed into lines. Even its legs were trembling.1

“This is too lewd!” SuNuo lamented, “How can you two do such a thing? Can you please have some self-respect?!”

Mr Samoyed carried Riceball by its scruff and dashed towards the bathroom to pee. They were so harmonious and loving.

SuNuo let out a sigh. This world has really gone mad.

As the traffic was a little congested, when SuNuo reached his brother’s house via his car, it was already 11:30 am.

“Welcome back.” HanWei was currently looking through his documents in the living room.

“Yeah.” SuNuo placed the shopping bags onto the table and sat beside his brother, “Have you had your breakfast?”

“Yup.” HanWei set aside what he had in hand. “I have something to discuss with you.”

“What is it?” asked SuNuo.

“I will have a gamble with Chu Heng ten or so days later. Come with me, ok?” from his expression, HanWei was a little exhausted.

“Sure.” Although it was a little unexpected, SuNuo still agreed right away.

“No pressure. Worse come to worse, we just have to give up on that plot of land.” HanWei massaged his head, “So, no pressure.”

SuNuo nodded his head. Although it wasn’t stated, he clearly knew in his heart that this business deal was definitely important to his brother. Or else, he would never take the initiative to ask him and let him participate.

So he must win!

SuNuo curled his hands into fists for a bit. He sure was domineering, ridiculously manly!


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Translator Notes:

  1. Friendly warning: Please note that pet owners must introduce their pets before having them together in the same area, be it dog and rabbit, cat and rabbit, or rabbit and rabbit. It is possible that they will fight, as seen from chapter 79 when the dog bit the rabbit. Also, unless they are doing a Binky, rabbits do not tremble their feet out of joy. Most of the time, the situation they are in is frightening to them. Rabbits do not lie on their backs as that would usually put them in a trance and they will be stressed out by it. This is why rabbit owners are discouraged from doing so. Sorry for being preachy.


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December 28, 2019 10:34 pm

Mr. Qiu & Tang XiaoYu couple is loving as always, absolutely sweet. Mr. Director & NuoNuo also raise my sugar level every time, so today, my coffee will be sugar free. 😉
Apparently the author didn’t do the research on rabbits. Nevertheless, the two fluff balls cuddled together must look adorable.

Thank you for the chapter!

July 11, 2021 10:19 pm

If I remember correctly, in chapter 79, the bunny was called Mochi and the Samoyed Candy floss, which one did they change the name to Riceball?

November 29, 2021 9:05 am

Great advice about having multiple pets in a household for the first time
Inexperienced people should educate themselves first, by researching caring for any pet, be it a bird, fish, cat, dog, whatever. Improper or lack of care, is nothing more than cruelty. Hope karma bites a big chunk out the ass of anyone guilty!
There’s no such thing as preaching when it comes to pet welfare! 🤗
Thank you for translating.

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